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  • From Issue One:
    Heather: The Black Widow doesn't take kindly to rapists!
    Douchebag: What? No! We're not rapists, we're merely douchebags!
  • Or when Heather goes for medical treatment in Issue Two:
    Sahira: I can't believe you, Hea-Spinnerette! Running out like that and getting in a fight after our agreement!
    Spinnerette: I didn't mean to... It's like a new bicycle on Christmas! Even though it's snowing, you can't help but want to take it for a ride.
    Sahira: ... A ride that kicks your ass!!!
  • Also, battle strategies against driders produced by the magic contained in the original Dungeons and Dragons books.
    Spinerette: Reverse Cowgirl for the Win!
    • Followed by this gem:
      Spinerette: Where's your Lolth now?
  • Greta Gravity cracks wise about Heather's deodorant costs. Heather responds.
  • From Issue Four, Sahira trying to hint to Heather that Mecha Maid may be into her, and Heather utterly failing to get the point.
    Facepalm! I think Mecha Maid is a lesbian who wants to have sexual intercourse with you.
  • Kat is saying in this strip "Let them eat cake."
  • Green Gable's hammy invitation to Mecha Maid and Spinnerette to visit Canada.
    You'd be more than welcome in Canada. We're a tolerant people.
  • A Brick Joke to the above, when Mecha Maid chews out Spinnerette for hiding their relationship, neither of them noticing that Gable could hear them:
    Gable: That was a secret?
  • The moment when Heather figures out how to shot web. She does the classic "Spideman hand gesture"...only to have the web come shooting out her backside, just like a real spider! Sahira almost dies laughing at this.
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  • The introduction given by the League of Canadian Superheroes...complete with Katt giving the obligatory French translation.
  • As serious as his ideals are, and as true as Universe is to his objectivism, it's hard not to find this funny.
    Spinnerette: Why would you turn into a supervillain? Why!?!
    Dr. Universe: I read an Ayn Rand novel.
  • The Werewolf of London, Ontario and the furry enthusiasts:
    Fanboy: We'll sacrifice a skinling to your fur god!
    WoLO: What fur god? I am Anglican!
  • As Dr. Universe explains to the Nazis that he doesn't have enough foreskins to create their clone of Hitler on time, Greta suggests they should recruit a mohel for help. Cue Death Glare from the Nazis.
  • Spinerette being hidden by Greeta Gravity Gag Boobs.
  • Spinnerette getting all star-struck at Super MILF's Gag Boobs. Hard to believe that she was going a period of Gayngst not too long ago.
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  • Green Gable and Werewolf have a conversation about how their closest counterparts are in the X-Men, which annoys Katt. They then turn their discussion over to Downton Abbey after Katt ties them together with her tails.
  • This line from Greta Gravity:
  • After Spinnerette fruitlessly tries to warn Mecha Maid and the League of Canadian Superheroes that they've been struck by some sort of conflict-causing effect, she asks herself what Tiger would do.
    Spinnerette's Mental Image of Tiger: Spinnerette, you're talking to a room full of crazy people. Logic doesn't work on crazy people.
  • The revelation that Colonel Glass reads TV Tropes.
    Colonel Glass: Giving your troops uniforms that conceal their faces is a tremendous security risk. You should read the TV Tropes entry for 'Faceless Goons', sir.
  • Minerva mistakenly assumes that Guinness, her dad's secretary, is the final challenge she must overcome. Guinness responds by beating the crap out of her while screaming for help.
  • High School A.U.!Mecha Maid's explanation for why she and all the other girls are attracted to Delta.
    Spinnerette: Why is every girl head over heels for Delta? I don't get it!
    Mecha Maid: Delta's got a lot going for him. He's scrawny, he's clumsy, and there's a good chance he'll fail to get into college.
  • Spinnerette hijacking Delta's dream control powers and ponifying everyone, to his horror.
    • Spinny going full Sleipnir counts.
  • The Triple-Slap when Spinny wakes up from Delta's dreamworld and he tries to justify his creepiness.
    *SMAKSMAKSMAK!* A costume isn't consent, jerk!
  • 90's Spinnerette is tough, gruff, grim... but when Spinnerette!Prime brings up the series finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    90's Spinnerette: Lalalala! I can't hear you! No Spoilers!
  • The Editor storyline ending with 90's Spinny apparently stuck in the Golden Age by accident.
  • While this page might count as Nightmare Fuel or a Tear Jerker for most people, it's hard not to laugh at the Funny Background Event of Bottom Lefty looking particularly excited in the first panel as Heather does her Yawn and Reach, and looking sad after Marilyn pulls away from the kiss.
  • Spinnerette is a former pumpkin queen
  • When Mecha Maid is under the control of a fruit pie laced with a mind control drug from Spinnerette's childhood nemesis Sarah Nicole, Spinny is forced to fight Mecha, which devolves into oil wrestling. Since Sarah initially used the drug to curb her lesbianism, she has to force herself not to get turned on.
    Sarah: [shoveling fruit pies into her mouth] You don't like girls. You don't like girls. You don't like girls...
  • During the fight with Wendy G...
    Heather: I'll hold off the monster, you run for help!
    Sheriff Brown: Run for it, I'll buy you some time!
    Both: ...

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