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Funny / A Miracle of Science

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  • Benjamin imagining all the different ways a Martian could find him in a crowd with their advanced technology. Not only is it funny because we can see Caprice using a far less complicated method to look for him, it also serves as foreshadowingBenjamin's a little too good at coming up with weird tech ideas.
  • The motto for a recovering mad scientist's consultant agency.
    "We'll show you, we'll show you all."
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  • How do you know your head-mounted computer is really good? When you hack into and decrypt a professional data-forwarding service's database by accident.
  • There is a slight flaw in Mad Scientist!Ben's plan to destroy the Vorstellen Police without leveling the city he's in.
    Mukhali: Why don't we use the geodynamic ray? That'll get that Vorstellen cop off our tails!
    Ben: What, and destroy the very city we've come to conquer? No, we'll get out onto the regolith and then paste him!
    Djaya: Without our spacesuits?
    [Beat Panel]
    Ben: [throws down his electric bullhorn] Dammit!
  • Wei embelishing Benjamin's recreated gun with a unicorn and rainbows is several levels of hilarious (and disturbing).

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