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Dear Children is largely about The Power of Friendship, so it should be no surprise that it can be downright sweet at times.

Exceptionally nice moments include:

  • An early Chapter 1 conversation which makes it clear that Devin is Cailin's genuine friend.
    Devin (gently smiling): Hey, stargazer, don't think too much there. You might hurt yourself.
    Cailin (smiling back at him): Hey, I know I'm, like, radiant and all, but you should probably keep your eyes on the road.
    Devin: Man, you wish you were hot enough to cause auto accidents. Now hurry up and text Chelle so she doesn't freak when we get there.
    Cailin: Come on, don't casually kill my dreams of being an auto-succubus like that.
Nothing too dramatic, just two friends comfortable enough together to tease each other, despite the fact that Devin is a
Jerkass at lot of the time, and Cailin has reason to be uncomfortable on the issue of her own (likely lack of) attractiveness to most other people.
  • A subtle one, which you'll only find warm and fuzzy on a re-read. Emma, before picking up Josh, speaks in his absence of his mother, regarding the possibility of being shot by Mrs. DeWitt:
    Emma: As great as dying sounds, I'd have to agree. I don't want to give that woman the pleasure.
This sounds purely catty on Emma's part, unless you know that Mrs. DeWitt is an Abusive Parent to Josh, and Emma loves Josh. Emma doesn't like anyone who hurts Josh.
  • Josh stops in the midst of running from his home to pet Lil' Bessie. The expression of sheer joy and love on his face as he does this, coupled with his motive, is incredibly sweet.
  • Cail and Chelle have entered the tunnel network under the port, and are menaced by the Wesley-Thing. Despite the fact that Chelle has been cold to her all day since Cail foolishly complained about having issues with her mother (when Chelle doesn't ''have'' a mother in her life any more), Cail does not hesitate to put herself between her friend and the Humanoid Abomination. (Also doubles as a Moment Of Awesome for Cail, who was unarmed and has no more combat training than any of the Journalism Club — her sport is track-and-field).

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