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Funny / Goth Oz

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  • The Scarecrow is getting grabby with Dot who tries to get him to stop to no avail. One of the trees, who Scarecrow had just saved Dot from, throws an apple at his head and orders him to leave her alone.
    Apple tree: (offscreen) THE LADY SAID T'GET OFF, YA FRIGGIN' MATTRESS!
    Scarecrow: (firing at the tree, enraged) SON OF A B*TCH $@#%IN' TREE!
  • Dot chews on a piece of grass, which apparently genuinely arouses the Scarecrow.
    • Which drives him to, again, try to get to first base with her. He's on top of her and when he leans in for a kiss, she bites the blade of grass in half with a smirk. For once, he doesn't have a cocky response.
    Dot: "Y'know, it's the strangest thing! I love the taste, but could never go more than a few minutes without biting it in half."