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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why does Maus flirt with Greta? It's not just that she's German, she's also blond-haired blue-eyed and is a super on top of that!
  • When considering Chapter seven one will notice that it bares a stunning resemblance to a typical Dark Magical Girl Plot line; heroine meets evil version of herself, defeats this foil, finds out the foil is a lonely girl stricken with guilt about her misdeeds and decides to befriend her and in doing so, turn her onto the path of superheroism. What makes this Fridge Brilliance? Alexis is a manga fan; she knows about these kinds of plots and that's why she could play one so well, right up to the "girl on girl action". What's more, Heather refuses to read manga ("Manga sucks"), and so, for all her DCU comic book Genre Savvy, she didn't see it coming.
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  • When Evil Spinnerette returns in Issue 33, she complains about all the impracticalities being a drider has brought to both her villain career and life in general. Fans familiar with D&D lore will know that being turned into a drider is considered a punishment from Lolth, not a blessing.

Fridge Horror


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