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This is a genuinely funny comic. The humor comes both from the art (especially the beautiful facial expressions) and the well-written dialogue.

  • In the first chapter Dr. Jekyll attempts to endear the police to Jasper with "the werewolf is a noble and intelligent creature." Meanwhile, Jasper, the werewolf, sits miserably in a pile of alley trash. An arrow is drawn above him: "Clearly a most NOBLE creature."
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  • Jasper's reaction upon meeting Nicholas D. Bryson, famous aeronout explorer.
  • There is no giggling in the Depravity Ocean!
  • When Hyde is encouraging Rachel to talk to Jasper, she asks, "What, while he's a wolf? W-with the big teeth and everything?" To which he replies with a huge smirk, "The better to eat you with, my dear." Rachel's face goes the color of a tomato.
  • In the middle of Hyde's private self-indulgent rambling narration during his second nightly crusade, he declares "The man who I was is far away now, buried somewhere deep in the sad little box of his sad little life." Jekyll interrupts him: "You DO realize I'm HEARING all of this, don't you?"
    • The exchange afterward is great:
    Hyde: So? Can you do anything about it?
    Jekyll: ... Fair point. Proceed.
    • Hyde begins his tirade of wickedness in a very poetic, dramatic fashion. He then punctuates it by bounding off of a rooftop thinking "Whee!"
  • A tense moment after encountering Frankenstein's Creature, Hyde decides the best way to deal with the situation is to approach it carefully. And proceeds with a drunken effort at intimidation in an atrocious Cockney accent. It doesn't work.
  • Rachel's response to hearing that Moreau wants to do horrific experiments on Frankenstein's creature.
    "Well, that's not very nice"
  • When Lanyon asks Jekyll when he last got some sleep.
    Lanyon: This is a serious question. When was the last time you slept?
    Jekyll, with a huge sparkling smile: I don't remember!
  • The author's notes at the bottom of every page can be both insightful and humourous, like the one on November 6th, 2017:
    Sabrina: For the last couple pages I’ve been seeing people predicting, “On the next page Hyde is going to blow up.” I’m not saying that Hyde isn’t going to blow up at some point (that is to say: he might or he might not) but you have to keep in mind that Hyde is blindingly confident in his own untouchability (that’s probably not a word). He couldn’t immediately blow up at Jekyll because his brain is still processing the mere possibility that Jekyll would ever enforce any kind of consequence whatsoever for anything Hyde has done. As far as he’s concerned, Jekyll has just told him that the sky is made of ants. It’s not upsetting, it’s just weird and not true.
    • And again on June 3rd, 2019, when Hyde summons all those nifty hallucinations of everything Jekyll has ever found remotely disturbing.
    Sabrina: Just want to remind you guys that the entire reason Hyde is doing this is so he can go to the mall.
  • Made of one hunder percent British repression. They spout Stock British Phrases. Yup.

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