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  • "Trace, are my breasts too small?" CRIIIISH!
  • In which everyone finds Trace and Flora's room. Everyone.
  • Made even better when the pizza causes a ceasefire.
  • Trace doesn't realize the feral Keidran isn't Flora until he sees its chest.
  • [Spoilers ahead!] Might be nice...
  • This is going to end up as my fault somehow...
  • He was ambushed by a talking cat!
  • I need a new fox girl!
  • Perhaps this is why my brothers and sisters do not care for lesser beings.
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  • Young Trace's attempts at wooing Saria... and the Grand Templar's response: What have you done to my courtyard?!
  • Flora getting a nosebleed at the thought of a full-contact massage from Kathrin.
  • We were such skilled assassins we had caused a powerful mage to kill himself.
    • And the descriptions of how their link works...
    • Some find the image of the dead wolf-mage funny as well.
  • My gender is one thing, but my fur... My fur pattern is personal!
  • A... disturbing number of hearts...
  • How does Team B end up with Sythe on their side? Karen claims Sythe is her father, making him look like a traitor to the other wolves.
    Sythe: I-It's a lie! I swear! She... she's five years older than me!
  • Great... where am I and how many people do I have to kill?
  • Mike and Evals hiding from the Basitin.
  • "Tragically, I survived."
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  • General Aster's Flat "What" expression when he learns that Keith is the one person who has the authority to decide the fates of the foreigners.
  • ...rather awkward...
    • Just so we're clear, it's the fact that by getting Natani to hold it, Zen can suspend it in midair next to him. And that Natani drank the ethereal coffee.
  • Wat.
  • The one time Trace doesn't try while cooking, he creates a masterpiece.
  • "Dang it, Mike!"
  • Someone (Keith) finally asked Trace about the Blue Triangle on his face.... and not only does he not know its meaning, He wasn't even aware that he had a tattoo on his face!!
  • There is something incredibly funny about how, according to this chart Natani has bigger breasts than the entire female cast, and yet he is male.
    • Then the male bust and height chart, which Natani is also on.
      Natani: Hanging out with a bunch of naked guys. Solid proof of my masculinity.
      Zen: Uhh… Natani, aren't those supposed to be secret?
      Natani: This isn't canon.
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  • In a Meta example, Tom promised a new comic for every $100 donated. He quickly owed everyone twenty extra comics.
  • Flora invites Trace to bed and it takes him a while to understand her meaning.
  • In comic #796, The Reveal that Natani fell asleep besides Keith and is now holding him like a stuffed toy sits somewhere between this and Heartwarming.
  • In comic #797, Flora finds herself accidentally eavesdropping on Keith and Natani as they apparently do something... intimate. Of course, we readers know that what's happening is that Natani is sleep-nibbling on Keith's ear.
    • Of course, that doesn't mean she's not listening in on something intimate. After all, if ear-rubbing is an intimate gesture to Basitin...
  • From comic #802; after a conversation with Mike and Evals that reveals her fellow Keidran believe Flora is lying about the parentage of her baby, they're simply not going to let the humans know that, Flora starts having a mild panic as she worries about the fact that Trace is only pretending to believe her and is actually torn up by feelings of guilt and distrust. Cue the last panel, which shows us that Trace has his mind on other matters. (Also a CMOH)
    Trace: And if it's a girl... Nora... Maren... Saria... Flo-hang on... These are just names of people I've met.
    Trace: ... I don't know any other names...
  • Keith and Natani's first kiss. And their second kiss.
  • From comic #810:
    Raine: We're all friends now!
    "Red": Well, we're friends with you, but I don't think Sythe and I will-
    Raine: Friends!
    "Red": Alright, alright!
    • Note her tail is wagging.
  • #821: Madelyn is "King" Adelaide's daughter and she is pissed that Madness ran off with Keith.
  • #837: Zen tries to put "the fear of God" in Keith regarding his relationship with Natani, and messes up royally.
    Natani: Serves him right for going through me to threaten you.
  • The totally legit "sneak preview".
    Keith: Actually, I'm okay with this.
    Maddie: Also, how does the scar work?
  • #897, townguard brings Princess Reni, a royal dragon to take down Seraphina. What is her reaction? Go all Fangirl and Squee! over meeting a real dragon. Reni's face and Aside Glance, combined with Keiren's Shrug Take really sell it.
  • Princess Reni discovers that thinking out is quite dangerous when you only comunicate via telepathy.
  • Natani meets young Natani. The Non Sequitur sells it:
    young!Natani: Damn. I end up stacked when I'm older. What a pain.
  • Two glorious gems in the June 30 comic.
    Trace: Oh! Alright. For a second there, I thought she was ... uh... propositioning me.
    Flora: Well, like I said, she's a Keidran.
    • And then the thoughts of the town's captain of the guards, Keiren.
      "Wait a minute... he's Trace. The same Trace that owns the Legacy Estate. His estate is here because he also holds the title of Duke of Edinmire. A position he still holds. And that means he's technically my boss." (Out Loud) "A boss I tried to have arrested earlier today!"
  • Past!Natani is quite the little troll.
    Present!Natani: I...I get it. I'm still not sure how I feel about you. But... you are a part of me. And you're right. I need to start relying on myself.
    Past!Natani: I'm glad. Because this is the way it should be... and because if we don't, I suspect we'll end up burning to death pretty soon.
    Present!Natani: Wait, what?
  • Comic #941: Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy or not, Keith's first reaction to Natani's cocky attitude about showing up after he thought he got blown up? To punch him square in the face, leaving Natani shouting in pain about how that keeps happening to him. Then it does a Mood Whiplash into Heartwarming when they have a heartfelt embrace... only to snap right back to Funny when Keith realizes Natani isn't wearing his sarashi, so he just shoved his face right into Natani's big, near-naked boobs.
  • #964 Nanani thinks she recognizes Roselyn, only to be instantly shutdown by Roselyns Eye Am Watching You.
  • Comic #945: Due to only speaking Keidran, Natani can't keep up with what's going on as Trace saves them from the local guards.
    Natani: So... what's going on?
    Keith: They want to arrest us, but it seems like Trace is going to arrest us first.
    Natani: Oh. Okay. ... wait, what?
  • Comic #969: Kat finally gives Natani the new clothes she was making, and throws in a little bonus; a set of "smallclothes". Which, from what we see, are basically frilly panties. The icing on the cake is that after his initial bug-eyed shock, Natani then snatches them back whilst shouting that he wants to keep them, before hastily scrambling to explain why.
  • Comic #973 has three gags that all build up together. Firstly, there's The Reveal that "Original Natani" is still around... and, in fact, she's turned into a Shipper on Deck, popping her metaphorical head into view and asking Natani to tell Keith that he's cute. Then, there's Natani messing with Keith's head by suddenly putting on his best "flirty girl's" voice and seductively flaunting his breasts, which freaks out Keith to an extent Natani finds hilarious In-Universe. But, the icing on the cake has to be Natani reacting to Keith's indignant pouts by casually asking if Keith would like to touch Natani's boobs.
    • Look real closely and there's a special little bonus. In the last panel, you can see that Keith has the Basitin "ear boner."
    • Building on with this, in the very next comic, the teasing ends with Natani casually noting that he would hope that if Keith had boobs, he'd be okay with letting Natani touch them too. Especially when one remembers that Natani's sexual tastes most closely align with "female-preferring bisexual", so, yes, he really would want to grope Keith's breasts if the Basitin had them.
  • Natani's "excellent human".
    Natani: Ruom! Laights aut! (Room! Lights out!)
  • Page 986 starts out heartwarming, but well... a sleeping Keith is making Natani mildly uncomfortable.
    Natani: ...Is something poking me...?
    Natani: (leaps out of bed) Alright, nope! Not quite that okay with it yet! Time to get up!
  • Page 1009 has a dumbfounded Sythe leaping to the conclusion that Natani is the father of Flora's baby. Which is extra hilarious to a reader, because whilst Natani probably would bang Flora if he had the chance, he lacks the... essential components needed to become a father.
  • Page 1019: Natani and Keith are carrying Zen through the port key door. Zen is unconsciously trying to lick Keith's face, and Natani is trying not to laugh.
  • Karen asks Maddie why she can’t touch her ears:
  • 1040: On the previous page, Karen calls Maddie "Shrimpy." Maddie promptly starts chasing Karen through the halls.
    Maddie: "I'll teach you to call me a pint-sized excuse for a basitin!"
    Karen: "WAAAAAAHHHH! I never said that!"
    • Becomes tearjerker, however, when Madelyn explains her backstory later on.

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