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  • During the talent show, Jongpil goes on stage to play the recorder. He gets boo'ed off the stage by the other students. For some reason, it is funny when he calls everyone a pleb before leaving.
  • Although it's cruel, Gyuhwan's bullies call him "Goo-wad."
  • During the talent show massacre, there is a moment that can only be described as pitch-black Black Comedy. When the monsters have the students cornered, one of them asks if one of the kids present is rich. A boy from a VIP family steps-up and is killed by Three, who takes the boy's likeness, claiming he "wants to be rich too". Horryfying right ? Well, another kid steps up and throws a fit claiming to be poor, unimportant and stupid (and thus to avoid being killed). Another monster just stares in disbelief with the boy's stupidity for a second, snarks and kills the "poor" kid too.
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  • Five uses some psychotic humor before killing her opponents, such as liking the smell Mira makes when smoking in the bathroom, calling a boy sweet potato, threatening to call the superintendent for being hit with a truck and telling everyone to escape her in a single file line.
  • When Samshik is introduced, her bubbly personality and happiness can easily catch someone off guard, which contrasts the other more somber variants. In her introduction, we learn that she killed and took Hayeong's appearance simply because she's cute.
  • When Gyuhwan calls Crewcrew (Hyuk) and tells him about the monsters, his first instinct is too tell him he's too young to drink.
  • One of the two cops sent to investigate makes a pun about the Pokémon known as Pikachu.
  • For some reason, Jongpil still carries a flute after the nightmarish gym massacre. He plays a tune to confuse one of the deadly monsters, which actually works. Later, he threatens to beat Seongbin with a recorder.
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  • Sanggwon betrays Seongbin and goes up to Shinyeong and wants to inform her that his ally is actually a variant, but when he decides not too, not intending to cause drama, he awkwardly tells her he came to approach her just to tell her she's lucky to have a great weapon. He then laughs at himself for being so silly and Chanhyeok plays along with him.
  • When Shinyeong's group runs into Zero, they are having an intense conversation over whether or not to kill the boy. While arguing, Jongpil gets excited when Gyuhwan describes how powerful Zero is, so Shinyeong gives a death stare.