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Funny / Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden

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  • When Shadow tells Davianna that Augustus is a turtle now, she immediately thinks Raph is Augustus because of their childhood promise! The reactions of Shadow and Renoir are hilarious.
  • A minor one from the male police officer.
    "Do not touch"...That means I should.
    • Of course the line gets deluded in the fact that he is a.) investigating and b.) things quickly go to shit for the poor guy.
  • Just about anytime Shadow beats Renoir up.
  • Casey is full of these. Especially since his personality seems to be a mix of his "bad boy" 2003 personality, and his totally nuts 80's personality. However readers shouldn't automatically expect a funny moment from him since this is a dark comic so even this version of Casey can be serious. Still he'll give you a good laugh every few pages he's in.
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  • Mikey may or may not be joking about what is stashed on his PC.

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