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YMMV / Clinic of Horrors

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: "Bianca’s Birthday". Was Bianca serious when she said she wrote down a random date and that it really wasn't her birthday, or was it an excuse to not have to celebrate?
  • Awesome Art: The art manages to be creepy, funny and pretty at the same time, with a couple of pretty neat character designs.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: A not unsubstantial amount of fans ship Bianca with Dr. Albright.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Bianca can be pretty cold and seems indifferent towards her patients a lot of the time. But she genuinely wants to help people. Which makes living and working in a city where everyone seemingly just wants to indulge in drugs instead of getting better and corrupt businesses can do pretty much whatever they want at the cost of their customers' and workers' health that much harder. Especially prevalent in the The Eternal Gaming Café arc, which has Bianca trying and failing to save people who slowly waste away in a Lotus-Eater Machine-establishment.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Most of the comics of young Bianca definitely show just how much of a woobie she is. In the first comic, she gets bluntly told by her mother that her grandfather died when she went to go get him ice cream after he asked her to as he didn't want her to see him pass on.
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    • After her visit to the Eternal Gaming Cafe, Bianca attempts to play with the guy whom she learned about the place from, only for him to disconnect due to his card declining the moment she asks him to run a dungeon with her. The look on her face to him disconnecting is very heartrending.
  • Ugly Cute: Big Father's children. They are little blobs composed of unsanitary bacteria and garbage, yet they prove to be absolutely adorable.

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