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  • The Werewolf of London, Ontario gets a farewell kiss.
  • "Thank you, Heather. Thank you for being you."
  • "Let's start with a date." "I'd like that."
  • Heather thanking Greta at the end of issue 11 and Greta responding.
  • Speaking of Greta, her Petting the Dog here is a nice softener to a week-long string of Tear Jerker.
  • "I know exactly who you are. You're Spinnerette."
  • "Does this count as a date?" "It most certainly does."
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  • "I'll sit outside as long as you need me to."
  • Infected with a Hate Plague, Minerva (well, her far left head, anyways) and The Werewolf get into an argument, and almost immediately kiss and make up... while both of them are still infected by the Hate Plague.
  • After the firefighters down the flame-powered villain after Sahira refuses to fight him, one of them personally apologizes to Sahira for momentarily succumbing to Bystander Syndrome and assuming she'd fight the villain for them.
  • Glass's Pet the Dog moment when he discovers that Mecha Maid is crippled as a result of the breeding camps.
  • Heather performs the ice bucket challenge.
  • After all the events surrounding Col Glass, including Mecha Maid going on a suicide mission to take him down, and failing, Spinny has only three words for her.
  • Despite the Tearjerker moment of Marilyn's stem cell treatment being ineffective, the arc still ends on a hopeful shot of Dr. Singh doubling down on his work, heavily implying he isn't ready to give up on Marilyn's treatment.
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  • Spinnerette fighting a pie-doped Mecha Maid, takes her down by deflecting her point-blank rockets with an impromptu flour bomb... then Heather makes a pause in the fight, even if that gives Sara Nicole the chance to flee, to make sure Marilyn is OK, embrace her, do a relieved Love Confession, tenderly kiss her forehead, and only then go after Sara Nicole. Piorities: clear.
    Spinnerette: Mecha Maid! Thank God! My love... I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. [Chuic!]
  • And so Spinnerette is saved from being gunned down by her pie-doped father... by the current little Pumpkin Princess of Circleville, telling the town that all this violence isn't the home she knows. It also crosses into a Moment of Awesome and Badass Boast when Sarah asks how she could have resisted the drugs in the pies.
    Current Pumpkin Princess: I'm not allowed to eat sugar. I have diabetes.
  • Every time Heather, despite her general lack of sensibility, still manages to find the exact words to say to Marilyn.
    • To a heartbroken Mecha Maid (because Heather ran out right after her Anguished Declaration of Love):
      Heather: How the hell am I supposed to know what to do? You just drop that... that bombshell on me, and expect me to know everything! Well, I don't! I... I'm not as brave as I pretend to be. No one has ever told me they were in love with me before, Marilyn. No one.
    • When Mecha Maid is telling her that she considers White Heron her adoptive mother because Heron gave her life rescuying an infant Marilyn:
      Heather: She must have felt a mother's love for you in her last moments.note 
  • Tear Jerking as White Heron's death is, her peaceful smile and last words of happiness at the infant that she gave her life rescuing being safe and sound do show exactly why she was a heroine.
  • The whole of the NSFW Issue 13.5, depicting Heather's and Marilyn's third date and first night together, even if obviously laden with lots of Fanservice, is several orders of magnitude more heartwarming, as the whole first half is devoted to both girls reminiscing their mutual Rescue Romance situations, healing the few wounds left from Heather's reaction to Marilyn's confession, and going over the list of reasons they fell for each other, and even the second half (the actual sex scene) is incredibly tender and loving.
  • Greta Gravity initially is ashamed of her generous figure, until Dr. Universe tells her to embrace who she is and her own strength. Notably, he's not just saying it to secure her loyalty, he means it.
  • As awful as it is that Heather's mother not only refuses to accept the revelation that she's a lesbian, but actually divorces her father so she can get the hell away from her, the heartwarming part is that Heather's father (who is pretty old-fashioned himself) accepts her sexuality without hesitation.

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