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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. You have been warned!

  • Rainbow Dash's general reactions to romance, ranging from confusion to irritation. Especially if it's Sunset and Twilight.
  • Sweetie Belle's Yandere tendencies towards Silver Spoon.
  • Pretty much everything that Eldritch does.

One-shot comics

Helping Sunset

  • In the first strip, Twilight walks in on Sunset and Crydius performing a demonic ritual of some sort, which they hastily clean up.
  • Twilight confessing that...she needs Sunset’s help with cellular biology, as well as everyone's reactions.
  • Dominator's idea of helping Sunset is taking her to a bar and getting her drunk. Then Twilight walks in...
    Sunset: WHY WON'T YOU JUST (censor!) ME?!
    Dominator: Check, Please!
  • Crydius' last hope in getting Sunset and Twilight together? Chara.
  • Sunset finally confesses her feelings to the middle of a presentation Rainbow Dash is giving, much to her annoyance.

The Annual CHS Flag Hunt

  • Vinyl Scratch slipping into Large Ham mode as an announcer for the event.
  • Soldier firing an actual gun to start the race, much to Tracer's panic.
  • Rainbow Dash bragging about her athletic skills and how she's going to win...and immediately tripping over a rock.
    • Marshall Lee and Crydius' reactions are even better:
      Marshall: down, I guess.
      Crydius: And we had nothing to do with it. We need to step up our game. We're losing to a goddamn rock!
  • Pinkie going on about how focused on the flag she's going to be, right before Dominator distracts her with a piece of candy.
  • After Rarity suffers some Clothing Damage thanks to Pinkie, Applejack goes to help her up. Then Sunset and Twilight come in and immediately come to the wrong conclusion.
  • Crydius having to prevent Chara from stabbing anyone.
  • Crydius asks Sunset if she thinks some idiot will call for her when they find the flag. Cue Pinkie Pie loudly yelling that she found the flag.
  • An utterly baffled Rainbow Dash walks in on the other Rainbooms and the Hellraisers going at each other, then stealing the flag from under their noses when she realizes what's going on...and then tripping over a rock again.
  • Crydius being just as surprised as everyone else when he realizes he accidentally summoned a demon creature.
  • Vinyl and Octavia acting nonchalant about the demon creature chasing Twilight.
  • Everyone's in varying levels of shock when Sunset runs the flagpole through the demon creature's skull...except Chara, who's in awe.
  • Crydius and Marshall's conversation at the end:
    Marshall: So...we're just going to ignore the fact that Sunset just straight-up killed something?
    Crydius: If that means they'll ignore the fact that I pretty much summoned it, then I'm not going to complain.
    Marshall: Just to be clear, if she comes to you to avenge her precious Twily, I will deny any and all ties with you.
    Crydius: Gee, Marshall, you're a real pal, you know that? Just shut up and clap.


  • The comic that started it all: after a night of drunk science, Sunset and Twilight find out that they've made a child...that is to say, a Robot Girl with a fully-functioning AI. And a plasma cannon, which they discover when a mosquito flies into the lab.
  • Everyone's reactions to meeting GAMMA:
    • Fluttershy thinks she's adorable, while Rainbow goes into full Heroic BSoD mode.
    • Meeting Pinkie Pie sends GAMMA into a literal Heroic BSoD.
    • Rarity immediately tries to design an outfit for her, while Applejack tries to restrain her as long as possible.
    • Scootaloo asks her if she can turn into a car.
    • Her meeting with Apple Bloom is a bit awkward at first...until they bond over Pokémon.

Love Advice

  • Sunset, for some reason, decides that Crydius is the one she should ask for advice.
  • The various failed attempts at giving Sunset advice, usually followed by Crydius attacking the "helpers" with his book:
    • Crona immediately freaks out when Sunset says she wants to kiss Twilight, asking if you aren't supposed to wait until marriage for that.
    • Marshall gives her advice that would probably get her pepper-sprayed. A furious Crydius immediately calls Marceline to ask why she didn't come instead, only to learn she's currently in the middle of getting...intimate with Bonnibel.
    • Dominator suggests getting drunk again.
    • Crydius' real-life friend MustLoveFrogs barges in with some useless advice, and Crydius immediately tries to get her out. This ends up being the Funny Background Event to GAMMA's advice.
    • Speaking of which...GAMMA tries to give her own advice, only to realize she has no idea what love is. Crydius attributes this to her being built by Sunset and Twilight.
  • Eventually, Crydius just tells her to try and be direct about it. Sunset tries to follow his advice, but ends up at a loss for she just starts stripping, prompting Crydius to attack her with his book.
  • In the end, not only does Crydius get called upon by Twilight to help with the communication issues she has with Sunset, but pretty much every other lesbian in the school has come to Crydius looking for love advice.

GAMMA's magic

  • GAMMA accidentally turning Twilight into a toad...and not fully realizing what she did until she asks her for advice on her powers.
  • GAMMA's idiocy regarding the toads — namely, not realizing that if she doesn't want to turn people into toads, she should stop snapping her fingers.
  • Crydius and Crona's plan for turning the toads back into humans? Dress Octavia and Vinyl up as princes and make them kiss them.
  • GAMMA finally turning the toads back to normal...and blowing a chunk of the school up in the process.
  • Crydius, upon seeing GAMMA's power, suggests to Tempest that they magically create a golem similar to her. The way he phrases it initially, though, makes it sound like he wants to have a kid with her the traditional way.

Eldritch's introduction

  • Eldritch's Establishing Character Moment, in which he cackles about how he's going to bring doom and despair to Canterlot High, only to help Apple Bloom out when she accidentally takes a tumble down the stairs.
  • Eldritch and GAMMA's first interaction, in which he tells her to prepare to taste defeat, all while asking what last name she goes by so he won’t be insensitive and insisting neither of them gets hurt.
  • Eldritch and GAMMA's first battle ends up being a game of Go Fish.
  • Crydius and Tempest's reactions to their kid being a sweetheart:
    Crydius: I don't understand! I called upon all four chaos gods, multiple eldritch horrors, and every great or old one in the book!
    Tempest: Yeah well, something tells me the vast majority of them missed your calls.

GAMMA's cooking

Meet the Princesses

  • Sunset's reaction when she finds out Princess Twilight somehow found out about her and Twilight hooking up.
  • Sunset and Twilight finding out that, the same night they made GAMMA, Sunset effectively drunk-dialed Princess Twilight.
  • Sunset's reaction when she finds out Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia are in a relationship.
  • GAMMA is so confused by the presence of two Twilights that she starts to go into a meltdown. Which apparently requires ten feet of copper wire, six cans of tomato sauce, a Latin dictionary, and a fire extinguisher to fix.


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