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Tear Jerker / The Search for Henry Jekyll

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  • In chapter 2, Hyde lets Jekyll write a letter to Utterson explaining the situation, wherein he begs him to not think of him as Henry, as it will only be Hyde. It ends on this note, taken directly from the book.
    Jekyll: This then, is the last time, short of a miracle, that Henry Jekyll can think his own thoughts or see his own face in the glass.
  • Chapter 9 adds onto the letter Jekyll wrote, with Utterson desperately asking Hyde if Henry's still in there somewhere.
    Jekyll: If you see me, don't approach me thinking it's... well, me. Because all that will be left is the monster possessing my corpse.
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  • Almost every character has a troubled backstory. Jekyll felt betrayed by everyone around him, including Al, Al was born penniless until he suddenly came into wealth when his mother was killed trying to save a ring proving him heir to the Utterson estate, Carew's father was horribly abusive, and Annmarie's sister was Hyde's first victim.
  • Hyde delights in utterly breaking Jekyll, confronting him with his misdeeds and tormenting him over the fact that everyone died because of him.
  • The flashbacks that lead up to Henry and Al's falling out. It's foreshadowed since the very first chapter, but it doesn't hurt any less when more pieces of the puzzle are revealed.
  • Jekyll is horrified when he sees Lanyon resurrected Molly, but soon after tries to help her remember him and her past. It doesn't work.
  • In chapter 23, Oswald confronts Al about his feelings for Henry, saying they're unhealthy, that he can't excuse or atone for the people Hyde murdered, and pointing out that he almost died trying to save Hyde from attack. Al does not take it well at first, but acknowledges his own culpability in the matter. He says that since Henry saved him from his own darkness, he wants to protect him and anyone else from Hyde since he's all he has left. To make matters even sadder, it's the first time Al, as an adult, is seen crying, and Oswald says it's the first time he's ever opened up to him about anything.
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  • Chapter 24 is mostly lighthearted, making the ending where Utterson realizes his home burned down hit even harder.


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