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An Eldritch Abomination fears a nurse wanting samples (Everybody else sees him as a normal schoolboy)

  • The mutated humans downstairs of the clinic are complete Nightmare Fuel (Even providing the image for that section). Bianca's response to them, however, is pretty funny.
  • Bianca's reports on the things witnessed in most of the strips can be pretty funny just with how she has them written down.
  • In a bonus strip, a man named Theo Ree asks various character in the comic about why Bianca wears so many bandages. The Director believes it's just a fashion choice while a building resident says that Dr. Albright tests his new drugs on her, prompting Mr. Ree to ask if that is legal. When he asks The Librarian, she has a lustful look on her face as she says that Bianca looks amazing in anything, not even answering the question. Mr. Ree freak out when he meets the clinic's most recent patient, and when he asks Bianca directly about the band-aids, her response is to pull out a syringe.
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  • When Dr. Albright first introduces Bianca to Last Fantasy Online , he tells her to kill monsters for xp. She starts by attacking a monster past the point of which it is dead. After which, he instructs her to talk to some guards for reward. As she walks over to them, she immediately kills them.
    Bianca: You said this game is about killing. And you said they had coins for me.
    Albright: You don't need to kill literally everything!
  • Bianca's first meeting with Michaelis. When Michaelis asks if they could be friends, Sarah squeal that he likes her. Bianca's response is to call Albright about what to do with the blob monster as Michaelis starts to panic. Cue Bianca chasing him for samples.
  • During one of her times play Last Fantasy Online, Bianca equips a maid costume and starts acting like a cat. As she does, Dr. Albright comes into her room, and she immediately covers up her monitor in embarrassment.
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  • While at an arcade called "The EXP Bar", Dr. Albright gives Bianca an energy drink. Upon drinking it, she starts getting intense on playing shooters and racing games. Then she asks for another. Upon which, Dr. Albright reveals she already drank five all while she continues demanding another. Albright ends up having to drag her out in the end.
    Caffeine mixed with sugar
    Makes you go fast."
  • In Episode 26, Dr. Albright tells Bianca that she should smile more and promptly puts a smile on her. She responds by preparing to inject him with something as he begs for mercy.

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