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The Web Comic

  • In Episode 7:
    Evilfatsozon: My plan is to take this baby and throw it at the Earth! Then the Earthlings will think it is an alien and will want to fight it!
    Alien: Wait, what?
  • Any time Ethan can hang a lampshade on some of the madness in Axe Cop, it's usually hilarious.
  • The Night Monster is revealed to ride (quoted verbatim) "a dumb gangster skateboard". It's either the term "dumb gangster skateboard", the decals on it saying "NYTE MONSTUR 4 LYFE", or that Malachai described it as such that makes it gutbustingly hilarious, but it's uncertain which.
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  • Lobster Man began to tell the team the story of his life... "Our parents were german shepherds...". Regardless of the rest of the content, that alone will make you go wait, what??
  • The names of Axe Cop's Mexican adoptive family, mother Cha Chiwowie Chihuahua, father Cha Cha Juan Juan Chiwowie Chihuahua, and twin sons Choo Choo Cha Cha Chiwowie Chihuahua. If that's not the standard by which Inherently Funny Words are judged, it should be.
  • He also wished for Ralph Wrinkles to know karate.
  • The entirety of Jack and John's second appearance. Surreal Humour at its finest.
  • Every time Axe Cop says "that was a secret attack!", expect it to be a bizarre form of poisoning, or something bizarre and funny... like having little swords for arm hair.
  • Axe Cop becomes Axe Cop...with Lemon.
  • Bad Guy Earth has several moments:
    • In order to turn the Good Guy Machine into a Bad Guy Machine, the Psychic Brothers need to replace the unicorn horn with devil horns, so they summon Satan...who promptly saws his own horns off and gives them to them.
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    • This exchange:
    Axe Cop: Can you defeat a seven-faced monster with chainsaw, boot, dinosaur, bear, robot, angel, Satan, wolf, and snow power?
    Yo-Yo Man: Nope. Sorry.
  • Axe Cop's haunted house:
    • It finishes with the family having to get past "the Every Monster Ever, All Squished Together".
    • According to Axe Cop, when the people have gone through a large hall, they wake up to find they have peed their pants. The kicker? They receive a complimentary DVD of their experience.
  • In "Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby", all of a sudden Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier decide to get cyborg versions of themselves. The hilarity comes from it coming just freaking out of nowhere.
  • The bad guys didn't steal anything from the store because they have invisible cash registers.
    Axe Cop: Good job tricking the bad guys.
  • In Episode 19, Axe Cop manages to retrieve three unicorn horns from Stinky Head. He returns one to Uni-Man, returns one to a unicorn, and it seems that Axe Cop is about to give the third one to Sockarang... but proceeds to give to Uni-Man. What sells it is Sockarang's disappointed face in the background (although admittedly, Stinky Head had just been impersonating Sockarang, so Axe Cop had a good reason to be cautious). The motion comic goes a step further and makes his disappointment audible.
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  • Ask Axe Cop 10. Here, Axe Cop runs for president in a parody of the Barack Obama presidential campaign, even a Chop poster. Then he blows up all the bad guys. The ending is pretty funny as well.
  • The ninjas arriving in the Truck of Ninjas. It is even labeled Truck of Ninjas.
  • The heroes. Gray Diamond, Gray Stone, Wolver Man, and... Army Chihuahua.

The Animated Series

  • In the first episode of the show, there's this exchange:
    Axe Cop: I just want to rent a dinosaur horn.
    Dinosaur Horn Store Clerk: The only reason I'm recommending you buy it is to save you money.
    Axe Cop: (Sigh) But it's cheaper to rent.
    Dinosaur Horn Store Clerk: For most people, yes. But not when you keep returning them late. I mean, just do the math, alright?
    Axe Cop: I always do the math and it's cheaper to rent!
    Axe Cop: If I had known you'd sneak in these hidden fees, don't you think I would've bought the dinosaur horn?
    Dinosaur Horn Store Clerk: It's not a hidden fee, it's a late fee.
  • "I hope you're going to enjoy dying as much as I'm going to enjoy killing you."
  • In the episode "The Rabbit Who Broke All The Rules", there's Flute Cop constantly flubbing "Amazing Grace" on his flute in the end and his frustration over it.


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