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Nightmare Fuel / The Glass Scientists

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I think those happy pills are wearing off...

  • The moment Hyde's hallucinations turn sour. He plays on Jekyll's biggest fears and anxieties, mutating the room into an empty void and conjuring black ribbons to spring out of the darkness, seizing and binding Jekyll like mummy wrappings, suffocating and leaving Jekyll helpless. It all disappears again in an instant, but its effect on Jekyll was telling.
  • Moreau's entrance. After blowing up the Society's wall, he steps through flanked on all sides by the animals he's experimented on, which according to Sabrina were inspired by bad taxidermy.
    Hand over the creature.
  • The implications of Moreau's experiments. He's cut open living animals, re-organized their internal anatomy and then only half-hazardly put them back together.
  • Burned Moreau! Especially the close-up on his bulging eyes as he glares at Henry.
  • The hallucinations Hyde torments Jekyll with after being framed for the fire outside of the Society and how they seem impossible for the latter to shut out; the text even suggesting his mind is trying to justify rather than question why they are there. The one pictured on this trope page is one of the worse ones.
    • One of the hallucinations scare even Hyde. It's of Moreau's corpse, suggesting that he has passed on since the incident and that Jekyll might actually feel guilt over killing him


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