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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A little meta, but Duane and Sette's reactions to people asking about their romantic relationship on their Formspring definitely count.
    Duane: I question your upbringing.
    Sette: I wager ya dish duty she's a girl. Girls gotta ruin everythin' with kissin'. Go kiss a goat, girl!
  • Even moreso: At one point, after having a Freak Out! over a certain question, Sette actually stole Duane's keyboard and started answering questions as him. The resulting answers are hilarious.
    Questioner: You have turned formspring into performance art.
    Ashley: My good man, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.
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  • More formspring whackiness when Duane is asked about scrivening:
    Duane: The reading and writing of correspondence and the duplication of legal documents are my chief occupations. Now and then there is a spot of translation work but that blackguard Josef Barnaby lured most of my clients away when he disparaged the quality of my Continental as "prosaic and tediously Aldish."
    Sette: He were right. We get back home though and you pay me and I'll get some lads together and we'll shave his dogs and egg his shop.
    Duane: ...we'll talk.
  • Formspring hilarity continues! During the break between chapters 7 and 8, the Duane & Sette formspring was changed to just Duane, back when he was still alive. One determined individual immediately jumped on the chance to propose to Duane's brother through him, and it became something of a Running Gag. It is intensely amusing to see Duane at first make an attempt at politeness, before slowly descending into deadpan fury as the proposals become more extreme.
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  • Crack Ship: Boo/Chitz
  • Sette and Matty's expressions in this page (spoilers) are priceless.
  • The subtitle of chapter 5: "In which two wrights make a wrong."
  • This:
    Sette (to Quigley): Your lad hates the hat you got him, he told me.
    Matty (panicked): I do not!
  • "You've a pine cone in your hair."
  • "I want a whore on each hip and a second dick but that don't mean I'm getting it."
  • Duane: "Thieves and whores. Disgraceful." Sette: "So's your face."
  • "I saw your play!" Even better is that if you look in the upper right of the screen outside the page border you can actually see Knock flying away after being punted by Uaid.
  • Sette squicks the key out of the receptionist at a Love Hotel in truly hilarious fashion.
    He's dead aroused. I wouldn't look him direct in the face or he's like t'set on your keen squid hat with his manly passions. Now hurry, we need a soundproof room 'cause he's gonna be loud!
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  • O-oi, careful! It only goes to my elbow!
  • Duane, after going after Sette in his attack zombie mode and being restrained by the...'apparatus' of the love hotel, comes back to himself just in time to be smacked in the face with a tentacle. His expression has to be seen to be believed.
  • Very Black Humor indeed, but Matty's expression when he realises just what 'aligning your eyeballs to identical magnetic poles' would entail.
    • "Time has conditioned me against joy and adorable children."
    • And, when they're discussing why Rahm has spent so much time observing 'The Happy Tentacle', a handy Brain in a Jar murmurs "Collate the boobies."
  • When a teen prostitute is bugging Sette in Stockyard's brothel, Sette bites part of her finger off. Duane gently commands her to spit the finger out and catches it in a handkerchief, as if she's a toddler who's eaten something she shouldn't have. And then he hands it back to the prostitute, asking her to excuse Sette's behaviour because "Boo has nerves."
    • Knock-Me-Down loves it, though. And expresses it in heart-shaped speech bubbles.
      Toby: "Didn't she drop a pulley on your head?"
      Knock: "I had it coming."
    • Then, when confronting Stockyard, Sette whispers to Duane to make her 'tall and glorious'. Duane's response is to flick a finger so she suddenly standing on a glowing green box. Probably not quite what she had in mind, Duane...
  • Sette interrupts the Deadly Nevergreen's song and dance number (culminating with one worker getting uncomfortably close to Duane) with a hail of thrown bottles and brandishes two more threateningly.
    Sette: Get your breasts away from me employee! He ain't here for love!
  • They try again later, brushing off his protests that he's a married man and a cleric. In fact...
    Girls: "Oooooh! Fat Yertaaaa!"
    Duane: D-:
  • The following exchange (spoiler alert) between Captain Toma and Elka.
    Toma: It was our Aldishmen. We can conclude dismemberment is habitual for him. He eats people.
    Elka: Plus he didn't make the bed. Tch, what an asshole.
  • After Dawn, an employee of the Deadly Nevergreen, hustles Duane upstairs, the next we hear of him is a prostitute bursting out of his room, horrified and refusing to participate in whatever 'unnatural' activities are going on within, despite the brothel being obviously equipped to deal with... esoteric tastes. Behold how he treats the two stalwart employees who remained inside.
  • Just another emergency at the Deadly Nevergreen-
    Worker: Stockyard! Stockyard, an eel got into the Fat Yerta pymaric and now it won't stop spanking Officer Gini!
    Stockyard: ...What? That ain't no eel. Ana spelled Yerta special for Brother Faradan last week when he come in feelin' penitent.
    Worker: Well, Ana ain't here to unspell it now and Gini's howlin' like a hound-humped hedgepig.
  • When attempting to meet with Sette outside the Nevergreen, Quigley is doing a good job of being stealthy - and then he's besieged by pymaric breasts and butts. Hilarious.
  • Duane, Quigley and Toma discussing how to tackle the silver:
    Duane: The ghosts are powerless without the silver so the silver must still be our primary target!
    • Duane and Toma:
      Toma: So, what, we should think happy thoughts?
      Duane: That is not a talent of mine.
  • When Duane's nature is revealed to Toma and Quigley, they immediately disregard the pressing threat in order to engage in I Knew It! with each other and theorize that he's a mindless plod under someone else's control while Duane is standing right there. Eventually he gets fed up and uses pymary to knock their heads together.
    Quigley: ...This makes sense. No legitimate human could be such a prancing twat-
    Duane: 'Legitimate?!' Plat, shall I legitimately drop you from another cliff?!
  • After the events of the Nevergreen, Duane and Sette follow Quigley back to Iori's home. Sette she doesn't seem to mind, but Duane winds up... shooed out. He has to be maintaining that deadpan look under the broom.
  • Poof.
  • Matty plays pretend with doll versions of Duane and his father
    Matty (as Quigley): Nooo! You didn't pyew!
    Matty (as Duane): Tacit casters don't have to pyew!
    • Matty then has doll Duane murder doll Quigley, much to real Quigley's dismay.
  • Pay close attention to the left of panel 4. Sorry, storm bringer, but she's just not into you.

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