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  • Dash's player becomes impatient with the character introductions:
    Rainbow Dash: AUUUGH! It's been almost an hour! I can't take it anymore! 17 vs. Armor Class! Hit!
    GM: Who? With what!?
    (Dash bodyslams Twilight into a mud puddle)
    GM: Oh.
    • Also, Twilight's reaction.
      Twilight: I HAVE NO WORDS.
  • Pinkie's going on tangents proves hazardous:
    Pinkie Pie: Although being a pony kinda complicates the drinks. The normal stuff won't work if nopony can get drunk!
    GM: I'm pretty sure that's not...
    Pinkie Pie: So what else would there be…? Juice? Punch? Hot sauce? Ooh, yeah, hot sauce! I'd totally put hot sauce on the table!
    Twilight: Wait. WHAT is my character drinking?!
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  • Pinkie Pie's first Glib Limerick.
  • Pinkie later proceeds to question the plot.
  • After the heartwarming ending to their first session, the players get down to business.
  • When Luke, Cory and Natalie try designing characters for this campaign setting.
  • For the third arc, the GM grants the players' wish to meet more ponies by bringing in Zecora... and Apple Bloom, AJ's little sister, as an NPC. Rarity's player reacts accordingly:
    Rarity: You made a sibling for your character and didn't TELL ME?
    Applejack: Yeah, and Ah KNEW you'd—
    Rarity: We could've compared notes! We could've built a deep, rich connection between our families!
    AJ: That wouldn't work so well, seein' as how yer a criminal an' Ah'm— Wait, Rarity has relatives?! Ah ain't surprised, but Ah don't recall YOU mentionin' that.
    Rarity: I'm a Rogue. Holding secrets is my job.
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  • The moment after Zecora's introduction when it dawns on the players just what they're in for:
    Rainbow Dash: Zebra? Hold the phone…
    Applejack: Oh…
    Twilight Sparkle: Fantastic.
  • Though she's annoyed by the GM using her Backstory against her, AJ's player starts changing her tune when Apple Bloom reveals how similar they really are:
    Applejack: I…I dunno if I'm angry or proud.
    Rarity: Are you tearing up over there?
    AJ: Maybe.
  • This exchange after the encounter with Zecora in the Everfree Forest:
    GM: After a couple hours of study, you figure out that the flower has some kind of natural enchantment built into it. But the effect of the enchantment eludes you.
    Twilight: Really? That's it for a 29?
    GM: A bit lower and you wouldn't have learned anything at all. The dormant enchantment was extrememly tough to spot.
    Twilight: Well then. I guess nothing else is going to happen tonight. I go to sleep.
    GM: While you're asleep, something happens...
    Twilight: Dammit!
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  • Twilight's plot-mandated nightmare about Zecora gets hijacked by an alignment argument.
    Twilight: I think I'm having a different nightmare, DM.
    GM: ...Sure, let's go with that.
  • After Fluttershy's player attempts a male voice, the GM tries to make everyone act out their curse:
    GM: Put your hair in front of your face... stick your tongue out... ...push your chair away and sit on the floor... ...keep speaking in that really deep voice... and... uh...
    Twilight: Go on.
    Spike: Nevermind.
    • Similiarly, the bit moments earlier where Twilight's player reads out her curse. Her delivery makes it clear that the innuendo isn't lost on her.
      Twilight: "Your..." I can't believe this... "Your horn has become limp and floppy."
  • Some of the comments below the comic are just pure gold. For example, one commenter wondered if Princess Celestia was going to be portrayed as an insane, possibly evil ruler known as "Mad Horse". Of course, the inevitable comparison to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was made...
    Mad Horse, Mad Horse, Mad Horse, Mad Horse
    She rules the pony nation, the Goddess of the Sun
    Her love of making friends has just killed ev-ery-one
    The players are all helpless, and the game's just beguuuun...
    Melt the Big Bad with solar rays?
    No, friendship's gonna save the day
    Mad Horse, Mad Horse, Mad Horse, she's mad
    A railroading DM is watching so beware
    There is no information you can make her share
    So make the Mad Horse gleeful
    Or bow to the Nightmare...
    You're saddled up, there's no recourse
    It's Hi-Ho Silver
    Signed, Mad Horse
  • Twilight's player decides to use a fireball to incinerate the poison joke.
    GM: Um, what? You sure you want to do that inside your tree?
    Twilight: Oh! Sorry. You're right. I don't know what came over me. I should go outside, construct a proper fire pit, and THEN FIREBALL!!
    GM: Woah. Uh... I guess you could go with that.
  • Backstage Pass's nod to the sheer amount of Ensemble Darkhorses in the series:
    GM: She said ONE SENTENCE, people!
  • After the third session, the GM is called out over some of the actions he took, particularly how he manipulated Pinkie Pie's player? Her reply after he admits it? "Now YOU have to write a letter to Princess Celestia!"
    • The GM falters just as he's finishing the letter.
      GM: Ugh, sorry, this is just too weird.
      Pinkie: Shoot! So close!
      GM: Besides, you know what her response would probably be?
      GM as Celestia: Who are you, and what does this have to do with friendship?
  • In the beginning of the fourth session, the GM explains that Princess Celestia is making a casual visit to Ponyville. Twilight's player points out what happened last time she showed up, which prompts Rainbow Dash's player to say, "Hey, she can't have *that* many estranged relatives..."
    • The GM's model Parasprite is a stress ball with a smiley-face drawn on and glued-on paper wings.
  • This exchange, after Pinkie's player learns that Pinkie knows about parasprites.
    GM: Even as we speak the parasprites are tearing into Sugarcube Corner's freshly baked wares.
    Pinkie: Hey! That's my job!
    Pinkie: Hey, that's my job! My day's wages! That's what I meant!
  • Celestia's arrival after the Parasprites are taken care of VERY quickly.
  • Intimidation check + Epic Fail = This
  • Spike delivers a Big NO so big, Everypony hears it.
    Applejack: Twilight, did you derail the campaign again somehow?
    Twilight: What are you talking about? I'm not even in the same ROOM!
  • In another crossover with One Piece: Grand Line 3.5, Twilight's player designs a character (Boa Hancock) for the pirate campaign, and gets her first taste of 3.5's min-maxing potential. She quickly starts getting Drunk on the Dark Side.
    Twilight/Hancock: HA HA HA HA HA! I have my own stronghold, a legion of cohorts, incredible powers of suggestion, the ability to turn enemies to stone... This is my first character ever in this system and I haven't even played her yet, but... 3.5 is incredible!
    Applejack: <sigh> So it begins.
  • Spike attempts to tell the mane 5 what happened to Rarity...Pinkie thinks he's doing a Lassie impresonation.
  • Pinkie's player figures out where the Diamond Dogs name came from.
    • And for the next two comics, everyone is distracted from combat by Rainbow Dash not knowing who David Bowie is. It accumulates into this:
      DM: For the love of...The one time I want you to focus on combat you learn a lesson about friendship instead. How is this my life?
  • This exchange:
    Twilight: If we hurry, we'll beat the Taraxippus to the bog. Then we'll have the element of surprise on our side.
    Pinkie: Ha! The super-secret seventh Element of Harmony: The Element of Surprise! Surprise and Fear! Fear and Surprise! ...The Eight Elements of Harmony: Surprise, Fear and Ruthless Efficiency- Amongst our Elements of Harmony are Surprise, fear, Ruthless Efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to Celestia- I'll come in again.
    Applejack: (sigh) "I wasn't expecting an extended parody of the Spanish Inquisition."
  • "Things The Mane 6 Can No Longer Do In An RPG", a homage to Mr. Welch's list. Naturally, this list features resident Loonie Pinkie Pie, but everypony gets in on it too.
    "No amount of crafting expertise allows me to replace or otherwise substitute the other players."
    "I cannot craft my own allies for a morale bonus, etiher."
    "Or for any other reason, for that matter."
    "I cannot plan a heist, caper, or other form of high-profile theft just to steal common, easily available household objects."
    "Power tools do not count as combat equipment in a setting without zombies."
    "Not allowed to cure poisoned allies with my bare hands."
    "Martial combat techniques may not be used to perform Heal checks."
  • From the cast page: "It's not clear why the DM chose to create a campaign setting based on colourful, magical ponies."
  • Fluttershy, of all people, gives the "It's only a model" line in another reference to Monty Python.
  • After Dash's player reveals a bad experience she had with two conmen teammates, the others all give her a pep talk... with Rarity protesting that the conmen took too much.
  • So how does Rainbow Dash become the number one fan of the Wonderbolts when her player has an absymal History score? Nat 20.
  • Applejack's statement about there being no gardening going on in the Canterlot Garden Party (Rarity: "That's horrifying.") turns into a "performance art piece satirizing the inherent hubris of upper-class nomenclature."
    Rarity: ...That's horrifyingly brilliant.
    • The Rant: The resulting discussion about the quality of the art, the meaning of the art, and the definition of the word "art" lasted for several days.
  • Apparently, Twilight didn't want to be noticed at the garden party. But when your dice falls on a 1, well...
  • After the Elements are confonted by the Canterlot nobles for gatecrashing the party, the party immediately and unanimously blame Rainbow for it.
    Rainbow Dash: Guys, I was perfectly willing to get under the bus myself. You did NOT have to throw me.
  • The first idea for the character for Rarity's player to use during the "Luna Eclipsed" arc? In an Actor Allusion, Granny Smith. Rarity's player was NOT pleased.
    I am NOT playing a grandmother. Not tonight.
  • Another from Luna Eclipsed, when Twilight asks what Spiks is dressed up as.
    Spike: I'm a dragon.
    Twilight: [deadpan] Yes Spike. Yes you are.
    DM: No, he's actually in a dragon costume. A dragon within a dragon.
  • In "The Last Roundup" arc, the players all critically fail a Streetwise Roll to find out where Applejack is.
    Rarity: Did we all experience sudden memory loss? "Yes, I'm looking for someone. I forgot the name, but I'm fairly certain they're a pony."
    Pinkie Pie: "We brought photos, but they're only in black and white. So like this, but more orange-y!"
    Twilight: "Sorry, we must've grabbed her baby pictures by mistake."
    Rainbow Dash: "She had a cowboy hat and a southern drawl. Oh wait, that describes basically all of you."
  • The GM is forced into yet another absurd situation thanks to Fluttershy of all people.
    GM: Fluttershy? Just so we're clear. What you want to employ asking nicely.
    Fluttershy: Yes!
    GM: Alright. Guess I get to roleplay as bees tonight.
    Rarity: Every session is a new opportunity!
  • During the events of "The Best Night Ever", Pinkie Pie tries to "subtly" alert Rarity that her new paramour is kinda shady... through a parody of the Macarena.
  • A meta example: starting with page 1060, Discord himself allegedly took over someone's account and began leaving humorous comments in the comments section.
  • The Story Time videos tend to all have at least one just plain funny story.
    • The first video ended on a player basically wrecking a solo campaign by reacting to a caravan leader's plan to murder the entire caravan and steal the glory for killing a dragon by contacting said dragon and then blowing up both dragon and caravan all to hell. This led to several Big "WHAT?!" moments from the DM.
    • In the second video, there were a couple.
      • The second story featured an Affably Evil villain who managed to utterly befuddle the entire party repeatedly and the DM had a blast with him.
      • The third story featured a busted Hammerspace mechanic that enabled the storyteller to stuff a dungeon into their hammerspace and then easily remove an item and duel-wield a villain's dragon minions after stuffing them in hammerspace.
      • Fourth story was about a normally joke-spewing party missing an opportunity to easily get through a door simply by telling a knock-knock joke (and it didn't even have to be good; it just had to be knock-knock joke). They kicked themselves pretty hard after the fact.
    • The third video featured a DM explaining why he uses All Just a Dream to retcon particularly bad encounters; it involves a pack mule slaughtering a party after the barbarian smacked it and called it a beast of burden. The phrasing of "And then you all awaken from a horrible nightmare about being gutted by a mule" is the best part.
      • "Why I Should Not Drink and Dungeon Master" mostly explains its contents with the title but the kicker is that the DM accidentally turned a dog into a Tarrasque.


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