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  • From Ace in the Hole:
    • Tim needs a pet to take to the class but the bats in the cave won't fly into his cage. Batman suggests he takes Alfred.
    • Thomas is not proud of his son.
    • Bart's pet is a turtle.
    • "Poo" is now an official sound effect.
      • Speaking of that, the Robins fleeing the rain of poo from the Superpets.
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    • "Krypto's a good dog."
    • Dick commenting that they never get one past Bruce, followed by the Gilligan Cut to the Batmobile turned upside down.
  • MY BABY!!!
    • Also from "Rivalry", Conner's fear of "The Bunnyman." Not "The Batman", "The Bunnyman."
    • A one-shot joke from "Rivalry", when the villains are taunting the heroes (well, we only see Batman in the frame, but the idea's the same). They're all shaking their butts (getting ready to fart at Bats), except for Bizarro who's doing pelvic thrusts.
  • The last strip of the Loeb tribute. Batman interrupts the Scarecrow's obligatory Halloween scheme, and is in turn interrupted (after slamming Scarecrow into a doorbell) by an old lady who mistakes them for trick-or-treaters. One panel of nonplussed eye contact later, they decide to play along.
    Scarecrow: (looking genuinely pleased) Ooh, I got a chocolate bar with almonds.
    Batman: (looking genuinely indignant) I got a rock!
  • Batman dawdling at Arkham to exercise his parenting skills on a captive audience of rogues, much to Penguin's consternation.
    Two-Face: Bat's got brats.
    • The panel where the Penguin enters the break room has a sign on it reading "10 days since the Joker changed personalities".
    • And an edit made at a reader's request: "10 days since crowbar-related trauma".
  • RAWR! One feels Jason's channeling early 2011 Charlie Sheen. Also CMOA for Jason as it shows his drive to succeed and impresses Coach Tommy "Hitman" Monaghan.
    • Also, Coach Monaghan's "notes": a drawing of a busty woman in a bikini, and a scrawl reading "Need New Gun".
    • Monaghan's Muggle Power attitude is also hilarious because he IS a metahuman, it's just that canonically, he never cared much for metahuman heroes who ran around in tights and made fools of themselves (with the notable exception of Superman). That, and his own powers, X-ray vision and low-level telepathy, are kind of a pain to use and gives him headaches. And he got them by getting bit in the spine by an alien monster.
  • From "The Last Son", the boys use towels to make impromptu capes... over their own capes. And the towels flow dramatically in the wind while their regular capes stay still.
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  • With Jason around, Batman's overprotectiveness towards Terry is occasionally justified.
  • Amateurs.
  • Catwoman strikes glamour poses for security cameras while on the edges of rooftops.
  • From the holiday special for Father's Day, Batman's sons are the only ones behaving (except for Jason).
  • Barry Allen is completely oblivious to how much the boys fear him.
  • This April Fool's Day strip. "Batman" is really a cutout, and Bruce disguised himself as the Martian Manhunter.
  • Where Batman goes to catch a break...

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