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> Experience mirthful shenanigans.

My, there's quite a list of knee-slappers! Feel free to examine them in more detail.

Due to the constantly updating nature of Homestuck, all spoilers are left unmarked.

For moments from The Homestuck Epilogues, go here.

    Official works 
  • From the album art for Frog Hunt: POOR DAVE!
  • Not long after Alternia was released, Andrew announced that another album was already in the works. What did it turn out to be? A Squiddles album!
  • GameGrl. Stylistic Suck at its finest.
  • The promo video for Homestuck Vol 10.
    • "Do you remember where you were every time John died? Think it'll stick this time? Don't hold your breath! It's time to ascend!"
    • "Looks like those Strider boys are in trouble again! And not just because kissing boys is illegal!"
    • "Remember when a dog chased another dog for three years? Now that's what I call a Fetch Quest!"
    • "Warning: Penumbra Phantasm is not featured on this album."
  • In the post-game official snapchat, we have the little Halloween Episode. Most notably would be Jake dressed up as a Na'vi. And by "dressed up", we mean pretty much completely naked except for a loincloth, blue paint and a fake tail taped to his bare behind. John's caption and Rose and Kanaya's reactions really sell the moment.
    John: april 2009 was a good time for old earth to stop making movies
    • The fact that Kanaya's dressed like Mom Lalonde and Rose is dressed like the Dolorosa is equal parts funny and adorable.

    Meta & Fan Content 
  • From the Homestuck wiki, the plot summaries for each episode of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff are quite a delight to behold.
  • Buying character shirts from the store would yield you some wise words from one, usually the character who wore them:
    Aradia: i'm 0k with this shirt. maybe y0u are t00. 0r n0t. i'm 0kay with either possibility
    John well... i guess you probably can't do the windy thing, bit that's ok! you can be my trusty sidekick. i'll handle all the windy stuff.
    Vriska: Hahahaha. You think you have what it takes to wear this???????? Don't you know you have to 8e strong and 8rave to wear this and not 8e an em8arrassment to yourself????????
  • The Works of Evil: Andrew Hussie's Devil Worship is quite possibly the funniest article ever written about Homestuck.
    • Keep in mind though that the article as well as the entire ChristWire site is a satire on the overly conservative Christian Republicans.
    • Then there's Andrew Hussie's comment: Just as planned.
  • Go to the Betty Crocker Wikipedia page. Scroll down to 'in popular culture.' Suddenly realise how utterly absurd Homestuck truly is.
    • Saved due to it constantly being removed:
      A fictionalized version, of the Betty Crocker character, is a supporting character in the webcomic Homestuck, wherein she is sometimes referred to as the "Batter Witch". This portrayal is married to a fictionalized version of Mark Twain in the early 20th century. It is strongly implied that she's a malevolent, nigh-immortal alien from another universe, and is using her corporate empire to control the population, and to bring about the ruin of this universe.
  • A fan on the forums by the name of Lotus wrote a 15 page research paper on the ship teasing between John and Rose. The panel immediately after this featured a lotus in the book Rose was reading, before proceeding to be a ridiculously ship teasing conversation. A link to the requisite doctoral thesis.
  • This poor guy's reaction to the absolute terror known as [s] Jade: Wake Up, in a schadenfreude sort of way.
    kyouger: stop
  • An MSPA GIF site has appeared (hilariously) ripping off another comedy site.
  • In the anticipation of the EOA5 Flash, Michael Bowman of the music team gives us a little preview...
  • The End of Act 5 Flash was hosted on Newgrounds. Soon after it went up, the entire site crashed due to the sheer amount of traffic. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Hussie's Twitter feed: well that didn't work
    • To give an idea as to exactly what "soon" means in this context, using time codes on forum posts, people figured out that Newgrounds went down in about 3 minutes. From EoA5 posting to Newgrounds' demise. That's less than half of the length of the Flash itself.
    jephjacques @andrewhussie the internet is going to explode when you hit 100%, you fucker
  • Cake ft. Jake. That is all. Saying anything else would ruin the surprise.
  • One day on the Tumblr blog of Andrew Hussie, he allowed questions to be submitted for ten minutes. Knowing how big the fandom is, it had Gone Horribly Right.
    oh no……………
  • Green Eggs and DEAD This fanmade comic turns the glut of character deaths into hilarity.
  • Here's what The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has to say about trolls.
  • Dante Basco, actor of Rufio, is reading Homestuck. This is funny, or will be funny if and when he reaches Act 5.
    • Until then, we have Hussie fanboying over it on Twitter:
    Andrew Hussie: Guys, I don't want to alarm you, but it seems that Dante Basco, aka Rufio from Hook, is currently reading Homestuck.
    Andrew Hussie: I wonder what he will think when he discovers me kissing his corpse?
    Andrew Hussie: Assuming he makes it that far. Do Hollywood superstars even have that kind of time??
    Andrew Hussie: I have to make sure I don't scare him off or anything. Do NOT fuck this up Hussie. Pull it together. There is a lot riding on this.
    Andrew Hussie: And just like that, I have already gone too far. [1]
    • Hell, Dante's liveblog alone is filled with crowning moments of funny as he reminds us all of precisely how confusing the first few acts are, which combined with the undoubtedly strange feeling of thousands of people egging you on and encouraging you leaves him hilarious nonplussed about the entire thing.
      And yes, I saw the “Hello Dante”… I greeted him on twitter… I have to admit, that’s pretty dope. I wonder if he makes this first part so hard to get as an obstacle for those not worthy to get the story… a somewhat right (sic) of passage… maybe I’m just rambling and have no idea what I’m talking about… Back to reading.
    • And now we wait. >:D
    • And it FINALLY happens! And The Fandom Exploded.
      • Bonus points because he was a little drunk at the time.
    • Thanks to him "Azula" started reading it too! And before you ask of course she's voicing Vriska.
    • Dante decided to do voice acting for Dave. Hilarity ensued.
  • While we're looking at Tumblr, you should also check out What the Fuck is Homestuck, where one girl chronicles her reactions right throughout the entirety of the comic, only catching up early into Act 6. She loves using a copious amount of gifs from all sorts of sources, especially when she overexcited.
    • It's especially funny from the perspective of one who's read the comic: right from meeting him, she hates Gamzee, which just makes her reaction to his freakout in Act 5 Act 2 a hilarious Foregone Conclusion.
    • Not to mention her reaction to finding out her starsign is Capricorn, as well.
    WtFiH: Correct! My star sign is Capricorn! However, Gamzee is- what- wait... oh, oh FUCK ME.
    SIARH: [...] Sagittarius
    SIARH: …wait
    • She also loves using the tags for extra effect. Sometimes they're funnier than the main post.
    • Recently she wrote a poem about Caliborn shooting Gamzee titled True Happiness. It must be read to be believed.
  • Good lard... Jegus
  • This video seems innocent enough to the casual viewer, but for any Homestuck fan...
    • On a related note, this poster, merchandise for the book in that video. These are all over elementary schools in the US.
    • Then, there's this book. At first glance, it seems like an innocent book for kids about how they can be happy in their daily lives. However, a Homestuck fan would find this not-so-innocent. To make things worse, there are similarly-titled books about "filling buckets" and "daily happiness" in the same title and/or book cover.
  • This article about the Juggalos had someone comment in character as Gamzee (find it near the middle of the third page of comments). Then, Karkat showed up. Then Nepeta joined in on the commenting, followed by Kanaya.
  • Andrew Hussie's personality in general; you may bear witness to his humour on formspring or other social networking sites.
  • How did Hussie announce MSPA going adless? In true MSPA fashion of course.
  • The DirkJake Chorus (Bad Horse Chorus Parody).
  • Every conceivable ship is now officially canon. All the ships. All of them.
  • As a joke for Homestuck's Kickstarter project, Hussie is giving out silly rewards for high dollar amounts. The joke's on Hussie though - someone actually donated 10,000 dollars, enough to reach the first tier. No wait, make that two someones!
    • Too bad they didn't reach the second tier - that means their fantrolls aren't guaranteed to survive for more than one panel.
    • You can tell Hussie wasn't prepared for it because he closed that tier after those two reached it, even though before then there were 10 slots in it.
    • And here they are! And as promised...
  • John and Dave discussing curse words and why they're not a big deal, then replacing the swears with more sanitary language, culminating in John yelling "SEX YOU!" while flipping the bird.
    • The crowner is when Bro shows up to admonish them for their "foul" language.
  • Behold, the REAL reason Jadesprite was always crying.
  • Ke$hastuck: When the MSPA website went down for a few days the fandom went a little more insane than usual and made a world where living (Ke$ha; Lady Gaga), dead (Kurt Cobain), and fictional (Vocaloid; Gorillaz) musicians replaced the kids. May have something do do with Ke$ha's latest single being called "Die Young" and her acting like a Lady Drunk like Roxy. Post-Trickster Mode bonus: Her newest single C'mon mentions lollypops.
  • "Raging Bull", in which Tavros celebrates his new found ability to walk and assert terrorizing all of the other Trolls. It's all a mix of hilarious and awesome but Terezi's line at the end is what really sells it.
  • I never expected my first sighting of Homestuck outside of the internet or convention photos would be in Slylock Fox in the Sunday Funnies. Then again fanart has been submitted before (okay, the last one's official art from a comic, but the author's not the one who submitted it). Congratulations Terezi! And thanks Chloe, age 15.
    • Likewise, my second sighting was in the 4/12/13 issue of Entertainment Weekly's back page: a godtier Aradia cosplayer representing "Everything you missed at Wondercon" on the very edge of the Bulls-eye — still cooler than "Kim Kardashian's cameo in Tyler Perry's Temptation, which was just barely off the board.
  • Accurate representation of any fan's reaction to Homestuck
  • Sandwichsprite.
  • The coloring for the funny pages here now feels reminiscent of Trickster Mode.
  • Similar to the book listed above, we have this commercial. It helps that it sounds sexual even if you don't read Homestuck.
  • John and Dave Play Sburb. Manages to integrate audio clips from Two Best Friends Play into Homestuck events beautifully.
  • No. You go home and RE-EVALUATE YOUR FUCKING LIFE! YOU BOUGHT A SMART CAR! Karkat's expression is what really sells it.
  • This Trollmegle conversation. A roleplayer of an obnoxious fanmade lovechild of John and Karkat has a run-in with an absolutely flawless Dave roleplayer. The results must be seen to be believed. Seriously, is this a roleplayer or the actual Dave Strider? Also to be found on the Moment of Awesome page.
    Dave: what if im gay
    Dave: what if im into sheep
  • Snoop Dogg himself uploaded this fanart onto his facebook, he referred to the fan art as "Snoop Homestuck".
  • Karkat knew Jack was trouble when he walked in.
  • Some of the... rather odd things the fandom got up to during the hiatus.
  • This tweet by none other than Betty Crocker. It might just be an intern running the account, it might be a clever marketing ploy, but the point remains: Homestuck is now read by Rufio, Grey DeLisle and Betty Crocker. Homestuck truly is taking over the world.
  • Some of this Tumblr user's Homestuck comics involve the trolls trying to do human activities (most of the time trying to run a business) and failing spectacularly:
    • "Storestuck". From Feferi flat-out threatening someone into taking care of their fish properly to Nepeta discovering catnip, there's plenty of laughs to go around.
    • "Restaurantstuck" has the trolls attempting to hold jobs at a restaurant. Highlights include the Running Gag of Terezi struggling to find a booth, Sollux hacking the manager's Facebook account, and Jade suggesting they set the place on fire moments before that actually happens.
      Gamzee: cHiCkEn NuGgEtS iT iS tHeN.
    • "Platoonstuck". Not even the military is immune to their insanity.
      Terezi: 3R1D4N, C4N 1 US3 YOUR SN1P3R R1FL3? 1 W4NT TO PR4CT1C3 W1TH 1T.
      Eridan: ...are you kidding?
      Terezi: 1 DO NOT K1D.
      Eridan: pretty sure you need some fuckin eyesight to use a sniper rifle.
      Terezi: TH4T W4S H1GHLY OFF3NS1V3, NOW G1V3 M3 TH3 GUN B3FOR3 1 K1CK YOU 1N TH3 SH1N.
    • "Hotel Fruity Rumpus". Not only do they flood the first floor, but they also scare off potential guests. And then there's this exchange:
      Aradia: Equius, you're the valet, right?
      Equius: D—> Yes.
      Aradia: Okay, why are all the cars really far away?
      Equius: D—> I have been arranging them by b100d color.
      Aradia: Equius they've all had the same blood color.
      Equius: D—> E%actly. (All the cars are against one side of the parking lot) D—> There were no more spaces so I stacked them.
    • "Amusement Parkstuck" features the trolls' most blazingly incompetent performance yet: Equius accidentally destroys the strength tester, Feferi puts cuttlefish in the swimming pool, and Eridan butchers the "saw the woman in half" magic trick, and that was only from one goddamn day of working there. And then the strength tester bell clocks Karkat in the head.
      Sollux: you called about maiintenance?
      Sollux: how long would "a whiile" be?
    • And yes, they've all been dubbed for your viewing pleasure!
      • Making the aforementioned Platoonstuck even funnier is that all of Terezi's lines end up sounding wildly different depending on where the video is viewed.
  • Andrew Hussie's new project. Namco High is a Dating Sim involving a multitude of Bandai Namco Entertainment characters in a High School A.U.. The concept is so absurd, it'll make your sides split just by reading a summary.
  • Karkat mourning on a cliff. While that description could make for a Tear Jerker, what he's saying however...
  • Operation Dirk, a cosplay skit from NärCon 2013 (Norwegian, but with English subtitles), where the Alpha kids are trying to find where Dirk has gone... and all the while Jake is trying to star in a musical.
  • Oh lord. This Gigapause is not going to end well, if this is day 1.
  • This parp chat between Feferi and Eridan.
  • Fandomstuck. It's basically personified fandoms interacting with each other. And it's glorious.
  • How it the Sufferer's final sermon actually happened.
  • This MSPARP log. There's something inherently funny about Darkleer talking to a grub!Kurloz.
  • "Let's Read Homestuck" has for the most part done a superb job of translating the webcomic into a video format, but they finally ran into something during the [o]ntermission they couldn't work around. So they ad-libbed:
    • Doc Scratch did it again with his "supply of forward arrows", saying that he is an excellent host "even if you are watching Homestuck in a video format on Youtube and have no idea what I am talking about".
    • It seems that LRH's Doc Scratch is an veritable master of comedy, since even after he dies he manages to be hilarious; in the Alpha session, GCAT meows in the good Doctor's voice! You could say that GCAT is a Cat Scratch.
    • The announcement of the Dancestor voice actors was done by the trolls, in character, lead by Karkat himself. This naturally lead to some great lines.
      PAST Terezi: B3S1D3S, 3V3N 1 H4V3 TH3 L1ST. HOW 4R3 TH3Y JUST NOW G3TT1NG TO TH3 4NNOUNC3M3NT?
  • In early July 2014, 4chan raided Tumblr, as 4chan is wont to do. They flooded some of the most popular tags (#frozen, #feminism, etc) with gore and weird porn. Then... they tried the same thing with the Homestuck fandom only to find that Homestuck has so much gore and weird porn already that they were thrown for a complete loop.
    miktheflier: We did it guys. Homestuck is so weird, even 4chan doesn't know how to weird out Homestucks.
  • While this is mostly just a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, it has funny moments. For example:
    Paper: My dad is smart because:
    Karkat: He's *MY* dad!
  • All of this. Between John learning that Trolls of both genders get periods and that Karkat is always on his, Vriska's disturbed reaction to Karkat suddenly being nice to her, Tavros acting as a very uninterested sounding narrator, Karkat and Sollux's Shotgun Wedding, the way Karkat pronounces "baby"...
  • All the extremely bizarre videos made by this guy. Random Events Plots abound, characters get killed off and brought back randomly, AR is the president for some reason, John is an Eldritch Abomination, Equius cheats on Nepeta with a horse, Karkat is a butterfly, Aradia and Eridan want to be Pooh Bear when they grow up, etc., etc.
    • In one episode, Karkat's hive catches fire and his first concern is that his movies will burn. What really makes this one funny is that such a reaction might not be entirely out of character for Karkat.
  • Most if not all of this cosplay skit of Terezi, Dave and Rose holding a Kangaroo Court against Eridan, Kanaya, Vriska and Gamzee. It's a laugh riot all over:
    • Terezi's unconventional lawyering skills.
    • Vriska gushing over Kanaya's beating of her and Gamzee and killing of Eridan. And Vriska's performance in general; she has been compared to Peridot by several commenters.
    • Aradia's testimony:
    "I think he was holding a jar of mind honey... Oh! And then he killed me!"
    • Terezi telling the Joker Jury to declare Vriska either guilty or guilty.
    • Equius gets distracted in the middle of a story (about his own death) by talking about a slain musclebeast he found.
    • The revelation that it was all just an elaborate FLARPing session and nobody's actually going to be hanged.
  • Despite the server upgrades that took place during the inactivity, the fandom managed to accidentally DDOS the site within five minutes of the first post-gigapause update, a feat that manages to reach on par with the Cascade debacle and possibly surpass it.
  • Hussie actually wrote an Amazon review for Caliborn's "How to Draw Manga" book...In character as Caliborn. Naturally, the fandom noticed and made it the highest rated review. Bonus points for putting the review up way before the gigapause ended and Caliborn's attempts at drawing manga were revealed.
  • Rhinos! We've been shipping rhinos!
  • As a result of funny coincidence (since post gigapause upd8s have a years worth of time from its creation to present), Vriska and Meenah's handholding update came right after the The Legend of Korra finale which mostly confirmed Korrasami. People drawing parallels to it caused Hussie to respond on his twitter.
    Andrew Hussie: " homestuck will eventually reach a gay singularity. mark it down. it will make korra look like republican propaganda."
  • Andrew announces the start of a new pause on 1/19/15, and then goes on to say that he's not sure what to call it, and makes several suggestions.
    So what do we call this pause? I've been batting ideas around all day. We could go with the obvious choice, the MINIGIGAPAUSE. Or maybe, MEGAPAUSE 2: BACK IN THE MEGASADDLE. Or if that makes too much sense, we could always settle on the MICROTERAPAUSE. As you can see, there are so many incredibly intelligent and meaningful things we could call this pause.
  • How to make zodiac jokes funnier: Have the trolls act them out. When they're drunk, how they express love, and how they carve pumpkins.
  • Tavros' dancing accompanied by "U Can't Touch This".
  • [S] Dirk: Synchronize + Unite syncs up surprisingly well with the William Tell Overture.
  • Calliope meets The Felt.
  • Jane and Dirk like to mess with people.
  • Someone posted a review for Harry Anderson: Wise Guy from the Street to the Screen in character as John.
  • In which Dave looks for Squidward.
  • This comic shows what happened when Nepeta found a box of Sweethearts on Valentine's Day. While Karkat's scene at the end is heartwarming, It shows what the hearts of every other troll said. Which are mostly puns, and a couple of flat-out rejections.

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