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Funny / Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet

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The Comic:

  • Meredith spinning the car around when Elijah wouldn't answer him.
  • "Pumpkin head".
  • Petunia rolling around on the floor.
  • "Sorry, I fell asleep in the bathroom. You know how it is." Actually, I'm not sure that we do.
  • Rousseau, Bentham and Locke's reaction to seeing Todd Allison walking with Petunia.
    Bentham: I-I feel like everything I ever believed in is crumbling before me...
    Waiter: ......
  • Chapter 4, Cyril and Petunia getting in the car to go save Todd Allison from certain death.:
    • "Why do we need all these things?" "Why not?" "Aren't we just gonna talk to them?" "HAHAHAHA!!"
  • Everyone save Cyril's reactions when he brings Petunia in. The blank shock on their faces just kills it.
  • Just... the comic's sound effects: ''AUDIBLE GASP''
  • Hana dramatically revealing that Cyril is a dangerous man... because he'll break any woman's heart.
  • Cyril and Petunia are having a pretty serious conversation in chapter 11... until Cyril takes a sip of his tea, gets sick, and begins to choke it. He refuses to spit it out:
    Petunia: Spit it back in the cup! Not on the floor!!
    Cyril: *vigorously shakes head*
    Petunia: What do you mean "no"?! Are you a baby?!
    • And then there's the next page, where Cyril looks sick, exhausted and annoyed... and he's covered by a pretty little pink blanket covered with hearts.
  • Petunia and Cyril's reactions to Todd Allison's... personality shift, of sorts, in chapter 12 is relatable and hilarious. Just... look at their faces.
    • This is followed by Todd and Cyril engaging Passive-Aggressive Kombat via compliments. Petunia nervously tells them to stop fighting.
    Todd and Cyril: WE'RE NOT FIGHTING!!
  • Dylan's reunion with Elijah in chapter 15 is hilarious, because the two of them are so over the top; they can't keep their hands off each other and basically shouting in the middle of the street. It's actually pretty cute, and then you cut to Meredith.
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  • Cyril freaks out over a caterpillar.

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