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Dear Children is horror-drama-comedy, so at times it can be extremely funny. This includes everything from broad comedy to deliberate irony.

Ghostly and other absurdities include:

  • Cailin's wall-o-photos include:
    • "Josh let me hold a baby chicken!!!" Cailin is holding the chick in one hand, high up with a look of innocent glee. Josh, in the background, is plainly horrified at the way Cailin's holding it. (she's failing to cradle it, thus causing it to be cold and frightened, and holding it in a position where it might well hop off her hand and hurt itself). Doubles as Shown Their Work for the creators and an Establishing Character Moment for Josh.
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    • "Bout to prank Devin >:)" (Cailin and Emma grinning side by side) / "He outpranked us :(" (Cailin and Devin with water buckets upended over their heads, Devin grinning in the background). Again, also an Establishing Character Moment showing the highly-competitive nature of Cailin and Emma with Devin.
  • Cailin and Devin's mock-argument over Devin TP-ing the foliage around Cailin's house:
    Devin: This tree is a nerd and deserves to be bullied!
    Cailin: Devin, what kind of second-rate delinquent picks on trees!? Go jaywalk or something instead!
    Devin: (simply glares and points at her)
  • Chelle's impromptu fantasy about raising Vandalism — a roll of toilet paper — as her own son and hoping that he becomes President.
  • The whole Journalism Club's overreaction to Josh's mom,.. coming out with a shotgun. They all seem to assume that she's actually going to shoot them and so they panic, even though that would be insane and unlikely to work through the van's sheet metal panels. To be fair, Josh's mom is crazy and at least a little evil, and Devin in particular was provoking her ...
  • Later that same night, the Journalism Club's quite understandable reaction to encountering the first Shadow Beast in the cemetery. They know it's at least man-sized, inhuman and probably dangerous; they are unarmed, untrained and utterly unprepared to stand against a real, So they run. It's the way they run that makes it hilarious.
    • Devin — who is generally one of the braver and tougher members of the JC, is completely terrified at seeing something so clearly unnatural. His expression in these panels is priceless — it's one of the most fearful ever shown in Dear Children. In a horror comic.
      • Normally, Devin being so frightened would be tragic rather than comedic, but it is so extreme — even for being chased by a monster — that it breaks on through to the other side.
      • What's even funnier is when Devin shoves Chelle behind him in his desperation not to be the straggler from the group, and her outrage at this.
      Chelle: DEVIN!?
      Devin: Serpentine, Chelle, Serpentine!
      Chelle: Don't run in front of me, you daft cretin!
      • The great thing about this is that it's totally in character for both of them: Chelle keeps her head (and vocabulary) even in a very stressful situation; Devin spouts an obscure (for their generation) movie reference while displaying only a dubious grasp on reality.
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  • Devin and Josh's impromptu Mockumentary on "crate science." Especially when Devin covertly focuses on Josh's butt.
  • Emma's hilariously inept attempt to con Eleanor Wan into believing that Emma is seriously infjured from her (staged) fall. Esepcially funny when one considers that Emma once suffered just such an injury in a plane crash; she can't even fake something she's experienced personally!

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