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    Secret Identities sued 

  • If Superheroes identity is secret then how can a Company, a comic company for that matter, can sue for copyright infringement? I mean, even with the true incorporation of Superheroes in society (which mean there must be some sort of regulation, a form of police or control, specialized insurance agencies, a professional line of Superheroes in government, in military, international associations, an amend of laws (which opens another can of Fridge Logic) which so far had not shown or hinted) how can you demand a person who, by its very profession must maintain secrecy, for copying a look? And if it not secret, how can they defend themselves from criminal or supervillain counterattack? Like Ms. Venus, who was sued and lost, by DC for copyright infringement over her Power Girl-like costume and became Super MILF? How does that even work. And if it's so useless, why go with the superhero secret identity/alter ego charade?
    • It's obvious: they sue the "Hero" but not the "Secret Identity".
    • I's have to agree with this one; it's much the same way how a company can be sued, rather than its majority shareholder(s), in real life; a company, in the eyes of the law, is seen as separate to the people who own it.
    • Hell, just ask Ultimate Marvel for the answers. Giant Man couldn't use his powers while he was with the Defenders because it would be considered as giving away a trade secret (the Giant Man serum).
    • Yeah, there are some examples in another story but the thing is... How? How do you sue to the point of losing a house a person whose very identity is secret? A vaporware who by very definition is A) False-B) A misdirection. To whom you sue? how you force the person to present and managed to remove money and propriety? They are 'vigilantes'' A.K.A: people who's very identity and whereabouts are hidden to all others for obvious reason. And sue the super hero?... Okay, you sued the hero, then what? Force the person to reveal their secret identity and then you get the money? And if it so easy, why had a secret Identity in the first place? It's obvious it can’t stop a comic company, what hope it had against the mob? The Villains? The cabals and all your enemies? Why bother with the secret Identity/vigilantism when you can be brought down so easy as a copyright infringement?. How can be a comparison in Real life that could validate that?
    • Same way as mentioned above how one can sue a company separately from the actual people involved. In the eyes of the law, a company is a legal entity. Same for super heroes; the superheroic identity is treated differently and distinctly from the civil identity. As for how things can get paid, it may very well be paid through some sort of private escrow service or through other indirect means. Heck, one could have another superhero act as a sort of custodian - handling and being responsible for such dues. More than likely, it's part of the system that allows for such vigilante's to have civil rights and duties (such as testifying in court). And yes, a superhero could probably 'skip bail' effectively and not pay any fines (and it probably does happen), and as in real life, companies probably have budgeted money for non-paying suits (ie company knows that they will get sued, rightly or not, during the year and so put aside money specifically to handle or cover these costs).
    • And given that the heroes, in-universe, generate funds off of stuff like merchandising sales, blowing off an official court ruling could be a big hit to their public persona. Same with not appearing for a summons. Not to mention, some of these heroes might have bank accounts under their heroic names, depending on circumstance (think of science-heroes having to order stuff for their lab. Betting Mechamaid doesn't order all her stuff under her real name), which could then be frozen or garnished by failure to pay fines.
    • It's possible that they have no real way of enforcing it. Superheroes are notoriously just. They'd most likely obey a law even if it is unenforceable.


    Heather's strength, agility, and combat prowess 

  • If Heather possesses Superstrength, enough agility and the mental dexterity to control perfectly six arms doing different actions simultaneously it should have beaten the mook straight down, fight knowledge or not fight knowledge. One fact that seems to be forgotten about Superstrength is that it need equal amount of toughness to work or it would be like hitting with enough force to destroy a wall with a bat made of crystal. And this is not only in its hand, for if she can hold with her Superstrength obscene amount weight it mean toughness in shoulder, neck, stomach, thighs, knees etc... making her literally a "walking tank" (which is why Superstrength by robotic extremities is plain impossible in real life - read Cracked for more) meaning that the Mook attacks should have been completely useless. A bear for example know nothing about fighting style, combat pose, economic of movement or energy but nobody would argue that 9 out of 10 times it would rip apart a Martial Master in real life or like trying to dislocate the Terminator shoulder Which is why the fight of Nick Fury vs Stonewall is just pure bullshit
    • You can give a baby the strength to crush a planet, but it would still have the mind of a baby. Being it her first time actually fighting, especially a mugger who fights back would scare her. She only had her powers for what, a couple days max? While she's been "herself" all her life. At the time, she still has her meek, geeky girl mindset. Besides, you can toughen a person to physical peaks, it doesn't mean the person can't be bruised or cut or scraped. Where do you think injuries from professional fighting matches come from?
    • Let's go with the mentality solution, which leave behind the fact that she had in the moment the mentality of a Superhero, in other words the confidence to win and to "fight the bad guys" and with her super reflexes and agility would make a huge difference (also if you give a baby the strength of a planet it would be easier for him/her to kill people/things for lack of control and collateral damage) but the toughen part is just plain wrong. Yes, if you put a professional fighting another professional of course its gonna get hurt, in example like mecha maid against spinnerette, but in this case was a Mugger. A normal Mugger. Going with your analogy it would be like a baby (or a five year old) hitting a person with the constitution of Bruce Lee or more likely, a statue. If you are strong enough to break concrete, bend reinforced metal or use your body to pulverize walls a kinfe or a bullet would not hurt you a lot or even considerable. Probably barely scratching you. This is a form of Reality Is Unrealistic in tends of resistance to damage and pounds/inch in effect. Hell, she could have just slapped the idiot and would have been strong and fast enough to take him down (and probably destroy his jaw or more likely break his neck).
    • She'd been a "superhero" for all of about 20 minutes. That's not really enough time to gain confidence in your abilities. You're being way to presumptive about what someone is capable of the first time they're in a fight. The vast, vast majority of people will just freeze up when they first get into a fight, even if they're huge and can bench press a truck.

      At this point, she's not a superhero. She's a ditzy blonde in a costume that thinks she's a superhero, the same way a 9-year-old thinks he's a ninja turtle on Halloween.
    • That is a very logical and well thought argument... the thing is, she has shown advanced reflexes, increased strength and above human agility and coordination. And the enemy was a normal mook. I would have understood if it was some kind of warrior, a dangerous criminal or Grand Martial Artist; but it was a run of the mill arsonist and while the 9 year old girl comparison ring true, even an unarmed, untrained person will retaliate with violence when confronted with danger. What, the guy was 6 Dan in Tae-kwan-do and the comic forgot to mention it? Again, a single slap of her (equal to a right hook of a world championship boxer) would have enough to send the guy to the ground and leave him there. Hell, half of the joke was that spinnerette was brought low by the weakest of the Villains.
    • This is just a thought, but does she really have super-strength? I mean, I know she has increased strength, but it doesn't necessarily mean Super-strength. It's like the difference in strength between Batman and Superman. Of course the advantage she has is she has three sets of arms, so she could lift three times the weight, but by using all the arms at once, not two arms individually, so each arm is still humanly vulnerable. Besides, by your line of logic, then Heather should have literally KILLED her roommate when she hugged her.
    • She totally has super-strength, she stated recently she had ten times the strength of a normal human.
    • Really though, six arms would completely re-write the entire rulebook of armed combat. If it's true her other four arms react subconsciously, if she trained enough, she'd be pretty much unstoppable in a one on one fight.
    • She has super strength and is aware of it so she isn't going to use her full strength if she can help it (she isn't supposed to just off people). She also got batted out of the air mid flight and was probably beat about the face and body with a few hard objects she wasn't expecting (thus only the bruises). It isn't that she COULDN'T have won the fight with her abilities, she just didn't prepare properly do so......
    • Spinnerette was shown tossing around some random guys at the university. There is a bit of a difference between doing that and beating up a guy who knows what he's doing when you have no clue and are also a bit freaked out.
    • Actually, a bear would know a LOT about efficiency of movement, angles of power, and much of the like. That is basically ALL animals think about, much of it hardwired. It's an entire field of research, Biomimetics. The idea that evolution has created much better solutions to certain problems than we would have thought of. Bears just have a fighting style based on their advantages, namely weight, strength, and endurance.
    • Also, going back to the whole "five-year-old punching Bruce Lee" analogy, I recall seeing that the mugger (actually I think he was a car-jacker) didn't PUNCH Heather. He smacked her across the face with a duffel bag, one that was likely full of very heavy metal tools and maybe even a gun. So going by proportion, such a weapon (which is basically a crude mace) would likely shatter a regular human's jaw and give them multiple brain contusions. Heather walked away with a few scrapes and bruises, which due to her low threshold for pain (something I believe you are overlooking) probably felt a lot worse than they actually were. She is super-tough, and super-strong, but remember that she has NEVER been hit in the face before and just took about ten pounds of metal, some of it likely very pointy, right in the kisser. Essentially, it wasn't a five-year-old punching Bruce Lee. It was more like a five-year-old catching Bruce Lee by surprise and hitting him in the gonads with a pipe wrench.
    • If Superman didn't control himself, he would shatter a fishbowl just by holding it. She likely was doing her best not to use her strength to kill the guy, plus she had only intended to scare him instead of bringing his wrath upon herself, leaving her unprepared to handle him.

    "Lesbian Stereotypes" 

  • Maybe I'm just overthinking this, but since when were driving a Subaru or drinking from a Nalgene bottle "lesbian stereotypes"? Why are they stereotypes?
    • Subaru, definitely, since even their marketing reflects this. Not entirely sure how that started, though. Nalgene I've never heard.
    • I think the nalgene bottle thing has something to do with it's chemical composition and the effects it could have on hormones. That's what I remember hearing anyway.
    • Actually, nalgene was discovered by accident while trying to create synthetical hormones.
    • Who knows where Sahira gets her ideas?
    • Well, that is pretty much the point of the question.
    • One tired stereotype that I would have expected her to use was the biting the nails one. These stereotypes are odd.

    Heather's weight gain 

  • I'm still waiting for Heather's acquaintances to comment on her sudden weight gain.
    • This, seriously. She didn't just gain weight very fast, she gained it literally overnight. A lot of weight.
    • Well, she wore a form-concealing overcoat for a while before getting the fat suit; presumably, any acquaintances would have assumed she put on the weight during that period, possibly by binge-eating out of stress over wrecking Dr. Lambha's experiment (given how upset he gets over her normal screw-ups, freaking out over his reaction to that sounds totally plausible). That, or she just doesn't have any acquaintances, outside of Sahira (who knows the truth) and Darien (whom she barely interacts with as it is); seriously, how often do we see her talking to anyone she's known from before her superhero days? With her personality (helped by her admission of virginity), I don't find it difficult at all to imagine that she isn't very good at socializing.
    • Dr. Lambha wouldn't care about her sudden weight gain, so he wouldn't notice. Darien didn't pay any attention to her until AFTER her apparent weight gain, so he likely assumed she was always that weight.

    Buzz's appearance 

  • In Buzz's first appearance, he has light hair and tan (greytoned) skin. In his second appearance, his hair is darker and Buzz has magically become white. He barely looks the same.
    • Fixed in the print, it actually looks like the hair and skin had their tones swapped somehow.

    Breaking a car by landing on it 

  • So Spinnerette was thrown out of the window by her infuriated roommate (who pop 4 more arms from night to day and blamed her). What I don't get is why the car ended nearly broken in half. I mean, is Spinnerette really that heavy? Does her powers make her mass to increase (she looks like she would weight around 173.4 lb) to such level?
    • Well she has 4 extra arms and is mostly muscle I should imagine that she weighs a fair bit more than most people her size (well besides the arms) also it looks like she had quite the drop.
    • Increased density of muscles and bones tissues would go a long toward explaining her super strength. It would also explain why she created craters in the pavement when Greta multiplied her weight by a mere 2.5 times. Maybe she is like Alex Mercer, whose density is so high he might as well be made of lead.
    • Or a much simpler answer? Cars aren't built to last. They're built to be sold, scrapped after 3 years of usage and replaced with a newer and more expensive model.
    • Or an even simpler answer? Very high fuel efficiency standards, mandated by law, requires cars be built out of much lighter, and therefore less durable, materials, like fiberglass vs steel.
    • For a long time cars were built like tanks, to be incredibly durable under the assumption that that would protect their passengers in the event of a crash. However, the laws of conservation of momentum and elastic collisions (backed up by countless crash studies) means that is actually the opposite of the truth. Nowadays, cars are built to collapse/crumple upon impact, save only a cage around the drivers/passengers, so that they absorb as much kinetic energy as possible without crushing their occupants.

    Greta's fighting style 

  • Greta Gravity's style of fighting (throwing objects at people or adjusting their gravity as a whole) seems rather impractical when she could readily, say, break bones by pulling them apart. I suppose the main reason is that it doesn't make an interesting narrative, but it's still kind of jarring.
    • Technically, she doesn't have telekinesis, but rather can create localized gravity fields of various intensity, and presumably re-orient them on the fly. She could theoretically, say, rip a person in two, but that would require two very strong gravity fields pulling in opposite directions, so maybe she is just not capable of such finely tuned control over her powers.
    • Technically, two very strong gravity fields pulling in opposite directions would just nullify each other.
    • I'm not suggesting she rip somebody in two; my assumption was that she didn't want to callously murder everybody (she could just pinch brains if she wanted to do that). But if she's going to spend the energy to throw multiple cinderblocks or cars at high speeds, it's definitely within her reach just to snap bones by by shoving somebody around.
    • It's much easier to lift cinderblocks and throw them by adjusting their weight due to gravity than it is to use gravity to grab people's limbs and crush them.

    Greta's powers 

  • Also, how her gravity work? Shouldn't just the increase of one time gravity being enough to pulverize... well anything? By increasing the weight of all the objects in a radius, its putting all its part far beyond their limit of resistance (imagine a person whose brain suddenly weights twice, then you get each of their bones, muscles, nerves, eyes, blood and so on), but instead is like she is putting invisible training weights in the back of her enemies. Its seems more like pushing instead of gravity, that's all.
    • Well, Gravity sorta is just pulling. Making something weigh twice as much isn't going to instantly make it plummet to the ground—it's going to need time to accelerate just like anything else. Someone whose brain suddenly weighed twice as much would certainly be uncomfortable, and probably have a lot of trouble holding their head up straight, but it's not like the brain would go shooting out of their head. As for doubling everything else? Well, depending on the person, they could handle more than twice their own weight on their legs.
    • People are regularly under the effect of multiple Gravities (Gs). Many roller coasters will subject you to 3-4 Gs, and a car crash can easily get up even higher. While they have the advantage of pressurized chambers and flight suits, fighter pilots can get upwards of 8-9 Gs before blacking out from blood draining out of their brains (hypoxia).
    • She has only been shown to generate 1.5g under normal circumstances (going from one g to 2.5). This is not nearly enough to break bones. She has also not been shown to be precise enough, but that may just be because it was never useful.
    • For a personal example, back in high school, I weighed a little under 200 lbs, and was on the wrestling and football teams, which included weightlifting. As part of that, I did squats, and was able to do multiple sets of reps with as much as 400 or 500 lbs on my back—the most I ever did was 800 lbs, and I could've done more. For superheroes, who would have to work out and who also have super strength, double or triple gravity would make it harder to move, but not to the extent of instant incapacitation.

    Katt's Tails 

  • In the most recent strip—July 8, 2011—is it just me, or does Katt actually have ten tails in that first panel? The only reason I'm bringing this up here is that Katt's normal number of tails is specifically brought up later down the page, which makes me think that Krazy Krow wouldn't have made a blooper like that without being deliberate.
    • Maybe one of them is looping back around under her?
    • Confirmed by Word of God.

    Time Traveller 

  • Mr Time Traveller went back in time to assassinate Hitler but was foiled by Benjamin Franklin who accidentally warped to the same time period as well. The two then disappeared somewhere else where the traveller tried to kill Franklin but missed upon discovering his identity and talking about how he cannot come to harm due to a Time Paradox Law that keeps him safe seeing how his existence results in the creation of a time travelling device. That's all well and understandable, but then that just completely tears apart everything the time traveller hoped to accomplish. He goes on about how killing Franklin will result in the non-existence of the time travelling device thus creating a paradox so he is able to avoid being hurt in any form and yet doesn't acknowledge that killing Hitler or King George or whoever else he intended to would create a paradox in itself, that if they never existed then he wouldn't go back to kill them so they'd still be alive (and etc etc).
    • I think the reasoning was that Franklin specifically couldn't die yet because he was involved in the creation of time travel itself.
    • That's just as much a paradox as why Hitler (amongst others) can't die before their intended time because then the assassin wouldn't go back in time to kill him which would result in him still being alive, sending it into a paradox loop.
    • I know that, and you know that, but Time Travel Man seems to think that it's Franklin's involvement with time travel specifically that protects him, and other people are vulnerable.
    • It also might have something to do with the fact that Franklin is traveling forward in time, and everyone knows who he already is, hence they have a perceived image of Benjamin Franklin that means any action taken against him is influenced by the time traveler's future, if they prevent him from having that future, they'll cause a paradox that loops back and prevents their action from happening. Whereas someone traveling back in time would most likely just cease to exist. At least that's the only way it makes sense. Might also be that all time travelers are protected this way.
    • Or the Time Travel Man may not have known before he tried killing Hitler, not like he had actually done it before.
    • My guess as to how it worked is this: Being able to change the past at all (as opposed to a Stable Time Loop, which is the opposite of everything I'm about to say) by definition requires some form of branching timeline; you have a timeline A that goes at least up to when the time traveler leaves, and a timeline B which becomes visibly different at the point he arrives. This is true regardless of which timeline he'll return to and what happens to timeline A afterward. There's still a causal chain; the events in timeline A caused the time traveler to go to timeline B and make his changes. So killing Hitler would branch the timeline. But since Ben Franklin was going forward in time, he was timeline A's Benjamin Franklin. Since he time-traveled long before the intentional time traveler interfered with anything, there has to be a timeline in which he traveled forward, then found a way back and then did what the guy said he did. It seems like he may've done this before and thus already had a way back, but he would've had to survive his naked arrival in Hitler's office at the least. Thus it's not so much that he's immune but Hitler's not as that Ben Franklin's life story demanded a time traveler, so the other time traveler wound up stuck assisting in timeline A (You Already Changed the Past, Stable Time Loop) with Ben A and Hitler A. Even if he had reason to expect to arrive timeline B. And now that the possible branch point is behind him, it's much cleaner—he HAS to be from the same timeline as the future he's interacting with, so it has no causal source unless he survives to do anything and everything that the history books tell him he's going to do. It's not the most logically consistent of time-travel shenanigans but it's above-average I guess.
    • Thinking further, this does NOT in and of itself stop him from stopping the subprime mortgage crisis—if he did so successfully it'd mean he was in timeline B right now instead of A, but would return to his spot in timeline A, while timeline A marches on as if he'd never arrived in the future until the point where the time traveler leaves from. Actually from that it's possible that he WAS in timeline B when he met Hitler, and so was the time traveler; however he was still Ben Franklin A. The fact that he failed to stop the crisis doesn't actually mean that he physically couldn't. If anything, that makes more sense since the other time traveler had to figure out how the rules worked with him, possibly implying he came from a timeline without Superhero-Ben.
    • As for how the traveler could successfully assassinate Hitler, he says that the time machine specifically places him outside the time stream, allowing him to alter it. Since Ben traveled without any such machine, he's still tied to the time stream and cannot be altered, at least not in any way he can't fake his way around.

    Figuring out Mecha Maid's civilian identity 

  • I'm confused - how in the world did Heather figure out what Mecha Maid's civilian identity was with just one run in?
    • My spidey-sense is tingling that Heather just took a shot in the dark. If you want a less half-assed answer: How many girls in (this universe's) Columbus, Ohio do you think have chin-length purple hair?
      • Heather did just take a shot in the dark. She's been shown to be reckless and kinda not all that bright or forward thinking (instantly trusting evil Spinnerette anyone?). She saw the girl with ALS and purple hair and went "That must be Mecha Maid!" If there was another person looking similar to MM, she likely would have done the same.
    • Voice?
    • Alternatively, Mecha Maid is easily identifiable by her lack of Most Common Superpower.
    • The hair, facial features, and the voice probably clued Heather in. Most likely the hair and voice, given that Spinnerette had begun spending time with Tiger and Mecha Maid on a regular basis.
    • An easier answer: Marilyn was working on powered armor and had specs visibly pulled up on her displays. How many people in the world, much less one city, have ALS, similar facial features/voice, and work on powered armor? It's a pretty reasonable bet on Heather's part that the answer is "just one".

    Ben's slaves 

  • How could Ben Franklin hold onto his slaves for seven years after his excursion to the 21st century? And for that matter, how old must he have been upon returning, to live another twelve years?
    • Freeing slaves right was a lot harder than just saying "Okay, you're free." Technically, blacks were not allowed to be free legally speaking, so if you didn't find the right loopholes, they'd just end up enslaved to someone else, who would probably try to whip out any thoughts of freedom they might have entertained under their old mast. That's what happened with Washington's slaves when he freed them in his will (the fact that they were technically his wife's slaves didn't help).
    • As for Ben Franklin's age, it's not outright stated, but it seems to be implied that, much like the fact that he cannot be hurt while time displaced, he cannot physically age either as that would ALSO create a paradox. So, he's going to age mentally, so in technical terms, he'll be much older when he returns to his time, but his body will function exactly as it would have at the age he left.

    Morality of souls to Hell 

  • How come none of the characters seemed to mind helping bring souls to hell? They were evil, but we don't torture criminals beyond prison. It's entirely likely that the rumors we hear about hell are completely wrong, but they didn't do so much as to ask the guard.
    • It's not really the heroes place to question it though is it?
    • Being a hero doesn't mean you're legally required to argue with the powers that be if what they're doing doesn't match up with the mainstream concept of right and wrong. That's just being a complete idiot.
    • Even if they don't like it, what are they going to do about it? Get in a fist fight with God?
    • And that's assuming Heaven or Hell lacks a decent system for dealing with composite souls. This can't be the first one if Minerva knows what she's doing.
    • A.) They escaped from Hell in the first place, so immediately, not nice people. B.) The composite soul was a clear and present danger to all of Columbus, Ohio, and if they did not help Minerva, while having the power to do so, the heroes would all have been guilty of being accomplices to the wanton death and destruction the composite soul was causing, by inaction. Even if the heroes were morally opposed, Minerva's cause of action was their best option.
    • We also see in Krakow, which takes place in the same universe as Spinnerette and is also by Krazy Krow, that Hell actually has an appeal process for souls that feel they've been unjustly assigned to Hell.

    Significance of the cerberus 

  • How did they not realize the significance of the cerberus's costume? The explanation they gave would be suspect even if she wasn't wearing a collar on each head.
    • Given that Minerva looks nothing like a classical cerberus I don't think it would have occurred to them she was the real deal until she told them.

    Sudden Sexuality 

  • Is it just me, or does Spinnerette's sudden lesbianism bother anyone else? Mecha Maid comes out and says she's in love with Spinny, and after a day or so of consideration Spinny just...decides that she's gay too. I hate to cast aspersions on Krow since I really do love this webcomic, but is this really how he thinks human sexuality works?
    • Point to me the page where Spinny "decides" that she's gay. Where does she stop and say, "I'm going to be gay from now on"?
    • She was heterosexual one minute and then magically gay the next. What would you call it?
    • Oh, it's magic now? Again: Show me where she "decides". Show me where this "magical" transformation occurs. What I see is someone deciding to give something a shot when she realizes she did indeed have feelings for someone.
    • Again, what else would you call it? She's never been shown to be attracted to girls before, and then Mecha Maid confesses her love and suddenly Spinny's attracted to girls. Sahira herself even says "You don't just suddenly wake up gay at 25." Well apparently in the Spinnyverse, you do.
    • And the comic specifically states she spent weeks angsting over Mecha Maid's confession and whether or not she herself was a lesbian. Krow just opted not to show that.
    • First, thank you for actually answering my question instead of being a jerk. Second, when was this shown? I don't remember it ever being said.
    • Discussed from here on.
    • She's bi. It's not sudden as such; it's always been there, but she couldn't ignore it with Marilyn.
    • I'd also like to bring up the foreshadowing of ol' Bottom Lefty, her humorously lecherous hand which is supposed to be operating off of her sub-conscious.
    • I think their conclusion was that Heather had always figured that she was asexual, or was straight and had just never met the right guy, and only after she fell for Marilyn did she realize that she was gay and had never met the right girl.
    • Heather is totally bisexual. It makes sense, due to her attraction to both Darien AND Marilyn. As she mentioned, she couldn't really pursue a relationship, due to her lack of time to spend on one. She is also shy, meaning she wouldn't usually talk to a person she does have a crush on. For instance, Darien. She didn't have much of a chance to truly get to know Darien. Meanwhile, she was around Marilyn on a regular basis, and they developed a close relationship. She had never had much time to truly think about her sexuality, so she had always assumed she was straight.
    • Speaking for myself, Darien always seemed a little... girly. It's possible Heather was only attracted to guys who were feminine. The real question is why she's so fascinated by Gretta and Super MILF's chest sizes, when she told Sahira she didn't like curvy girls.

    Super MILF 

  • If Super MILF gets her abilities from her breasts, what happened when her children breastfeed?
    • ...Legacy Superheroes?
    • They probably were unaffected. The reactor was inside of her, so the energy wouldn't just stay in the boobs. Most likely, if her egg cells were mutated by the reactor, her children ALREADY had some of her abilities. Mutations only are passed down to the children if the egg cells were mutated. Either way, if the energy from the reactor didn't kill them in the womb, then breast feeding wouldn't harm them.
    • Umm.. That's not the way radiation works. However, since the reactor in her chest powers her abilities, it stands to reason, that unless her children get a reactor in them too, they won't have any. Doesn't automatically mean her breast milk is exactly healthy though.

    Marilyn's Flute 

  • Why is it "a very good reason Marilyn's musical instrument of choice is the flute"?
    • Alyson Hannigans's line in American Pie about band camp springs to mind.
    • Interesting fact: Heather was in band at one point, due to her mention of being at band camp. Meaning that Heather plays a musical instrument.

    Heather and CK 

  • Did Heather have the CK Reaction dormant in her, or are her powers a completely unrelated thing?
    • Her powers are unaffected by the locations that dampen or amplify CK-based powers, so they appear to be completely unrelated.
    • She was unaffected by the Fireproof Warehouse (she never tested if the park did anything), demonstrating that she's not CK-based...but then after she gets that second infusion-ray blast, she's nearly killed by her CK reaction Going Critical. What gives?
    • Word of God is that that second jolt gave her Sahira's powers, which then reacted with her own. Since Sahira has Shapeshifter Baggage and can copy CK supers like Greta, she's almost certainly CK-based.
    • Her mutations were a RESULT of CK. The second shot is what caused her to go critical.
    • Further explained in Issue 25. CK allowed the mutation to happen, and gave her a 'template' of powers. But she doesn't have a continuing reaction to sustain it, like other CK heroes need. Which makes her mostly immune to power drain effects and such. However, her 'template' can be copied, allowing Sahira and other people to mimic her powers.

    Super MILF origin 

  • Super MILFs Origin Story: an alien nanoscale tokamak, OK. But brought back from Venus? The planet with 90 times Earth’s atmospheric pressure, over 400 °C surface temperature, the sulfuric acid rain in the upper atmosphere? Really?
    • We have successfully sent probes there. None of them survived very long, true, but doesn't that general strike you as exactly the sort of person who would send a two-way mission there and say that it was a one-way that died after an hour and a half on the surface?
    • In a world with magic, six-armed girls, cerberuses from Hell, werewolves, and Ayn Rand novels causing someone to become an evil villian, you are questioning how they sent a probe to Venus, where they have actually sent probes before?

    Highly Mutagenic Spider handling 

  • Just found this comic. Why are "highly mutagenic" spiders being kept in an open container?
    • It's possible that they're some kind of tarantulas (they're the right size), and tarantulas generally can't climb glass. It wouldn't exactly be best practice to leave the cage open, but you could probably get away with it.
    • Come to it, why are they described as "mutagenic"? That means they cause mutations. The GIC is mutagenic, but the spiders themselves should just be "mutated".
    • It was likely that the reason the container was open was because Dr. Lambha had requested Heather to feed them, and Heather had used the opportunity to text Sahira. As for "highly mutagenic," it is possible that these spiders were tested on and still had radiation on them, and Lambha wanted to see if anything happened to them over time. A bite can become infected after a while, and Lambha knew that the radiation might lead to it being bad.

    Lambha's genre blindness 

  • Why can't Lambha connect the dots between Heather and Spinnerette? His genetic infusion device, which he was using for experiments with spider DNA, suffers a serious malfunction, and within a week a superheroine with spider mutations appears in the same town. His grad student has the same below-average height as this new heroine, was present for the accident, unaccountably failed to tell him about it for several hours, and now seems oddly distracted all the time. Even for someone who clearly just thinks of Heather as "grad student, annoying, one", and who tries not to think about superheroics, this seems a bit much to miss.
    • The same reason Doc Lambda has bought a suspiciously expensive car for a teacher salary. He is probably really good in his scientific field, but lack any manner of street smart. Beside, what is he gonna do with Spinny's secret identity? Blackmail her? Doc U himself, his backer and former teacher, would probably give a good chewing for this kind of action.
    • Also, Dr. Lambha doesn't like Heather, and appears to find her pretty much incompetent. He would not believe that the clumsy grad student was a six-armed superhero. Also, Heather wears a wig as Spinnerette, meaning he would dismiss it simply because Heather looks nothing like her, and did not seem capable in any way, shape, or form.

    Colonel Glass Lockdown 

  • Ok, with some of the issues of the Colonel Glass arc, there's now a lockdown on the entire city of Columbus and nobody with the CK reaction is allowed to enter or leave, that is used as the excuse for why the ASA can't send a superhero to help fight Colonel Glass. Who told Spinny and co. about the lockdown? Ben Franklin. His powers are caused by time travel, not the CK reaction. And even if they weren't, he can't be killed for obvious reasons, nor be harmed. So why doesn't he come down to help against Glass since it is a very urgent situation? Yes, it would be going against the government, but would that matter all that much? He doesn't even have to force his way passed the military forces. He can just walk right through and be absolutely fine no matter how many times they try to attack him. That helps his case, that would be disobedience, but not attacking US forces. Also the fact that he's a founding father should help his case with the government.
    • There seems to be something more going on than is readily apparent. Perhaps the CK lockdown is just a convenient fiction that sounds better than "Stay out or get a boot up your ass courtesy of Uncle Sam", so I doubt Ben's status as a found father is going to hold much water. I don't recall, but isn't Ben's immunity limited to actual threats against his life? They can detain him without hurting him.
    • The lockdown only lasted a few hours or so. Did Ben even have time to go from wherever he operates to Columbus?

    Spinny and Greta swapping powers and body types 

  • How did that work? We saw during Greta Gravity and Dr. Universe's origin that Greta gained her weight intentionally to fuel her gravity powers. The weight isn't part of her powers. Even if you figure that Greta's body can't hold the weight without her gravity powers, why would Heather instantly gain said weight, let alone how? And if we go with the "body and powers are a package deal" theory, why did Heather still have her extra arms?

    The MST3K Mantra only goes so far!
    • Just before they wake up and discover their powers have been swapped, Heather suggests she, MM, and Tiger order out from Grubhub since she's suddenly really hungry. We saw that Greta was able to gain 30ish kg in a day or so due to her hyper metabolic functions, perhaps Spinny just had a big order. As for Greta going in reverse, Spinnerette's first transformation made her buff ("girl abs") after a night of sleep. So that's where Greta got her new fit body.

    London and shirts 
  • So, while out on the town with the others, London claims that werewolves can't wear shirts. Why not? Sure, London's more muscular than the average human, but he doesn't seem unrealistically so. Real people have probably gotten at least that big, and they can still find shirts no problem. Plus literally two issues ago he was wearing a tank top. So what gives?
    • London lies. He knows nothing about werewolves. (More realistically? He likely doesn't like too much cloth on fur)


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