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Started way back in '99, Dragon Tails is a daily, 3D-rendered Web Comic that focuses on the lives of a group of eight young dragons, a pair of kung-fu squirrels, a cat, several malfunctioning robots and other assorted characters.

It updated daily for five years (only ever missing one update) and went on hiatus for about a year before coming back for about two years and then fading out again around March of '08. Dragon Tails went off hiatus in June '09 only for the weekly updates to stop in early 2010 again. The website has since become defunct.

There are about 2000 strips in all with a strong continuity and consistent humor.

Not to be confused with Dragon Tales, the kids' TV show with a similar name, although both coincidentally started in 1999 (funny enough, that show went off the air in 2010, the same year the webcomic ended).

This webcomic provides examples of: