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Nightmare Fuel / Clinic of Horrors

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Unmarked Spoilers ahead!

As much as it may rely on Black Comedy, Clinic of Horrors has it's name for a reason.

  • Capital City in general. It's a sunless, hopeless place that values money over everything, the lives of it's citizens included. Most people live in constant misery and take drastic measures to escape it, like consuming hard drugs and hooking themselves up to Lotus- Eater Machines at the risk of their own mental and physical health. Add onto that the countless eldritch abominations and monsters living within and without the city, along with the number of corrupt businesses who intentionally perpetuate this abysmal status quo to make profit.
  • The various diseases Bianca and Dr. Albright have to treat over the course of the comic. The list includes, just to name a few: Manic happiness that twists the patient's face into a painful-looking Slasher Smile, a person's brain literally screaming at them, a man developing a mutant inside his body that has to be surgically removed and a patient suffering from such severe sleep deprivation that he's become a skeletal, wide-eyes husk of a person who needs drugs to close his eyes for even a few seconds.
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  • The Albright Clnic is stationed on the fifth floor of a multy-story apartment building. In episode 3, Dr. Albright warns Bianca from going downstairs. Bianca wonders why and looks over the railing - to see a bunch of badly malformed humans (?) grinning up at her and beckoning her to come down over and over.
  • Episode 5 has Dr. Albright and Bianca take a trip to the beach at Bianca's request. The beach turns out to be a garbage-soaked wasteland. To make it worse, the ending has a pair of zombie children crawling out of the water and encourage Bianca to take a dip.
  • Michaelis' first appearance. It starts out harmlessly enough by Sarah swooning to Bianca over "the new guy" who is apparently a total heartthrob. Indeed, the very next panel shows a handsome, black-haired teenager surrounded by love-struck schoolgirls. Cut to Bianca's view and the "cute guy" is revealed to be a mess of fleshy, black tentacles with a single red eye peaking out from it's slimy body.
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  • "Loving Movies" features a customer who wants to forget his favorite movie, so he can watch and enjoy it all over again. Dr. Albright sells him pills to induce short-term amnesia. The man ends up abusing the drug, taking a pill every time he finishes watching the movie. This leads to him watching it on loop and as a result becoming a morbidly obese glutton stuck in his theater seat and screaming for the movie to be played again. And again. And again. And again.
  • In "Knock Knock", Bianca opens the door after someone knocks on it and sees a huge, ugly, old guy. He doesn't say anything, he just stares at her, breathing heavier with every second. Bianca finally has enough and closes the door in his face, probably for the better.
  • "Energy Drinks" has a new, stylish drink take Bianca's school by storm. Sarah buys Bianca one during break. Bianca doesn't drink it, but instead cuts open the package. Revealing a putrid mixture of what seem to be organs and a human eyeball. No wonder Sarah throws up later on...
  • In "Corners", Bianca and Dr. Albright deliver medicine to a woman seemingly suffering from hallucinations, who claims that something is leaking out of the corner of her apartment. Only when Bianca takes off the duct tape the woman put on the corners to keep it from coming out, it turns out she wasn't hallucinating. Something really is leaking out of her walls and it tries to escape the second the tape is off.
  • The Eternal Gaming Café, introduced during the titular The Eternal Gaming Café arc. It lures it's customer in with the promise of letting them play their favorite VR-games forever, while their basic needs are taken care of by advanced machinery and employees. The Lotus-Eater Machine-premise alone is disturbing enough, but when Bianca decides to check the place out you see just how horrifying it really is.
    • The reason Bianca investigates in the first place, is that she witnessed first hand what the café does to a person. One Player in the Virtual Reality RPG she plays brags to his friend about how he finally managed to land a spot in the Eternal Gaming Café. The next four months see him going from happily living his virtual life away to slowly deteriorating until his avatar is just numbly lying around, not saying or doing anything.
    • After Bianca arrives, one of the employees gives her a tour of the place - and it's even worse. The monthly-trial section for first-time customers isn't too bad, but the long-time area has the customers kept in place by head-enclosing VR-helmets that redirect their movements via brain implants and transfer nutritious goop into their stomach through a tube that is shoved down their throat. The customers have severe bed sores from lying down for too long, the air is stagnant and Bianca's reaction clearly shows that the smell is abhorrent, thanks to nobody in the room having taken a bath or having gone to the toilet for days on end. To top it off, all of them suffer from muscle atrophy and are barely able to move, so they probably couldn't remove the helmets and leave, even if they wanted to.
      • One man in particular is shown to be literally rotting away because he stayed in the game for too long and no one bothered to take him out. The tube in his mouth has been causing infections and Bianca realizes he will most likely die soon if they aren't treated.
    • The employee giving Bianca the tour is a complete Nightmarefuel Station Attendant. He's constantly wearing a way too big Cheshire Cat Grin that bothers on Slasher Smile and his enthusiasm for the café and what it does is scarily fanatic. When Bianca confronts him about how the café is endangering lives, he dismisses it, claiming that none of the customers were forced to come and that even if they were to die, they'd probably prefer it to the alternative of living their miserable real-world lives. The fact that he might be right only adds to how chilling the entire situation is.
    • Whatever the hell the Premium customers of the Eternal Gaming Café are subjected to in their attempts to be free of everything but their favourite games. We never get to see it, but it’s bad enough that Bianca is actively trying to hold back vomit. Not to mention that the way the guide describes it seems to imply that the premium customers don’t even have physical bodies anymore.

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