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  • Toriel Death Glaring Flowey into submission when he curses in front of Frisk early on in the comic.
  • Frisk flat out asking Sans if he would *ahem* "kiss [Toriel] and do gross mushy stuff with her if he knew she was down."
    • Frisk does it again by asking Toriel if she knew Sans thought she was hot. Cue blush and Dramatic Drop from Toriel.
    Frisk: "Good news Sans, She's down."
  • The entire ask about monster reproduction, from Papyrus being extremely flustered from Sans dodging the inevitable 'how do skeletons reproduce without wombs' question by simply responding 'mmmagic'.
  • Yttrium Uranium Nobelium Lithium Potassium Protactinium Sulfur Tantalum?
    • Y U No Li K Pa S Ta
    Flowey: I'm in skeleton hell, and it's way nerdier than I thought it would be.
  • In no way is Frisk's Heroic Suicide to prevent a completed Genocide Run funny. What is is the dubbed version adding The Heavy's voice decalring "Dead." almost completely annihilating the drama of the moment.
  • "yeah! go Tori! kick my ass!"
  • Everything about Memelord Sans. Like, holy shit.
    • While Sans was beating the crap out of Chara in his mind with memes, Sans' body in the real world was dancing around shooting rainbows out of his eye-sockets.
      • The characters' reactions really sell the scene.
      • Turns out Frisk actually got the scene on video. The reactions of the characters that see it out of context are priceless.
      • Burgerpants describes it as Sans 'looking like he was possessed by the vengeful ghosts of a pride parade.'
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  • Hindsight, much like the Piranhas, biting Gaster in the ass when he accidentally teleports into a river full of Piranhas after trying to teleport to his resurrected wife. He had orange tea with Asgore earlier, and the Piranhas were attracted to it; had he not been orange scented, they would have simply left him alone.
  • After the askers turned a What the Hell, Hero? speech back onto Hermann for basically confirming all of what Gaster had been telling himself for years, Hermann, clearly regretful, said she just thought Gaster had turned evil. She then realized how stupid it was saying that out loud. She even mocked herself and did a bad, but hilarious, impersonation of evil Gaster.
  • Hermann is basically a walking CMOF, and the VA in the dub especially sells it. Some choice lines:
    Hermann: (In Spanish) "Why is my husband an ignorant stupid sexy donkey?"
    Hermann: "...Wingding? Did you clone yourself? I think you forgot the nose."
    Hermann: "Well, you're not my husband, because my husband has a nose."
    Hermann: "Oh hey, check it out! It's you, but taller and a little TOO upset about being married to me in this universe."
  • When Sans wakes up unhappy, one of the askers yells for Gaster, Hermann, Toriel, and Papyrus. The whole situation comes off as both Heartwarming and Funny. (The asker's VA in the dub makes it even better.)
    • Not to mention the very fact that Sans uses the phrase "sexy burger dreams" just before that goes down.
    • Gaster tries to cheer Sans up by offering him Alphys's medicine.
  • Gaster, literally, wearing his wife. Hermann could not resist the innuendo displayed in that situation.
  • "Sans, why is your dad in the wall?" *MUFFLED CLATTERING BONE SOUNDS*
  • Goopster's surprise at finding out he has legs.
  • Hermann referring to the alternate Gaster as "no-nose".
    • In fact, Hermann's probably just The Nicknamer, since she calls her own Gaster "Wingdingus".
  • Goopster's first response when he hears Sans recall the events of the "Red Echoes" arc: "Sans, are you high?"
  • "oh no! he's got a tragic backstory!"
  • One asker turning Flowey's own words back at him when it was discovered he had a soul-speck and Flowey's reaction was funny to watch.
  • When Goopster is in the bathtub, Hermann's attempts to cheer him up are hilarious. First, she tries to sing him a song, but gets stopped when she realizes nothing rhymes with orange. She then tries to give him a rubber duck, which he begins to absorb. She was doing good at cheering him up when she began doing impressions. However, this does result in Mood Whiplash when she accidentally does an impression of his deceased wife.
  • Everyone meeting Lucida. Hermann gets excited because she's "so cute", and Alphys just starts yelling "I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!". Not to mention Lucida's deadpan expression.
  • Jason's reaction to hearing the askers for the first time.
    Jason: Oh... great... I have a concussion and now I'm hearing voices. Perfect. Wonderful. Just what I wanted.
    Flowey: That's the askers. We can hear them too.
  • Jason eating Nice Cream for the first time and getting high from it.
    • He was so high, he didn't even realize his legs were healed until way after Papyrus drove him to the hospital to fix his broken legs after Jason refused to eat nice cream. Seeing that "Dafuq is this guy on" look from the receptionist was nothing short of pure gold.
  • Sans was about ready to unleash retribution on Aidrian for hurting his brother. Aidrian looked terrified asking what he was going to do, Sans responded by complimenting her nice face and how much of a shame it would be if anything were to hap-PEN-ned to it. That one asker said it best when they said that Sans went from terrifying to hilarious in a matter of seconds.
  • Maverick failing to deny any speculations that he is Asriel from an alternate future was pretty funny to watch. He was sweating bullets.
  • Chara losing their shit when one asker asked which form of chocolate they prefer, dark chocolate, regular chocolate, or white chocolate.
  • When an asker armed Aidrian with a frying Pan, Flowers mocks her for it until Aidrian GONKS her in the head with it.
  • Jason laughing at Maverick's name, much to his unspeakable rage and Aidrian's embarassment.
    • Even Flowey, who grows up to BECOME Maverick as an Adult Asriel in an alternate future, thought Maverick's name was lame.
    "Maverick Chaosdragon?.......Sounds like some lame version of my Skyrim character's name. Draykos Kayotica, The Argonian Assassin."
    • Becomes a bit of a Brick Joke later, when we see Flowey playing Skyrim with an Argonian character.
  • Aidrian and Jason's reactions to Sans' Super Hilarious Rainbow Dance lol. There is even an actual youtube video of this.
    • Also their reactions to the account that put up the video.
  • Flowey's bitterness after Frisk dropped the flowerpot after Aidrian gave them a hug. One asker voiced their concern with Flowey's "freedom" from their flowerpot and Flowey angrily responded that he planted himself there.
  • Asgore's explanation of how Toriel knocked him out in one hit.
  • Gaster getting frustrated over Maverick Chaosdragon's attempt at a cipher. It's just letters in yellow.
  • Frisk comes up with the idea that Maverick is the son of Toriel and Sans from how he can teleport (Sans) and how he can shoot fireballs (Toriel). They're half right....
  • Sans's Super Happy Dream Space Adventures. After the rude awakening Sans received in Sweet Dreams and Nice Creams, the Extra Dark Chocolate arc sees him in his dreams going on an adventure with Captain Toriel and Officer Frisk on a spaceship (modeled after Papyrus).
    • One asker decides to get into it. Special mention to the Trade Snark applied to Sans's "art of dunks" and the gift of a "meme machine gun."
  • The bloopers from the official dub need to be seen to be believed.
  • Gaster casually mentioning the existence of The Fourth Wall.
    • Also Alphys' reaction. "Life IS the greatest fanfiction!"
  • A lot of askers have been asking where Jason while Aidrian and the monster family were watching Frisk's adventures in the underground. He turned out to be going to the can.
    Jason (Understandably irritated): "OH MY GOD GUYS!! I've been gone for like 5 minutes! Can't a guy go to the bathroom in peace?!?!"
    • And then an asker looks at Jason's soul. Cue snark from the narrator and Jason's reaction:
    Okay, now you're just being creepy.
  • Aidrian realizing how she influenced Frisk into becoming such a flirt.
    Aidrian: My...God...I've created an unstoppable flirt-monster!
    • And then, in the tags, the sleazy guy who hits on Past!Aidrian is called "ginger elvis," and Past!Aidrian's opponent in her MMA match is marked as "MMA fighter who has just realized that she's gay."
  • On the tapes Aidrian gets to watch is Papyrus jumping in excitement over finding a human. He reacted like a child that just found out they were going to Disneyland.
  • When Papyrus confesses to Mettaton that he wants date him, everyone, I do mean everyone, starts screaming at the top of their lungs. The funniest part, however, has to be this:
  • The Askers decide to giver Chiller, the dog the ability to speak. And well...
    Chiller: I open my mouth and words come out.
    Chiller: ...Askers are weird
  • Freja's debut also supplies the Establishing Series Moment for custom post-comic text:
    If you like terrifying glaive-wielding mermaids, please consider supporting our Patreon.
  • After Alphys blocks the blow meant for Undyne:
    Undyne: Just look at her face! I haven't seen her look this proud since I beat her in a duel to become Captain of the Royal Guard!
    Freja: ye
    • And afterwards, when an asker pipes up with "worthy of Undyne's hand in marriage?":
      Freja: (beat; her face has not moved a muscle) Sure.
      Undyne: Ngaaaah! Moooom!!! Stop embarrassing me!!
      Freja: Never.
  • After Maverick is knocked out, we get a one-panel update dedicated to revealing his stats. It's mostly an exercise in Fridge Horror, but Trash Queen saw fit to tag an appearance by Undyne's hand (holding Maverick's comatose body). As in, one of the tags is literally "undyne's hand."
  • After Undyne captures Maverick and bring him back to the house, the askers divulge how he has attained EXP and LV. Worried about how they have a killer on hand, the crew decides to interrogate Maverick—with Undyne as "good cop" and Papyrus as "bad cop." Apparently, they've used this arrangement before.
    • Naturally, Papyrus acting as bad cop is golden. And yes, it does intimidate Maverick into submission.
  • Apparently, the "official" name of Maverick's universe is AskNobodyCauseThey’reAllFuckingDead.
  • While Chara's in the void, they meet the narrator, Paolo, the soul of Perseverance. Their initial reaction?
    Chara: I have no idea who you are and I already hate you.
  • The blog's third header image is an AFAC version of this Draw Your Squad picture.
  • As expected, Drunk!Chara's debut in the comic is a barrel of laughs. Their Establishing Character Moment is them drunkenly talking about their Sans's recent wedding with Toriel (which naturally causes AFAC!Sans to blush), and then whipping out their ID to Asgore—and all the while, they don't realize this Sans and Asgore are not the ones they know.
  • The scene of Chara tormenting their drunk counterpart with their inner demons is Nightmare Fuel in general, but then the AFAC staff gives us this gem of a tag: "#YO HO YO HO THE OCEAN'S MADE OF BOOZE".
  • In this update, Chara trips over their own feet due to their alternative counterpart still having a hangover.
    Chara: Wha? ...When did they put the house...? in...? the ocean?!
    • Then, taking advantage of Chara's drunkenness, 3 askers convince them that Flowey's become a god of white chocolate bent on destroying all regular chocolate and must be stopped with a hug. They take it about as well as you'd expect and are then ready to do exactly that.
  • Hermann's gleeful reaction to learning that Drunk Chara and ADC!Frisk also speak Spanish...followed by the two not understanding her (literally) Google Translate dialect.
    • In the background, Gaster is using his phone to make calculations regarding the portal. Apparently it involves the quadratic equation.
  • Apparently, Chara's hatred of white chocolate is so strong it persists even after Trauma-Induced Identity Amnesia.
  • Frisk, Kid, and Flowey's dramatic faces when they decide to go on a stealth mission.
  • Frisk's confrontation with Callallied has some amusing moments.
    • Callallied's first attack consists of swinging a large glowing bone and bonking Flowey on the head. Thanks to the magic of GIFs and on-the-fly Art Shifts, the scene is depicted beautifully.
    • Kid attempts to Joke, only for what they say to be hijacked by Callallied giving an unexpectedly blunt answer. The next thing Kid does is Bluff, which involves them boasting about their supposed skill and strength while breathing fire.
      Post-comic text: If you like excessive posturing, please consider supporting our Patreon.
    • One asker suggests that Frisk flirt with their opponent. They refuse.
  • Burgerpants complaining about Chad, an actor set to play Mettaton who's even more arrogant and insufferable than the real thing.
    Chad: Besides, what does it matter if the supported cast is slightly uncoordinated. The show's about ME so nobody will be looking at them anyway.
  • After Callallied is convinced to come to Frisk's house, they start playing Skyrim while Frisk, Kid, and Flowey watch and suggest names for their character. Flowey says "Darkhon Shadowblade," only for Callallied to say it's lame. Kid suggests "Karlie Rae Kickbutts," which Callallied denies when they learn it's a reference. They ultimately give their character the name Charon.
    • Everyone's reaction when an asker tattles to Toriel that the kids are playing an M-rated game. Toriel gets a shocked expression, Frisk and Kid stop still in the middle of the former feeding the latter a butter tart, Flowey puts on a borderline Nightmare Face as he bursts out Blatant Lies, and Callallied says they're innocent because they didn't know.
    • After Frisk convinces Toriel to be lenient, she agrees to let them continue to play, but on the condition that a "responsible adult" watches them. Flowey doesn't take this well.
      Flowey: NO!!!!
      Frisk: That's a good compromise!
  • Frisk's scary story: recounting how they met Gaster.
    • Gaster screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" in Wingdings with a silly, gleeful face when Frisk says hello.
    • After this, Callallied tells their own scary story: it's literally just recounting Frisk, Flowey, and Kid following them home earlier that day.
  • The kids declaring that they'll stay up all night to prevent the askers from spying on their dreams. No points for guessing what happens less than an hour later.
  • There's something morbidly amusing about Chara digging up their own skeleton and commenting that it's "gross."
  • Of all people, Janet is chaperoning the human kids at Mettaton's Monsterland because of "emotional blackmail" from her son Noah.
  • As Noah rants at the askers for insulting his mom, we can see Cherry (a child succubus) edging up to one of Noah's classmates.
  • Word of God reveals a surprising detail about monster magic—it's effectively their method of "expelling waste".
  • Sans decides to sneak Frisk past their ex-mother by stuffing them into his hoodie.
  • Aidrian's immediate reaction upon learning that her and Frisk's mother is present at Monsterland is to ask Frisk if she should punch her.
  • At the beginning of the "Journey Into Mt. Ebott" ride, Asgore talks about Raphael Everburn the Unquenchable, an old dragon warrior who was friends with Asgore's father, when they see an animatronic of him. Asgore mentions how Raphael, the last of his clan, died, his family's "unbeatable chili recipe" died with him.
    • Kid's reaction to the Raphael Everburn animatronic is an awestruck look with glowing and sparkling eyes.
  • Immediately after Asgore's somber recollection of when he turned himself in, Janet tries to say something, only to be interrupted by magical, vine-like safety harnesses as the ride passes a Flowey animatronic reenacting the scene where Flowey stole everyone's souls. It's surprisingly goofy.
  • When Undyne picks up two coffees at Monsterland, you can see that her and Alphys's names were misspelled.
    • On top of that, while waiting in line for a Ferris Wheel Undyne and Alphys meet Jason's parents. Alphys and Miu (Jason's mom) hit it off immediately over their shared love of, of all things, Mew Mew Kissy Cutie and their shared hatred of its sequel. Alphys' reaction when she puts two and two together and realizes that Miu created Mew Mew Kissy Cutie is equally hilarious.
  • During the 2017 holiday season, TQ decided to celebrate by putting the comic's cast in the online Hunger Games simulator. What follows is a ridiculous exercise in crossing the line twice.
  • Undyne is told by an asker that the ferris wheel has a secret password that, when said aloud, causes it to "kick into hyperdrive." Almost immediately upon entering the ferris wheel, Undyne tries it...and nothing happens, with Alphys pointing out the safety risks and Undyne breaking a window in frustration.
  • Undyne's shocked face when Alphys whips out an engagement ring. Similarly, Frisk's excited reaction later on when they're told of the proposal by askers.
  • Before Undyne has a chance to respond to Alphys's proposal, the ferris wheel car she and Alphys are in very suddenly makes it known that it's a sliding the process causing the ring to fly out the window that Undyne broke. Undyne immediately leaps out the window to retrieve it, loudly saying yes to the proposal as she jumps.
  • Something funny from a meta perspective: AFAC!Asriel and ADC!Asriel both transformed from Flowey within 24 hours of each other. Unfortunately, AFAC!Asriel was not Naked on Revival to complete the bizarre parallels.
  • The Storytimes are this in their own right. (Mild NSFW warning for the 1st one.)In order:
    • #1: Undyne prepares Alphys for sleeping with her in the most over the top way imaginable. (Mild NSFW warning, shows nudity, but is neither detailed nor graphic).
    • #2: How Gaster and Hermann first met.
    • #3: History of Sans and his love for ketchup.
    • #4: Mounties witness the initial appearance of the monsters.
    • #5: Papyrus texts Mettaton a heart.
    • #6: How Jason and Adrian first met.
    • #7: In-Universe Canadian PM meets with Frisk for the first time.
    • #8: Toriel learns how skeleton pregnancy works, and is immediately jealous.
    • #9: Sans *gasp* cleans his room!
    • #10: How Monster Kid got his name.
    • #11: How Gaster’s hands got their holes.
    • #12: Frisk and Asriel create their D&D characters.
  • Among the things shown in Maverick’s flashbacks, we see Chara reads 50 Shades of Gray. Even funnier, there’s a Trigger Warning tag for “very bad literature”.
  • In a very short AFAC Update that had only ClimaxStriker's ask sent to Noah about him being a fan of monster wrestling, the tags read, "gee climaxstriker how come you get a whole update to yourself god you're so spoiled."
  • When Flowers finds out about all the suffering Frisk went through in the underground, her initial reaction is to start more fights, to the exasperation of her friends.

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