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  • "Formation Team Trawn" does a sufficient job establishing the comedic chemistry between Aerynn and NJ.
  • All of the NFP staff's encounters with animation fanatics in "In The Zone", such as these two.
  • Rachael Ray walks through the process of converting an Electric Wonderland cover to 3D.
  • When Peter Paltridge unveiled a new outfit for Aerynn on DeviantArt, NJ had to wear her old costume for comparison's sake.
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  • Both of the times Aerynn forces NJ to defend herself and Shroomy in "The Search For Parker".
  • The most torturous parts of the museum exhibit in "The Nameless Decade".
  • The reenactment in "Wings" of the Chestburster scene from Alien.
  • The various ways "Friends of Lululu" deconstructs the concept of a team of adolescent superheroes.
  • April Fool's Day festivities turning Nettropolis even more random than usual in "Day of Fools".
    • Trawn's foray through 4chan, the self-proclaimed "most sophisticated website on the web".
  • At the beginning of "Valentine's Day Massacre", Trawn tries to politely tell Shroomy that she doesn't like the comic Shroomy wrote and drew herself, but NJ shows Brutal Honesty in his criticisms.
  • When Trawn invites Natasha to the Nettropolis Free Press building in "Into Thin Aerynn", it appears that Aerynn had allowed the workplace to fall into a state of chaos in Trawn's absence. Actually, the staff was just pretending to fight so they could blow off some steam.

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