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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Outside the story itself, the Overly Long Gag keyed off from the link at the bottom of the rant for strip 50 just goes on longer than you'd believe physically possible, thanks to another AU strip being added every 50 main strips. The wiki even has a page cataloguing them all.
  • Strip 4: Trying to explain just what a Jedi is.
    GM: Jedi is your character class. You're sort of warriors with arcane abilities—
    Qui-Gon: Like fighter/mages?
    GM: — fighting for justice.
    Obi-Wan: Ah, paladins.
    GM: No. You draw upon the power of the Force—
    Qui-Gon: "The Force"?
    GM: The Force is an energy field—
    Obi-Wan: Energy? But energy is force times distance.
    Qui-Gon: And "power of the force" would be distance times the derivative with respect to time.
    GM: <sigh> You're monks.
    Qui-Gon: Got it.
    Obi-Wan: But monks can't wield—
    Qui-Gon: Shut up. He'll take away our laser swords!
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  • As early as strip 15.
    Qui-Gon: Hey Obi-Wan, when we land, you stay put and I'll find you.
    Obi-Wan: Okay.
    GM: You're in different ships; he can't hear you.
    Qui-Gon: HEY OBI-WAN! WHEN WE—
    GM: No.
  • Every time Jim tries to explain something to Ben whenever some Star Wars-related name comes into play:
    Obi-Wan: ... "Padawan"?
    Qui-Gon: A woven rug.
  • "You know .. that would explain a *lot*."
    • Doubly funny given Qui-Gon makes the same statement in the film only for it to be brushed off.
  • The answers to "What's a pod anyway?"
  • Often caused by Qui-Gon's ridiculous incorrect explanations and insane out-of-nowhere ideas.
    Yoda: Injected the boy with midi-chlorians, have you?
    Qui-Gon: Oh, that! It's okay. We'd gambled all our money on a race so we could buy back the ship we used to bribe a gangster to throw it; so we had to doublecross him and fix the race instead. We got the kid to drive, and he needed some extra skill points or he probably would have killed himself.
    Obi-Wan: You forgot to mention that the ship was never ours to give away in the first place. Or that you had no idea if Anakin would even survive the blood transfusion.
    Qui-Gon: But it all worked out fine in the end. After I threatened Watto with my laser sword and we ran away from the authorities.
    Yoda: Hmmm. Remedial course on Jedi ethics, you need.
  • This may possibly be the single most convoluted, self-defeating plan ever devised by Jim. The fact that it "works" is nothing short of a miracle.
    • Oh, and this was also technically the origin of the Tuskan Raiders.
    • It gets funnier when you realize that Qui-Gon created every major problem in the entire story. Or at least kicked it off.
  • This CMOF makes friends with Paranoia Fuel. The deadpan delivery by Shmi just makes it better.
  • A sort of meta one: Shortly after the above, Annie transitions to playing Anakin. The first big thing she says is what sounds like Anakin suddenly becoming overly wise and profound, possibly from his new midi-chlorians... But if you know West Side Story, then you know Anakin is reciting Somewhere.
  • "I sense much fear in you." "Do not." "Do too."
  • "I don't follow." "So, you don't follow, or Qui-Gon doesn't follow?" "..."
  • Qui-Gon's death
  • The alternate take for Episode 37, in which the GM actually lets Qui-Gon summon the bigger fish. The blurb below even links to a recipe for said fish.
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  • Padmé meets her family.
  • The Separatist meeting in Episode II, especially the goofy French accent of Count Dookû and the similarly ridiculous speech patterns of the other leaders. Summed up best with the following quote.
    Ben: You know those improv classes Annie and I went to?
    GM: Yes?
    Ben: I just wish they could've seen this.
  • The Rant from Darths & Droids #240:
    And then she dies in this scene, and quite clearly reveals her shapeshifting capability. Wow, there are shapeshifters in the Star Wars universe! We've been shown that fact quite explicitly. Surely this will become important later in the plot.
    Only it never does. It's never mentioned again anywhere else in any of the movies. I think Anton Chekhov just committed suicide with his gun.
  • 242 (though the next strip repeats the joke):
    Anakin: I understand the importance of discretion.
    Palpatine: Are you...accusing me of hiding something?
    Anakin: Why? Are you?
    Palpatine: Are you'?
    Two Beat Panels: *are extremely well-placed*
    • For added amusement, the next strip has Palpatine saying he went through Jedi training, and warning Anakin that the midichlorians he was treated with can raise awareness too far.
      Anakin: Are you calling me paranoid?
      Palpatine: Are you?
      Anakin: Are you'?
      Palpatine: Maybe.
      [Beat panel]
      Palpatine: They can also cause deja vu.
  • "Quiet, trashcan."
  • "But if you fail, we'll chop you in half!" "Right....I'm glad I'm a recording and didn't hear that."
  • "Also, kill R2-D2."
  • The beginning of Episode II, when Padmé and Palpatine are talking about Naboo's moon.
  • Throughout Episode II, there have been hints at the fantasy campaign gone wrong that pissed off Pete so much. When Ep II is over, we find out that the game was The Princess Bride. Pete is so angry because he was playing as Vizzini... who fits exactly into the kind of Min-Maxing we've seen Pete do throughout D&D.
  • "Who's the Jedi Master here?" "Er, you are." "Don't you forget it!"
  • Strip 415, where R2 decides to fire his laser cannons, rolls a 1 (with one of his "special" dice that has the 1's pre-rolled out, no less), and misses everything in the whole battle..
    Obi-Wan: What are the odds of that, R2?
    R2: ...Ramming speed.
  • Everything about the Homing Missiles in Episode III, from the way they act like some sort of extreme skateboarder to their really funny dialogues to their grand explosions.
  • "I'll just call Jim and tell him not to come back next week."
  • "Don't ever interrupt me when I'm monologuing!"
  • Ben takes on the Fridge Logic of Grievous keeping his internal organs.
    Obi-Wan: Why, in a cybernetic body, have you kept your heart?
    General Grievous: Without a heart, how am I to feel love?
    Obi-Wan: Love? That's more human than I imagined you to be.
    General Grievous: Without love, how am I to feel hate?
    Obi-Wan: Okay... well... I guess that makes a modicum of sense.
    General Grievous: And without hate, how am I to know the exquisite sensation of mild annoyance?
  • "Ah, to take wing! Free of the surly bonds of—"
  • Ben, Sally, and Jim having a conversation on Sally wanting to be President of the World while Annie is about to jump off the slippery slope.
  • Jim finally gets how Annie is playing Anakin.
    You're EVIL!
    Pete/R2-D2: Ding ding ding ding! Give the man a cigar!
  • When Pete/R2-D2 declares his support for the party going evil:
    Ben/Obi-Wan: Wait, Pete, when did you decide to be evil? (Beat) I can't believe I even said that.
  • As Jim/Padmé explains how his/her relationship to Annie/Anakin can still work out even though Anakin's now officially evil.
    Jim/Padmé: There have been good people married to evil people before. If they love each other enough they can work it out.
    Ben/Obi-Wan: Um...
    Jim/Padmé: Like Hitler and Eva Gabor.
    Pete/R2-D2: What?
    Jim/Padmé: Well she was a bit evil, but compared to Hitler...
  • Jim, having finally gotten the knack of staying in character, reacts to Obi-Wan telling Padmé that Anakin's evil.
  • This exchange:
    Obi-Wan: I sneak on board Padme's ship.
    Padme: I roll a Spot check!
    GM: What are you looking for, Padme?
    Padme: Just... searching for hidden compartments. On the boarding ramp.
    Obi-Wan: And I check my back for knives periodically.
  • The entire podrace plan of Jim.
  • In this strip, Ben is telling Annie in-character how Anakin wound up becoming so evil that he killed the one person in the universe he claimed to care about, and finishes it off by yelling "Your journey to the Dark Side is now complete!" Pete OOC'ly chimes in: "Achievement unlocked!"
  • Don't forget Pete's "special die", which apparently involves using goggles and rubber gloves. One has to wonder what it actually looks like.
  • This one requires a little knowledge of the Star Wars universe, but:
    Jim/Captain Antilles: We cut a pit trap in front of the entry point.
    Rebel Soldier: With what, Captain Antilles, sir?
    Jim/Captain Antilles: My laser sword.
    R2-D2: That was when you were playing Kyle Katarn. Remember why this character doesn't have one?
    Jim/Captain Antilles: Oh. Right.
  • To prove that Irony is alive and well, we learn that Jim's (original) character at the start of the "A New Hope" campaign is Captain Antilles... whom, if you recall, gets killed by Darth Vader at the start.
  • From comic 686, there's cover-ups, Vader-style:
    Vader: Word will not get out, will it, commander?
    Daine Jir: Won't it?
    Vader: Everyone concerned will meet with an unfortunate accident.
    Daine: Oh no, I'll inform our occupational safety committee immediately.
    Vader: No, you're going to kill everyone who knows.
    Daine: Oh dear, even myself?
    Vader: Yes.
    • In the following comic, Vader's informed about the plans.
      Vader: So the plans would be...?
      Praji: In... in the escape pod?
      Praji: So we should... um... find the pod?
      Praji: Aaand retrieve the plans?
      (Another beat)
      Praji: And... execute myself?
      Vader: Perfect.
  • Corey, the new player of "Adam Lars" (Luke Skywalker) is pretty new to tabletop games.
    Adam: That's a funny-looking dice.
    R2-D2: Die.
    Adam: Whoa, relax.
  • Despite not being familiar with non-videogame RPGs, Corey picks up player/character knowledge segregation faster and easier than Jim.
  • Pretty much anything Beru & Owen say. And there is blue milk.
  • The justification for for Adam having Survival: Snow.
  • Strip 719, in the midst of Ben's return:
    R2-D2/Pete: Yes! Thank god you're back! Where's my frakkin' dreadnought?!
    Obi-Wan/Ben: Crashed it, walked away. And you?
  • "Adam Lars" learns about his true origins.
    R2-D2: Congratulations. Your life expectancy just went from "senile pensioner with a space-bus card" to "missing your next birthday". Which, by the way, is actually tomorrow.
    C-3PO: Happy Birthday!
  • The other players were pretty straightforward with Corey/"Adam Lars"/Luke Amidala about his father.
    Obi-Wan:Your father Anakin used his Jedi powers for his own gains. It corrupted him. He betrayed and murdered your mother, Padme Amidala.
    Obi-Wan: That was the end of our friendship. We duelled, and he fell.
    Luke: Whoa, let me get this straight. My name is Luke Amidala? You killed my father?
  • After the introduction of Mos Eisley, and the discussion on how it's a Wretched Hive, there's this:
    Jim: A perfect place to meet a new friend!
    Ben: (As Obi-Wan, to Luke) We must be cautious.
  • Pete realizing, to his horror, what's become of his dreadnought.
    Pete: Mos Eisley is made of dreadnought!
    Jim: So... technically you own the whole town.
    Pete: But does it nuke things?
  • Pete tries remote hacking the dreadnought's systems to get the troopers. He doesn't quite succeed.
    GM: You access some controls, but you're not-
    Pete: I activate it! 11!
    (incredibly loud music starts blaring out)
    Trooper: That is definitely over local ordnance levels!
    Trooper 2: Let's go!
  • The introduction of Greedo. (Hard to explain, but what really makes this one is getting this after the long period of anticipation over Jim's new character. Especially as the writers teased the forumgoers by confirming, back in Episode I, that Greedo had been Killed Off for Real... and then having Jim hint that his new character would be named "Greedo".)
    • Also, here, Greedo is more difficult to understand than Chewbacca, who speaks English fluently.
    "Greedo:" Buongiorno! It'sa me! Greedo!
    Cue Obi-Wan and Luke looking completely baffled
    • Then there's Obi-Wan's and Luke's reaction to Greedo wanting payment before transporting them.
    • Soon after Obi-Wan and Luke leave, Greedo is held at gunpoint by...Han Solo, captain of the Millenium Falcon (read-the original Greedo).
      • Which naturally leads to the question: Did Han shoot first, or did Greedo? Answer: Yes.
  • Obi-Wan doesn't need a Jedi Mind Trick to get past the stormtroopers in this story. These guys aren't just weak-minded, they're stupid.
    Obi-Wan: So what does this lunatic look like?
    Trooper 2: Well, he looks like... that kid there actually. Anyway, have you seen anyone by that description?
    Obi-Wan: Besides this kid here that looks like him, no. No I haven't.
    Trooper 1: That's a shame. We're all very concerned.
    Obi-Wan: Luke, do you have a twin that you know of?
    Luke: Huh? No, not that I know of.
    Obi-Wan: Hmm. Well, you heard it from the kid himself. Sorry we couldn't be of more help.
    Trooper 1: Say, kid, if you've got some spare time later, perhaps you could patrol with us and help give people an idea what this lunatic looks like. No insult intended.
  • The big reveal, comic 722...
    Vader: I had your blood tested, Senator Princess Organa. DNA analysis. Midi-chlorian count.
    Vader: Princess isn't your real name, is it? Your real name is Leia.
    Vader: You're not the Organas' daughter.
    Leia: Duh! I've known that since I was, like, six. I'm the proud daughter of two heroes who died... fighting the likes of you!
    Vader: No, Leia, you are my daughter.
    Leia: That's not true. It's impossible!
    Vader: Search your DNA report. I know it to be true.
    Leia: No. Noooooo!!!!
  • The forums reaction to Naboo's destruction. Ranging from: mourning Jar Jar Binks, the complete destruction of all Tuna Booze Oil, and the fact Jim will never be able to cast Summon Bigger Fish ever again. If you were someone who never read the comic before but had seen the movies, the sheer crazy-pants nature of it is freaking hilarious. Bittersweet though if you're a fan, where it feels like an actual death to a very unique part of the series but still freaking ridiculous.
  • The general reaction to The Reveal that Annie is in fact controlling Vader.
    Corey: Let me get this straight. Annie, you're now playing Princess and her evil dad? How does that even work?
    Pete: If I was controlling a bad guy, you know what I'd do?
    Ben: If?
  • This strip has Pete trying to shut off one alarm after another to the point that he's triggered all of them! Han's position in the final panel sells it.
    Sally: I'm pretty sure this does not match the definition of "sneaking in."
  • What we have here is an exact transfer of lines from the movie, and completely fitting.
  • This strip has a running gag of Vader and Tarkin being interrupted by alarms giving confused reports on what's going on. The last line perfectly sells it.
  • Ben trolling two clone troopers.
  • "Look, there is absolutely nothing weird about Leia kissing Luke."
  • "Hey, we made it out with as many people as we went in with!"
  • This exchange, about Ben having stood up to his father about his future career:
    Sally: And dad'll get over it soon.
    Ben: You think?
    Sally: We needed a new kitchen table anyway.
  • Jim goes for the More Dakka approach when it comes to shooting enemy fighters.
    GM: Are you sure? You'd need a bucket of dice...
    Pete: Here.
  • Pete's special die being mentioned again is in itself funny, but Jim's reaction when he learns the GM (and the police) banned any other use of it or something similar is priceless.
  • The inversion of That's No Moon! in this comic.
  • Pete's brings out another special die for the shot on the Peace Moon. And when the GM protests the use of explosions, Pete reassures him that it's been sitting under liquid Nitrogen.
  • The description of Jim's side campaign (which is based on Airplane!) as the "GREATEST DRAMATIC STORY EVER." Presumably it was actually based on Zero Hour! (the movie that Airplane! parodies), and the other players derailed it.
  • Why is Strip 506 so funny? Maybe because it's conducted entirely in questions?
    Palpatine: (flashback) ... Well in that case, would cucumbers and sliced egg offset the saltiness of the kippers to your satisfaction?
    Grievous: (flashback) Would doves cry?
  • The last part of this strip
  • When the Imperial walkers attack, both sides can't stop complaining about how ridiculous they look. You can't tell who's more embarrassed, the Imperials for using them, or the rebels for losing to them!
    Princess Leia: Are they mocking us?!
    Imperial Commander: Lord Vader, this is farcical! I’m driving an armored attack camel!
    Vader: Is it working?
    Imperial Commander: Well… yes.
  • "How exactly does one retire from a rebellion?"
  • Oh crud indeed
  • "Oh yeah? I'm fluent in over six million offensive gestures, and I'm making ALL of them in your general direction!"
  • Luke and Yoda's combined Big "NO!" when they respectively figure out a) Vader is Luke's father and b) Anakin is alive.
  • Captain Needa's death. He goes to the Executor, not to apologize for losing the Falcon like in the movie, but to try and chew out Vader for screwing up. You can predict how well that goes.
    Needa: And I'll tell you another thi— (Vader kills him)
  • Ben learns why people stay on Bespin:
    GM: You've been outside a few minutes. Save versus poison at -4.
    Ben: What? Why is everyone walking around without masks on?
    Lando: Why do you think we live here?
    Ben: I don't understand!
    GM: Everyone who failed feels tipsy from the abundant alcohol in the atmosphere.
    Ben: I understand everything and I suggest we never leave.
  • The Black Comedy punchline of #1075: Sniping Marxman:
    Sally: (droid liberation speechifying)
    DM: Make a roll.
    Sally: Persuasion?
    DM: Dodge.
  • Strips 1123 and 1124 reveal that, after Jim and Annie left, Ben ran a superhero campaign based on The Dark Knight Trilogy... in which they played superheroes who attempted to lure out a vigilante by committing crimes, effectively becoming Batman's Rogues Gallery. The usual GM was Harvey Dent, Corey played Scarecrow and Sally was the Joker.
    • The best part is that Ben hadn't intended for it to be The Dark Knight Trilogy; based on his describing the game as "a camp comical spoof of the genre, with people in silly costumes with underpants on the outside having "Bam! Pow!" fisticuffs," it had derailed from being the 1960s version of Batman.
  • Strip 1149. Everyone has to do a "save against poison" roll after being exposed to the alcoholic atmosphere (It Makes Sense in Context) of Cloud City. Ben rolls a 15, Annie rolls a 1. Hilarity Ensues.
    Leia: I'll drive! I'm ferpectly shober!
    Chewbacca: But you've never piloted before.
    Leia: Zigackly!
  • Strip #1151 is an almost perfect, word-for-word reproduction of the scene upon which it's based - except the characters' lines are completely reversed.
  • Strip #1153 has Corey say what's on everyone's minds when Darth Vader is revealed to be Padme.
    Darth Vader:Your mother.
  • In strip #1178, a silly accent even extends to a sound effect.
  • It's easy to forget that Jim and Annie are playing the most recent campaign via webcam until something like this happens:
    Pete: Anyone want a drink?
    Jim: I'll have one.
    Corey: Um. You're in Los Angeles.
  • How the infamous Slave Leia outfit is handled:
    GM: Jabba slumbers in his chamber. You see Princess on the throne platform, obviously his slave.
    Luke: How so?
  • Jim declaring he is out of his usual good idea so he is gonna do something crazy.
  • Strip 1258: The characters are attempting to entertain Jabba in order to stall for time. After Ben tries and fails with a story about failing to rescue a slug:
    Jim: Time for my psychotic episode. Blargle blargle grargle!
    Jabba: Now that's entertainment!
  • During the battle at the sale barge, Pete warns the others that the guards are setting up a gun on the rail, and the entire party spontaneously launches into a Hurricane of Puns. What really sells it though, is the entire party cheering in unison when it fires on the next page
  • Strip 1266
    Boba Fett: Fool!! You should have chopped off my hand while you had the chance!
    Luke: There are enough small arms around here already.
  • While Padme was dying in labour after being attacked by Anakin, one of the medibots asked Obi-Wan if he's Padme's husband. He says no, and the bot immediately assumed that the children were born out of wedlock and tried to get the two to marry off immediately.
  • Strip 1300
    GM: Make a Bluff roll.
    Luke: 3.
  • In strip 1317:
    C-3PO: Luke, who are you talking to?
    Luke: Huh? You can't...? Oh... just... my invisible friend.
    Han: I used to have one of those!
    Han: But then he vanished.
  • The attempt to sneak on board the second peace moon, predictably, fails. This results in their shuttle being remote-controlled to land at an ambush point. Jim's solution: shoot out one of the engines. Of the shuttle they're in. That is in the process of landing. When pointed out that this will cause them to crash and die, he enacts his backup plan... of shooting out the other engine.
  • Jim's opinion on his past plans.
    Luke: So... Turns out you need to have a good plan, not just good rolls.
    Han: Whereas some of my plans were so good they didn't even need to succeed!
  • In strip 1363, R2 (Pete) tries to free the group from the using a pizza cutter. The explanation is also funny;
    R2: I had it installed in Jabba's palace to serve pizza on his barge.
    C-3PO: That seems a bit over-powered for cutting pizza.
    R2: I put extra points into it.
  • The in-universe explanation for the random frog-thing outside Jabba's palace?
    C-3PO: [What] are you doing with that sock puppet?
    Worrt: I got bored waiting for all of you to arrive.
    • Even better? The frog in this narrative does a Shakespeare soliloquy.
    • Then the GM realizes that Jim and Annie had been connected via webcam for quite some time, and so saw the whole thing.
  • Corey mentions having an idea for a campaign. The GM assures him that he can run it after Episode VI.
    GM: What's it about?
    Corey: Big guns.
    Jim: AWESOME.
    Pete: I'm in.
    Sally: I hope there's more to it than that.
    Pete: Yeah. Bigger guns.
    Corey: Oooh, good idea. I'll make a note.
  • Sally, as C-3PO scamming the Ewocs by pretending to be Nute. Repeatedly. Also counts as a moment of awesome.
  • Han prods Paploo into going along with a crazy plan by calling him an NPC. Yes, in-character. Leading to this.
    Paploo: {driving off} Non-Profit Company, my foot!
  • During the attack on the Peace Moon, Admiral Ackbar makes a realization.
    Oh my god! It's not a trap! We're just prats!
  • In strip 1438, when it's revealed that Darth Vader made it most of the way down the path to the Light Side:
    Pete: Have you been planning this all out again, Annie? That's way too much effort for a game.
    Annie: Doop deep.
  • I needed a lieutenant of unparalleled acumen; but alas, Jar Jar turned me down."
  • Pete is a lawyer. Criminal defence.
  • At the start of Butch Cassian and the Sundance Droid, the team tries to explain a session they played before Corey joined and Ben returned, but alas, Jim as usual derails what happaned.
    Pete: You weren't even there Jim.
    Jim: They were my minions who emerged victorious. Same thing.
    Pete: Technically they were Jabba's minions.
    Sally: And that wasn't even the start of the adventure!
    Ben: Is anything Jim said true?
    Jim: (With a shit-eating grin) It was definitively awesome!
  • With "Kyle Katarn" (or Saw Garrera) making his appearance, we learn why Jim's not allowed lightsabers anymore: Kyle didn't just slice off his hand, but both of his legs as well.
  • Galen's unconventional (and evil) parenting style:
    Bria: He always used to do this.
    Chirrut: He always used to develop giant apocalyptic superweapons?
    Bria: No, lecture me with PowerPoint.
    Chirrut: The fiend!
  • K-2SO’s death. In the movie, it’s a moving, tragically unavoidable Heroic Sacrifice to ensure the mission succeeds. Here? He dies because Cassian and Jyn stupidly lock themselves inside the vault by bringing the handprint they need to open it in with and having Kaytoo shut the door behind them. As a result, he’s left to get shot to death by dozens of stormtroopers while Cassian and Jyn just sit in the vault like idiots.
  • The big dramatic moment on which all of Jim's roleplaying of Jyn hinges: Galen Erso actually hated PowerPoint all along! Krennic tricked him into using it, the fiend.
    Ben: But... PowerPoint?
    GM: I'll take all the help I can get.
  • The Ass Pull improvised let's-just-kill-some-time nature of the latest campaign (based on the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show) becomes more and more obvious until this happens. Singing fish, floating on the stage.
    R2-D2: Wait. Is the stage flooded then?
    GM: Uh, no. They're... suspended by force fields. And they're holding their breaths.
    R2-D2: While they're singing?
    GM: If you guys can get away with it, so can I!
  • Pete and Sally witnessing the GM's improvising improv theatre.
    Pete: You suggested an improv theatre.
    Sally: I regret nothing.
  • Corey's leet interrogation skills.
    Pete: Do you think he's actually stupid, or just roleplaying stupid?
    Sally: He's learned a lot from Jim.
    Pete: My question stands.
  • The new-... er, núwsreader (as the transcript calls him) getting mobbed by sheep.
  • Sally's opinion on the alignment status of paper.
    Pete: Bills are lawful neutral!
    Sally: Lawful neutral is just evil with extra steps!
  • Who is Miss Piggy in this campaign? Wedge. Shapeshifted, naturally.
  • Poor Corey as Luke trying to work out the many, many layers to Wedge's disguise.
  • "The Force runs deeply in Anakin's family." "So does getting burnt."
  • The Vader-knockoff is using an electronic signal to make R2-D2 dance, and Chewbacca figures out that the best way to jam the signal is to counter-dance. When the clone turns his signal on C-3PO, Sally points out that dancing requires a Skill roll.
    C-3PO: Although I'm fluent in six million forms of communication, interpretive dance is not one of them. My Dance skill is -3.
    Chewbacca: Good, you need to fail! If you do the dance properly, the sleeper agents will get the activation signal!
    R2-D2: Natural 1! Natural 1!
    Unsound Effect: (20!)
    C-3PO: (dances for a couple panels) On the bright side, six million and one.
  • And Corey's reaction is to just resort to the combat system.
    Luke: I quick-draw my laser sword, and...
    GM: Quick-draw? Make a skill roll.
    R2-D2: A normal draw would have been fine.
    Luke: Don't panic.
    Unsound Effect: (1!)
    Luke: Okay, panic.
  • Pete successfully negotiates a +3 bonus to R2's dancing roll... that is, the dance that R2 is performing because he's being controlled by the enemy. The Rant sums it up nicely:
    When claiming dice roll bonuses or any other sort of advantage for various circumstances, don't forget that those circumstances might also apply to your opponents.
    Especially if you're currently working for the opponents.
  • After dealing with the Vader knockoff, Pete shares his chain of thought that led him to deduce Nute Gunray was behind it.
    Pete: It's so obvious that something else was going on. Something deeper and more sinister.
    GM: And not that I was improvising by the seat of my pants?
    Pete: That... never occurred to me.
    GM: Thank you.
  • From the intermission strips, Pete and Corey trying to make sense of Wedge Piggy's clone being a shapeshifter... turned into a statue.
    Pete: That just made less sense.
    Wedge: You gotta learn to just stop asking at some point, good buddy.
  • As the group finally start playing The Force Awakens, they all roll up new characters. Who does Ben initially play as? Lor San Tekka. No prize for guessing how that works out.
    Lor: Beware. There is a legend that whoever passes on the location of Ahch-To is doomed.
    Poe: (blissfully) Cool. Hand it over, I'll take care of it.
    (Lor stares at Poe nervously before reluctantly handing him the map, at which point BB-8 barges in.)
    BB-8: Hey, guys, we got company!
    Lor: The First Order! They tracked you here!
  • Laser-Guided Karma locks on as Poe and BB-8 head back to their fighter ship with intent to use the guns; troopers hit the engines, and Corey is left with a point-defense swivel gun as Jim tries to get the ship moving.
    GM: The ship won't start.
    Poe: I hotwire it.
    BB-8: The engines are on fire!
    Poe: Should be easy, then! (rolls) 3. Not great, not terrible.
    GM: The gun stops working.
    BB-8: How is that not terrible?!
    Poe: The engines are still warmed up!
  • Knowing that Annie is playing one of the enemy troopers, Jim starts trying to shoot hers down, as another PC is a more difficult opponent than masses of Mooks commanded by the GM. The first trooper he shoots down after making that decision... isn't Annie's.
    Finn: You shot my buddy! Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds!
    Poe: Uh oh.
  • Pete's massive Freak Out when Sally, as Kylo Ren, kills Lor San Tekka.
  • Kylo's interrogation of Poe, which Poe turns into a job interview.
    Kylo Ren: I believe you may be the Resistance pilot I'm looking for.
    Poe: Possibly. So tell me, what's the worst thing about working for the First Order?
    Kylo Ren: Dealing with Resistance scum like you.
    Poe: What's the best thing?
    Kylo Ren: I get to kill anyone who stands in my way.
    Poe: Walk me through a typical day.
    Kylo Ren: What?
    Poe: You know what my greatest weakness is?
    Kylo Ren: You talk too much?
    Poe: I come up with a lot of crazy ideas. I mean kerr-azy. It takes someone with a firm hand to keep me in check.
    Poe: But on the plus side, I'm the one who can see through a screen of obfuscation and deliver that one blinding realisation that we've been doing everything wrong, and need to change to something nobody else could conceive.
    Poe: In short: I'm the guy your organisation needs.
  • In one of the most delightfully bizarre and inexplicable character changes yet, Captain Phasma is portrayed as speaking almost entirely in poetry quotations.
  • In general, the sheer amount of Adaptational Villainy hurled at the Sequel cast so far. Finn is a revenge-driven Sociopathic Soldier who only complains about the mass murder of villagers because his target isn't among them. Poe is an unsympathetic douchebag who turns traitor at the first sign of trouble. BB-8 is a Pragmatic Hero who manipulates Poe into a Stupid Sacrifice that gets him captured. Even Kylo Ren is more of a villain, killing Lor San Tekka just because, instead of being provoked into it by Lor pressing his Berserk Button. Its like everybody decided to try and play like Pete.


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