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    Sonic the Hedgehog Online 
  • After Metal Sonic is freed from Silver's stasis, he immediately targets Sonic and Mecha Sally. Mecha Sally is labeled as "Priority One". Sonic? "Real Priority One".
  • Part of Metal Sonic's override code for Mecha Sally is "MAKESONICSUFFER".

    Knuckles: Endangered Species 
  • Crystal-La tries to be taught by Komi-Ko on how to use a blaster—emphasis on the word ''tries''.
    Crystal-La: So I just... push this button? Or is it this one?
    Komi-Ko: No. *sigh* That's not how you hold a blaster, and I don't think you even know where the trigger is.
    • Komi-Ko eventually shoves a spear in Crystal-La's face to use, much to the latter's bewilderment.
    • Even funnier is that this moment is a Funny Background Event.

    Mobius Legends 
  • In "Disturbed", Shadow is distracted by visions of Mephiles during a sparring match against Omega, resulting in Omega winning. What does the E-Series robot do in celebration? Dab.

  • #248's off-panel plays out just like when Sonic is confronting Eggman in the storage room just before Emerl's debut. However, when the time comes for Eggman to release Emerl, he instead releases something else—Wolvurkel, a Joke Character not seen since Issue 8 of the Archie series. Sonic is not amused.
  • In #249, Mecha Sally explains to Metal Sonic that she found someone that truly loves her. A confused Metal Sonic asked her who she found. Mecha Sally's response? The Krudzu Hybrid Hydra. Cue Sonic's Big "NO!" on the side of the panel.
    • If you look closely at the Krudzu, you can see that he has a wedding ring on each of his vines.
  • Knuckles: Endangered Species #1/StHO #244 has the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra boasting about its return—before being run over by a Dark Egg Legion tank. This is a reference to how it was made the villain Team Fighters fought in the published Endangered Species arc when things went south behind-the-scenes.


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