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  • Comic #53 - Rackam gets his whole head engulfed in flames after strapping two candles in his head and accidentally getting near a flammable gas leak. Aside from the usual "RACKAAAM!" gag, Anne and Volenna also shout "The Human Torch!"
  • Comic #110 - Cerberus mentions "Say hello to my little friends" while introducing Coco and Mimi.
  • Comic #255 - Vira picks up a Vyrn mask and says "It's me Vyra!". Katalina later barges into the room, replying her with "My Vyrn-Senses were tingling just now".
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  • Comic #363 - Vyrn managed to create a move which involves bugs (Katalina's biggest fear) to protect himself from her. The narration even mentions "It was super effective!"
  • Comic #396 - The strip is titled "How Vyrn Got His Groove Back".
  • Comic #425 - Vyrn calls himself "Vyrnzilla".
  • Comic #520 - This comic is based on the Japanese Monogatari Momotarō where Vyrn discovers a peach floating in the river. When he and Lyria tried to eat the peach, they found Io inside of it.
  • Comic #521 - The strip is a parody of the 10th century Japanese tale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, from the title (with "Tale" being replaced with "Fantasy") as well as having Vyrn as the titular bamboo cutter and Katalina as Kaguya (the girl in the bamboo). The last panel even has Granblue's Kaguya summon looking up at the moon.
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  • Comic #537 - The strip is titled "I Took an Arrow in the Heart".
  • Comic #679 - The "Vyrn Senses are Tingling" gets used once again. But this time, it is when Vyrn reflexively blocks Tanya's blade between two of his fingers, much like how Spiderman's ability works.
  • Comic #682 - The strip is titled "The Feels are Strong with this One".
  • Comic #683 - This is a more blatant Star Wars reference than the previous one, aside from the comic being titled "The Force is with Vyrn", he also turns his arm into a "Beam Saber". However, its appearance is similar to the Energy Hand Blade from Dragon Ball, specifically Zamasu's "God Split Cut".
  • Comic #718 - This is a parody on The Three Little Pigs but with comedic alterations; Instead of the three pigs, we have the Fundoshi Trio, and instead of houses, the trio wore fundoshi made out of straw, wood, and bricks. Allosaurus gets to be the Big Bad Wolf, and like in the original story, the brick fundoshi worn by Jin remains unscathed.
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  • Comic #733 - A giant Seruel recites "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum".
  • Comic #769 - The strip is titled "Unlimited Pyramid Works".
  • Comic #783 - Still another shout-out to a popular quote by Spider-man, Clarisse introduces herself as your "Friendly neighborhood alchemist".
  • Comic #852 - Yet another Fate/Stay Night reference with the comic's title of "Blade Works Not So Unlimited".
  • Comic #855 - A comic where the five maidens play a deck-building game. The strip's title? "Maidens: The Gathering".
  • Comic #873 - The strip is titled "How to Bandage your Dragon".
  • Comic #926 - This tie-in strip to the Platinum Sky event rerun is titled "We Will... We Will... Race You".
  • Comic #947 - Vyrn uses Jade's crystallized Core to make two Beam Sabers, just like how Lightsabers in Star Wars are powered using crystals.
  • Comic #951 - The Harvins are playing on the Game of Life board game. It also contains this one reference to another franchise:
    Arulumaya: "Yay! I landed on Idol Meister! My income's way up now!"
  • Comic #952 - Olivia uses "Dark Angel Falcon Punch!" to pacify Albert.
  • Comic #958 - The strip is titled "Vyrn: Crystal Chronicles".
  • Comic #968 - Another "Legend of Rackam" variant. But with the inclusion of Vyrn, Predator and Seox, his legend turned out to be a film titled "Vyrn Vs. Predator 2: Revenge of the Seox".
  • Comic #983 - The strip is titled "Medusa and the Chocolate Factory".
  • Comic #1002 - Altair reads a story book about "The Three Little Pigs [who] arm up to confront the big bad wolf".
  • Comic #1022 - The comic is titled "A Weapon to Surpass All".
  • Comic #1063 - Titled "One Pen to Rule Them All", derived from the "One Ring to Rule Them All" part of the prophecy from The Lord of the Rings.
  • Comic #1071 - Inspired by The Little Mermaid fairy tale about a mermaid (Ejaeili) saving the life of a land-dwelling prince (Vyrn).
  • Comic #1076 - Drang says "Spoken like a True Man of Culture" to Albert, who compares Sturm's outfit to a bikini.
  • Comic #1081 - Titled "Big Brothers Assemble".
  • Comic #1090 - Titled "The Godfather Has Spoken" and is themed about a Mafia-wearing Percival trying to please Yuisis, someone who acts like an In-Universe Yakuza. When Siegfried also appears in a Mafia formal attire, the caption on the bottom panel reads "Captain Percy: Civil War".
  • Comic #1105 - Titled "What Is a Child of Man".
  • Comic #1107 - This strip featuring Tyre is titled "Tyre... What a Guy", further referencing his status as an Expy of Gaston.
  • Comic #1120 - Naoise monologues "War never Changes..." when he sees Pholia and Scathacha having a girly fight.
  • Comic #1263 - As Belial's entire body sinks into the dimensional crack, he makes a coin-flipping thumbs-up gesture a la T-800.

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