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  • Apparently; in the Empire of the Seven Systems' Supreme Court a Guilty verdict is delivered via a gavel to the face.
    • The next page shows this to be a quirk of Chief Justice Bob, which he has to be reprimanded for no matter how deserved said hammering was.
  • Talking back at a Raccoonan who has control of every system on your ship...including the artificial gravity? Not recommended.
  • You did WHAT to their cows?
    • Also, in a similar vein as the Star Trek parody, a laundry list of crimes gets read to a rather irate looking Yoda, not to mention a rather unhappy looking Martian after a foiled invasion.
    Judge: No, you cannot sue them for the destruction of your galactic fleet...
    Martian: AAck aack Aack AK-Ak?
    Judge: No, not even though they used Slim Whitman in retaliation.
  • Dweebly, a former member of the Fedork Federation's Starfleet, tears into another nation's shuttle designs, noting that not even the Fedorks, whose ship designs are catastrophically bad to the point of requiring the aid of an omniscient trans-dimensional entity just to stay at the barest levels of functionality, would barely consider them flight-worthy, much less space-worthy...followed by his major Oh, Crap! when he realizes the schematics he's been given to look at aren't a joke.
    • The primary reason for this is due to the fact that there are no backups or redundant systems whatsoever. Standard engineering design is, as he puts it, "A pair and a spare", minimum, just in case something does go wrong. Dweebly describes the shuttle as being centimeters from disaster even in ideal operating conditions. Even the slightest error or damage would put the pilot, their cargo, and any potential passengers at risk. A former member of a society that travels by using unstable antimatter reactors for propulsion for their vessels considers a vehicle like this suicidally dangerous to fly in.
  • You can't fire me for doing a bad job, I work for the government!
  • A recent strip about misuse of replicator technology included a mention of how some individuals tried to 'save' endangered species by releasing millions of clones into the local ecosystem. There's one very good reason why that would not work: Clones are of the same sex as the original, so unless you released clones of both a male and a female, or better yet, multiple males and females, you've just created millions of mouths to feed with no means of reproduction. Likewise, with identical DNA, even if they could mate, there's an extremely high chance that there would be severe birth defects and other conditions caused by inbreeding. Unless you've used clones of thousands of examples of that species (enough to ensure sufficient genetic diversity for long term survival), you may very easily end up destroying the very species you try to preserve.
    • In addition, there's the hilarious bit about an evil genius who suddenly found that his army of perfect replicas are no more willing to take orders from him than he would be from one of them.
  • The first page of the story arc after the replicator crimes arc introduces Admiral Pretentious Ignoramus (yes, that is his name), goes into great detail about how much of a testosterone-overloaded warmongering moron he (and, apparently, everyone else in his crew) is...and then, when they decide to turn their attention on the Empire of the Seven Systems, promptly has him and his entire fleet fry in the afterglow of a gamma pulse.
    Admiral Ignoramus: Huh?
    Narrator: Hope you weren't too attached to him.
    • It is revealed, in the next comic, that they were taken out by a weapon specially designed to take care of invaders. In true country boy tradition, if someone tries to mess with the Empire of the Seven Systems, they get blown away with a shotgun. God's Shotgun. It is a weapon that can wipe out fleets with a single volley. A second is rarely needed.
      • What's worse, Word of God is that the weapon in question isn't even designed for that purpose. Its range (on interstellar scales) is drastically short, the projectiles travel below lightspeed, it's a "noisy" weapon (in that you can see the projectiles coming due to the gamma ray "bow wave") and thus are fairly easy to evade by FTL ships, even at close range, and in a 'verse where it's technologically feasible to detonate stars, it's considered to barely qualify as a low-end WMD. It's a short range area-denial weapon normally used as a "fixed" emplacement to protect star systems from rogue asteroids, comets, etc. To have an entire fleet be taken out in that fashion requires you to come in below lightspeed, travel in a simple ballistic arc, and cluster together your ships within a few hundred kilometers of each other— something lampshaded on the next page by a space ranger as suicidally stupid.
  • One of the Warhammer 40k expy's ships ends up in the fae realms, and crashes into what is described as a 'Twinklecorn reserve'. The reaction of the Imperial Guard-esque soldiers who encounter the sparkliest of tiny unicorns has to be seen to be believed.
    • Bonus points for even having a commissar there, and being too freaked out to try and gun down the soldier who is fleeing from the tiny unicorn.

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