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Funny / The Search for Henry Jekyll

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  • Many of the bonus comics are funny, often pointing out Fridge Logic for comedic effect.
  • After injecting Lanyon with HJ7 Hyde eagerly awaits the results and is disappointed when he appears to just pass out.
  • The side-story Overtime has a scene where, after a very tense fight and explanation, one of Oswald's sideburns falls off and is revealed as fake.
  • In the otherwise serious Confrontation chapter, Jekyll and Hyde argue and this exchange occurs.
    Jekyll: You murdered those people for fun and then hid away in my body! I owe it to them to stop you!
    Hyde: Hm, I suppose that's true. Murdering all those people never ceased to be fun.
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  • Chapter 23 has a sequence where a young Henry starts crying, which makes Molly start crying, which makes Al start crying.
  • These Valentine's Day cards come with a helping of Crosses the Line Twice.
  • Chapter 30 has Oswald in a tight spot with gossipy society matrons, so Al "accidentally" spills his drink on them to get them to back off. And then Daisy shows up...


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