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  • Base-Breaking Character: Sette. Fans either think she's adorable, troubled, or go on long tirades about how she ruins the entire comic.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The musical number (without music) during the introduction of the Deadly Nevergreen.
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  • Cargo Ship: Sette/Money.
  • Complete Monster: Arctrit Ramora, known almost exclusively as Starfish, is the leader of the Red Berry Boys, a criminal gang that kidnaps people, vivisects them, and replaces their organs with First Silver, which they then smuggle across the country. The procedure leaves their victims alive, but in a constant state of agony, the Silver feeding off their pain and gradually turning them into a gigantic monstrosity. Since Starfish is paid by the body, not by the amount of Silver in each body, he targets children for the procedure to stretch out his supply and weasel extra money out of his employers. Starfish has no empathy for anyone, including his own men. When one of them is grievously injured and begs for help, Starfish simply smiles and caves in the man's skull. After Quigley outlives his usefulness, Starfish goes back on his promise to release his child captives, tries to have Quigley drowned while forcing the man's son, Matty, to watch, and states Matty will undergo the procedure as well. Starfish is also a child molester, and, after knifing a prostitute who interferes, attempts to kidnap the seemingly ageless child protagonist, Sette, as a Sex Slave for himself.
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  • Creator's Pet: The author discusses the trope on their ask blog, regarding Sette and Murkoph.
    "If you come into Unsounded thinking I want you to forgive Sette her foibles because she's so cute and because I've stuck her in the lead, you got the wrong idea. But it's my fault if they get the wrong idea 'cause I'm the one givin' out ideas! Some people just can't enjoy a heroine with the issues that Sette has. And I absolutely get that. Funnily enough people have short memories and when Murk was introduced it's like they thought here's another morally reprehensible character that Glass fatuously expects us to adore. But no, dorks, he's just a morally reprehensible character."
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Duane's brother, Lemuel. So far he has only appeared in one chapter for two relatively short scenes, but readers have already started swooning over him and speculating about his role in the plot. It's possible that his similar appearance to Murkoph might have something to do with it. In fact, when the Duane & Sette formspring was converted into a questionnaire for Duane when he was alive, someone quickly took the opportunity to propose to Lemuel.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: See Brick Joke on the main page. Now read that scene again. Imagine what it must seem to Duane — it's like having a swordfight with someone, and all of a sudden they pull out a dildo and act like it's a super-powerful secret weapon.
  • Ho Yay: In a flashback to Duane's military service, Jon gets a magnificently Luminescent Blush when Duane kisses him to punctuate a Bawdy Song, and later professes Undying Loyalty to Duane. The question of Jon's feelings towards Duane got a definitive Shrug of God.
  • Iron Woobie: Duane is a devout member of a religion that believes that reanimated dead are the most absolute form of degradation imaginable and are irrevocably damned. He believes this completely and thinks that his God and nature have both rejected him, yet still keeps the faith and makes a point of being a decent person. The fans don't just eat it up, they would completely disregard his being a ragdoll arrangement of stitches, leather, bones, and rotten meat to smother him with hugs if they could manage it.
    "But of course the day is not dark, and the future is bright and the past is a pleasant warmth behind me, so what a foolish thing to ask."
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Starfish crosses the line when he decides to use children for his procedure just so that he can earn extra money.
    • General Bell crosses it when he puts the town of Ethelmik to the sword so he can smuggle the First Silver to Alderode's capital in a bid to destroy it.
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  • Trolling Creator: Ashley loves to claim that she's going to kill off Matty (and, more recently, Quigley) next update/chapter/etc. However, he's still alive and well...thus far.
    "I’ve long planned on gruesomely killing off Matty but maybe I should move his date of execution up. PULL YOUR WEIGHT, BOY."
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Timofey is actually a guy, despite certainly looking like a Cute Ghost Girl. That he's a pymaric construct crafted from First Light by Bastion might contribute to the confusion.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Starting midway through Chapter 7, Sette encounters some weird stuff.


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