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Trivia / Dragon Tails

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  • Schedule Slip: Fully averted for a full 2000 strips. It went under multiple hiatuses after that, though.
  • Teasing Creator: Many threads on the DT forums speculate about where the comic will go, or how a plot point will be resolved. Tim likes to jump into these himself and gleefully spread "Word of God" comments ranging from snark, to Blatant Lies, to things you think are Blatant Lies but it turns out aren't.
    • "I'm thinking rocks fall, everyone dies."
    • "I'm thinking once I've finished the RPG storyline I'll just turn the whole website into a tech blog to discuss motherboards and memory sticks. Should be pretty exciting stuff, I hope I don't lose too many readers."
    • "Actually it's part of my elaborate 11 year setup to a Fight Club style twist - prepare to have your minds blown. "

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