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Victor Frankenstein isn't dead.
  • He's just gone into hiding.
    • Or, alternatively, he did die but was brought back to life using his own science, either by his creature (who was lonely without him) or by one of the other scientists.
      • Or he has not been yet but will be at some point of the story.
      • Confirmed at the end of Chapter 3!

Jasper Kaylock is a trans male, or possibly genderfluid.
  • Sabrina Cotugno's old notes refer to Jasper as "the Werewolf Girl", but in Chapter 1 she comments that "It is ... not quite correct to call this werewolf "female"" and that "For the purposes of this story the werewolf goes by 'he'." Either she changed her mind about Jasper's gender later in development, or Jasper is a trans male in Victorian society when the term "transgender" didn't exist.
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  • Pretty sure this is jossed? I remember reading somewhere that somewhere along the way in production Sabrina decided to switch Jasper over to just being a cis man.
  • Details about Jasper's gender are still kept under wrap, so it's likely that there's still something going on with him.

Lanyon won't Go Mad from the Revelation like he did in the original novella.
  • Being around the Lodgers means he's seen his fair share of weirdness, so he likely won't lose his sanity if he ever finds out Henry's secret. That won't stop him from reacting... poorly in general, though.

Dr. Frankenstein is a trans woman.
  • The Creature flat out says that he/him aren't really the correct pronouns. And the page before that, the way they're drawn is noticeably feminine, what with the eyelashes, long hair, and the fact that they don't have the weird sideburns London seems convinced they have. Also, if you look closely at that one panel, it almost looks like they're wearing lipstick.
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  • Frankenstein is indeed a woman! Whether she's cis or trans, or what name she prefers to go by, has yet to be revealed.

Jekyll and Lanyon had/have romantic feelings for each other.
  • Sabrina's outright confirmed that the two of them kiss at some point in the story. Whether this happens in the past or the present remains to be seen, but she's mentioned that some things have gone down between them that makes Jekyll have a lot of repressed feelings about his friend. This could potentially be part of it.

Rachel's "closet key" is Jasper.
  • Rachel's going to find out she's bi at some point. If Jasper turns out to be a woman or some flavor of nonbinary, maybe Rachel's going to realize she's still attracted to them even though they're not a man. And then finally get her turn to angst over her sexuality.

Jekyll ends up traveling with Frankenstein and the Creature.
  • In early drafts of the story, Jekyll escaped London with Frankenstein and the Creature after his secret was exposed. Maybe this is still the planned ending for TGS.

Count Dracula will be a visiting patron to the Society for Arcane Science exhibition.
With other Victorian-era Gothic-Horror story characters like Jekyll & Hyde, the Invisible Man (pre-invisibility), a Wolf Man, Frankenstein and (her) creation and Doctor Moreau playing prominently in the series, it only stands to reason that Count Dracula, who is perceived by many fans and adaptations as the top-tier big-daddy boss-man to any and all Monster Mashes will make his own formal introduction in the story.

Throughout the comic's rain, Jekyll has alluded to an exhibition hosted by him and the other lodgers as a means of reintroducing Fantastic Science to the general public not as a receptacle for unholy abominations to be unleashed to the god-fearing populace, but as a stepping stone to a bright future. In the original Bram Stoker novel, Dracula propositioned Jonathan Harker with a business proposal that allows him to own property in London so that he can move to England to prey on the people there. And would you look at that? London just so happens to be where the Society is. Many interpretations of Dracula perceive him as something of a warlock or sorcerer, being in-touch with arcane knowledge that alludes mankind not unlike the modern idea of a scientist. It is very likely that he will visit to see for himself, becoming involved with their activities if not directly, then in the shadows away from detection.

It will also be likely that he might, in some way, be involved with Frankenstein in one form or another, the good Baroness having met the Count and applied what she learned from him to create her famous creature. Since in this world the supernatural is not only visibly established, but a very common thing (if werewolves and church grims are any sign), it might even be public knowledge that Dracula is a vampire.

Now this brings up whether Dracula will be a force for good or a force for evil for the lodge...

Frankenstein will be the first to discover the truth behind Jekyll and Hyde.
Frankenstein believes that science is the sort of thing that one must take an objectivist leap with one's own two feet without the help of community or foundation, so seeing that not only did Jekyll create a monster just like she did all by himself, but she will be amazed - maybe even impressed - to find that he took the next logical step and made himself that very monster. It could be the very thing that earns him her respect.

Even worse, the Romantic in Frankenstein will take one look at the chaotic and impulsive Hyde and assume that he is Jekyll's "better-half", Hyde's desire to be freed from Jekyll's aristocratic sense of moralism being the thing that sparks a kindred spirit between them and ruins the exhibition.


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