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  • After being freed from the game for the first time:
    Radd (shocked): You destroyed my world...
    QB: Don't worry, we got all the game's sprites out first.
    Radd (irritated): You destroyed my world.
    QB: Yeah, there's really no way to free sprites from a game without wrecking it.
    Radd (angry): YOU DESTROYED MY WORLD!
    QB: Even if the portal didn't damage it, removing all the sprites and their contingent variables would probably crash the game.
    Radd (shouting full throttle): YOU DESTROYED MY WORLD!!!
    QB: Man, you're whiney.
    Bogey: He gets that way after the apocalypse.
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  • The Fourth Wall Weeks have their moments, including Radd and Bogey analyzing an old adage:
    Radd: "You can pick your friends...and you can pick your nose...but you can't pick your friend's nose." Profound, huh?
    Bogey: Well it certainly sounds deep, but what's a nose?
    Radd (examining his face): What's a nose?? Oh come on, it's that thing in the middle of your...uh, in the middle of my...uh...
    Bogey: You don't know, do you?
    (They recall the entire main cast, with pictures of their faces)
    Radd: It just occured to me- none of the characters in this strip seem to have noses! How bizarre...
    Bogey: Well, never mind what a nose is then. Just tell me what the saying means.
    Radd: I think it means, "You can't choose a nose for your friend."
    Bogey: Ah, yes. Well, that's certainly true.
    Radd: But if it makes any difference, I'd certainly let you pick my nose, ol' buddy.
    Bogey: Why thank you, Radd. I'm truly honored.
    Sheena (barging in): What the hell is wrong with you guys!??
  • During the final boss fight with The Seer:
    Radd: Dude, you are definitely the sickest thing on the Internet. And that's saying a lot.
    • Radd would know. For a time, he was a chatroom avatar, so he's had a firsthand look at the G.I.F.T. among other things.
  • The humorous intersection of Platform Game programming in Fighting Game sensibilities has Radd Beam Spam an opponent into an inescapable Cycle of Hurting and Sheena proving to be completely unbeatable as she has no HP to deplete. (In fact, Sheena wins by time out after her opponent uses a Cast from Hit Points attack!) Bogey takes the cake by gleefully snuggling an enemy fighter into submission thanks to the Collision Damage coded into his programming.
  • Radd, at one point, is more or less at the mercy of discount ninja Kobayashi, but has no offensive ability handy, and his girlfriend Sheena is in harm's way (well, theoretically, at least). His solution? Pick up Sheena and bludgeon the stuffing out of Kobayashi with her. He doesn't 'just' swing her either, he puts his whole body into it. It's decried by Sheena as "a whole new kind of wrong."

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