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Fanfic Recs / Stand Still, Stay Silent

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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth becoming part of a Giant for. Place all fanfics here.

Hypothermia by Unlucky Irish Briefcase

  • Recommended by: Lazy8
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: When Emil is separated from the rest of the squad in a troll encounter gone horribly awry, he must make it through three days and three nights with one goal: Don’t Die. However, with plummeting winter temperatures, potential beasts and trolls round every corner, and a shadowy threat following his every step, this seemingly simple goal has gotten much more complicated.
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  • Tags: Horror

Stranded - an SSSS Superhero AU Work by wavewright62

  • Recommended by: Panzerkampf
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: This started as an answer to a forum fic exchange, and then, in the words of the author, "the fool thing took on a life of its own in my mind. I'm not sure who to blame for that." An AU where some non-immune mages develop superpowers. Reynir, of course, is one of these. This fic makes extensive use of forum-developed Original Characters and fan theories, and is a great read.
  • Tags: AU, Fic Exchange

Who Has Wandered Wide, and Far Has Fared on the Way by Minutia_R

  • Recommended by: Lazy8
  • Status: Oneshot
  • Synopsis: Reynir's prayers for guidance are answered—which may not be a good thing. Luckily, Emil and Lalli are there to help.
  • Tags: Spiritual, mythology

You Gotta Talk With Your Hands by rybari

  • Recommended by: Panzerkampf, Lazy8
  • Status: Oneshot
  • Ships: Background Emil/Lalli
  • Synopsis: Sigrun and Lalli find out that they do share a language: military hand signals.
  • Tags: Humor, fic Exchange

Of Languages And People Who Shouldn't Be Learning Them But Who Do Anyway by Aliax

  • Recommended by: Nazetrime
  • Status: Oneshot
  • Ships: Emil/Lalli
  • Synopsis: Lalli starting to return Emil's affections brings out a side of him Tuuri didn't know existed and would rather keep pretending doesn't exist. Unfortunately, she's sharing a small living space not only with them, but three other people who are much less destablized by the budding romance than she is.
  • Tags: Humor, Family

The SSSS Unified Roleplay by Various

  • Recommended by: Panzerkampf
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: In Year 96, five years after the return of the first Copenhagen expedition, a second sets forth, to encounter new trials and tribulations.
An ongoing forum RP featuring a motley collection of
Original Characters and S Is. Has some Early Installment Weirdness initially, but quickly smooths out. Epilogue is currently being written.
  • Tags: RP, Canon Expansion

Bites by Seilann

  • Recommended by: Noaqiyeum
  • Status: Oneshot
  • Ships: Emil/Lalli
  • Synopsis: Emil has some interesting marks on his neck, and of course it's everyone else's business.
  • Comments: Fantastic imitation of Minna's own narrative style.
  • Tags: Humour

Things Mikkel Madsen is Not Allowed to Do by Various

  • Recommended by: Nazetrime
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A record of things Mikkel Madsen is no longer allowed to do because they have cost him his previous jobs, in Skippy's List format. Started out as an adaptation of the original list, and later became a dumping ground for just about any theory for how Mikkel lost previous jobs (or could lose future ones) the fandom could think of.
  • Tags: Humor

The Kasvatus Series by onnenlintu

  • Recommended by: Nazetrime
  • Status: Complete
  • Ships: Emil/Lalli (entire series), Reynir/Onni (Puolikas Ihminen story)
  • Extra warning: The romance arcs include NSFW sex scenes. They are the reasons a couple of the stories are rated M, and add up to the "Kasvatus", "Kuu saa valtansa auringolta" and "Puolikas Ihminen" stories having a sex scene for each couple involving canon characters that can be found in it.
  • Synopsis: The spring following the expedition, Emil joins a Swedish cleansing campaign operating in Keuruu, during which he gets to know Lalli better, befriends a closely-knit quartet of skalds that used to be a quintet and volunteers at an orphanage that has just grown two children beyond technical capacity. He quickly finds himself with many more reasons to stay once the campaign will be over than to leave.

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