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Sigrun and Emil discuss their preferred troll hunting strategies

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    Adventure I 
  • What Aksel imagines it's like for his grandmother to be alone vs the reality.
  • The entire Nordic Council scene in the prologue. First we are introduced to our four backers for the expedition fretting over a hole in Torbjorn's pants, then we get to the quibbling over the funding, and then we get the various excuses each of the backers comes up with for why they can't go. Finally to top it all off, the background gag with the old people complaining about the loose cobblestone, which is indeed loose.
  • The running gag of Emil fluffing his hair whenever it gets mussed up, causing it to literally sparkle. It even sparkles in his passport photo!
  • Poor Lalli being randomly patted by Emil's cousins (who promptly do so again even after being told not to by Emil), and Lalli hissing at them in response.
  • Torbjörn finding out just how valuable original texts are.
  • Emil's use of universal language to suggest Lalli fall asleep.
  • While the various cats help us with their after-the-horror antics (accidentally skewering a team-mate with all claws when falling back down; licking each other's paws in a little comedy skit routine), Emil decides to instinctively help a Nicely Coordinated Lady out. By punching her lights (and life) out. Well, she did ask him to help, and there really only was one way to do it... Simultaneously nightmarish, sad and sweet, as well as dorkly (and darkly) funny.
  • After the train attack, a terrified Emil rushes straight back to bed, this time fastening all the buckles he neglected last time. Lalli stares at him for a moment and then fluffs his hair for him.
  • Emil mocks how Danish sounds to Swedish ears - "'s as if they've shoved a potato down their throats or stuffed their mouths full of porridge..." - by sticking his fingers in his mouth and talking around them. The Danish guards behind him are not impressed.
  • And, introducing your ride! <pan to the Ratmobile honeywagon of "OMG, Please, No!"> No, the next one. <Cat-Tank shown off in all its grimy glory> Aww. <wistful looking back at the twinkling gun-turrets of the Real Tank Tuuri Can't Have ensues> And, *klonk*: Ratmobile's ultimate fate as the rats abandon wagon. Strips of gold.
  • What do you do when one of your crew is caught by you accidentally trashing your ride (and being terrible at hiding the evidence) and your employer is right there casting aspersions? Why, you back the klutz up and get economical with the truth about the state of the vehicle! With a poker face that'd win tournaments. Isn't that right, Sigrun?
  • Lalli's response when Tuuri wonders what her brother is doing right now. The instant matter-of-fact way he replies it was what really sells it.
  • Mikkel taking a chance to play a prank on Emil by convincing him that his bruise could become face cancer.
  • "How hard can it be?" ...<two strips later>... *crong* *CRASH* *kronk* *klang*
  • Lalli trying a cookie for the first time, followed by sneaking edibles from Mikkel proving a little harder than doing so from Emil. Poor Lalli, there's nothing like Black Speech to make you want to jump out your skin...
  • Lalli's distinctly off-kilter face that basically screams, "can I haz sleep now?" is something to behold.
  • Emil's internal struggles are usually quite amusing. The one that takes place between rampant greed (must get all the books!), stark terror (get out, get out!) and trying not to disappoint Sigrun? Hee hee.
  • "Let's split up. Each of us picks one direction to check out." "Excuse me? You said rule one was to stay together at all times!" "... really? I said that? Wow, forget that. I must have had a crazy moment."
  • Chapter six opens with Lalli reciting a spell (with gestures) to... unjam the cattank's radio.
    • Even better: The first spell, when translated, is basically politely asking the spirits jamming the radio to find someplace else to go. The second incantation, after Lalli got frustrated? It's about how if they don't leave, he's going to make them leave, no matter what. The spirits leave.
  • Trond's successful blackmail of Captain Ása. His victim goes from smug to panicked in a single extremely expressive panel.
  • Sigrun's technological blindspot extends to the use of binoculars.
  • When the Icelandic ship re-supplies the crew, Emil pries open one of the crates to reveal...a very confused and disoriented Reynir. Emil promptly slams the lid down again, on the poor guy's fingers. (All while Lalli watches implacably.)
    • Sigrun's very clear-cut handling of the situation before her brain fully clicks on what's happening:
    Emil: There's something in the crate!
    Sigrun: What?! Shoot it!
    Emil: I... think it was a person.
    Sigrun: Well don't shoot it and let it out!
  • "Dreaming is TERRIBLE!!!"
  • While Tuuri is mostly shown to be a competent driver, the pattern in the snow (and on the buildings) on page 374 strongly implies that she's not quite there yet.
  • Apparently, Mikkel's solution to Lalli's nosebleed is to - put some plasters on his upper lip.
  • Whether it's intentional or not, to anyone who's ever read or watched Astrid Lindgren, Sigrun's cry of EEMIIIL! is hysterically funny.
  • Kitten's first muddy day! <face-plants right into it from the get-go> After getting wiped-down and petted a little... of course she tries that again — with less face and more paws. Whee! Later trailing muddy prints across Mikkel's newly-scrubbed floor? Also rather amusing (and a Shout-Out to the fundraising kitty-tracker).
  • Bosse's attempted food-heist goes hilariously belly-up when Onni actually responds to Trond (mainly the radio) and moves, thereby disturbing his perch. Onni then later describing the offered spaghetti and meatballs just underlines it...
  • On page 483, the group runs into what looks like a giant, only its legs visible. What sort of monstrosity is it? Well... whatever the heck this is. Laughing the heroes may not be, but the comments section was quick to latch on to the goofy look and seemingly ineffective design of this particular monster.
  • The author commenting on Mikkel's close combat skill:
    Learn to be more effective at combat, Mikkel! Throwing rocks at a threat is literally caveman-levels of proficiency.
  • Emil and his flaming, wibbly-wobbly entourage pitch up, just as he's called. To synchronised dismay.
  • Lalli's dream right before he gets out of Deep Sleep gives an interesting insight of his mind:
    Dream!Sigrun: You! Awesome job finding this camping spot for us! [pats his shoulder] You really do pull your weight.
    Dream!Mikkel: Today we will celebrate with a mighty feast.
    Dream!Reynir: My hair is super dumb and I'm going to cut it all off!
  • Never, ever, ever leave Mikkel alone and in charge of a mic: he hilariously turns it into deadpan stand-up that will leave you revenge-burned. Isn't that right, Tuuri?
  • A rare moment of Lalli and Mikkel being on exactly the same wavelength. The wavelength in question being that a freshly killed, whole, un-skinned squirrel is a perfectly acceptable addition to the next meal.
  • See Emil. See Emil carefully apply the right amount of explosives to open a door. See house explode. See Sigrun giving an appreciative thumbs up.
  • Reynir takes the direct solution. He also isn't taking Onni's stuffiness.
    Commenter: Is Reynir being *gasp* assertive?
  • Kitty has been added to the character bio page. And what a bio it is.
    Is a cat.
  • Emil and Mikkel debate how real some of the more mystical aspects of the story may be.
    Mikkel: I have never seen definitive proof. But I did work temporarily with a Norwegian crew once, alongside a spiritual healer of theirs. It did seem the wounded she tended to recovered to a degree comparable to my own patients. It left me pondering.
    Emil: Soo... If I understood correctly, you're saying that your medical treatment might be as effective as basically doing nothing?
  • Magnus Madsen, son of Prologue!Michael and Signe and grandfather to Mikkel, Present!Michael and their siblings. The guy was apparently named after his father's cat. One commentor, who remembered Michael's fondness for making his cat his scapegoat, went as far as to imagine the following conversation between Michael and Signe once they had become parents:
    "Michael, who drank the rest of the milk?"
    "Magnus probably did it."
    "Magnus our son or Magnus the cat?"
  • After the Chapter 12 ending, one would expect Chapter 13 to be quite tense with no opportunities to laugh. This makes Lalli's lousy rendition of Reynir's anti-ghost rune (while trying to tell him to draw it on the ground without using words) a mild but welcome touch of humor.
  • Onni rescues the team from an ocean away by turning Emil's gunshot into a massive flaming bird that burns through the horde, chants something mystical, and disappears. No one has any idea how to react.
  • Lalli apparently wants Reynir to make more runes, and conveys it by slamming a huge stack of papers (as in, almost as high as Reynir's own torso) on his lap and handing him a pen. Meanwhile, Reynir could really use more specifics. Commenters imagining what else such a big stack of papers could be puts icing on the whole thing.
  • The drawing of a stick figure being among Reynir's attempts at making an anti-ghost rune that doesn't catch fire. The panel on which it's being tested by Lalli being the only one on which one can see a ghost staring back at it gives the impression that even the ghosts can tell that this one holds absolutely no danger in harming them.
  • Reynir greeting Onni's luonto with relieved scritches, and discovering that that's not simply his luonto is priceless.
  • The circumstances that brought this about may not exactly be the happiest, but Reynir's dog-like features now include needing to be taken out for walks.
  • That exchange:
    Lalli: Tuuri, I need to talk with the really stupid one again!
    Tuuri: Which one exactly?
  • An "Emil is to blame for anything that catches fire" joke, so far a fandom-only thing, gets made within the comic.
  • Trying to communicate with Lalli using only Emil's Finnish:
    Sigrun: Fine! How about you let him know that if he won't cooperate, we'll tie him to the wheelbarrow!
    Emil: I can barely say "good day". How did you think I'd ever get that across?
  • A bunch of murderghosts hunting you every step of the way? Creepy. A bunch of murderghosts huddled together in an old van like commuters on a rainy day? Still creepy, but hilarious as well.
  • Emil telling an unconscious Lalli to wait for him in the room in which he leaves him while he checks that the abandonned house is safe.
  • The scene in Emil's dream. On Emil's slide, there is the flip-flopping between acting like a Spoiled Brat towards the manifestation of his childhood nanny and discussing real-world matters with Lalli. On Lalli's side, there is his reaction to the situation boiling down to "Oh, is that a couch over there? I'm going to have a nap on it."
  • Also in Emil's dream: Emil asks Lalli if he wants some cake. Lalli says "No", and then immediately changes his mind and takes a piece. There isn't even a beat panel in-between.
  • Emil's idea of an improvised unconscious person transportation device. It involves an old rug that only reaches from the person's head to knees, three thinner strips of cloth (two to drape over his shoulders for dragging, one to secure the person to the rug) and absolutely no wooden parts.
  • Emil folds the map before Lalli, who's currently Sharing a Body with him, has finished looking at it. When Lalli asks Emil to show him the map again, Emil responds by showing the map to Lalli's unconscious body in such a way that his own eyes can only see the back. Lalli is not amused, but the reader may very well be.
  • Thinking that she's lost Emil and Lalli, as well as battling infection and exhaustion, Sigrun finally reaches the Heroic BSoD and just lies down in the snow and tells Mikkel to leave her since the gods clearly just want her to die in disgrace. So Mikkel shoves a fistful of snow down the back of her shirt.
  • Sigrun ends up being transported on the wheelbarrow due to being too tired to walk. Because of the large pile of books and supplies already inside, the only somewhat secure position for her is basically the one in which Kitty had been sleeping on said pile. Kitty reminds the reader of this by falling back asleep right next to Sigrun, with front paws dangling in the same manner as her arms. And responding to Sigrun's dissatisfied groan with a purr.
  • Lalli claims to have Sherlock Scan abilities and decides to demonstrate them on Emil's recurring dream, which includes all the hallmarks of the Lonely Rich Kid trope. He notices the big size of the house, the fact that a woman who is not Emil's mother is caring for him and that there is too much food for just one person on the table. He comes to the conclusion that Emil grew up in an orphanage and was the only child who didn't get adopted.
  • The running speed difference between Mikkel and Reynir being so great that after reaching the church, Reynir has the time to carefully do the plot-relevant building exploring before Mikkel, who started running after him as soon as he broke off from the group, gets inside the church himself.
  • Anger Born of Worry Mikkel and Sigrun style: they both yell at Reynir for running off, but also both claim that him doing so almost gave the other one a heart attack. And Mikkel falls back into "everyone calm down" mode the second Sigrun is the one doing the yelling.
  • The transition into the Christian afterlife includes the soul taking the form of a sheep. Pastor A keeps her glasses when her turn comes.
  • The church undergoes a Collapsing Lair moment. Reynir sleeps through it despite having pebble-sized pieces of rubble bouncing off him and Kitty ends up being the one with the most layers of protection against it, courtesy of Sigrun. The fact that the cause was relatively benign also makes the fact that Sigrun and Mikkel were sufficiently spooked to agree to not investigate before sunrise more funny than scary.
  • Page 904 and its author notes have a little meta-Hypocritical Humor to them when taken side by side. Pages 902 and 903 have Sigrun's chest much more noticeable to many readers than in previous scenes showing her with just her turtleneck, resulting in it being a hot (no pun intended) topic in the comments for those pages. Minna's reaction to the phenomenon in the Page 904 author notes is surprise at people acting as if she hadn't drawn Sigrun visibly having breasts before. Meanwhile, the last panel of Page 904 itself has Sigrun using her breasts as a table to eat canned fish while lying on a bed, resulting in the biggest focus on that part of her anatomy the scene, let alone the entire comic, has given the reader so far.
  • The Dusklings, small trolls with enough protection to survive weak sunlight, are darkly funny in how they call Emil "Food" and doesn't seem to get that he really doesn't want to get eaten.
    • When the dusklings start whispering in Emil's mind, he reacts:
    Emil: LALLI! They're doing the thing again!
  • Lalli's reaction to Emil's dreamscape turning out to be much harder to leave than to enter:
    Lalli: Why can't the dumb braid guy barge in when he's wanted for once?
  • Circumstances result in Emil and Lalli sharing a dream while sleeping in a plastic barrel that they need to keep closed. They argue about which of the two should wake up to check that the barrel is actually closed in the physical world, and Lalli loses due to having technically spent the last few days asleep. Lalli wakes up to a smug-looking smile on Emil's face.
  • Emil's first priority upon being reunited with the others, both before and after getting greeted by a big hug from Mikkel: whether the Danish outpost has bathing amenities, which he would like to use as soon as possible. If that isn't enough, Sigrun has a Not Now, We're Too Busy Crying over You moment in the following panel.
  • Kitty gets introduced to the human invention that are cat carriers. She's as happy about it as one might expect a so far free-range cat to be.
  • Sigrun is hoping to at least get better meals during quarantine and Mikkel inquires about the quality of the food to one of the Icelanders who have come to pick the crew up:
    Mikkel: How good is your cook?
    Icelander: My sincerest apologies in advance.

    Adventure II 
  • Sigrun and Mikkel are playing battleship while in quarantine. They're both cheating.
  • Page 12 is mostly a montage of the crew being bored and/or keeping themselves busy during the two middle weeks of their one-month quarantine:
    • Kitty is shown playing with a toy mouse with the most bored expression one can draw on a cat.
    • Emil and Lalli are playing some sort of magnetic chess on their shared glass wall. Lalli's middle ground between a position that would put him eye-level with the board and staying under his bed results in a position that requires him to move his pieces with a hand-made pole.
  • While the group is disembarking and reuniting with their families, they’re suddenly mobbed by a massive, swarming crowd of... three reporters. The one trying to talk to Lalli gets Onni's palm shoved into his face before he can even ask a question.
    • Reynir’s parents fluctuate wildly between bathing him in love and calling him a moron. Reynir’s dad makes sure to thank Trond for saving “my very unintelligent son”.
    • Sigrun screaming in delight about how the crew is famous and beloved. Again, there’s only three reporters bothering to attend.
    • The reporter going for Emil first asks her question in Icelandic. Emil tells her he doesn't know Icelandic in Swedish. The reporter switches to Swedish. Emil uses his smatterings of Finnish to pretend to not know Swedish. The reporter turns out to have a few smatterings of Finnish as well. Emil gives up and accepts to be interviewed in Swedish.
  • Emil decides to attach himself to the Hotakainens during the cast's time Reykjavik. Neither them nor the reader are made aware of this until Emil loudly protests their decision to go sit at the carriage station for a few hours instead of going sightseeing.
  • Onni decides to sit between Lalli and Emil during the carriage ride to Reynir's town. Guess which of the two ends up falling asleep and using his shoulder as a pillow.
  • The cover of Chapter 2 features a sheep trying to eat Emil's coat, Reynir making a futile gesture to stop it and a nearby Lalli surrounded by a handful of sheep, looking like he'd rather be literally anywhere else.
  • Reynir's mother assumes he's friends with Emil and Lalli and hence has Reynir set them up in his own room while she takes care of everyone else. Reynir's idea of going along with his mother's assumption is to wrap his arm around Emil in an overly friendly way and calling him and Lalli his "new best friends". When Reynir later apologizes to the two others about his mother's assumptions, Emil's level of understanding Icelandic results in the following line:
    Emil: Okay, I keep hearing "best friends" in there, and I need you to understand there has been a grave misunderstanding on your part!
  • Lalli has an extremely cat-like moment when he promptly claims Reynir's bed as his sleeping spot. Thanks to the Language Barrier, Reynir quickly resorts to trying to shoo him away, then actually tilting the mattress to get his bed back. That scene itself is playing the role of the Funny Background Event to Emil catching up to the fact that he's going to be sleeping on a spare mattress on Reynir's floor at a point where the combination of having his own room and sleeping in a real bed is starting to reach Mundane Luxury levels for him. And he still responds to frustration like the Spoiled Brat he grew up as.
  • Reynir gets mobbed by a handful of his friends who want to hear about his time with the expedition. He barely has the time to get started when a Bratty Half-Pint ruins it all:
    Child: Is it true that you got lost and had to be rescued by foreigners and were crying a lot?
  • Emil decides to climb up a mountain. He gets to enjoy the view for about a second before heavy rainfall hits the area.
  • Mikkel's idea of giving Lalli Onni's letter is putting it on his face while he's asleep.
  • The newspaper article has a few of these:
    • It describes the crew's living conditions as somewhat worse than they actually were. Emil was very obviously the source of that information.
    • There is mention of Mikkel's claim that white clover thrives on troll-infested soil. The following sentence reports experts saying it seems very unlikely and that whoever said this was probably joking.
    • The blurb about Kitty is right next to an ad for a cat-bathing service.
  • Having a in-universe case of Lady Looks Like a Dude, considering how often Viewer Gender Confusion happens among readers.
  • When Reynir is in the middle of explaining to Lalli why he didn't qualify for the advanced magic courses:
    Reynir: They only take like...
    Lalli: ...intelligent people?
    Reynir: No! Immune people!
  • The text half-hidden by Kitty's Grade B cat ID explains that trained cats can sometimes get addicted to the treats given to them for work well done and that there are special cat rehab centers to deal with such addictions.
  • Lalli's Swedish has reached a stage a generous soul may call You No Take Candle, resulting in a letter proabably meant to say "I'm going home, I have important things to do. It was nice knowing you. Be well." coming out as "Movement home, is important doing. Was nice know. Butter good." . The "butter" part is a beginniner's mistake one may make in translating between Finnish and Swedish.
  • The crew's Denmark stopover turns out to not be on Bornholm itself, but on an off-island trade and travel hub, due to quarantine being required to actually go on the island. Emil initially complains, then rescinds his complaint on the basis that he's assuming nobody in the group wanted to go to Bornholm anyway. Cut to Reynir with a very disappointed look on his face.
  • Mikkel, noticing Lalli's travel plans will definitely occupy them all for more than a day, suggests spending the night in an inn before heading out. The response of the entire rest of the group is to jump into the boat. Bonus points for Emil landing head first and Kitty making herself the boat's figurehead.
  • A Dream Sequence has Emil and Reynir manifest under their child appearances. In addition to thier more youthful apperances, this translates into Emil getting his Spoiled Brat with a Sweet Tooth kilos back and Reynir's braid getting reduced to something closer to a low ponytail. It's under those guises that they run into each other in the dreamscape for the first time, both baffled.
  • The dream to Lalli's past runs into a glitch as it quickly involves Lalli and the other scouts/hunters having to spend a couple weeks in quarantine. Lalli then discovers he can fast-foward the dream by blinking.
  • Lalli considers the tree that all the local cats are using as a scratching post an essential part of a tour of his village.
  • The next memory Lalli fast-forwards to after the village tour includes the local baker having a sale, resulting in him giving context to Emil and Reynir while in the middle of eating a baked good.
  • Achievement unlocked by Tuulikki: being the embodiement of Amazingly Embarrassing Parents to people her son won't meet until eleven years after her death. Reynir and Emil are obviously stifling a laugh.
  • Kitty and her new frenemy, a random seagull.
  • The sentinel mage forgets his elevator can't take several people after inviting the entire crew to come onboard, so he tells everyone to use the stairs. He can however take Kitty and her new seagull "friend" with him on the way back up, which turns out to be way too fast to Kitty's taste.
    • However long it takes for Mikkel to schlep up the stairs from dock-level to the lookout platform is explicitly not long enough for Kitty to depuff, dearch and deterrify. Let alone move from the very first spot she determined to be NOT THAT CONTRAPTION. Girl needs to be under a bed with a hot water bottle, stat.
  • We get to see the moment Väinö arrested Onni while he was trying to get in the Silent World without following proper protocol. Yes, it does involve Onni getting mobbed by a bunch of seagulls.
    • Sigrun briefly hopes Väinö still has Onni in detention several weeks after the fact, and in the process gets a little too enthusiastic about getting back to the plans she had before going on the trip to Finland. Väinö promptly crushes her hopes.
  • The outer border of the small wild area Väinö manages to keep free from danger has a sign consisting of a crude picture of Väinö waving and the words "good luck".
  • The first troll the crew encounters happens to be a car-sized duskling that prompts the crew to turn tail and run at sight. They stop once they look back and realize that they can outpace the thing easily at walking speed. Sigrun deals with the hermit-crab troll with the same seriousness and urgency as a piece of moldy cheese left in the fridge from that point on.
  • Reynir draws a stave that's intended to ward wild animals away from the camp, subconsciously suggesting that they go another way, but warns Mikkel that it won't work against anything that actually hunts them. Moments later, a giant troll comes rushing towards them. Mikkel looks down at the stave, then up at Reynir.
    Reynir: NO IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK! It clearly knows we're here!
  • The sight of Emil coming off his Mad Bomber high... only to realize he's covered in enough troll guts and blood to be a health hazard to Reynir. For extra hilarity, Lalli is briefly shown next to him covered in green swamp goo. This was the last page published before Christmas (a very red-and-green themed holiday) 2019.
  • The scene revealing the function of the network of pinecone and leaf decorated strings Onni has set up in the forest. Chapter 8 opens on Onni tracking down some creature, and complaining about "other things touching the sensors". He goes on to say that whatever is touching the sensors doesn't feel like a real threat, and is probably some annoying spirit. Cut to Reynir, the Known World's expert on being an oblivious annoyance to Onni, poking a piece of Onni's string network repeatedly out of boredom.
  • Page 222. When the crew are about to explore an old warehouse, they start fighting over who has to babysit Reynir. They agree to draw straws. Cut to a very miffed looking Sigrun standing outside with Reynir. Reynir has the same go-lucky smile through the entire scene.
  • During a rock-paper-scissors game, Reynir comes up with "sheep", which eats the paper and the rock all while simply getting a shearing from the scissors. Sigrun decides that Finger Gun kills "sheep", then blows on the tip of her index finger as if she just used a real gun.
  • During the scavenging hunt, Emil picks out a number of games, insisting that they're good for morale. Mikkel pretty much acts like a father helping his children pack for a roadtrip.


General Running Gags and Brick Jokes

  • Cat-spotting: for all your psychic barometer needs. And, a side of Where's Wally?.
  • Every time Emil's approach to social interaction is overdramatic, misplaced, fabulous or a combination thereof. Bonus laughs for "swiftly deflated by next-to-nothing" or "breakage".
  • Lalli and his Comically Serious bluntness. Bonus if Tuuri actually conveys it to others unedited.
  • Sigrun trampling over Mikkel; his quietly stubborn insubordination in retaliation. Heck, any time he trolls in return for umbrage given. Bonus when she's actually proved right.
  • Tjorbörn and Siv bickering. He of the out-there theories; she of the passive-aggressive school of wet-blanketing.
  • Sigrun's comments on Reynir's attempts at developing his mage powers consistently boil down to "not badass enough".

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