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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

Chapter 1

  • Sally swinging her arms at Sylvia while Sylvia holds her At Arm's Length with one hand and checks herself in a mirror with the other.
    Sally: You think I don't know how ta be all lady-ish 'n junk? I'm like a damn graceful gazelle!
  • Gwen's Establishing Character Moment: she pulls a Stealth Hi/Bye on Undine, saying she has been there for a while.
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  • The Alt Text jokes that Undine and Gwen's combo attack is "Soggy Dirt!"

Chapter 2

  • Gwen's notes for the class? "MAGIC." Sally says she's disgusted Gwen has better grades than her.
    • Later, when the girls are at a cafe, Gwen's book says "Conclusion: Math is HARD!"
  • While waiting for the night, we see glimpses of how the girls kill their time. Sally, the resident Fiery Redhead, is spotted watching a soap opera or chick flick and tearing up.
  • The name of Gwen and Sally's attack combo is "Lava Whatever." When Sylvia says they really should come up with something better, Gwen just shrugs.
    Alt Text: Sally's not very creative, and Gwen doesn't care
  • Sally, being the only one who has no way of flying or similar, first having to climb then having to be carried by Sylvia bridal style, with a huge frown on her face.
  • The Alt Text of the page provides the explanation why Sally cannot fly: she apparently tried to use her powers like a jetboot once, but "never again."
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  • After she's smacked back to the ground after taking off to "check for bad guys from the sky", Sylvia flatly announces:
    Sylvia: Report. Bad guys are in the sky.

Chapter 3

  • Heartful Punch's Heh Heh, You Said "X" reaction to Undine's Verbal Backspace.
    Undine (referring to the Purple One): ...Then maybe sh—it's gone after all. For now.
    Heartful Punch: *snort* Sorry, you said shits.
    Undine: ...

Guest comics

  • An interviewer asks who the strongest team member is other than Tessa. Tessa grimaces and declines to answer, Sally shouts challenges at Sylvia from off-screen, and Gwen deadpan declares "I would destroy Sally."
    Sylvia: It would depend on the circumstances... Any one of us could probably take the others out if we had the element of surprise.
    Alt Text: Surprise is the strongest of the five elements

Chapter 4

  • Heartful Punch finds out about Team Alchemical and the next panel is a big "WHAAAAAAAT" from down the hall.
  • Heartful Punch agonizing over how she must have come across to Undine, slumping against a locker and sliding onto the floor, while Undine just wonders if the cafeteria is serving turkey.
  • As Heartful Punch offers to treat Undine to lunch, a couple of her fangirls in the background look very interested in the proceedings. Then HP clarifies why, and one of the fangirls goes "Oh, lame" while the other shushes her. Later, as the fangirls are talking to two others, the one who spoke earlier says that HP is "on some kinda sorrow date."
  • Finding out Heartful Punch's real name. It's Kokoro. Undine calls it cute, which makes HP recoil, saying this is exactly why she almost never uses it.

Chapter 5

  • Team Forte's greenhaired, energetic member immediately thinks Undine wants an autograph and is excited.
  • The Alt Text gets meta regarding its tendency to disappear when things get serious.
    Alt Text: ...Is that weirdo gone? Phew, I can talk again.
  • Undine's mental process as to why she couldn't team up with Team Melty is a picture of three wheels — two, on fire and frozen, are together with a heart floating next to them, and on the other side is a wet wheel. To wit; Undine's painfully aware that she's a third wheel.
  • The interstitial page with Team Melty starring in an appliance commercial and being their overly dramatic selves.
    • The Alt Text also gives us the following gem
    Alt Text: They both live with their parents still... don't be fooled.

Chapter 6

  • nonsense nonsense
  • This guest-drawn comic, in which two of Those Four Girls (Bud and Harley, for the record) make up ridiculous names for themselves, then when Zoe steps in, decide to call her "Iris".
    Zoe: M-My name's been established… You can't do this to me…
    • The pale-purple-haired girl spontaneously turning into a stick figure.
Chapter 7
  • Page 6
    HP: Welcome to the Magical Girl Power Training Club! Name subject to change.
    Alt text: We call it Mgptc *spit flies out of mouth* for short
  • The reactions when Bud pairs up with Harley for training.
    Harley: I'm not letting you use me for target practice again after last time. Especially just so you can push your s—
    Bud: [shushing her] Oh don't worry it'll be the best let's go ol' buddy.
    Vedika: Your sacrifice is appreciated, Harley.
    Cassidy: We'll never forget you.
    Alt text: Finally, another character death

Chapter 8

  • In the interstitial section, "Anemone" breaks the fourth wall even more than usual.
    Anemone: ...What? You want to know why I have a bunch of weird dolls of all the girls?
    (Anemone glares at the reader)
    Anemone: I have a lot of time on my hands.

Chapter 9

  • The alt text after Sally calls Undine "Undies" in the flashback:
    Alt text: Sally was the only one allowed to use that nickname, because she just refused to stop.
  • Undine's reaction to Team Outrageous' attacks after her initial curiosity. Apple's is her yelling "Awesome Apple Ollie" while ollieing into an enemy with her skateboard.
    Undine: [thinking] Ah… they're that kind of team…
    Alt text: the shameful kind
  • After falling asleep due to exhaustion from the last battle, Undine wakes up in a hospital bed Heartful Punch found for her. Her immediate reaction upon realizing what happened is to declare the situation utterly embarrassing.
  • Heartful Punch leaves Undine a note after the nurse forces her to leave during the night. In it, she's drawn a picture of the nurse, with devil horns, arms crossed and going "HARUMPH". The nurse didn't look at the note but is still pretty sure she drew that picture. The Alt Text goes one step further.
    Kokoro: *Rapidly looking between her note and the nurse while scribbling feverishly*
  • HP has a... unique way of calling the hospital staff to open the door.
    Kokoro: YOOOO SAFETY PEOPLE! [making wild stabbing motions] YOYOYOYOYOYO!

Chapter 10

  • Undine when having breakfast with her mother who also seems to think she is romantically involved with Heartful Punch and is totally supportive.
  • Zoe works up the nerve to speak to Heartful Punch, only to realize after trying to get her attention she doesn't know H.P.'s real name and, being unsure if calling her by her title would be rude, compromises by calling her "Miss Punch". H.P. gives Zoe a confused smile while pointing at herself.
  • The Alt Text for page 20, which features a baby Kokoro:
    All powerful mahous began as poopy diaper babies, true story
  • Undine failing to pronounce naginata and guandao (the weapons of Moonlight and Starlight Spear), leading to HP saying all she needs to know is they are different kinds of spears. Apparently, everyone knows what a halberd is, as the Alt Text points out.
  • HP: "But— um, stuff happened, y'know... and then I happened, y'know?" Undine: "I am aware of the process..."
  • Moonlight Spear/Mitsuki announces to her team she is pregnant. The reactions?
    Sunlight Spear: Wait, how many months?!
    Starlight Spear: Like a baby baby?!
  • Starlight Spear complains of the homework, saying the teachers can't really expect them to do it after patrol. Sunlight Spear reminds her that she is supposed to do it before.
  • Heartful Punch admits she used to have black in her magical girl outfit. Undine has as much trouble imagining it as anyone else.

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • This guest comic portraying Zoe's magical girl form (which had yet to be shown at the time) as an eyepatch-wearing delinquent titled Magical Girl Hard Edge. And then there's her weapon turning out to be a handgun, and Undine's reaction to that.
    Zoe: [holding gun] I'm not sure what it is, but it seems pretty strong.
  • This guest comic, where HP shoots up out of bed after dreaming of an Undine that can only be described as swole. The best part? According to the Alt Text, it's technically canon.
    HP: This fills me with many mixed emotions.

Chapter 13

  • The expression on Rue's face when she pulls out her potion bombs to use against the monsters.
  • After Zoe disables one of the monsters, Rue tosses a potion bomb in its mouth and gets a thought bubble of a target board with "NAILED IT" in the center.
  • Rue expresses concern that Zoe was fighting alone and it was her first time, and then realizes she's sounding like her mom.
    Rue, thinking: Oh no.
    Alt Text: There is no escape from momification.
  • The Alt Text for page 31
    yeah yeah Sans yeah yeah HE DOESN'T OWN A COPYRIGHT ON GLOWY EYE
  • In the Fright Night comic, Anemone implies that she dresses up and passes herself off as a young child to get candy.
    Anemone: Be safe out there, my fellow children.

Chapter 14

  • Cube briefly interrupts the chapter to post this year's Crimmus picture: Rue's siblings decorating her like a Crimmus bush.
  • Bud's Big Damn Heroes moment, after one-shotting one of Cassidy's clones in the head (and giving ample reason why Cassidy was so angry/mortified to find herself stuck with Bud as sparring partner earlier).
    Bud: [arches an eyebrow] Sorry, reflex.

Chapter 15

  • Perhaps it's a bit of Black Comedy, given the circumstances, but there's the fact that many people left flowers and stuffed animals...right under the sign saying not to leave offerings out of consideration of the residents.

Chapter 16

  • Kokoro has a Catapult Nightmare about Undine rejecting her- displacing Kicks, who'd been sleeping on her neck. The cat gives her the evil eye.
  • Forte Bass and Outrageous Apple are twin sisters. That was so unexpected it's hilarious.
  • Apple calls Bud 'Gossip Girl'. Bud insists that it's Doctor Gossip, thank you.
  • HP asks if Zoe hates her. Undine says she'll ask Zoe when she tells her it's okay to join the training club. HP asks if Undine's joking and looks increasingly worried when she realizes Undine's serious (to the point she doesn't notice a ball bouncing off her head).
  • Undine is confused as to how Zoe could find HP she pictures HP at her most Adorkable.
  • Bud, despite having Eyes Always Shut, somehow managed to wink at HP.
  • After Undine's teacher, who's most notable for having a scar on her face, warns her students not to let their guard down:
    Student: Is that how your scar happened?
    Teacher: Go home.
    • The Alt Text suggests she secretly revels in her students guessing how she got her scar.


  • The Sleepless Domain Discord ran a poll on the most and least popular characters. Mary Cagle drew a comic about the results. The 'chump zone' has most of Team Forte complaining that they got the least amount of votes (two votes), saying that they had barely any screen time and never got to show their music skills, while Forte Bass (the only one to get more than two votes) gives a V-Sign. Meanwhile, Cassidy (who also only got two votes) is not taking it well that Nico (a rat), Ms. Cable (Mary Cagle's Author Avatar), and Claire (Zoey's cousin, who was a write in vote) got more votes than her.
  • 2019 saw another vote, and another comic. Undine's quite overwhelmed at getting first place, Anemone claims she timed her official appearance in the comic to coincide with the vote (in which she got fifth) while sixth place Rue is quite suspicious of 'this narc' next to her. Meanwhile, in the chump corner, Forte Drums is freaking out about getting no points at all.
    Forte Drums: I'm the cute one! I have a bowtie!
    • Among some of the characters that got more votes than Forte Drums: Kokoro's cat Kicks, Undine's fish, a puppet version of Kokoro, and a nameless Team Lancer fan.
  • In the 2020 poll, characters who have both known names and magical girl titles have both listed in the form of "[Name] (Magical Girl [Title])", e.g. "Undine (Magical Girl Alchemical Water)". Zoe and Rue, who have no titles, are listed as "Zoe (Magical Girl Just Zoe)" and "Rue (Magical Girl Just Rue)".
    • When the results came in, Rue acts like a complete Tsundere about being bumped up to fourth, Bud, who got fifth, plans on gloating to Harley about it, Tessa (6th) tries to interrogate Anemone (7th) about their graveyard encounter, Cassidy sulks because she only got eighth after she died, and Forte Drums laughs at Roni (Forte Lead), the new resident of the chump zone (the only ones with fewer points were write-in candidates).
    • Cassidy's death was a Tear Jerker for many, because she died alone without leaving behind a body with her feats against Goops unrecognized, right after her 'friends' and even her idol shunned her. Even her own team didn't really care about her much. Her reaction to the poll showing people DO care about her comes with the funny implication that she's mostly just annoyed at the whole thing.
    • Characters that got more points than Roni: Kicks (a cat), Zoe's sister Ariana (who technically hasn't appeared yet, only in one photo), and Rue's brother Dill (a baby). Also, despite it premiering the chapter the poll was taken, the staircase where Undine and Kokoro had The Big Damn Kiss still got ten write in votes.


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