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Yumi's Cells is full of comedy, from the Slapstick of the Cells to the awkward interactions of the human cast.
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The webtoon

    Episodes 0 - 42 
Ep. 2 - Loneliness
  • Detective Cell suffers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown after incorrectly deducing that Wook would be working overtime. To rub salt in the wound, the other Cells bring up how he messed up her college entrance exam.
Ep. 3 - Stop it
  • Rational Cell is a bit too honest about Yumi's physical appearance, causing Emotional Cell to punch him in the face. He laughs at the age gap between Yumi and Wook, and she hits him again.
Ep. 5 - Improvise
  • Emotional Cell sports some funny Fish Eyes and does a dance when she finds out Yumi is going to deliver documents to Wook.
Ep. 7 - Sleepless
  • Rational Cell forcefully knocks out everyone who's keeping Yumi up and snipes Detective Cell from afar.
Ep. 8 - Clue of Ruby
  • Detective Cell has very frizzy hair after being blasted by Rational Cell.
  • When Detective Cell refuses to help Rational Cell until he learns some manners, Rational Cell whacks him on the head with a stick.
  • Naughty Cell slowly explains what two people do after drinking together as all the other cells yell at him to stop. The final warning is that there are baby cells around. Of course he doesn't heed it, so the cells run after him.
Ep. 9 - Can't Let it Happen
  • As Emotional Cell steps in front of the screen and demands to stop the dream of Wook and Ruby, she asks who came up with the script. Naughty Cell wrote the script, Dream Cell is the director, and Imagination Cell did the CG.
Ep. 10 - Denim Jacket
  • As Yumi dashes to work, Rational Cell gets a call from the Lungs, who are screaming about how much Yumi needs to breathe.
  • Naughty Cell gets Yumi to cool down by taking off her jacket, revealing her sleeveless dress and causing some male coworkers to turn their heads.
Ep. 18 - What Do You Want to Say?
  • Emotional Cell refuses to hear out Naughty Cell, and their argument devolves into a Wimp Fight. The other cells gather to watch as a vendor passes out cell chips to eat.
    Vendor Cell: Get your cell chips! The best thing to eat when you're watching a fight!
Ep. 21 - Yumi and Alcohol
  • The Liver Cells get washed away as Yumi drinks a lot of alcohol. The detox team is confident that they can take care of the problem, but they too get washed away. Finally, the Liver Guardian sends in a detox robot, but that also gets swept up in the flood.
Ep. 34 - Inner Feeling Cell's Inner Mind
  • Insult Recording Cell starts to read off the names of all 389,211 cells that have gone missing. Some of them include "Let's bite off that handnail" cell and "Should I cut my bangs" cell, and Rational Cell says good riddance.
Ep. 35 - Locked and Loaded
  • Vendor Cell 6 is named "Rip-Off". He tries to sell a Reaction Doll for 108 million Yumis, and the doll says it's so cheap. When Emotional Cell begs Rip-Off, he says he hates hearing his name. The cells eventually resort to beating him up.
  • Yumi tells Ruby that her dress is pretty in a very unimpressed voice.
  • Woong tries to deepen his voice before calling Yumi.
Ep. 36 - One Second
  • First Impression Cell doesn't like Woong, but Naughty Cell advocates in his favor because he's sexy.
Ep. 38 - The King of Jokes
  • When Woong first sees Yumi, his Slammy and Thumpy stop beating for a moment. Then they get a call from the brain, yelling at them because Woong's heart just stopped.
  • Woong's Joke Cell told a joke while his brain was blanking out. Yumi seemed to laugh at it, but that was just her Reaction Doll. He thinks he earned some points with her, but he actually lost some.
Ep. 39 - The Belly Flute
  • Hunger Cell plays a sorrowful melody on the belly flute. Outside, it translates to a Growling Gut.
Ep. 41 - Yumi According To Yumi
  • Yumi's Cheapskate Cell makes her pretend to be a couple with Woong and take a picture for the discounts.
Ep. 42 - Mood Swings
  • Emotional Cell forces the First Impression Decision Cell to change the decision by telling him she's looking for her sledgehammer.

    Episodes 43 - 81 
Ep. 43 - Can't Get You Out of My Head
  • Woong wants to walk in the same direction as Yumi, but she remembers that he lives in the opposite direction. He appears to say ":(" out loud.
  • Woong's Joke Cell says it's "Beer O'Clock". The joke doesn't seem to land with Yumi, so Joke Cell gets beaten up.
  • Yumi shows up in Woong's village and tramples it. She splits Woong's Geek Prime Cell back into Love Cell and Hobby Cell.
Ep. 44 - I need sugar
  • Yumi goes over to a sweets booth to clear her mind, but she turns back when Hysterious attacks Hunger Cell. The vendor cries as she turns away.
Ep. 45 - Don't Forget To Shower Before Bed
  • Rational Cell and Shower Cell argue about whether Yumi should text Woong back or shower first. Ultimately, a large Lullaby Cell puts Yumi to sleep before she can do either of those things.
Ep. 46 - Looking for a Cause
  • Woong wonders if he did anything wrong for Yumi to not text him back. He remembers the bad jokes he told, and his cells prepare to roast Joke Cell.
  • As the cells realize girls don't like beards, they go after Hairy Cell.
Ep. 47 - I Don't Even Know Myself
  • Ruby makes so many excuses that it's obvious she's trying to keep Yumi with Woong.
Ep. 48 - We Need You
  • Ruby does a name compatibility test on Yumi and Woong. She ends up getting one, which is very low and difficult to get. She tosses the paper out and says not to believe the superstition.
  • Nosy Cell goes into the Vault of Secrets to spill Wook's secret to Ruby, but he gets tossed out immediately.
  • Mr. Nam tells Ruby to stop shouting and get back to work.
Ep. 50 - Yumi Flips Out
  • Ruby mentioning Yumi's age is the final straw that causes the stress bombs to drop.
Ep. 51 - Get Your Appetite Back
  • Hysterious uses a ladder to climb to the top of Hunger Cell's head.
Ep. 52 - God, You're Obnoxious
  • White Blood Cell complains about being told to heal cells but changes his mind when he sees Emotional Cell's bat. Once he agrees, he asks her to put it away.
  • Insult-Recording Cell calls out Rational Cell's hypocrisy for being the first one to run off when Yumi exploded.
  • Telepathy Cell's self-generation mode is a hamster wheel, which isn't so impressive to the other cells.
  • Telepathy Cell calls Woong's cells but mentions that he feels hot. The cell on the other end calls him a pervert.
Ep. 54 - Hysterious Versus Love Cell
  • Love Cell tells Hysterious that the mill is a sacred tool for seeking wisdom. Hysterious asks if deciding what to have for lunch is "wisdom".
  • Hysterious calls Love Cell a big softy. She proceeds to zap him with "soft" lightning.
Ep. 55 - Woong's Algorithm
  • Woong's decision-making flowchart has all options lead to "yes" when the nurse asks if he's Yumi's guardian.
Ep. 56 - Cuteness Deserves A Free Pass
  • Love Cell worries about the poor cells that were jailed or banished, but they're having fun.
  • The frog tells Love Cell that a kiss will break the spell, but she points out the zipper on his back.
Ep. 57 - The Love Beggar
  • As Woong's Love Cell tells Yumi's Love Cell that the couple has to kiss for him to return, Naughty Cell starts preparing for the kiss in the background of their conversation.
Ep. 58 - Taking Down Hysterious
  • Yumi tells Woong that it's beer o'clock, which is enough to capture his King Pouty.
Ep. 59 - My Bare Face is Off Limits
  • As the other cells go after Hysterious, Love Cell defends him, saying she won't let anyone hit or insult him. He says Yumi is doomed to be single forever, and Love Cell stomps on him while Symbol Swearing.
  • Shower Cell is happy because she just washed her face. Detective Cell freaks out because Yumi isn't wearing any makeup.
  • The closing picture is of Hysterious bowing down to Hunger Cell.
Ep. 60 - The Moment You Can Spot The Difference
  • Woong's Hairy Cell is repeatedly released and re-jailed as Yumi compliments Woong's old beard and his clean-shaven face.
  • Yumi's last thought is that the chopsticks don't match.
Ep. 61 - The Bulletin Board Manager
  • Diet Cell calls out the Bulletin Board Manager for tossing out the diet notes but doesn't actually plan to act on those notes.
Ep. 62 - Her Attention
  • Yumi freaks out when her alarm doesn't go off and she's running late, but she remembers it's Saturday.
Ep. 63 - Plan Carefully And Act Innocent
  • Love Cell asks if anyone is opposed to buying shaving cream for Woong while holding a Death Note.
Ep. 66 - The Terrifying Incarnation of Memories
  • Yumi's ex Wook asks if her number is still the same, which causes her to think up a wall of text about his possible motives.
  • The cells stomp on the memory as it starts to surface, calling it a "bad memory".
Ep. 67 - Yumi's Law
  • When Woong asks what Yumi ate, she recalls that she ate a huge meal followed by some pizza and cake. She tells him that she just had tteokbokki.
  • Woong's password hint is his least favorite food, tteokbokki. Still, he tells Yumi he likes it.
  • Wook's prime cell is his confidence cell, which is absorbed in a religion about his pretty face.
  • Yumi's beast from hell is a kitty, but it can deliver deadly strikes.
Ep. 69 - Yumi's Rule
  • Hunger Cell has to decide what kind of tteokbokki to eat, but he's only allowed to pick one.
  • Naughty Cell runs in with a shield.
Ep. 70 - On The Way Home
  • Manner Cell is scandalized by the idea of Yumi and Woong kissing in the middle of the street, saying she couldn't imagine it. Naughty Cell says he's imagined cruder things. Manner Cell says they should kiss at home, and other cells say she's the least modest of all.
Ep. 71 - Her Long Hair
  • Shower Cell says there's something that she'd like to do with a boyfriend. Naughty Cell eagerly listens, only to suffer a bump to the head when Shower Cell talks about putting on face masks in the sauna.
  • Emotional Cell wants to walk in a field of freshly fallen snow and tells Schedule Cell to write that verbatim.
  • Naughty Cell gets fed up with the romantic talk, lights a torch, and tells the cells that sleeping over is the best part of the relationship.
Ep. 72 - The Questions To Ask Yourself
  • Fashion Cell tricks Love Cell into spending 37,000 won (around $30 USD) on a skirt at a "loveable price". Cheapskate Cell brings up that Anxiety Cell was also tricked into buying a coat last winter. Anxiety Cell defends her choice by questioning the practicality of a skirt in the cold weather.
  • Yumi can keep warm with the oddly-named "smoking hot barrier of love".
  • When Yumi finds out that Sia is a girl, she has a very flat expression on her face accompanied by the word "wut?"
  • Love Cell, Rational Cell, and Emotional Cell participate in a One-Second Debate quiz show to decide if men and women can be friends. Emotional Cell insists they just can't and claims to be very logical. Rational Cell throws a pan at her head and pulls out a stack of paper he prepared, but Emotional Cell sends him and his podium through a trap door. As she heads off on a rampage, Love Cell zaps her and uses the reaction puppet.
Ep. 73 - The Sixth Sense
  • Sixth Sense Cell bikes all the way to town to say that Sia is a good-looking woman, but Emotional Cell tells him that it could easily be checked on social media.
Ep. 74 - Lunch Box with Love
  • Love Cell knocks on Cooking Cell's door and starts to ask, "Do you want to build a snow..."
  • Love Cell wants Cooking Cell to cook a large assortment of food at 5 am, and he slams the door in her face. She proceeds to "beg" him and slam his door into the opposite wall.
  • Art Cell comes with a portfolio of childish drawings.
Ep. 76 - Two Things That Sia Can't Stand (Part 2)Ep. 77 - Things She Normally Wouldn't Do
  • While Sia is plotting to threaten Yumi's relationship, Yumi is clipping her toenails.
  • Art Cell gets blamed for messing up Yumi's pedicure, but she passes the blame onto Right Hand. Right Hand gets renamed "Front Paw".
  • Manner Cell tries to ask why Yumi is doing a pedicure in the winter, but all the cells avoid her.
  • Cheapskate Cell is also being ignored because Naughty Cell and Fashion Cell took up the job of buying socks and underwear.
  • Manner Cell and Cheapskate Cell try to team up with Hunger Cell to reclaim their lost authority. They fail when Yumi tosses her box of crackers, and Hunger Cell grabs the two cells for lying. Cue the Iris Out on the two cells.
Ep. 78 - Naughtysaurus
  • Woong's Scholar Cell is prepared to send Yumi off, but Naughtysaurus charges at him while he's unable to run. Naughtysaurus has comparable strength to Yumi's Hunger Cell.
  • The rest of Woong's cells try to stop Naughty Cell, causing Woong to awkwardly offer Yumi a thermos of coffee. Yumi gets tired of the awkwardness and decides to go to Woong's place.
Ep. 79 - Appetite and Sensibility
  • The cells make weird faces as they run around telling Yumi what to do at Woong's apartment.
  • When Yumi tells Woong that she wants to drink coffee and get going, he prepares a huge mug for her.
  • Woong says it's still early, but the clock reads 11:50.
  • When Woong sits really close to Yumi, Emotional Cell comes up with a story. Rational Cell tells her to keep it PG in front of the baby cells.
  • When Woong offers Yumi some cake, she declines and says she doesn't eat anything after 7 p.m. The next panel is a plate that's empty except for crumbs.
Ep. 80 - When Silence Falls
  • Woong's Rational Cell is leashed by Naughtytsaurs.
  • In his high school yearbook, Woong has short hair and a pouty face.
  • Alli Galli is said to be a game that causes couples to have children.
Ep. 81 - For You, Slammy
  • As Yumi heads out, Rational Cell comforts Naughty Cell, who is on the verge of tears.
  • Yumi drops hints for Woong, but he's in bear mode and his cells are being dumb.
  • Kindness beats up Telepathy Cell for causing Yumi to age.
  • Woong gets an afro from the shock of Yumi's telepathy.

    Episodes 82 - 119 
Ep. 82 - Leaving out a Big Chunk of the Story
  • The narration says that Yumi and Woong fell asleep holding hands, but another voice remarks that it's leaving out a lot.
Ep. 83 - One Month Earlier - Citron Friend
  • Sia's citron tries to enter Woong's door to the heart, but the guards won't let it in. It tries to pole-vault over the wall, but the pole breaks. Then it tries to dig under the wall.
Ep. 84 - Suspicion
  • Suspicion Cell puts on a mask when she sees a flower emitting a strange green powder. The other cells turn into suspicion zombies, including Rational Cell.
  • When one of Woong's cells appears through a wormhole, Love Cell asks if Yumi and Woong are kissing. Woong is just holding Yumi's face.
Ep. 85 - Three Weeks Earlier - Defensive Mode
  • Woong turns into a defensive bear when Sia tries to get close to him.
  • When Sia brings up the time that Woong brought her home drunk, he claims to have no idea what she's talking about at every step.
  • When Sia asks to sit next to Woong, he gets up, switching seats with her.
  • As Sia attempts to tell Woong she had a crush on him in college, he says she had a crush on Jinsu, revealing that he was the one who spread the rumor.
  • Sia grabs Woong's arm, only to find an empty sleeve. Woong is wearing a Coat Cape.
Ep. 86 - A Perfect Time
  • Woong's Joke Cell tries to get him to hit the door frame, but the door doesn't open in the way they expected, causing the joke to fall flat.
  • A spider lands on Woong's hand, causing him to freak out and for Yumi to laugh.
Ep. 87 - Two Weeks Earlier - Priorities
  • Sia's Emotional Cell sneaks into Woong's Corner of the Heart. Some of the rooms in there are "Dirty Thoughts" and "Joke Storage".
  • Meat dumplings beat out Sia for tenth place on Woong's priority list. Sia's Emotional Cell decides not to say anything about it.
Ep. 88 - I Will Not Forget It
  • Love Cell uses the eraser of love on the wound records, but Wound Recording Cell used a pen.
  • Inner Peace Corps has all the cells meditating. When she checks up on Emotional Cell, the latter declares war. This causes Yumi to go red-faced and think "Sia tea" over and over.
  • Rational Cell declares "Sia" and "citrus tea" off limits, replacing them with "Woong's coworker" and "tangerine's cousins" respectively.
  • Yumi's attempts to substitute out her thoughts get her angry, and she turns her head directly to the screen.
  • A man is reading the episode and asks his partner if all women are like this. She says the author is exaggerating, but then she gets suspicious of whether the story reminds him of his ex-girlfriend named Yumi.
Ep. 89 - To Trick And To Be Tricked
  • Yumi asks Woong if he wants to do something intense that involves his body. Naughtysaurus sheds a tear over it, and Woong's other cells dance around it. Woong says he loves it before Yumi finishes explaining. It's a marathon.
  • Woong acts like he forgot Yumi's birthday. Yumi's flames are ready to flare through her nose, and her Yumi Beam is ready to activate. Then Woong stands up and casually mentions the dinner reservation. Yumi admits she was sold as the episode ends with an Iris Out on her.
Ep. 90 - The Meal Has Ended
  • Yumi uses donkey ears to listen in on the conversation. When Love Cell asks the donkey what it heard, it states the obvious.
  • Hunger Cell is in <intense-eating> mode, so Love Cell force shutdowns the meal by calling Hunger Cell a pig.
Ep. 91 - Getting A Pre-emptive Strike
  • As Rational Cell explains that Yumi shouldn't act like she knows Sia first, the accompanying visual shows Yumi calling Sia a bitch. Ultimately, Yumi ends up revealing that she knows Sia's name.
Ep. 92 - Friendly Atmosphere
  • When Sia asks how Yumi knows her name, Rational Cell and the other cells flee.
  • Emotional Cell goes to One-Step-Behind's house to figure out how to respond to Sia. When the latter refuses, Emotional Cell lures her out with a gift that turns out to be a bat... that Emotional Cell uses.
  • As Sia starts to talk about her history with Woong, Yumi uses the hand dryer. Sia realizes it's on purpose after a few tries.
Ep. 93 - The Tip of an Iceberg
  • A Vendor Cell tries to sell an ulterior-motive detector. Emotional Cell says it would be quicker to steal it, but Kindness insists on negotiating. When the vendor refuses to budge, Kindess agrees it would be quicker to just take it and attacks with plunger arrows.
Ep. 94 - Guess What Yumi Got for Her Birthday
  • Fashion Cell and Shower Cell make bets on what's in the box, only for there to be smaller boxes. Emotional Cell bets her life savings that it's a necklace, only for it to be a portable charger. There's a necklace inside the portable charger.
Ep. 95 - It Was a Good Dream
  • After Yumi wakes up from the Dream Within a Dream that her relationship with Woong was all just a dream, Emotional Cell and Love Cell beat up Dream Cell, causing half of his moustache to fall off.
Ep. 96 - I Have a Boyfriend
  • Sihyun doesn't believe that Yumi has a boyfriend, and Yumi gets more aggressive as her attempts to convince Sihyun fail.
  • When Yumi looks for pictures of food on her phone, she gets agitated when she finds out most of her pictures are just food.
  • After Woong says he can't go to the wedding, Yumi dramatically faints in Woong's arms, claiming the world is trying to deny his existence.
Ep. 97 - The Burden
  • Yumi breathes out so hard that it shakes the ground. She then proceeds to make more thinly-veiled expressions of disappointment that make Woong nervous.
Ep. 98 - Couple Picture
  • Naughty Cell's idea of a couple picture is of Yumi and Woong lying in bed and sporting his default expression.
  • Yumi doesn't have a photographer cell, but Hunger Cell is awesome at taking pictures... of food.
Ep. 99 - Catching a Wedding Bouquet
  • Rational Cell warns Jinx Cell of the superstition of catching a bouquet. Jinx asks who believes it, so Rational Cell points at Emotional Cell, who is casually picking out a bat.
  • Yumi sports a naughty smirk as she entertains the idea of getting married.
Ep. 100 - But I Cannot Bring It to the Surface
  • The sharks in Woong's ocean give his Love Cell a quiz: "Marriage is __." The answer is "insane", and the sharks swim after Love Cell for getting the answer wrong.
Ep. 102 - Hysterius Has A New Weapon
  • Hysterius calls his new weapon the "Yi-Dong Gun", a pun on the author's name.
  • As Hysterius heads out to attack, he realizes his weapon has no battery and sits down to charge it.
Ep. 103 - Getting Angrier
  • Emotional Cell warns the others not to get angry, but someone points out that she's already angry before she gets hit with the gun.
  • Inner Peace Corps manages to avoid getting angry at Hysterius until he provokes her a little too much, at which point she drops a Precision F-Strike on him and kicks him in the face.
Ep. 104 - Accept The Opinion
  • Woong's Rational Cell hires part-timers to look through Woong and Yumi's chat records. A bunch of cells from the intestines take up the job.
  • The motto in the intestines is "just keep on pushing".
  • Some voice tells Woong to just go to Yumi. The cells look around wondering who it is. It's apparently the subconscious, but nobody knows if he actually exists.
Ep. 105 - Ready To Go Out Mode
  • Fashion Cell is caught changing, and she asks if the offending cell ever heard of knocking. The other cell says her place doesn't have a door.
Ep. 106 - Sad Timing
  • Yumi tells Woong that she doesn't like sweet things before laughing at what she said.
  • Yumi invites Woong to her apartment, and his cells and Naughtysaurus start cheering.
  • Woong's intestine cells want their jobs back, so they have to catch up on work. Now Woong has to use the bathroom at an unfortunate time.
Ep. 107 - Extrasensory Yumi
  • Woong's Blush-Blush Cell is very embarrassed that the first thing he does at his girlfriend's place is to go poo.
  • Woong goes to wash his hands, but the water is set to the shower head above, which soaks his shirt.
  • Yumi's Naughty Cell gets her to tell Woong to Take Off Your Clothes, so he takes his shirt off right in front of her. Yumi turns away embarrassed and hands Woong a dry shirt, but the power goes off.
Ep. 108 - Naughty Cell VS Manner Cell
  • Naughty Cell starts steering Yumi's left hand to squeeze Woong's hand, so Manner Cell takes the right hand and grabs ahold of the left hand.
  • Naughty Cell tips Yumi's center of gravity towards Woong, but Manner Cell kicks him away and tries to set it back in place. She ends up dropping the ball, causing Yumi to fall over. Yumi ends up landing on the bed in a somewhat seductive pose as the lights go back on.
Ep. 109 - Party
  • The chapter immediately opens with a kiss. That escalated quickly.
  • Yumi plays the <black hole of love> card, which "sucks in everything with extreme force".
  • When Lullaby Cell hears that Yumi and Woong are sleeping together, he prepares to play some music, but Naughty Cell comes after him with torches.
Ep. 111 - Because I Just Love It So Much
  • Eda tells Yumi to slow down, but Yumi has already eaten an entire skewer.
  • The Fat wants to settle down in Yumi's breast, but a veteran warns them that they'll get kicked out of there as soon as Yumi loses weight. They learn that the sides are the best place to settle down.
  • Ruby asks Yumi if she's concerned about her body now that she's in a relationship. Yumi says she isn't, but she searches for "celebrity diet menu" as soon as she gets back to the office.
  • After seeing how light a celebrity diet is, Yumi searches for a regular person diet, realistic diet, beginner's diet, and surprisingly-filling diet. Rational Cell decides it would be easier to throw Hunger Cell in prison.
Ep. 112 - Powerful Stimulus
  • Woong's Ambition Cell stands at a high spot holding a broken umbrella, hoping to get struck by lightning and become a Prime Cell. Louis and Sia bring up the importance of Woong's job, which zaps Ambition Cell thrice and burns him black. Ambition Cell asks if he's changed after each zap, but the other cells just say he nearly died.
Ep. 113 - Yumi's Decision, Woong's Decision
  • Diet Cell insists that it's not her fault that Yumi can't wear pretty clothes; it's the lack of money that's the problem. Cheapskate Cell wonders if that's a dig on him.
  • Woong's Ambition Cell puts on a new outfit and claims to be a prime cell, but the others think he just looks like he was roasted.
Ep. 114 - For Yumi
  • Hot dogs have a special ritual, but most people skip it in favor of reducing calories, humiliating them. One hot dog devotes itself to Yumi after she does the ritual, but Diet Cell fights it and eventually burns it.
Ep. 115 - The Patrol Squad Is on VacationEp. 116 - Five Minutes To Deadline
  • When Fashion Cell claims she can't do her job because of Yumi's lack of clothes, Cheapskate Cell throws his fish at her, saying she spent the most money.
  • Manner Cell refuses to let Yumi show skin, but she gets sent flying.
Ep. 117 - A Great Expectation
  • As the weather gets stormy around the Balloon of Expectation, Blabbing Cell starts to read out a heartfelt letter to Shower Cell before Checkmate Cell throws a bowl in his face.
  • Fishing Cell tries to stop Woong from canceling by suggesting a postponement of the date, but Woong goes along with it.
  • The balloon pops and flies all over the place.
Ep. 118 - The Compliment Package
  • Sia imagines giving Woong a playful compliment while holding him up like a little doll. She then imagines complimenting him more seriously, which causes him to cringe.
  • Yumi gets an empty compliment from her boss, so Rational Cell tosses the package out of her ear.
Ep. 119 - The Fear That Yumi Made
  • Yumi tries to sound cheerful, but her unamused face fills the sky in her village.
  • Detective Cell goes into the pipes of the Sadness Treatment Plant, and someone asks if he's crazy.

    Episodes 120 - 161 
Ep. 120 - Cinderella
  • The Sia-shaped fear holds Detective Cell hostage and asks for Love Cell in exchange. Detective Cell tells the others not to give into the fear, so they tell the fear that it can kill Detective Cell.
  • Wook's compliment turns out to be a real package, so the cells try to use it to get rid of Sia. The spirit says it can't do that, so Emotional Cell and another cell beat it senseless. Naughty Cell does a kick in the background.
  • Emotional Cell reads the effects of the Cinderella Potion, but the end of the sentence says those are delusions.
Ep. 121 - Ultra-Yumi Mode
  • The health management warns that Yumi could get a princess complex from having over 700 self-esteem. Though the lower chart is censored a bit, it's clear that 1000 self-esteem is labeled "bitch". Yumi's self-esteem crosses the latter threshold during the episode, while Ruby's has already been there.
  • Deactivating Ultra-Yumi mode causes Yumi to think she went insane.
  • Yumi could catch a ninja star with chopsticks in Ultra-Yumi mode and toss it back without a glance.
  • When Ruby asks why Yumi is going home already, Yumi points at the clock in an epic manner.
Ep. 122 - Ultra-Yumi and Ultra-Sia
  • Yumi loads data about Woong, which leads to writing in the sky that says "Woong likes meat".
  • A bullet train rams into Hunger Cell, and Sixth Sense emerges from it. The cells run up to greet him, only to start attacking him.
  • Emotional Cell bets her collection of bats that Woong likes pork belly.
  • Emotional Cell rams the bullet train into One-Step-Behind Cell's house and demands to know Woong's favorite food. One-Step-Behind says she'll say it tomorrow. Emotional Cell cradles her while telling her there won't be a tomorrow for her if she doesn't say anything.
Ep. 123 - I'm Dying to Know
  • Woong dusts off a bench, and Yumi tells him he doesn't have to do that for her. Then Woong sits down, which makes Yumi feel embarrassed... before sliding over to give her the dust-free seat.
  • When Sia walks by, Yumi whispers to Woong. Sia wonders what Yumi said so much it drives her up the wall. It turns out Yumi whispered the word "whisper".
Ep. 124 - Yumi's Diary
  • Yumi's diary entry starts off very succinct, thanks to Rational Cell. Manner Cell takes over and starts talking about her pent-up feelings from interacting with Sia. As she glosses over dinner with Woong, Hunger Cell takes over and starts gushing about the dumplings.
  • Emotional Cell writes about the walk and is accused of plagiarizing song lyrics. One Cell throws her own bat at her head.
Ep. 125 - Lucky Yumi
  • Cheapskate Cell finds a four-leaf clover, and then he sees Hunger Cell watching him over the wall. Then Blabbing Cell catches sight of the clover and announces it through his megaphone, causing a bunch of cells to gang up on Cheapskate Cell.
Ep. 126 - Attractiveness
  • Yumi contemplates doing a Shoulder Spike as Ruby suggested, but she thinks she can't pull off that kind of cuteness. In addition to that, Woong is wearing a sleeveless shirt and Manner Cell won't have her touch his bare skin. Then a mosquito flies onto Woong's shoulder and Yumi slaps it. Woong is visibly charmed.
  • Yumi tries to pretend to be too weak to open a soda bottle, but the cap comes right off and the soda bursts out. Cheapskate Cell and Hunger Cell are both horrified at what a waste it would be. As Yumi slurps up the drink to mitigate the spill, Woong takes a picture and calls her cute.
Ep. 127 - Yumi's reactions towards break-up
  • Cheapskate Cell insists that Yumi's umbrella is really special because it cost 35,000 won.
  • Cheapskate Cell gets overly sentimental about the umbrella calls out for it over the cliffside. He gets hit by a projectile bat for being annoying.
  • Kindness tells Cheapskate Cell to think on the bright side: someone who needs the umbrella will be dry. Cheapskate throws Kindness's plunger back at her, reminding her that Yumi needs it too.
Ep. 128 - The No.79 Smoke Bomb
  • Sia has an inner monologue about splitting up a couple. The focus shifts to Louis in the background as he points out that she's acting weird.
Ep. 129 - The Absence of Travel Cell
  • Next to Travel Cell's tombstone is "Math Cell".
  • Schedule Cell gathers Hunger Cell and Fashion Cell to help plan the trip. Hunger Cell is still slumped over, and Cheapskate Cell is posing with the squad but gets kicked out once they notice him.
  • Naughty Cell claims to be the most important cell. When Schedule Cell asks Naughty Cell what he can do, he whispers something that shocks Schedule Cell. Yumi then tells Woong she'd love to go on a trip.
Ep. 130 - To Where
  • Diet Cell sends Schedule Cell the requested opinion about Yumi wearing a bikini, which says it's discouraged.
  • Woong's Cells realize that it's a bad idea to bring up the stamp tour because he last went with his ex, but Woong already started talking about it. Woong stops when he's about to say "fun" but leaves the "n" out of it. He ends up having to spill everything to Yumi. Yumi's cells meditate at the instruction of Inner Peace Corps.
Ep. 131 - Couple T-Shirt
  • Yumi tells Woong to try on the couple shirt, so he strips right in front of her. The cells try to subdue Naughty Cell, but Love Cell tells them to leave him alone.
  • Yumi taps the mole on Woong's back, which serves as a doorbell to his Naughty Cell and Naughtysaurus's house.
  • When Woong is about to head out to meet Louis, Yumi yanks his shirt off because couple t-shirts aren't for playing sports.
Ep. 132 - Reserve A Room
  • Yumi tries to reserve a double bed room, but it has a glass bathroom. Manner Cell won't have it, but Naughty Cell gains muscles and fights her off to defend the glass bathroom... er, double bed room.
  • Inner Peace Corps says that it doesn't matter how many beds there are because they're only going to use one anyway. Unfortunately, that room is booked.
  • Yumi shouts that she loves glass bathrooms, causing all her coworkers to look at her.
Ep. 133 - Conflict Of Opinions
  • Emotional Cell and Naughty Cell are happy to have a romantic train trip, but they crash into Hunger Cell, who is more excited about the snack cart.
  • Emotional Cell smashes One-Step-Behind Cell's house, complaining that Woong doesn't like her ideas.
Ep. 134 - The Great Cell
  • The Cell that practices saying "What's Wrong" gets upset about having to train such a useless skill. He gets rebuked for saying it in an unfriendly manner, so he tries to say it in a silly manner.
Ep. 135 - Class One Secret
  • Rational Cell gets concerned that Blabbing Cell is going to catch the secrets that blew all over the place. It's Checkmate Cell who goes through the secrets.
  • A Class One Secret is packed under several layers of envelopes.
Ep. 136 - The Long-awaited Opportunity
  • Yumi finds onion beer delicious. Her Cells remark that she's eventually going to find moths cute, and one moth flies through the open door to the heart.
  • Woong wants to show Yumi how much he likes her by flailing all over the pool or jumping to the moon.
Ep. 137 - Yumi's Photos
  • When Woong finds a blurry picture of Yumi and Wook at the flower festival, Yumi's Rational Cell flees to a rocket.
  • To compensate for looking at the picture for too long, Woong compliments Wook's shirt.
Ep. 138 - Ice Woong
  • Woong transforms into a pessimist and gains a long, thready mustache. He brings up that the water pressure in his apartment is weak.
Ep. 139 - Cast a Spell
  • Yumi told Woong to use a spell if Sia asked if he's whipped for his girlfriend. The spell in question is just Woong's Punny Name, which makes him deliver a casual Blunt "Yes" to Sia.
Ep. 140 - Yumi Love
  • Yumi eats humongous bowls of noodles and shaved ice, thanks to the influence of the Heat Hunter. Ruby voices her concern about Yumi eating too much.
  • Once Hunger Cell is outed as the Heat Hunter, he guilt trips the other cells into asking Woong for samgyetang, a warm chicken soup.
Ep. 141 - Pretending
  • Yumi suggests having the chicken delivered to Woong's house, and Naughty Cell starts dancing and singing. Emotional Cell attacks him for openly behaving like that. Meanwhile, Woong's cells are line dancing with Naughtysaurus in the back. His Faking Cell hides them in a bubble because Yumi has such an "innocent" look on her face.
Ep. 142 - Help!
  • Yumi's cells gather the power of the Yumis of the world to unleash the <Oh please> spell on Louis's Drinking Cell, who gets burnt black and carried away on a stretcher.
Ep. 143 - The Uninvited Guest
  • As Wook heads off to Ilsan, Ruby follows him under the excuse that she's going to meet Yumi. Wook calls her out for lying since that's what he's going to do, but he realizes he'll have to take Ruby with him or else there will be a big misunderstanding.
  • Sia tries to scare off Ruby with a dark aura, but Ruby is absolutely oblivious. In turn, Ruby compliments Sia's hair extensions, which turns out to be a sore subject.
Ep. 144 - The Bomb
  • It turns out Ruby has seven hint radars, but they're all arriving at the incorrect conclusion that Sia is after Wook.
Ep. 145 - The ignition
  • When Sia drops a bomb in Yumi's village, Detective Cell tosses it aside without worry. At the end of the episode, Sixth Sense comes to warn the cells, which leads to a question and answer that set the bomb off.
Ep. 146 - Wound Recording Cell and Pat-On-The-Back Cell
  • While Yumi's Wound Recording Cell is finding every reason to get mad at Woong, his Pat-On-The-Back Cell is thinking of everything good he has done.
Ep. 147 - Turn That TV Please
  • Love Cell goes on a rampage against Wound Recording Cell, causing to cry out for everything.
    Wound Recording Cell: Ah! My wound records! [...] Ah! My part-time workers!!!! [...] Ah! Myself!!!
Ep. 148 - The Breakup Alarm
  • Some cells want the break-up alarm to be for 36 hours. That's apparently too complicated for anyone besides the deceased Math Cell to calculate.
  • Right Hand asks why Yumi should wait around for Woong to call rather than make the first call. Hysterius says it's because it isn't Yumi's fault. When Judge Cell is called to make a judgement, he declares Yumi innocent before hearing anything.
  • Blabbing Cell shouts that it doesn't matter if Yumi is innocent if Woong doesn't call her. Other cells gather around him, saying they hate Woong.
  • Emotional Cell says she should answer the phone because she's calm as she swings a bat around.
Ep. 150 - Five Years Later
  • Five years after the fight, Yumi tells her story to her coworkers. One of them uses a time warp to send her back, and she snaps out of the scenario that the revived Writer Cell made up.
Ep. 151 - I Thought You Were Just Friends
  • Sia's apology softens and destroys the door to Woong's heart, letting the citron walk in freely to attack his Love Cell.
Ep. 152 - Yumi VS Sia
  • When Woong tries to defend Sia, Yumi uses a <silence spell> to slap a mask on his face.
  • Sia attempts to talk to Yumi, only to be met with Rapid-Fire Interrupting. It riles up her cells.
Ep. 153 - How He Became a Judge Cell
  • Before Judge Cell got his official title, he was known as the Yumi Nut.
  • Yumi has a very annoyed, squinty face when she messed up the SAT.
  • Judge Cell published a collection of essays about why Yumi was in the right against Sia.
Ep. 154 - A Judgement
  • One year later, Sia thinks her boyfriend is saying she lives carelessly. Five years later, she publishes a book that her editor titles "Live Carelessly". It all turns out to be an imagined scenario.
  • Judge Cell sentences Sia to death.
Ep. 155 - A Hidden Card
  • Rational Cell doesn't register that Woong is telling Yumi to stop. When he turns around, he has a rabid expression and a flower tucked next to his eye.
Ep. 156 - Good Job, Rational Cell
  • Rational Cell is the only one who can hear Yumi's alarm clock.
  • Rational Cell wakes up Shower Cell and Fashion Cell by hosing water through their window.
  • Naughty Cell suggests sending a message telling Woong that he needs to be punished. Coming from him, it sounds dirtier than it ought to be.
Ep. 157 - Mr. Nam's Story
  • Mr. Nam tries to hide his crush on Ruby, but Yumi sees right through it. Yumi tells him how to be more effective at complimenting Ruby.
Ep. 158 - Wariness
  • When the scribble man returns, a cell checks if he's on the <list of known guys>. It seems to be a huge book, but it turns out the cell brought the wrong book. The real list is about the size of a pocketbook.
  • The Yumi Defender suspects that Babi is making a move on Yumi and prepares to politely refuse, but it turns out Babi just wanted to return Yumi's umbrella. When he describes it, Yumi is all too excited to hear of it.
    Babi: It's shaped like a fried egg...
    Yumi: Ah!! That! That! It's mine! Mine! Fried! Fried!
  • Once Babi says he has a girlfriend, the other cells start beating up the Yumi Defender as they cancel the alert. Yumi stops seeing Babi as a scribble, and he turns out to be rather cute.
Ep. 159 - Clue
  • When Yumi runs into Babi again, Cheapskate Cell calls him the savior of Yumi's umbrella.
  • Lullaby Cell catches the Yumi Defender keeping Yumi awake in his tower. Lullaby Cell talks about singing a slow lullaby but opts to shoot the tower down with a bazooka instead.
Ep. 160 - Aw~ Silly
  • Yumi says her hands are cold. Woong gets behind her, which flusters her. He tucks her hands into her sleeves and gives a thumbs up at his handiwork.
  • Woong sucks up half a bucket of popcorn.
Ep. 161 - Feeling of Guilt
  • Emotional Cell gets carried away by memories of Yumi's college crush, so Rational Cell blasts her with his bazooka and sends her flying. After that, he's holding her in concern while she's ash-black from the impact.
  • Slammy is sent to the hospital. The area around his drum is turned into a crime scene, complete with a body outline.

    Episodes 162 - 206 
Ep. 162 - Whats So Great About Me
  • The Yumi Defender is locked in a mental hospital for being too cautious about Babi.
  • One cell sadly announces that Yumi might have princess syndrome, which is caused by excessively high self-esteem. The other cells cheer when they hear the news.
  • Blabbing Cell volunteers to list Yumi's flaws to bring down her self-esteem. Rational Cell thanks him... after locking him in the mental hospital for insulting Yumi.
Ep. 163 - I'll Teach You a Simple Way
  • Yumi imagines Babi as a woman to assure herself that there's no ulterior motive. She then imagines Sia as a man to see if her behavior is okay. Even when gender-flipped, Sia looks like "he" is being romantic with Woong.
Ep. 164 - Dining Alone
  • Love Cell goes after Jinx Cell after overhearing that Babi's girlfriend is concerned about him being with Yumi. In an Identical Panel Gag, Emotional Cell later goes after Jinx Cell for saying the feeling of loneliness has nothing to do with Yumi.
Ep. 165 - Reservation
  • Ruby and Yumi race to make a reservation at Julie's restaurant and pull a bunch of dirty tactics in the process. This starts with a literal race to the cubicles, which Yumi wins. Ruby then distracts Yumi with a fake sentiment, and Yumi retaliates by pretending Wook is in the office. Ruby steals Yumi's laptop, and Babi ends up getting the reservation.
Ep. 166 - Mixed Feelings
  • Woong's Right Hand wants to announce that it's hot. His Faking Cell pretends that it isn't. When he passes the coffee cup to Louis, Louis makes no attempt to hide the pain.
  • Woong's sky is a strange color due to mixed feelings. One cell says it's poo-colored, which is an apt metaphor for how he's feeling.
  • Yumi's Love Cell threatens to cut the donkey's food supply for being overly sensitive.
Ep. 167 - Ruby's House Party
  • Ruby invites Yumi to a house party and points out that neither of them could reserve the restaurant.
  • Naughty Cell tells Emotional Cell that Yumi has too much to do to go to the house party. Emotional Cell tells him to go away if he only has nasty stuff to say, so he goes back inside while holding a stack of paper.
  • Yumi imagines a party where the people just sit with blank faces. When Ruby adds Eda to the list, Yumi imagines Eda blowing a party blower with an equally blank face.
  • Ruby gets hyped up about inviting Wook, but he says he has an appointment on that day.
Ep. 168 - A New Guest
  • Babi explains that he stopped working because he couldn't fit into his pants anymore. On the contrary, Yumi's Diet Cell says that Yumi can't fit into her pants because she doesn't work out. Fashion Cell doesn't think it's funny.
  • One guy in the background is crying and holding a rubber duck.
  • Yumi suggests inviting Babi to Ruby's house party, but Ruby refuses until she sees Babi. Once she does, she glomps Yumi and says she'd name her daughter after her. Yumi points out that Babi has a girlfriend, and Ruby's expression darkens. She rescinds her invitation before settling on having Babi bring either food or money.
Ep. 169 - The Busier You Are The Happier She Is
  • Hunger Cell breaks through the other cells' defenses to eat the croquettes that Yumi is cooking for the party. Cooking Cell says Hunger Cell would have to step over his dead body, which he promptly does.
  • Yumi's Tongue has to come up with a review for how the croquette tastes or else he'll be fed to Hunger Cell. He tries to take a nap after that, but he gets called out when Yumi starts slurring her words. After he gets her to talk properly, Emotional Cell drags him out to take a selfie. Finally, Naughty Cell says he's going to be busy that night.
Ep. 170 - Always On My Side
  • Ruby says that Woong is really stylish, but Yumi tries to downplay his appearance after he texts her about putting low effort into it.
  • Love Cell wrestles with a donkey as she tries to defend Woong from Shower Cell's statements.
  • Fashion Cell meditates with Inner Peace Corps and feels at peace with the possibility that Woong will show up looking like a beggar.
  • Woong shows up looking rather neat compared to how Yumi said he would. Someone (probably Ruby) says that Yumi called him a beggar.
Ep. 171 - Escape
  • Woong tries to whisper across the table to Yumi so they can leave. Yumi can't hear him, and Ruby is glaring at him from the side, so Woong stops his attempt.
  • Woong tries to use telepathy on Yumi, but the signal is too week to get through the partying cells. When Woong tries a stronger signal, Yumi says she'll go after finishing the glass, but Ruby catches the signal and opens a bottle of wine to prevent anyone from finishing their drinks. It eventually turns into an <infinite loop of alcohol>.
Ep. 172 - While Woong Was Sleeping
  • Woong runs out of energy as he tries to listen to Yumi. Once his Run-Home Cell plugs in a portable charger, he finds himself leaning on a pole while Yumi and Babi are talking. Woong's Run-Home Cell uses a bike of <willpower self-generation>, but he wakes up at Yumi's place.
Ep. 173 - Potential Power
  • Cheapskate Cell has the other cells turn the mill so Yumi can write. Rational Cell tells him that Yumi isn't getting paid for the task, so Cheapskate Cell leaves.
  • Yumi gets the idea to admit she can't do the task. Her cells start coming up with excuses for why she can't do it. Emotional Cell calls them out and tells them to say something supportive, but she herself can't think of anything to say. Blabbing Cell says "know yourself", which kills Yumi's motivation to write.
  • Babi texts Yumi that she's getting paid, and Yumi finishes writing 20 seconds after that.
Ep. 174 - Spot the Difference
  • Shower Cell grows enormous due to Yumi's new year resolution and starts wreaking havoc on the town. Cheapskate Cell says to hold out for three days but caves after Shower Cell grabs him.
  • Woong has a huge moustache the next time Yumi sees him, but he claims he isn't sulking. When Yumi mentions Babi, Woong runs away.
  • As Spot-the-Difference Cell explains the importance of her skill to Blabbing Cell, Naughty Cell peeks from around the side.
Ep. 175 - He Seems Just Fine
  • Shower Cell laughs about the time she lost Yumi's ring. Blabbing Cell laughs with her, saying she was in prison for a long time. Shower Cell is unamused and grabs him.
  • Blabbing Cell is about to make Yumi ask about Babi's ring. A few panels later, Manner Cell stops him, leaving him slumped in a hole with an Impact Silhouette.
Ep. 176 - Syllogism
  • When Yumi finds out that Babi's clothes are expensive, Cheapskate Cell punches a bag with Babi's picture on it. Fashion Cell thinks of buying those clothes for Woong, and Cheapskate Cell turns to her with an all-out punch. Fashion Cell brings in Love Cell, who zaps Cheapskate Cell.
Ep. 177 - I Need Some Courage
  • Writer Cell gets the Golden Cell Award, but Emotional Cell argues that she should get it instead. As they fight for the trophy, the face on the trophy changes expressions. Judge Cell proposes that they saw the trophy in two, much to the poor trophy's fear and pain.
Ep. 178 - Endorphin
  • After Yumi's argument with Woong, she's crying... because she's eating something spicy. The spice stresses her out more, leading to a vicious cycle.
  • The Cells enjoy the Endorphin concert so much that they wish Yumi will get upset again soon.
Ep. 179 - Coochie Coo
  • When Woong sees Yumi and Babi together, he enters <Frog Mode>, a very sulky mode.
  • Yumi tries to use the <Coochie Coo> card to comfort Woong, but he does a backflip to avoid her.
Ep. 180 - Reaction
  • Emotional Cell forces Sixth Sense Cell to sign a document without reading it. It says that he swears on his life that Woong's present is a scarf.
  • Yumi looks obviously disappointed when the present turns out to be a keyboard. Woong is so eager to see her react that she has to think about what face to make.
  • Sixth Sense Cell and Reaction Doll are both hung upside-down for their crimes, but the former is smiling.
  • Yumi is far more excited about the food than the keyboard.
Ep. 181 - Unexpected
  • Yumi takes a bunch of pictures with the keyboard in an attempt. to make up for her lackluster reaction. Woong insists that he's not sulking.
  • The Cells are excited to go to Woong's house, but Shower Cell and Fashion Cell raise various concerns, which Judge Cell easily addresses. When Manner Cell tries to stop them, she just gets hammered on the head.
Ep. 182 - Stubborn
  • Yumi's Grudge/Wound-Recording Cell tries to write down Woong's transgressions against Yumi, but Kindness headbutts him onto the edge of a cliff when she finds out Woong is homeless. Grudge Cell asks to be pulled up, but Kindness stomps on his head as she jumps to action.
  • Kindness, Manner Cell, Emotional Cell, Love Cell, and Shower Cell make a case for why they should let Woong stay with Yumi while Naughty Cell stands in the background.
  • Yumi stimulates Woong's Anxiety Cell by confirming that he won't regret turning down her offer. He says that's not going to work, but he's riding home with her in the next panel.
Ep. 183 - Five Second Cleaning
  • As Yumi invites Woong into her apartment, she realizes it's a mess. Housekeeping Cell has been procrastinating, and it's too late to fold the laundry or wash the sheets.
  • Yumi's biggest concern is that her underwear is on the drying racks and in the laundry pile. She shoves the clothes on the drying rack into her pocket and kicks the pile of laundry into a "fourth dimension" that is under her bed.
  • Yumi shoves a box of crackers into a perfectly sized gap in her bookshelf.
Ep. 184 - Confession
  • Yumi keeps going home early, raising Ruby's suspicion that she's hiding a man at home. When Ruby calls Yumi out on it, she's so shocked that she jumps as high as the ceiling.
  • Ruby grabs onto Yumi using the <leech of truth> skill. Yumi tries to get out of it by pretending Wook is there, but Ruby has an uncanny knowledge of Wook's schedule and doesn't let go of Yumi.
  • Yumi admits that Woong is living with her but gleefully threatens Ruby not to tell anyone. Ruby supports her but tells everyone anyway.
Ep. 185 - Organization Freak
  • Woong is thrilled to organize Yumi's books in alphabetical order and mop her floor. Eventually, Yumi calls him an organization freak and jokes that he'll end up organizing her underwear drawer. When he doesn't respond to that, she gets suspicious and he says he didn't do that yet.
  • For all Woong's enthusiasm for cleaning the apartment, he doesn't wash his own body regularly.
Ep. 186 - Surprise!
  • Yumi's cells plan how to hide in the closet and surprise Woong. They have to make him turn away from the closet, or else he would find Yumi sitting in there awkwardly.
  • As Woong arrives, he finds several signs that Yumi is actually home, but he pretends to not notice that she's hiding in the closet to keep the surprise factor.
  • Yumi can't get up because her legs are asleep from sitting for too long. As she tries to get out of the closet, the closet door falls off, surprising Woong.
Ep. 187 - Play Checkmate
  • When Yumi brings up the subject of marriage with Woong, he spills his coffee on his face.
Ep. 188 - Pessimistic Woong
  • Woong discovers the crackers hidden in Yumi's bookshelf.
  • Woong's pessimism manifests as a moustache-twirling villain. Woong argues with his pessimistic self while Yumi is right next to him, but she doesn't notice.
  • Woong's Rational Cell comes up with a long explanation about his viewpoint on marriage. He cuts it down to "Sure", but by then it's already too late.
  • Woong yanks on his other self's moustache, causing him to disappear. The episode ends on an Iris Out of Woong.
Ep. 189 - Rival
  • Hanbyeol paints himself as an attractive, popular hit with the ladies while listing a bunch of flaws that Wook has not demonstrated. The "flaws" seem to say more about Hanbyeol than Wook.
  • Hanbyeol sees Babi as a rival until he finds out he has a girlfriend. Hanbyeol is eager to give them a gift when they marry, but then he hears that they broke up.
  • Wook's popularity has apparently dwindled thanks to Ruby.
Ep. 190 - Skills of Adults
  • Yumi feels the need to be nice to Hanbyeol because he gave a good first impression. Emotional Cell knocks out First Impression Cell and changes Hanbyeol's record to "weirdo".
Ep. 191 - Babi Loves U
  • Jinx Cell fires a cannon when he suspects that Babi has a crush on Yumi. The other Cells fire him out of that cannon because U is a common vowel to have in a name.
  • Naughty Cell draws Woong Ku's name on the ground. When Emotional Cell sees that, she chases him with a bat.
Ep. 192 - Woong's Q and A
  • Woong's Rational Cell tries to answer questions honestly at the cost of Pride, but Pride says not to mind him while preparing to set off some explosives.
Ep. 193 - Let's Talk Later
  • Jinx Cell and Blabbing Cell claim that Woong is leaving because of the pressure of the marriage question, but Love Cell says they'll have to take her down to ask him the question. They bribe Hysterius to do exactly that.
  • Lullaby Cell gets tired of being unheard and makes Yumi use the <You must speak to pass> skill, blocking Woong's path.
  • Woong's Pride has twice as many explosives to deter his Rational Cell from being honest.
Ep. 194 - The Male Main Character
  • Yumi goes to the bulletin board and finds a large pencil that's labeled as Hunger Cell's.
Ep. 195 - Good To Work
  • Yumi tells Hanbyeol that she's trying to cut down on sweets. Later on, she puts sugar in her coffee, so Hanbyeol mocks her for ending her diet in 30 minutes. Yumi smiles but has a speech bubble of Cross-Popping Veins.
  • Emotional Cell runs away from the mill and is labeled a deserter. Rational Cell captures her while she's wearing a flower crown.
  • When Rational Cell gets back to the mill, all the cells are sleeping. Lullaby Cell says he wrote a new song and promptly gets thrown out.
  • Hysterius is called to insult Yumi to wake her up, but he goes overboard, much to the ire of the other cells.
  • Yumi tells Hanbyeol that he has something on his shirt. When he looks down, she laughs at him bowing.
Ep. 196 - Date Ideas
  • Fashion Cell becomes invincible in the spring.
  • Schedule Cell shows Hunger Cell information about the wedding. Hunger Cell reads "buffet".
Ep. 197 - A Stimulan
  • Blabbing Cell rides around Yumi's village saying that Sia might show up to the wedding. This allows Fashion Cell to buy clothes, Inner Peace Corps to hypnotize Hunger Cell into eating "grass", and Shower Cell to force the others to sign a petition for Yumi to use a face mask.
Ep. 198 - Yumi Asks Random Questions
  • The cells go on a rampage when they find out Woong used to like Sia. One of them pulls on Love Cell's antenna.
Ep. 199 - Break a Gourd
  • Hysterius uses a machine gun tank to shoot bean bags at the gourd.
  • Hunger Cell is enraged about not eating churros and tosses a large bean bag at the gourd. It bounces off and squashes a cell that was standing nearby.
  • When Woong responds to Yumi's long text with a short, abbreviated one, Manner Cell kicks a bean bag, which bounces off the tree onto the gourd. That tiny force causes the gourd to break.
  • The gourd opens with a banner that reads "Let's break up", accompanied by confetti.
Ep. 200 - Farewell Card
  • Though the episode is somber in tone, there's something funny about Love Cell trying and failing to use the Farewell Card in front of Woong's puppy-dog face.
Ep. 201 - You're Too Late
  • Woong's Positive Cell assures his Rational Cell that his texts are always short and thus wouldn't be the reason Yumi wants to break up.
  • Woong's Overreacting Cell cries dramatically as it laments never seeing Yumi's cute face again.
    Overreacting Cell: That cute look on Yumi's face! I would be so sad if I could never see it again!! AAAHHH!!!! AGH!!! NO!! YUMI!!!
  • Naughtysaurus cries over Yumi's soft lips.
  • Woong's Love Cell denies that telepathy is real.
Ep. 202 - Emotional Cell
  • Emotional Cell denies having thrown a bean bag at the gourd while slinging a bat over her shoulder. When Woong takes the conversation calmly, Emotional Cell quietly wipes her bat.
Ep. 203 - Empty Space
  • Various Cells are placed under arrest for saying Woong, no matter how trivial the reason. Jinx Cell is just as guilty as Anxiety Cell for ratting her out.
  • One cell suggests going on a run so Yumi will fall asleep right away, leaving Emotional Cell with no time to wallow. Emotional Cell turns her head when she hears that.
Ep. 204 - Time Machine
  • Yumi flips her diary to an entry after her breakup with Wook. It says she would eat her foot if she ever dated again.
  • Yumi considers washing blankets, but Housekeeping Cell suggests exercising instead. Diet Cell does not take it well, so they square off in rock-paper-scissors. The loser has to do their job.
Ep. 205 - Everyone's Card
  • Hanbyeol tries to peek at Yumi's card, and she jerks it away from him.
  • Ruby wears her card on her forehead. After Wook rejects her, Yumi notices even though Ruby tries to mask her feelings.
  • Yumi tries to set Babi up on a blind date, only to be shut down before she can say anything.
  • Jinx Cell is on the blind date card.
Ep. 206 - Woong's Card
  • Some cells make comments on Woong's appearance and the general environment. Rational Cell asks them to be more serious.
  • Hysterius's comment is blocked due to inappropriate language. His next comment is Symbol Swearing.

    Episodes 207 - 249 
Ep. 207 - A Break Up Notice
  • Though the episode is very somber in tone, the bit of hot-potato with the break-up notice is amusing.
Ep. 208 - A Storm
  • One-Step-Behind Cell tells Sixth Sense Cell to accept the break-up notice, but the latter complains that it will cause a storm. One-Step-Behind Cell asks if Sixth Sense Cell would rather have a smaller storm now or a bigger storm a month later. Sixth Sense Cell would rather have a month of clear weather if the storm is going to happen anyway.
Ep. 209 - Blow Your Nose
  • Yumi attempts to "breathe in" the tears. The Eyes ask how they're supposed to do that. The Nose takes this as proof that they're the better organ.
Ep. 211 - Quick To Notice
  • Spot The Difference Cell notices that Eda put on lipstick. Eda immediately denies that she likes anyone when Yumi brings it up.
Ep. 212 - Seriously
  • Wook's Tact Cell looks in Yumi's brain and sees Emotional Cell belting out some song on a karaoke machine.
  • Woong insists that he doesn't regret breaking up and adds "seriously" three times.
Ep. 213 - Treatment
  • Hunger Cell suggests treating Yumi's breakup blues with medicine, which turns out to be sweet rice doughnuts. The food doesn't make her feel better, but it tastes good.
  • Fashion Cell suggests buying a wallet. Rational Cell says he Won't Get Fooled Again, but the next panel shows that Yumi bought it.
  • Emotional Cell prescribes a drug treatment of beer. This gets Yumi to calm down but has the side effect of making her sing really loudly.
Ep. 214 - Timing
  • Yumi's Rational Cell considers washing blankets to get her mind off of Woong. Housekeeping Cell runs away at the suggestion, and the other cells try to break into his house with a battering ram.
  • When it looks like Babi is asking if Yumi will be working late, Rational Cell runs away, asking who would be crazy enough to work late out of boredom. Cheapskate Cell shoots him with a dart.
  • Babi suggests going out for beer. Anxiety Cell feels awkward about it, but Hunger Cell convinces her by asking if she'd rather wash blankets.
  • Yumi asks if Eda can join, and Babi's expression dulls.
Ep. 215 - Ready to Order
  • Yumi presents her fries coupon dramatically like a card in a game. Then she proceeds to point out every discount on the menu, which puts the waiter on edge.
Ep. 216 - Something Unusual
  • The fries call out Hunger Cell for targeting them more than the other foods.
  • Yumi takes pride in being observant about Eda's crush on Babi, while she's oblivious to Babi's crush on her.
Ep. 217 - Everyone's Inner Feeling
  • Housekeeping Cell suggests responding "hehe" to avoid Babi's question. When asked about washing the blankets, Housekeeping Cell responds just like that.
  • When Inner Feeling Cell gets the mic, he gets spotlit as a helicopter flies by and other cells tell him to put the mic down.
Ep. 218 - Before I Get Sad
  • Yumi considers ripping up Woong's poster, but Anxiety Cell imagines a scenario in which Woong asks for it back and Yumi smiles and says she tore it to shreds.
  • Kindness says to "think of those baby polar bears" and not throw away the keyboard.
  • Cheapskate Cell breathes fire over the idea of throwing away the gold necklace.
  • As Yumi cries over the frog sweater, the tear-jerking moment is interrupted by Babi's text.
Ep. 219 - Professional Secret LoverEp. 220 - A Babi Club
  • One cell advertises the <Joo-hyuk Nam Club> by calling him Oppa. Another cell begs to keep the old <Sangjin Fan Club> alive. Naughty Cell is recruiting for the <Gong Yoo Club>.
  • The Yumi Defender, who was so cautious about Babi, is the leader of the Babi Yoo Club.
  • As Rational Cell asks for information about Babi, Emotional Cell whistles in the background while holding a bat. She uses it when the Yumi Defender refuses to answer.
  • Yumi tries to get a better look at Babi's book when he pops in the frame.
Ep. 221 - Not Open To the Public
  • Rational Cell looks at the supposedly defunct Babi club. When he turns around, a bunch of cells peek out from the windows and doors. After they make too much noise, the front wall comes crashing down, revealing the members.
Ep. 222 - Dream of a Perfect Situation
  • Badness steps on a cell's arm as he tries to tempt Yumi. He then apologizes to the cell and brings it flowers and gifts. He is later revealed to be a pacifist.
  • As the cells question whether Badness is a good or bad guy, Kindness calls him a dick.
Ep. 223 - This Is Fine
  • When Rational Cell discovers the members of the Babi Fan Club, he prepares to take them out with a bazooka. He dares them to come at them and wakes up after being beaten to a pulp. One Step Behind Cell even took pictures.
  • Rational Cell calls on Anxiety Cell to make all the Babi fans nervous, but she's one of them.
Ep. 224 - Accurate word
  • Yumi claims to be good at hiding her emotions, but Babi points out several instances of her feelings being obvious, complete with flashbacks.
Ep. 225 - No. 1 Priority
  • While Detective Cell tries to find the meaning of Babi asking to go out with Yumi, the ice cream gives him a Dope Slap before saying Babi obviously wants to date her.
Ep. 226 - A Difficult Choice
  • Yumi imagines interacting with Eda like nothing happened, which makes her come across as a psychopath with a Slasher Smile.
  • The cells are very happy about the idea of being a traitor.
Ep. 227 - No Way
  • Emotional Cell thinks Babi is sulking. Inner Peace Corps calls her sick and sends her to a mental hospital. Emotional Cell proceeds to jump out the window at the next contradictory action.
Ep. 228 - Everyone Except Me
  • Ruby confronts Yumi about Babi over the phone in a drunken stupor.
Ep. 229 - Good Luck
  • Eda's Emotional Cell shoots some arrows into Yumi's head in spite of her Rational Cell trying to see Yumi's perspective.
Ep. 230 - I Will Handle It Myself
  • When Yumi overhears her coworkers gossiping about her, Emotional Cell ponders whether to proclaim I'm Standing Right Here or just stare at them until they see her.
Ep. 231 - Image Management Center
  • In the Image Management Center, No. 3 imagines terrible scenarios but decides that being alone with Babi is not so bad.
  • No. 2 runs out calling for Love Cell to die. He comes back with Ash Face, saying he almost died.
  • No. 1 grows big enough to break the Image Management Center and runs to see Babi's face. Then he becomes part of the Babi club.
Ep. 232 - Detective Babi
  • When Babi accuses Hanbyeol of spreading the rumors, Hanbyeol dramatically denies it, much to Babi's unamusement. Babi then uses reverse psychology to get Hanbyeol to spread a different rumor.
Ep. 233 - A Message From Eda
  • As Yumi prepares to tell Babi how she feels, Eda's face appears in the sky and dares her to go on.
  • Emotional Cell gets possessed by Eda and eats the <I Like You> card. After a few more bouts, Emotional asks if she didn't do anything wrong. Rational Cell says the town is already a mess and there's nothing for her to screw up.
Ep. 234 - Yumi and Eda
  • When Eda sees Yumi, her Emotional Cell is eager to talk about the chicken they served for lunch, only to be blocked by the Gatekeeper of the Mind.
  • A quiz about why Yumi is sorry has an odd choice out: "For pretending not to notice Eda's new clothes that day." Fashion Cell thinks it's that one.
Ep. 235 - Original Cell Energy
  • As Yumi's parents feed her lots of food, her stomach partitions to prevent her from getting full.
Ep. 236 - Such a Skill
  • Yumi's mom sneaks into the doorframe to start a conversation with Yumi. Then she plays dumb while inquiring about Yumi's boyfriends. Once she figures out who Yumi likes, she slips away as Yumi tries to tell her they're not dating.
Ep. 237 - Regrets
  • Rational Cell laughs when Writer Cell digs up a participation award.
  • Writer Cell looks at Yumi's old yearbooks to get revenge on Shower Cell, but it backfires as the other cells think Yumi looked cute before.
  • When Yumi finds the first story she wrote, she drops the book as she sees how cheesy it is.
Ep. 238 - D-1
  • Naughty helps Silky grow hair by providing her with 19+ and 30+ reading material. Wondering what the difference is, Silky looks at the 30+ material and gets a Nosebleed.
  • Shower Cell demands Naughty Cell to stop with the naughty stories because they're getting in the way of Yumi's skin regeneration time.
Ep. 239 - Yumi Acknowledges, Babi Denies
  • As the cells speculate on why Jayoung was with Babi the previous night, Naughty Cell offers up his inference. Emotional Cell tells him to keep his mouth shut if he's going to say anything perverted, and he stays silent.
Ep. 240 - I'm Taking On This Case
  • Detective Cell wants to investigate the deal with Babi and Jayoung but keeps getting rejected.
  • Manner Cell burns the documents for investigating the case of Woong's returned package.
Ep. 242 - Careful Observer
  • Yumi slams her laptop shut in frustration. Cheapskate Cell proceeds to douse Rampage Cell in water and yell at him to close the laptop gently.
  • Hysterius spams the town's chat about never getting into a relationship again. Judge Cell enters town and edges Hysterius off a cliff.
Ep. 243 - Careful Observer
  • The episode opens with Hysterius camping on a ledge after having been tossed out.
  • Love Cell is amazed by the new Careful Observer skill. Emotional Cell says that the <Rose-colored filter> already does the same thing.
  • Curiosity Cell sends the Careful Observer out of the world, causing Yumi to think she's just a speck of dust in the universe.
Ep. 244 - Dinner With Babi Part 1
  • Daeyong makes a <love mistake> of asking if Yumi knows him.
  • When Daeyong tries to read the book Yumi is reading, smoke comes out of the millstone and causes him to age dramatically. The next day, he seems to understand it but finds out that he fell asleep and only read it in his dream.
Ep. 245 - Dinner With Babi Part 2
  • Daeyong speaks the most random thoughts at the interview, like how he likes eating mandarins while reading the company's novels.
Ep. 246 - Pride
  • Woong's Rational Cell opens up an <ice freezer> meant for Pride, but he gets frozen just by standing in front of it.
Ep. 247 - Comments
  • As Babi tells Yumi why he's glad he didn't get the job, Yumi's cells get into position to hear him finish the sentence. He says it's because the salary was low. The cells disperse, and Rational Cell specifically tells Hunger Cell to keep eating.
  • Yumi attempts to tell Babi how she feels, only to get interrupted by him every time she tries to count to three.
  • Yumi stares blankly with scenarios running in the background. Some of them say to go after Babi or grab onto him.
  • The fourth wall breaks as a reader expresses frustration at Yumi for not going after Babi. She looks at the top comment, and it turns out to be one of Writer Cell's scenarios.
Ep. 248 - Let it go
  • When Yumi gets stress-related gastritis, the cells drag Hysterius to the Judge. The Judge won't even have a trial; he swings his giant hammer at Hysterius with the intent to kill.
  • When Babi brings up Yumi's tendency to eat spicy food, Rational Cell tries to get Hunger Cell locked up. Hunger Cell gets away scot-free because he can't fit in jail.
Ep. 249 - Interview
  • When Cheapskate Cell is asked what he thinks about Yumi quitting her job, he strongly opposes and kicks the stool aside. The fish on his head is screaming.
  • Naughty Cell doesn't get far with his answer before Curiosity Cell frantically stops the broadcast.
  • The author sneaks his way into the interview to announce a hiatus. He admits that it's really fun to deceive readers at every opportunity.

    Episodes 250 - 292 
Ep. 250 - Entrails
  • Detective Cell tries to get Yumi to not order entrails but is met by a double panel of the Soondae Entrail Club.
  • Hunger Cell tosses everyone aside because he's starving.
Ep. 251 - I can't control myself because I'm so happy
  • Yumi smiles so widely that her mouth is being ripped apart. Her mouth is drawn in two separate lines.
  • When she turns to Babi, her mouth is scrunched up in an odd way.
  • Yumi tries to convince Babi to have dinner at his place without betraying her emotions, but she comes off as too cold. As Babi prepares to make a reservation, she gets fired up and grabs his phone.
Ep. 252 - Bum Zone
  • Naughty Cell assists Silky as she tries to defend her tower.
Ep. 253 - Satisfaction Rating
  • When Yumi's satisfaction reaches five stars, Anxiety Cell panics and makes one star disappear.
  • Yumi tells her friend she quit to pursue writing, and her friend calls her jobless and knocks off all her stars. At the bus stop, Yumi says she isn't affected by Monday blues as she regains all her stars and her friend loses all of hers.
Ep. 254 - Electronic Rice Cooker
  • A bunch of cells line up to get their expenses approved by Cheapskate Cell. One cell cuts the line for emergency expenses (rent increase) and is quickly tossed out through the roof.
  • Anxiety Cell suggests sending Writer Cell back to the grave while he's within earshot.
Ep. 255 - Realization
  • While Babi is reading Yumi's story, she scoots her chair, which makes a farting sound. Manner Cell gets hung up on proving that it was the chair. Babi is oblivious when the matter is resolved.
Ep. 256 - I Lose Either Way
  • Woong figures he could save money by steaming buns, only to find that a commercial bun steamer is extremely expensive.
  • Woong's Negotiator Cell tries to haggle with the rice cooker seller and ends up in a pool of bright red blood.
Ep. 257 - What are you thinking
  • While Babi observes Yumi and wonders what she's thinking, Yumi is wondering whether pizza buns count as steamed buns. Her Cooking Cell says they are inferior to steamed red bean buns, but her Hunger Cell calls him out on discrimination before demanding a bag of them.
  • Babi asks Yumi if she misses working in the office. Rational Cell goes to the memory rental shop but can only find bad memories like overtime hell and bad weather on the way to work.
Ep. 258 - The Snow Day
  • Rational Cell wheelbarrows Emotional Cell out of her bunk and into the lake to wake her up. Once Emotional Cell gets Yumi feeling great about the snowfall, she returns the favor to Rational Cell in an Identical Panel Gag.
  • Emotional Cell wants to send Babi a romantic text. Naughty Cell, Schedule Cell, and Hunger Cell join in, ruining her mood.
Ep. 260 - How Should I Treat Woong?
  • When Yumi realizes she's meeting Woong, a siren pops out of her head and goes off.
  • Love Cell sends Cheapskate Cell through a trap door before hearing him out. When he comes back and shows his manual for handling ex-boyfriends, Emotional Cell sends him back through the trap door for not showing it sooner.
  • Rational Cell takes on a buff appearance when he gets assigned to deal with Woong. Then Emotional Cell says he got the job because he has a bad mouth, which makes him feel awkward.
Ep. 261 - It Depends On Who It Is
  • Love Cell prepares to celebrate Christmas with Babi, but only Rational Cell, Judge Cell, and a Babi Fan Club member show up.
  • Dislike Cell insists that Yumi hates what Babi is doing, but the sky indicates otherwise. When Rational Cell calls him out on it, he gives a Not-So-Innocent Whistle.
Ep. 263 - Babi Yoo's Hidden Card (1)
  • Woong's Love Cell takes his Pride to a faraway place and abandons him with some cell chips and water. When Pride catches on, Love Cell apologizes, saying Woong has to be happy.
  • Yumi's Love Cell eats Woong's message as part of the <read and ignore> skill.
  • Imagination Cell gleefully comes up with a scenario of Woong standing alone and dejected in the cold after reading Yumi's harsh message. Rational Cell responds by throwing a snowball.
Ep. 264 - Babi Yoo's Hidden Card (2)
  • While the cells are reading the Manual for Handling Ex-Boyfriends, both the left ear and right ear are unoccupied, leading Yumi to not hear Babi.
  • Emotional Cell and Manner Cell get into an argument in the background. One of them asks the other if she has written her will.
  • Woong has a complex flow chart going on in the background as he predicts every possible situation.
Ep. 265 - 1 Nano's Feelings
  • Schedule Cell prepares the order of conversation with Woong, but Love Cell makes him cross out everything that isn't to the point.
  • Woong and Yumi compete to get to the point first. Blabbing Cell's idea of stopping Woong is Ignoring by Singing.
  • The trapdoor drops cells into a really deep pit, where they are chased by boulders and forced to climb a long rope back to the surface.
Ep. 266 - Time To Go To The Next Chapter
  • Yumi's Tongue starts to scrub itself with the mint Babi gave her. Off to the side, Naughty Cell is teaching a class on kissing.
  • Naughty Cell mentions that he's trying to stop setting the town on fire.
  • The mint won't melt, so Tongue and Naughty Cell stomp on it to make it disappear.
  • The cells start dancing in anticipation for the kiss, but a storm goes through the town as Leftover Feelings Cell remembers Woong's pitiful situation.
Ep. 267 - It Seems As Though It Was Planned
  • Lawyer Cell attempts to convince a supersized Schedule Cell to let Yumi go out more. When she dares him to refute her statements, he just flicks her away.
Ep. 268 - The Visit
  • Babi's Tongue enters Yumi's mouth in a sultry pose, with a rose in her mouth.
  • The kiss is interrupted when Yumi's dad rings her doorbell.
Ep. 269 - The Boss Of My House
  • Yumi's dad tries to be open-minded with Babi, but he can't help but unleash his maximum power. He crushes Babi's hand in a <handshake of wrath> until his wife gives him a static shock.
  • Yumi tries to rescue Babi from her mom, but her mom orders her to get some fruits. In girlfriend mode, Yumi can't argue with her mom. Yumi eavesdrops on the conversation and calls her mom out when she mentions marriage.
Ep. 270 - There's No Such Cell Like That
  • Writer Cell prepares to write a scenario about Babi's flaws, but a Babi Fan Club member tackles him before he can even write anything.
  • When Yumi jokes that Babi might be a total pervert, Naughty Cell asks Emotional Cell to define the term. Emotional Cell's words are censored, but Naughty Cell says that's all normal.
  • Despite lacking a humor cell, Babi makes Yumi laugh by remarking that she's open-minded about perverts. As Emotional Cell and Rational Cell laugh, they try to conceal Naughty Cell.
Ep. 271 - Lost Item
  • The Dopamines give Writer Cell a pad to register a missing item, but they won't look for it. Their job is to cheer when the item is found.
  • Detective Cell tries to hypnotize Writer Cell into remembering when he last used the laptop, but he can't remember. Detective Cell smacks him with the pendulum.
  • Once Writer Cell admits he lost the laptop, Kindness and Cheapskate Cell direct him to a grave they dug for him.
Ep. 272 - Jinx
  • Jinx makes sure everything Writer Cell hopes for won't happen. This includes Writer Cell's "go to hell" insult.
    Jinx: Hehe thanks, now I won't ever go to hell.
  • When the cells tell Jinx they hope Yumi bombs the contest, Jinx reveals that bad feelings are an exception.
Ep. 273 - Babi's Inference
  • Yumi names all the items in her room and comes across the crackers she hid in the bookshelf. The expiration date was ripped off, so she eats the crackers.
  • Yumi mistook the tteokbokki for her laptop. Babi figured it out because she posted it on her social media.
Ep. 274 - Successor Babi Yoo
  • Rational Cell tells Shower Cell to do Yumi's makeup without making it too obvious. Housekeeping Cell thinks that also applies to cleaning the house, but Rational Cell demands the opposite. Housekeeping Cell sports an unsmile when receiving the orders.
  • Dance Cell makes some wacky moves. Yumi freezes mid-dance and tries to play it off as cool.
Ep. 275 - Yogurt
  • Yumi feels a bit embarrassed about licking the yogurt lid in front of Babi, but Hunger Cell refuses to skip it. When she looks up, Babi is also licking the lid.
Ep. 276 - It's Cute
  • Babi teases Yumi by vaguely describing his position as a chosen successor (because his sisters didn't want to inherit the restaurant) and how he doesn't always agree with his father (in how they cook tteokbokki).
  • Yumi comes up with scenarios of meeting Babi's parents. Emotional Cell plays as Babi's mom, bribing Yumi to break up. Cheapskate Cell, as Yumi, peeks into the envelope to see how much money is in there.
Ep. 277 - Could've Told Me Beforehand
  • Babi asks Yumi if she wants to check out 'Compatibility'. It turns out he was teasing and that it's the title of a movie.
  • Yumi is glad to learn that Babi is the successor of a tteokbokki restaurant until she realizes she'll have to meet Babi's parents.
Ep. 278 - Great Scorer
  • Hunger Cell chases down the tteokbokki as they desperately try to swim away. He throws a fork into one that's running away before realizing it's actually a green onion.
Ep. 279 - Super Polite Yumi
  • Babi's father is depicted as a huge monster that Yumi has to fight. Yumi addresses him as Abeonim, which causes him to scream and release money. Babi is surprised that money came out of his father's pocket.
Ep. 280 - Precognitive Dream
  • Babi holds up a pig, which is quite fitting since that's what his name means in Indonesian.
  • Cheapskate Cell orders another cell to dig Writer Cell's grave when Yumi doesn't place in the contest. Writer Cell powers up Yumi with inspirational quotes, but Cheapskate Cell fires back with a quote from Yumi's mother.
Ep. 281 - Thrift
  • Cheapskate Cell awakens Yumi's saving power, which causes all the other cells to be dressed in rags.
  • Yumi manages to make her stinginess look romantic, but Babi isn't fooled and wonders if she's run out of living expenses.
Ep. 282 - Good News and Bad News
  • The title page depicts Babi loosening his tie, with his hair parted differently. It's quite different from the tone of the episode.
  • While Emotional Cell tries to convince Love Cell that it's fine for Babi to leave, Blabbing Cell comes along to say that all the long-distance couples around Yumi have broken up.
Ep. 283 - Threat of the Invincible
  • Fashion Cell becomes invincible when she sees the latest spring clothes at the mall. Racing Cell has to speed away from her to stop her from buying anything.
  • When Yumi smells a chocolate tart, Hunger Cell joins in on the chase. Cheapskate Cell agrees to buy the tart if Hunger Cell stops Fashion Cell, so Hunger Cell squashes her flat.
Ep. 284 - I Gave It A Lot of Thought
  • Babi imagines getting Yumi a bracelet with his face on it, saying "Hey, Yumi."
Ep. 285 - At the Airport
  • Yumi's cells debate on whether she can fit in Babi's suitcase. When Babi comes back from the bathroom, he sees Yumi crouched next to the suitcase trying to measure it.
  • Thanks to the Bobites, Yumi placed her coffee order under the nickname "Short-haired goddess".
Ep. 286 - Video Call
  • When Babi starts the video call, Yumi says she'll call him back before fixing her hair.
  • Babi puts the phone so close to his face that it fills up all of Yumi's phone screen. That's because he isn't wearing any clothes.
  • Yumi and Babi have a No, You Hang Up First moment, but Yumi accidentally ends the call at one instead of three.
Ep. 287 - The New Part-timer
  • Eun-ah's cells are very upset that her boyfriend hired a woman as a part-timer, but she speaks very calmly. Sundol's cells aren't fooled, so he addresses her unspoken concerns right away.
Ep. 288 - The New Manager
  • Between the Jeju Island workers, the woman hopes the man is jealous, but his eyes are less sparkly than the fish in her stew.
Ep. 289 - The Thing That Bothers
  • Yumi lets Eun-ah and Sundol pick their buns first out of respect, but they pick the two buns that she would have picked. Nevertheless, she happily munches on the salad bun.
Ep. 290 - Trap
  • Babi talks with his coworker about work-life balance before getting tricked into finishing an assignment over the weekend.
Ep. 291 - Power That Drives Me
  • When Woong is at an interview, he ponders whether money is the power that drives him. When one of his cells says the answer is in a vault deep within the mind, the other cells ask if there's money in there.
  • When the cell puts the two pictures of Yumi together, it causes an explosion. Someone calls out, "Who messed with Woong's memories again?!!"
  • Woong tells the interviewer that love is the thing that drives him. When she questions him, he says it's a love of games.
Ep. 292 - Yumi got hurt
  • Yumi calls Emergency Cell (응급) to look at her ankle. No, not Naughty Cell (응큼)!
  • Emergency Cell declares that Yumi's leg is broken on the basis that it really, really hurts! Rational Cell considers that a logical reason, though it's unclear if he's being sarcastic.

    Episodes 293 - 329 
Ep. 293 - Blow On The Wound
  • Yumi calls Babi and makes a big fuss about her twisted ankle. When Babi starts talking about how he once broke his leg, Yumi stops acting like a baby.
Ep. 294 - Pro Trickster
  • When Woong is backed into a corner, he puts his hands up and shrugs to avoid leaving clues.
  • Woong tries to resist the temptation of looking up Yumi's social media, but his Love Cell is digging through the boxes of leftover feelings.
  • Woong's cells remember the name of Yumi's boyfriend: Babi something.
Ep. 295 - Her Epilogue Part 1
  • When Hysterious insists on being colder to Sia, Emotional Cell suggests saying "Mind your own beeswax", but Rational Cell argues against it.
Ep. 296 - Her Epilogue Part 2
  • It seems that Kindness Cell pushed the emergency stop on Yumi being cold to Sia, but it was actually Nosy Cell.
Ep. 297 - Her Epilogue Part 3
  • Rational Cell tries to explain why the weather is bad, but he gets stumped and just sends Emotional Cell through a trap door.
  • Sia says she went far away and just got back in a dramatic fashion, but it turns out she just walked too far when the bus stop was right there.
Ep. 299 - Babi's Epilogue Part 1
  • Rational Cell attempts to convince Babi to use social media more. When his attempt fails, Emotional steps in and makes Yumi practically beg.
Ep. 300 - Babi's Epilogue Part 2Ep. 301 - Babi's Epilogue Part 3
  • The car stops before it can hit Babi, and it turns out the author was driving the car.
  • The author remarks that Babi looks like him, but his wife says he's way less good-looking than Babi.
Ep. 302 - I'm Late
  • Yumi is ironically running late because she told her boss she's strict about being on time. She can't even blame her ankle because she claimed it was better than before.
  • The <olympic effect> makes it so that Yumi will look beautiful even though she's late.
  • Mr. Sundol is also running late, so Yumi decides to take her time and get some coffee. Then she sees her boss in a taxi and runs, though she's bogged down by the coffee.
Ep. 304 - Meet You At The Airport Part 1
  • While Yumi's cells are trying to figure out how to contact Babi, Naughty Cell asks where Babi is staying the night. This causes Yumi to wonder about the state of her apartment. Housekeeping Cell assures her that it's a mess. Both cells are in jail in the next panel.
Ep. 305 - Meet You At The Airport Part 2
  • The Foodie Club treats a restaurant tour as a war while explaining the importance of the <Excuse me!> skill.
Ep. 306 - Where Is Babi Gonna Sleep Tonight
  • Naughty Cell wears a very innocent expression when he suggests that Babi Sleeps in the Nude.
  • The drawing of Yumi's face looks like Naughty Cell with long hair.
  • Once Babi says he's staying at Yumi's place, Naughty Cell escapes the prison and sets the town on fire. Housekeeping Cell is still gleefully standing behind the bars while some of them are bent out of shape.
Ep. 307 - I'm Going to Wash Up, Yumi
  • When Babi calls Yumi while he's in the shower, Naughty Cell gets in a bathtub and scrubs a cardboard cutout of Babi while suggesting he wants Yumi to join him. Manner Cell tells Love Cell not to listen because that would make Yumi a weirdo, but Naughty Cell insists he's an ordinary naughty cell compared to those in other towns. He's right; we've already seen Woong's Naughtysaurus, but that doesn't even compare to later chapters.
  • Once Naughty Cell is captured, peace returns to Yumi's heart... only for her to blush madly as Babi emerges shirtless, indicating that Naughty Cell escaped off-screen.
Ep. 308 - Get Some More Sleep
  • The space between episodes is a Sexy Discretion Shot, and the cells are all hungover after the party.
  • Yumi tries to reach for her phone and almost kisses Babi in the process. Naughty Cell thinks the party is starting back up. Rational Cell tries to put him to sleep with a poisoned needle, but he catches it and shakes off the rest of the needles. Shower Cell finally succeeds by whacking his head with a stick.
Ep. 309 - A Lightning-fast Change of Mind
  • Babi invites Yumi to watch the sunset. Because of her Hunger Cell, she thinks they're there to eat seafood at the restaurant behind them.
  • Yumi tells Babi she's planning to move to Jeju Island before he says he decided to return to Seoul. He gently tries to convince her to reconsider, but she changes her mind before he finishes speaking.
Ep. 310 - Isn't It Obvious?
  • Jinx Cell notices the box in Babi's bag and concludes that he's going to propose. Babi starts talking about his boss and his family, causing the other cells to run after Jinx Cell. Yumi checks the bag herself and finds a Rubik's cube, which Babi asks her to solve. Thinking it's a ring case in disguise, Yumi pulls apart the cube and breaks it. Jinx Cell serves a long sentence for the incident.
Ep. 311 - Wrap Sign Language
  • Yumi feels awkward about eating a whole wrap in front of Babi, so she looks off in the distance to get him to look away. When he turns back, she has stuffed the whole wrap in her mouth.
  • Yumi wordlessly tells Babi when she's full, but when the waiter asks if they want spicy fish stew, she changes her mind. Hunger Cell says when he says he's full, he means there's still room for fish stew.
  • The waiter grins/smirks as he says he thinks Yumi wants cold noodles, as if he's getting payback for her discount-fu back in Episode 215. In a moment of desperation, Yumi swallows the whole wrap... and asks him to make one of them spicy.
Ep. 312 - Muse Part 1
  • When Yumi wonders if she has any writing talent, Cheapskate Cell knocks on writer Cell's door, accompanied by a number of cells including Kindness Cell. The cells trash Writer Cell's workspace, throwing the table out the window.
  • When Yumi considers if it might be a matter of emotions instead, the cells knock on Emotional Cell's door and are greeted by her wielding a bat. When they accuse her of not being normal, she insists she's completely normal while sending them flying. They agree that she's doing better than normal.
  • Writer Cell goes at Love Cell for being the possible cause, and she predictably blows him up.
Ep. 313 - Muse Part 2
  • Juho's Love Cell is caught wearing a T-shirt with Nahee's face on it. His Emotional Cell forcibly takes it off and keeps it for itself.
Ep. 314 - The Author's Detail Error
  • Rational Cell gets hung up on an error that Emotional Cell just wants to ignore. Badness, who was assumed to be dead, politely tells Rational Cell to let it slide.
  • Yumi reasons that the shoe size discrepancy is due to swollen feet, but the story states that the character was well-rested and thus wouldn't have swollen feet.
  • When an erotic scene comes up, Naughty Cell rings a bell, looking wide-eyed and innocent all the while. They're in for a disappointment when there's only one page left.
Ep. 315 - Tension
  • The cells toss Writer Cell in the air after receiving a compliment from Eun-ah. When Suspicious Cell warns that it might not be a compliment, Writer Cell comes crashing down with the trophy hitting his face.
  • When told the story doesn't have tension, Writer Cell is forced into a push-up position as Emotional Cell wields a hammer and asks if he wants her to show him what tension is.
  • Writer Cell says he'd rather go to the grave than fix his story. Emotional Cell tells Cheapskate Cell to get digging, which he's happy to do. By the time he's done, Writer Cell has agreed to fix the story.
Ep. 316 - The Prologue
  • The editor-in-chief is described as very grumpy by one person and gentle and romantic by another. He giggles as he reads a novel before dropping a Precision F-Strike when he sees a cliffhanger. The swearing is heard through the walls.
Ep. 317 - Her Question Inducing Skill
  • Eun shows off her bracelet to Yumi, which leads to Yumi asking questions that can be answered by bragging. This gets Cheapskate Cell rolling in pain.
Ep. 318 - Good News
  • Jinx Cell brings out the dolphin to congratulate Eda on getting married. Yumi starts to squeal, but Etiquette Cell shuts the dolphin's mouth, causing Yumi to just gasp.
Ep. 319 - The Favor
  • Ruby has a naughty grin, which spreads to Yumi. It doesn't help that Eda says she just wanted to do it (get married) as soon as possible.
  • Schedule Cell pretends to look carefully through the schedule, but it's blank. Rational Cell understands the embarrassment, but Emotional Cell doesn't understand and attacks Schedule Cell.
  • Silky wants to brag about how quickly Yumi's hair grew, but Etiquette Cell tells her to be humble. This leads Yumi to tell the girls that her hair hasn't grown that fast for all the dirty thoughts she's had.
  • Anxiety Cell is worried about not remembering how to do Yumi's old job. Cheapskate Cell says he remembers and shoots Anxiety with a dart when she asks how.
Ep. 320 - More and More Brutal
  • Babi rejects Yumi and tells her he's going out with Min Kim... which is all just an analogy for Yumi losing the contest. Min Kim is the grand prize winner.
  • The cells are upset that Writer Cell couldn't hold a party to celebrate because Yumi didn't win the writing contest. Writer Cell turns to Emotional Cell for help, and she shows him compassion until she sees the balance in Yumi's bank account. Rational Cell tells her to be brutal so Writer Cell would give up. Emotional Cell chases Writer Cell with two axes before being told that's the wrong kind of brutal. She seems to struggle to come up with an insult and says he doesn't have any talent.
Ep. 321 - Emotion Control
  • Yumi is still feeling down about losing the writing contest during Eda's wedding, so her Vendor Cell gives Emotional Cell some knock-off Endorphin Cream to give her some fake cheer. This results in Yumi talking about her loss with a huge grin on her face, which Rational Cell thinks makes her look like an idiot.
Ep. 322 - Cool Point
  • Yunhee looks up to Yumi based on what her coworkers have said. Yumi tries to come clean about not knowing how things work anymore, but all her self-deprecation comes off as inspiring to Yunhee.
  • Yumi reads a book titled "I want to die but I also want tteokbokki".
  • Yumi imagines that her 25-year-old self would think she's pathetic. Her imagined self thinks she's amazing for being so bold with her career.
Ep. 323 - Let's Go On An Adventure
  • The publisher's cells are tall and muscular, but they're still wearing the usual cell suits. His Hungry Cell is hard at work deciding what to eat for lunch and gets angry at the other cells for debating too loudly about Yumi's manuscript.
Ep. 324 - Jumping to Conclusion
  • When Mr. Nam offers Yumi's job back to her, Cheapskate Cell runs for the opportunity, tossing Pride Cell aside.
  • Yumi texts her mom that she's going back to her old job. Her mom responds with a lengthy message about how she finally came to her senses.
  • When it turns out Yumi isn't getting her job back, Rational Cell smacks Jinx Cell, a.k.a. Jump-The-Gun Cell, with a mallet.
Ep. 325 - Different Reasons to CryEp. 326 - Telepathy From The Future
  • Confidence Cell has fallen so far that he is in the intestines, where other cells are making poop.
  • Future Telepathy Cells have a strict no-spoiler policy; they says something great will happen to Yumi but refuse to elaborate.
Ep. 327 - Ruby and the Rookie
  • Ruby tells Yunhee that rookies are supposed to make mistakes. Yunhee is touched, but Ruby goes on to say she's the one who will get flack for not training Yunhee properly.
  • Ruby's idea of showing Yunhee the ropes is to tell her all about the romance in the office.
  • Yunhee greets Wook with a deep bow and is told she doesn't have to be that polite.
  • Ruby is similarly polite to Wook, but he tells her to cut the act. She proceeds to chase after him as he runs, much to Yunhee's horror.
    Ruby: Thank you for your time, sir. We'll let you get back to work now.
    Wook: ...You're scaring me. Just act normal.
    Ruby: N...Normal??? Wook~ Ruby was just kidding! How did you like the cold Ruby?
Ep. 328 - The Book Meeting
  • Daeyong's Love Cell calls his Hunger Cell out for eating during the historic event of Yumi's return.
  • Daeyong's Background Music Cell sings a song as Yumi walks towards him.
Ep. 329 - The One I've Been Looking For
  • Just as Yunhee decides to mention that Babi is working late, he says the same thing.
  • Yunhee thinks Babi is the one... to be her workplace role model.

    Episodes 330 - 370 
Ep. 330 - Editor Selection
  • Yumi and Daeyong's cells send multiple telepathy signals to Mihyeon trying to convince her to be in charge of Yumi's book / give that responsibility to Daeyong. As a result, Mihyeon is indecisive and her head hurts from the shock of three telepathy signals.
Ep. 331 - Love is all about Strategy
  • Writer Cell suggests canceling the date with Babi, which leads to him getting zapped by Love Cell. Schedule Cell books it.
  • A gigantic Hunger Cell attempts to step on Writer Cell for canceling hot pot day.
  • Naughty Cell suggests inviting Babi over, resulting in Manners Cell kicking him in the face.
Ep. 332 - Attack of the Desk Witch (1)
  • Rational Cell casts a <time limit buff> on Writer Cell. When the latter asks about the red sticks, the former says they're just ordinary explosives and not to worry about them.
  • Housekeeping Cell suddenly gets the urge to clean, despite his usual ineffectiveness. Meanwhile, Curiosity Cell wants to look up something irrelevant. This is the doing of the Desk Witch.
Ep. 333 - Attack of the Desk Witch (2)
  • Caffeine steals the Desk Witch's heart. In the real world, Yumi drinks coffee from a mug with Caffeine's bow-tie.
  • Anxiety Cell grabs a pair of bunnies by their ears. They scurry away when Love Cell's headbutt causes her to let go of them.
Ep. 334 - Who started the fire in Yunhee Village
  • Yunhee's cells blame her Naughty Cell for causing the fire. They realize it wasn't his fault as they're tossing him in a furnace.
  • Yunhee prioritizes her favorite idol and his goods over herself, her parents, and her work.
  • Ruby thinks Yunhee has a crush on Wook. Yunhee has to tell her she's got the wrong idea a hundred times before she would drop it.
  • Yunhee dreams of Babi wearing a flashy leopard print shirt.
Ep. 335 - Because of a dream
  • Yunhee's Dream Cell admits that she mistakenly added love to Yunhee's dream. The other cell shows understanding and tells her that's what prisons are for.
Ep. 336 - When it Comes to Showing Kindness
  • When Daeyong suggests eating dinner at the office, Yumi thinks "Like hell I will." Rational Cell reprimands Hunger Cell for his use of language.
Ep. 337 - Don't eat those donuts
  • Babi imagines kicking the donuts and setting them on fire.
  • Yumi's cells celebrate Babi's display of jealousy.
  • Babi transforms to gain cooking charm, which increases his tteokbokki cooking skill but has the side effect of making him want to quit his job to run a tteokbokki place.
Ep. 338 - Tteokkbokki that Babi made
  • Daeyong's cells argue about him just hanging up without asking Yumi anything personal, like what drama she watches.
Ep. 339 - Maybe I'm too sensitive
  • Emotional Cell conducts a choir of cells to say "Aww~ Don't go~"
  • Naughty Cell squeezes Babi's hand. When Rational Cell kicks him to force him to let go, Love Cell grabs the hand again.
  • Babi's Cooking Cell tells his Detective Cell that he lost his touch. Then it turns out Babi's Detective Cell predicted it all and is telling it.
Ep. 340 - Soft Spot
  • Tsunderes can easily break through the door to Yunhee's heart.
Ep. 341 - Detective Cells
  • The cells encourage Love Cell to act cute even though she isn't good at it. She worries that Yumi's body can't handle those cute techniques.
Ep. 342 - Her boyfriend can't come tonight
  • Babi's father's cells mourn the death of Scrooge but quickly start celebrating because they can retire now.
  • Daeyong's Astrology Cell states that Mihyeon's boyfriend is a Capricorn while carrying a goat.
Ep. 343 - We Finally Meet at Last (1)
  • Babi's Cooking Cell has "Profession Tteokbokkist" tattooed on his butt.
Ep. 344 - We Finally Meet at Last (2)
  • Daeyong's buff Love Cell tries to get through Yumi's Door to the Heart, but he's thrice as tall as the cell and isn't considered cute at all.
Ep. 346 - Move! I'm the no.1 around here!
  • Yumi gets so drunk that all her cells are blacked out except for Inner Feeling Cell. She sobers up when Cheapskate Cell sees the Shockingly Expensive Bill.
  • In contrast to Yumi, Yunhee Never Gets Drunk, Daeyong is a hyper Big Eater on his fifth plate on tempura, and Babi can hold down the combination of alcohol and tempura.
  • Once Yumi is sober, Hunger Cell comes in and gets her to order more tempura.
Ep. 348 - Release of 'My love, Muse'
  • Ruby tells Yunhee to stop calling her boyfriend "Chief Editor" and to go on a First-Name Basis with him.
  • When Yunhee tries the First-Name Basis, Daeyong's Punny Name kicks in as he tells her, "It's okay (Daeyong). You can call me Daeyong."
  • Woong is reading Yumi's new book, only to throw it out the window when his secretary mentions his girlfriend is there.
Ep. 349 - Vacation Ceremony
  • Writer Cell throws a fit when Babi's cells get the best cell award instead of him. Cheapskate Cell and Kindness point at his open grave as they explain that he would have died if not for Babi.
  • Babi prepares to give Yumi a ring when she expects another Rubik's cube. Then the author interrupts to announce a hiatus.
  • Donggeon's Rational Cell tells his Writer Cell how to properly deliver the announcement even though their entire conversation is visible to the viewer.
Ep. 350 - No Overreacting Unless You're Planning to Date Her
  • After Babi's Rational Cell is proven wrong by his "Kind-hearted Cell", the other cells stretch him so much that he stays like that for another panel.
Ep. 351 - No Overreacting to Ex-Girlfriend
  • Singing Cell is a terrible singer and was imprisoned for embarrassing Babi at karaoke.
  • Suyoung bursts into flaming fury when Babi explains that he was checking on his ex's dog.
Ep. 352 - You May Overreact in Front of Your Girlfirend
  • Babi imagines hand-washing Hanbyeol's shirt when he gets a coffee stain.
Ep. 353 - Babi's Rules of Dating
  • When Babi's Overreacting Cell is getting arrested when Jayoung sends a break-up email, he screams "Objection!" and kicks down the prison car door.
Ep. 354 - The Meaning of the Ring 1
  • When Yumi gets the ring, a pause button appears on screen.
  • The Endorphins are called to hold a 20-day concert when Babi gives Yumi a ring. When Babi tells her it's a mere gift, the Endorphins end the concert and show that such an event only warrants an 8-second concert.
Ep. 355 - The Meaning of the Ring 2
  • Etiquette Cell says to start the question with "Don't take this the wrong way." The next panel, she has a huge bump on her head as Emotional Cell says she was immediately offended.
  • The cheat key is to send a bomb towards Inner Feeling Cell's hole to let him pop out.
Ep. 357 - Business Meeting Like A Pro 2
  • When Yumi asks what Control-Z thinks was unrealistic about her story, he gives her a superficially polite response that translates to "You mad?"
  • Yumi gives a sparkly smile while telling Control-Z that he's entitled to his opinion (which means he's the only one who thinks that way).
  • When Control-Z asks if Yumi is always honest to her boyfriend, Rational Cell thinks the answer is yes, before turning to see Inner Feeling Cell trying to pop out of his prison.
  • Knowing Yumi has no rebuttal, Control-Z smirks and sips his coffee as a way of declaring his victory.
  • One-Step-Behind Cell comes up with the perfect comeback as Yumi goes home and prepares to sleep.
Ep. 358 - Babi's Scent
  • Certain scents bring in nostalgia, which awakens Emotional Cell and causes her to sing and rile up the cells.
  • Emotional Cell convinces Love Cell to go see Babi. Rational Cell tries to stop them with the predictable result of getting zapped.
Ep. 360 - Part Timer 2
  • Anxiety Cell tells Love Cell about her concern about the new part-timer, who is young and cute. Love Cell says nobody else is thinking that, only for Suspicion Cell and Detective Cell to voice their concerns as well. Love Cell attacks them both before going back to Anxiety Cell, who is too nervous to continue the conversation, while the other cells flee the scene.
  • Confidence Cell comes up with a song that goes "Yumi Kim is a pretty and sexy female writer who just published a book!"
Ep. 361 - Part Timer 3Ep. 362 - Ginger Pie 1
  • Yumi insists on getting a ginger pie because she doesn't want to overlap orders with Control-Z. When he criticizes her choice, she has an Indulgent Fantasy Segue of lunging at him and throwing him to the ground.
  • Yumi ends up hating the ginger pie and is visibly disgusted by the taste, so Control-Z offers his castella as a subtle way of mocking her.
    Control-Z: Just eat mine. (=I thought you liked ginger pie. Hahahahahahahaha! Ginger! Hahahahahaha!)
Ep. 363 - Ginger Pie 2
  • Kindness Cell calls the other cells bastards for insulting the ginger pie and tells them to watch their language. They wonder if she was a Swearing Cell all along. The word "bastards" is slightly pixellated but still readable, and it normally wouldn't be censored in this comic.
  • Control-Z's Language Cell struggles to find a word for when something tastes too much like ginger, so it settles on gingery. Yumi's cells also try to find a better word, but they also end up using that word. Control-Z responds, "So much for a writer."
  • When Yumi claims that she has a cold, Control-Z takes back his offer and immediately puts on a mask.
Ep. 364 - Listen to Da-eun
  • The first thing Da-eun does when she realizes how attractive Babi is is to text her friends about it.
  • The reason Da-eun dropped the plates was that she thought Babi looked sexy while chopping green onions.
  • Da-eun's friend expects her to admit she likes Babi after all the texts.
Ep. 365 - Asking Out on White Day 1
  • When Babi calls Da-eun to do her job, she's using a compass and a triangle tool in her attempts to decode the letter her friend gave her.
Ep. 366 - Asking Out on White Day 2
  • Babi's attempts to help Da-eun decode the letter include holding it up to a candle and soaking it in a tub of water.
  • Once Babi realizes there's no hidden message, he tells Da-eun to heat up the fryer. She asks if he's going to fry the letter.
  • Babi's Emotional Cell has a gonky face and a flower in its hair.
Ep. 367 - Atmosphere Twist 1
  • Yumi quacks at Control-Z.
  • After Rational Cell successfully suppresses Inner Feeling Cell, Yumi tells Babi that Control-Z pisses her off with a huge smile on her face. She has a Did I Just Say That Out Loud? moment, but Babi thinks her crude language is sexy.
  • Yumi giggles like a witch, much to her embarrassment. Babi thinks that's cute.
  • Naughty Cell swells up in size and gets Yumi to grab Babi's shirt in an attempt to kiss him. Unfortunately, Babi's phone rings before they can kiss.
Ep. 368 - Atmosphere Twist 2
  • Babi gives Yumi a gigantic piece of candy after she hints that she wants some.
Ep. 369 - Connecting Link 1
  • Swearing Cell is put on parole to respond to Control-Z's comment. She swears at Love Cell when ordered to swear.
Ep. 370 - Connecting Link 2
  • Control-Z peeks over the mountains into Yumi's village.

    Episodes 371 - 408 
Ep. 372 - Connecting Link 4
  • Control-Z's puppy orders the cells to open the door to Yumi's heart.
  • The puppy has its own cells.
  • Rational Cell tries to stay mad at Control-Z, but the Puppy Club is so massive that he just gives up.
Ep. 373 - Can't Help But Laugh
  • When Yumi sees Da-eun and Babi laughing, Rampage Cell, Inner Feeling Cell, and Emotional Cell with a lion are all trying to act.
Ep. 374 - Can't Help But Laugh 2
  • Rational Cell remarks that Babi isn't known for his humor. Love Cell takes it as him saying Babi is no fun and attacks him.
  • Yumi's cells don't get what Da-eun thinks is funny, but the reaction doll is laughing hysterically in contrast to everyone's flat faces.
Ep. 375 - Can't Help But Laugh 3
  • Babi uses the <third person strat>, so Yumi responds with a <shoulder spike serve>.
  • One skill is called <abracadabra me, my, mine>.
  • When Yumi starts reading too much into something Babi says, someone breaks a ceramic on Anxiety Cell's head.
Ep. 376 - The Romance Trial 1
  • Both Rational Cell and Love Cell laugh at the impossible idea that Da-eun is wearing Babi's jacket.
Ep. 377 - The Romance Trial 2
  • The Romance Trial plays out like something from Ace Attorney.
  • Yumi's Emotional Cell counts from five to for Babi to answer, skipping two.
    "Five! Four! Three! One! Time's up!!!"
  • Babi's Overreacting Cell comes up with a detailed explanation of why he gave his jacket to Da-eun, but cuts it down to "It suddenly got cold today."
  • Yumi's Emotional Cell uses an umbrella and a bowl of soup as props.
Ep. 378 - Timing 1
  • Rational Cell's reaction to the Intestine Cells bringing out their "masterpiece" is surprisingly fitting.
  • Rational Cell takes on a more humanoid form when he decides Yumi needs to go home immediately.
Ep. 379 - Timing 2
  • Babi's guilt-ridden Overreacting Cell insists on getting hit by every cell despite knowing there are 38.6 trillion of them. Three hits in, he gives up. Another Cell gives the exact number of hits left to go.
Ep. 380 - Relationship Expert Control Z 1
  • Control-Z asks Yumi what's wrong with a smile on his face. Underneath that smile, he's worried that being on bad terms with Yumi will make it harder to renew his contract.
  • When Z asks Yumi if she knows why he got his nickname, she responds, "No. But really, I'm not that curious."
Ep. 381 - Relationship Expert Control Z 2
  • Yumi asks Control-Z how many relationships he's had. He repeatedly dodges the question, but she keeps pushing until he admits he only had one.
Ep. 382 - Babi is Never Kind Without a Reason 1
  • Babi explains his overreactions to the girls who confronted him in the past, much to the confusion of his past selves and the girls. One of his past selves thinks he looks like a nutcase.
Ep. 384 - Yumi's Dating Rules 1
  • As a Call-Back to Episode 322, Yumi reads a book called "I Want To Die But I Also Want Tteokbokki 2".
  • Control-Z sends screenshots of the good comments to Yumi... consisting of compliments about his illustrations. Yumi thinks he seems like a nice douchebag.
Ep. 385 - Yumi's Dating Rules 2
  • Detective Cell and Sixth Sense have different ideas about why Babi is worried. The narrative prompts Love Cell to take a side, but she zaps both of them.
Ep. 386 - Cutie Bible
  • Yumi gets goosebumps from trying to be cute.
Ep. 387 - The First Question
  • Sixth Sense Cell gets the feeling that Babi is sad that Da-eun quit. The others doubt him and Emotional Cell gets a feeling that there will be a scene with his tombstone three panels down. Lo and behold, Emotional Cell is digging Sixth Sense Cell's grave with a smile on her face three panels down.
  • A doctor cell says there's an hour and 40 minutes before an explosion is due. Before Rational Cell can finish his next line of dialogue, the explosion happens.
Ep. 388 - The Second Question
  • Babi's Liar Cell advertises his services. After one lie, he says the second will cost double. Overreaction Cell calls him out, but Liar Cell maintains his smug face.
Ep. 390 - Anger Incarnate
  • When Babi tries to convince Yumi not to break up, her Love Cell asks Dislike Cell for the framed hate list and smashes it despite the work he put into it. Love Cell gives Dislike Cell the pieces and runs off with a thumbs up, prompting him to put her on the hate list.
  • As a cell explains the transformation of Love Cell, Fashion Cell, and Cheapskate Cell, the latter asks, "Why does it have to be a tree?!!!"
Ep. 391 - The Next Prime Cell
  • Inner Peace Corps suggests passing the anger onto Hunger Cell to transform it into appetite. The other Cells don't take kindly to the suggestion.
  • When Yumi shows up in her village, the cells bow down to her and ask her to let them work at the frontal lobe.
Ep. 392 - Concentration Cell
  • Woong's Concentration Cell needs a very specific ritual to wake up, but the slightest interruption will cause him to go back to sleep again. Then Woong gets Control-Z's resume and finds out he's the illustrator of Yumi's web novel, so he starts looking up Yumi with unbreakable concentration.
Ep. 393 - Not Who I Used To Be
  • A pair of Woong's Cells are going around the village trying to spread the word that the run-ins with Yumi are fate. They claim that Control-Z's resume is connected to the rice cooker incident from two years ago.
Ep. 394 - Friend
  • Rational Cell explains to Writer Cell why it's hot, but Writer Cell shuts him down.
    Rational Cell: It's hot because the warm air from the North Pacific Ocean...
    Writer Cell: Ah! Like I didn't know that already!
    He didn't know
  • Control-Z describes Yumi's look as a "college-student-during-midterm-season" look.
Ep. 395 - The Dopamines
  • Control-Z narrates the importance of treading carefully when discussing other people's relationships. The problem is that he really doesn't care.
  • A messenger cell delivers a bomb (Z's question about why Yumi broke up with Babi) to Rational Cell, but he immediately tosses it back. Rational Cell redirects the messenger to Naughty Cell, but he's on sick leave. They resort to dropping the bomb down the hole to Inner Feeling Cell's prison, and it explodes.
  • Yumi defends Babi when Z is talking smack about him.
    Control-Z: What?!! That bast...
    Yumi: Woah- woah- You don't have to say mean things about him to take my side.
  • The Lost and Found Cells/Dopamines are impressed with Inner Feeling Cell and accompany him when he speaks.
Ep. 396 - Meeting Woong 1
  • The cells worry that Hysterius might show up. In the next panel, Writer Cell gets a face full of Hysterius's stress ammo.
  • Woong imagines being buddy-buddy with Control-Z as a way to get back to Yumi. Their faces are quite amusing.
Ep. 397 - Meeting Woong 2
  • The Bobites trick Writer Cell into agreeing to get Yumi a haircut. Silky tears up their contract, so they send in drones that drop pictures of a pretty short-haired woman. Silky tells the other cells not to fall for it because it takes skill that Yumi doesn't have to style her hair.
  • Z cheesily tells Woong how much he loves his game in the most professional tone possible. When Woong tells Z he doesn't have to be formal, Z immediately calls him by his first name. When Woong persists, Z tells him "Oh heck yeah, bro".
Ep. 398 - Meeting Woong 3
  • Yumi gets cold feet at the hair salon, so the stylist sends out her own drones and tells Yumi she looks like an idol in vague terms.
  • Woong makes a decision flowchart to determine whether he's presentable and decides he is. Then he heads out of the room, revealing that he's wearing short shorts.
Ep. 399 - Meeting Woong 4
  • Yumi tells Woong that things are the "same old", but one of his cells disagrees and displays her current look with her original look.
  • Woong's Conscience Cell is caught smuggling 40 kilos of leftover feelings. It's enough to make Woong sulk for six months if it reaches his Love Cell.
Ep. 400 - Zwon song 1
  • When Haena confesses her feelings to Jiwon, he isn't sure how to respond because he lacks a love cell, so his Naughty Cell decides to take the lead. Jiwon leans in for the kiss, but Haena puts her hand over his face.
  • Jiwon decides that his Loyalty Cell is close enough to a love cell, so he later responds to Haena by saying "Loyal! Loyal!" She asks if he's drunk.
Ep. 401 - Zwon song 2
  • Rational Cell tries to consult the Yumi History Cell to find out why she broke up with Woong but pulls a Screw This, I'm Outta Here when it turns out there are a hundred books to read.
Ep. 402 - It Stings
  • Woong's assistant jokes that the next meeting is at beer o'clock, which triggers his memories of Yumi saying the same thing. Woong cancels the meeting to go after Yumi, but to his assistant, it looks like he stormed out after a bad joke.
Ep. 403 - I Missed You
  • Woong's Love Cell heads towards Yumi's heart with a banner labeled "Dinner". As he tries different approaches, the banner changes to "Coffee" and then to "Churros".
  • Yumi's Schedule Cell immediately rebuffs the offer for dinner and flings Woong's Love Cell in the air.
  • Yumi's Hungry Cell wreaks havoc upon hearing the offer for churros. Writer Cell threatens to exile him if he gets the churros, but Hungry Cell takes it as a go-ahead and completely disregards the negative part.
Ep. 405 - About the Feelings Left
  • The negative comment on Yumi's writing is portrayed as a little cell. It gets tossed out, but Leftover-Feelings Cell picks it up and gives it to Writer Cell as a gift.
Ep. 406 - A Coupon, a Ring, and a Hashtag 1
  • Rational Cell catches Housekeeping Cell saying "damn", but the latter denies having sworn, only to say the same word again after Rational Cell orders him to clean up. Housekeeping Cell tries to come up with excuses, but Rational Cell tells him to "cut the bullshit and get to work!!!"
Ep. 407 - A Coupon, a Ring, and a Hashtag 2
  • Yumi and Control-Z state their opinion on what to do with Babi's ring at the same time, but they have different ideas. Yumi thinks she should return it, while Z thinks she should sell it.
  • When Z tells Yumi the ring is a fake, she says he's wrong and that she'll look it up herself. This is such an insult to his Shopping Trio that they activate the <Rapid Websurfing> skill.
Ep. 408 - A Coupon, a Ring, and a Hashtag 3
  • Woong asks Wook for a not-too-honest opinion on his outfit, a patterned shirt and shorts. Wook responds that Woong should only wear that outfit indoors.
  • When Wook suggests that Yumi and Babi never broke up, Woong responds with the <no logic> technique, an empty technique with an epic background.
  • After Wook mentions that Yumi erased all posts related to Woong when they broke up, Woong tells him to Get Out! by using the <expel> technique.

    Episodes 409 - 441 
Ep. 409 - Past is Just Past
  • After Emotional Cell swells up in size thinking about the ring, Rational Cell kicks her foot to no avail. While Yumi's caught up in the emotions, there's a mute icon over Control-Z, indicating that she can't hear him.
  • Etiquette Cell refuses to give Woong's coupon to Z, so the Image Management Cells dance around and taunt her about liking Woong. She hits them all in response and concedes in giving the coupon.
    Image Management Cells: Etiquette Cell loves Woong~ She couldn't get over him~ Ahaha!
  • Smash cut to Wook being alarmed that Woong gave Yumi something that might reveal his feelings for her. Woong explains that it's complicated and that Yumi will never find it, to Wook's relief. Control-Z finds it, though.
  • Z's reaction to the hidden scene is that Woong doesn't get what Ctrl+Z does.
Ep. 410 - Woong Changed (feat. ctrl+z)
  • This chapter is portrayed as a gamebook with two "bad endings" in which Yumi rejects Woong and he lets out a Big "NO!"
  • Control-Z's Nosy Cell has a lot to say about Woong's handling of the situation but refuses to actually say it to his face.
  • Z tells Woong that the hidden scene was well-made and he watched it four times, much to Woong's embarrassment.
Ep. 411 - Babi Area 1
  • Yumi runs to a cafe in hopes of getting a scone, but she quickly turns away when she remembers that Babi also frequents that cafe.
  • A cell warns that Hungry Cell will die if he doesn't get scones, and another says "That's good to hear."
  • A particularly risky cafe is called "Cafe.DanGer".
  • Fashion Terrorist has tricked Yumi into wearing sleepwear outside.
  • Schedule Cell assures the others that Yumi and Babi won't run into each other because they're active at different times of the day.
Ep. 412 - Babi Area 2
  • One panel depicts Yumi's door to the heart opening with a splash panel through her body. If read incorrectly, it looks like three stacked panels in which the last one focuses on her crotch.
  • Writer Cell demands a <dolphin scream> to show that Yumi is a fan of Moving Geon, but it's muted in public.
  • Yumi asks for Moving Geon's autograph. It seems like he's going in for a handshake, but he just wanted a pen.
Ep. 413 - If I Run Into Yumi Again 1
  • Babi compliments Yumi, which manifests as honey. Emotional Cell takes a little taste, and soon she's gulping down the whole jar.
Ep. 414 - If I Run Into Yumi Again 2
  • Babi's Judge Cell tries to give the invisible treatment to Yumi before realizing it's pointless because the whole village is gone.
Ep. 415 - No Room For Second-guessing
  • Rational Cell wonders if the loose ends in the relationship started a chemical reaction that caused an earthquake. Emotional Cell says the earthquake happened just because Babi is cute.
  • Emotional Cell pours her heart out in front of Babi, but the words are muted.
  • Grudge Cell gives Emotional Cell a book of why Yumi broke up with Babi, which quickly changes her mind.
  • Yumi can't walk away because the cells in her feet are watching the encounter and munching on popcorn.
Ep. 416 - Kitty vs Babi
  • Kitty is supposed to scratch away at Babi, but it sees his puppy dog eyes and can hardly do any damage.
  • Babi's Detective Cell declares that Yumi doesn't want to hurt Babi and tells Kitty to meow if he's right and woof if he's wrong.
  • When Babi tells Yumi that she's lying about not missing him, a harsh wind blows in her mind, leaving Rational Cell hanging by a branch. Emotional Cell pokes his hand with a fork, but when he kicks her away, Kitty finishes the job with a <death claw> to his face.
Ep. 417 - It Feels Like Something's Missing
  • Emotional Cell is prepared to give Babi another chance and dares the cells to convince her if there's a reason not to, so Grudge Cell brings up the grudge log. In the next panel, he's falling into the wormhole as Emotional Cell expresses her gladness at everyone being on board.
  • Emotional Cell wants Yumi to cry, but the tear glands aren't working. Detective Cell points out that Yumi looks awful when she cries.
  • As Rational Cell returns to the village, he says bye to Love Cell, who responds with the ":(" emoticon.
  • Yumi sees Babi as the sketch she first saw him as.
Ep. 418 - Relationship Status
  • Blabbing Cell tells Yumi that she's experiencing a dream, which the other cells consider spoiling the plot.
  • As Yumi wakes up, she reminds herself that she didn't wash the dishes. The fact that she got back together with Babi is an afterthought.
  • Emotional Cell can see Woong's village from far away. His Rational Cell is screaming, "Go out with me again!"
Ep. 419 - That's a Lie
  • Woong hops down from his perch on the railings, only for his hair to slap his face.
  • When Yumi says she has a boyfriend, Woong boldly says, "No, you don't."
  • Woong's Love Cell asks why Yumi would go out with someone whom she already broke up with, forgetting that Woong is her ex too. Woong can't vocalize his thoughts because the ex-boyfriend paradox dictates that anything he says will backfire on him too.
  • Woong's lies about being happy for Yumi sound oddly old-fashioned.
    Woong: Oldies, but goodies. And after a storm comes a calm! Lovers' quarrels are soon mended!
Ep. 420 - Friend Title
  • Woong is upset that Yumi meets up with Control-Z. He imagines Z looking smug and saying "Hear that? She'll meet me."
  • Yumi gets freaked out when Babi (in sketch form) shows up all of a sudden.
Ep. 421 - What's on Your Mind?
  • When Yumi explains to Babi that she has to meet up with Woong the next day, Babi thinks, "Woong, scooter, give back".
  • When Babi suddenly holds Yumi's hand, Naughty Cell charges forward with a torch. Then the cells from the hospital shoot a poison blowdart at his head and claim he still needs to rest. Rational Cell points out the shady logic of using a poison dart to make him healthy. This sequence happens again when Babi offers to walk Yumi home.
Ep. 422 - Face-to-Face 1
  • When Yumi asks Woong if he knows how to ride the scooter, he responds that he majored in engineering. As his attempt to exit in style is foiled by the fact that he's never ridden a scooter before, he says he was a mechanic in the army.
  • Once Woong figures out how to start the scooter, he rides straight into a wall.
  • Woong's Big Fuss Cell wants Woong to roll on the ground and scream that he's dying. Woong downplays the injury and says he did judo.
Ep. 423 - Face-to-Face 2
  • Behind Wooong's cringe-worthy dialogue is his Love Cell belting out his feelings while his Rational Cell tries to keep it in check.
  • Woong's torn shirt seems to be telling Kindness and Emotional Cell that it's fine, making them feel bad about him. Housekeeping Cell tells the shirt that he can't sew it back together anyway.
Ep. 424 - Face-to-Face 3
  • Woong and Babi have a Passive Aggressive Cockfight when they meet. In the initial exchange, they take each other's words at face value momentarily then realize the underlying meaning (Woong calling out Babi's jealousy and Babi telling Woong to stop fussing). This leads their cells to declare war.
  • The tension is interrupted by Yumi returning and still seeing Babi as a sketch.
  • Woong is all sorts of petty when Yumi is preparing to leave with Babi, by bringing up Babi's lack of customers and Yumi's forgotten phone and wallet.
  • Babi happily offers his jacket to Woong, which is reminiscent of the scene with Da-eun, as if to prove that he would give his jacket to just anyone.
Ep. 425 - Face-to-Face 4
  • Woong ends up in the top twenty of Yumi's priority list, likely because Kindness and Emotional Cell rigged the vote out of pity for him.
  • A Vendor Cell tries to sell a <VR to your heart> to Rational Cell for an exorbitant price. Rational Cell remarks that the vendor would be a regular thief with a knife, and the vendor pulls a knife on him.
    Rational Cell: Wait! 100 Mil? That's a rip-off! With a knife, you'd be a regular thief!
    Vendor Cell: [holding a knife] Give me all you got.
    Rational Cell: ...You are a thief.
  • The Vendor Cell declares Rational Cell the first buyer even though he never said he would buy the VR. Emotional Cell slaps it off of Rational Cell's head after he comments on the flashback with Da-Eun, and his first complaint is that it cost so much.
Ep. 426 - Ruby Signing Off 1
  • When Yunhee brings up celebrities, Ruby says she only likes guys who are real.
  • Ruby decides to take a chance on a guy who had a crush on her, only to find out from his profile picture that he has a girlfriend.
Ep. 427 - Ruby Signing Off 2
  • Ruby's cells vote on whether Control-Z is her type by comparing him with Wook. The few cells who vote for Z put the dots on his eyes.
  • Ruby tells Control-Z to "Draw Ruby!" and uses a number of other romantic techniques. He takes her for a bewitcher using dark magic.
  • When Ruby goes for the shoulder spike, Z wonders why she's doing this to him. He decides to let her do it since it couldn't possibly affect him. It causes a drop to his heart, so he casts a <defense spell> of repeating "She's not my type" to himself.
Ep. 428 - Ruby Signing Off 3
  • Control-Z uses a <defense spell> of "She's not my style!"
  • Yunhee's question of whether Z has a girlfriend and the girls' barrier-like position lead him to think that they're trying to hook him up with Ruby.
  • Control-Z uses a buttery technique to gross Ruby out, but years of being cold-shouldered by Wook lead her to appreciate Z's words.
Ep. 429 - Ruby Sighing Off 4
  • Ruby tries to go out for dinner with her friends, but they already have plans with their partners. She even uses the clock technique that would prevent people from saying no, but Eda turns her down.
    Ruby: We finished early today. Let's eat something, Yunhee. [...]
    Yunhee: I'm sorry, Daeyong's waiting for me at the lobby. Maybe next time?
    Ruby: Ugh, you know what? I don't need you. There's no next time. But I have Eda!
    Eda: No can do. My husband reserved a movie ticket.
  • One of Ruby's contacts has his status set to "I'm married".
  • Ruby's Foxy Cell tosses the Wook Forever Project in a trash can and sets it on fire to warm her up.
Ep. 430 - Ruby Signing Off 5
  • The moment Z's Inner Feelings Cell decides to give Ruby a shot, there's a massive explosion.
Ep. 431 - Ruby Signing Off 6
  • Ruby's slow text replies cause tantalization to grow in Control-Z's heart. When she responds, his heart receives a punch to the face.
  • Ruby imagines Z telling her, "Hang in there, Ruby my love".
  • When Z shows up for the date, Ruby imagines him wielding a hammer to do a test of strength on her heart.
Ep. 432 - Naughty Cell's Signal
  • Ruby's heart takes a bunch of hits but claims to be fine. Then a huge fist comes at him as Control-Z asks to go out with Ruby.
  • When Z asks if Ruby wants some corns, she asks Yumi what that means. Yumi says it's a subtle way of asking her to come over, and this causes Ruby's heartthrob meter to shoot up.
  • When Babi asks Yumi if she wants some potatoes, Yumi agrees as Naughty Cell pops up behind her.
Ep. 433 - The Signals You Get 1
  • Fashion Terrorist complains that Giving Tree won't let her buy clothes when he would buy an air fryer for Hunger Cell. Hunger Cell claims Yumi can write better with fried sweet potatoes, but when Fashion Terrorist tries to argue back, he just squashes her under his foot.
  • Anxiety Cell warns that Yumi will regret buying the suit and ends up in a hair/antenna-pulling fight with Fashion Terrorist.
Ep. 434 - The Signals You Get 2
  • Fed up with Giving Tree giving to everyone except her, Fashion Terrorist grabs his keys and claims it's faster to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission. Rational Cell tries to shoot her down, but the God of Impulse gets between them and lets her know that the clothes are on sale with his dying breath.
Ep. 435 - The Signals You Get 3
  • A cold virus enters Yumi's neck and challenges the cells to a fight. Yumi drinks ginger tea, which takes the form of a muscular man, to combat the virus. The virus wins.
  • Yumi uses third-person when she texts Babi that she's sick.
Ep. 436 - The Signals You Get 4
  • Yumi's rings are portrayed just like Daeyong's muscular cells with the rings as headpieces. Their appearance also reflects their age, which means some of them are old men wearing short-hemmed jumpsuits and thigh-high boots.
  • When Yumi opens her drawer, her most commonly-worn ring waves at her, telling her to pick it.
  • During the dramatic announcement of Babi's marriage proposal, there's a typo that spells his name as "Bibi".
Ep. 437 - The Signals You Get 5
  • Da-eun's cells check if there's anything up with her Common Sense, which angrily tells them not to put the blame on it.
Ep. 438 - The Signals You Get - Finale
  • Woong brings a plant to Yumi's office. Ruby complains that they can't eat it.
  • Ruby claims to be there to help Yumi, but Yumi knows she's just there so she can date Control-Z without spending money.
Ep. 439 - Travel Plan
  • Yumi suggests that Ruby and Control-Z take an overnight trip. Her Etiquette Cell gets mad at Naughty Cell for corrupting them, but he claims it was Travel Cell who said it as the latter runs away.
  • Ruby's Foxy Cell warns her Naughty Cell that Z is more innocent than he looks. Indeed, his Naughty Cell looks very cute and innocent. Still, Z thinks he's the only one thinking dirty things when everyone else is thinking the same thing.
  • Ruby and Z both text Yumi for help with the conversation.
Ep. 440 - Lunchbox
  • When Yumi sees the lunchbox Ruby packed for her, she calls it grass. Her Hungry Cell hesitates but eats it anyway.

    Episodes 442 - 477 
Ep. 442 - He Knew What I was about to Say
  • Ruby convinces Shin to have some coffee by complaining that her hands will burn if he doesn't take it.
  • Kindness Cell lunges at Rational Cell, telling him to take Shin's feelings into account.
Ep. 443 - So Awkward
  • After a short awkward exchange, Yumi waits five minutes for Assistant Manager Shin to board the elevator before her, but he ends up going at the same time as her.
  • Yumi tries to break the Uncomfortable Elevator Moment by talking to herself. Rational Cell tells the Reaction Doll to stop it.
  • Yumi tries to ask Shin which direction he is going so she can go the opposite direction, but he beats her to the question. Once she answers, he says he's going to the same bus as her.
Ep. 444 - Past-seeing girl, Future-seeing man
  • Shin imagines going home, tossing off his clothes, and eating snacks on the sofa.
  • When Yumi catches on that Shin is looking forward to going home, his imagined self looks at her from the thought bubble.
Ep. 445 - Who was that?
  • The first time Jinx Cell tricks everyone into thinking Love Cell is back, Rational Cell asks if he can punch him. The next time, Rational Cell just smacks him with a bat.
  • Ruby claims that she saw Yumi eyeing whichever cute guy they recently ran into, and Yumi denies it.
  • Rational Cell asks who's the mysterious cell in the bushes, and she answers "It's me." Then he asks who is "me", to which Emotional Cell responds "You're Rational Cell."
Ep. 446 - Heartthrob Energy
  • Writer Cell gets on his knees and begs for Love Cell's mercy before he realizes she's a normie now.
  • Writer Cell angrily and childishly accuses Love Cell of coming back to life because of Shin. Blabbing Cell and Jinx Cell say Writer Cell is in love with Shin, and Writer Cell blasts them for thinking that.
  • Makeup Cell sits on a floaty in a lake due to being out of a job.
Ep. 447 - Unable To Use Skill
  • After Soonrok's Hungry Cell accuses the dumpling of being a phony, his Love Cell declares it real and compliments it. The dumpling is glad to hear the kind words, but not so much when Hungry Cell drags it off to be digested.
  • Soonrok cries over a CG character who is hungry.
  • Yumi's Writer Cell is very happy about Shin's feedback, but he claims the feelings are strictly professional.
  • Yumi's Love Cell tries to turn the feeling of belief into love, but nothing happens.
Ep. 448 - Rudolph
  • Ruby's millstone is high-tech, but she doesn't use it a lot. When she does, it's to find out what man Yumi has a crush on.
  • When the millstone fails, Ruby resorts to shaking Yumi and begging for her to spill. The skill is called <choking>, a low-brow skill. Yumi shoos her away when she gets a call.
    Ruby: Who is it? Hm?? I know you're seeing someone right now! Who is it? Keeping secrets from me? Ruby's sad!
Ep. 449 - Harmless Curiosity
  • Ruby is curious about Shin's age and wonders whether she should call him by his first name or not. Yumi responds, "How about don't call him at all?"
  • Yumi's Assumption Cell speculates that Shin is the same age as Ruby and promptly gets chewed out by Detective Cell.
  • Once Yumi concludes that Shin is a year or two her junior, Ruby searches up what's good about dating younger guys. Yumi is initially unamused, but then she finds her searching the same thing on her phone.
  • Curiosity Cell makes a bunch of excuses to get a pass for being so curious about Shin. Simple curiosity without any intention, curiosity before sleep, health-related curiosity, and curiosity related to writing all get a pass, and the latter is recommended. Amusingly, the corresponding thought is not related to writing.
  • Yumi thinks she saw Shin on the bus, but it turns out to be a different guy. Unbeknownst to her, Shin is actually behind her.
Ep. 450 - Strawberry custard carp bread
  • Shin sees Yumi on the bus but decides not to say hi because he's getting off anyway. Then he finds out that she got off too, but it's not worth the effort to walk up to her to say hi. His Rational Cell considers taking a different route to avoid seeing her, but his Hungry Cell refuses to take a detour.
  • Shin is surprised that Yumi is at the carp bread place because he's the only regular. He thinks that at least he's the only one who is going to buy the strawberry custard carp bread, but Yumi orders all of them. He has no choice but to talk to her to get the bread.
  • Yumi doesn't recognize Shin without his glasses, so Jinx Cell claims he's asking for her number to send the cells into a panic.
  • Even Writer Cell, who has been actively avoiding romance, is amazed by the handsome "stranger".
  • Yumi gets a Color Failure when she realizes it's Shin who's talking to her.
Ep. 451 - Caught red-handed
  • Hunger Cell has a snooze-you-lose attitude about having bought all the bread before Shin. Giving Tree objects, kicking Hunger Cell in the face with his root.
  • Yumi lies about being unable to eat all the carp breads. She could actually eat thirteen in one sitting.
  • Detective Cell thinks Shin is about to pay, so he gets Yumi to call out. Shin was actually reaching for his phone, to Yumi's embarrassment.
  • When Shin asks how far Yumi's home is, Detective Cell deduces that Shin wants to talk on the way back. Shin is just trying to get the right amount of dry ice for the ice cream. Writer Cell gets upset with yet another incorrect deduction and throws Detective Cell out with the scan results.
  • Detective Cell finds that Writer Cell lied about the first impression result being "meh". The real result was a "major heart throb". As he calls out after Writer Cell, Naughty Cell quietly turns on the blowtorch before making Yumi blush.
Ep. 452 - Hints 1
  • Love Cell brings out a winged heart wand, which is a "super powerful legendary weapon [she's] never used before". Writer Cell is terrified for one moment before she zaps him with it. With that, Yumi admits her feelings for Shin as she does an Aside Glance.
Ep. 453 - Hints 2
  • Emotional Cell suggests asking to watch a movie with Soonrok despite the protests of Manner Cell and Rational Cell. Her speech bubble gets bigger, as noted by Rational Cell.
Ep. 454 - Hints 3
  • Fashion Cell directs Yumi to dress up subtly. That "subtlety" doesn't escape Ruby.
  • Ruby tricks Yumi into turning around by calling out to Shin when he isn't there. Despite Yumi's obvious reaction, she still denies being interested in him.
  • Yumi shouts that Shin is super cute without his glasses just as he walks in.
Ep. 455 - No more hints
  • After Soonrok editor-zones Yumi, her Love Cell is splayed on the ground with a huge bump on her head. Writer Cell shakes her angrily, and she complains that he's hurting her.
Ep. 456 - Don't cross the line
  • Soonrok believes that Yumi took it well when he turned down her offer to watch the movie together when it's clear from the previous episode that she didn't.
Ep. 457 - Breaking the heart 1
  • Yumi's cells try to hide her leftover feelings for Shin behind some leaves. She tells them she can hear them.
  • Yumi goes out of her way to narrate that she's wearing sweats to make a statement. Ruby notices that deliberate choice of fashion.
  • Yumi tries to find faults in Shin, but her Dislike Cell still thinks he's cute when he's sick and gross.
Ep. 458 - Breaking the heart 2
  • Ruby imagines Yumi using skills as if she were serving a tennis ball to Shin. However, Yumi serves the skills at the floor and leaves them to roll just in front of the net.
  • Ruby complains about Yumi being a Tsundere, which is defined as "using skills in an unnoticeable way".
  • Yumi acts so indifferent around Shin, only to get Color Failure when Ruby mentions Shin is going on a blind date.
Ep. 459 - Please return it to me later 1
  • Hysterius throws bombs at the cells, but Kindness is undeterred and throws a plunger at his face.
  • Kindness hopes Shin's date fails miserably. Hysterius remarks that she's quite evil.
  • As Yumi and Shin's arms keep touching, Yumi's heart thumps uncontrollably as Naughty Cell prances around.
Ep. 460 - Please return it to me later 2
  • Shin makes an annoyed face as factors out of his control amplify his bad mood. When Yumi shows some kindness to him, his face softens, but the following panels return to his annoyed face.
  • Shin recommends Babi's tteokbokki place.
Ep. 461 - Please return it to me later 3
  • As Yumi refuses to go into Babi's tteokbokki place, Shin makes sure to keep the umbrella over her. As he leans over to read the closed notice, Yumi puts her hands over her head as she gets rained on.
  • Shin mentions that Babi's place does takeout, causing Hunger Cell's appetite to fall (again) and Yumi to use her laser eyes on him. He's completely unfazed and keeps chewing on his food.
  • Shin seems to catch on to Yumi's desire to avoid Babi and offers to foot the bill so she can get away, but then he calls out to her to give her a candy. Yumi's face as she thinks "Soonrok Shin, that jerk..." sells it.
Ep. 462 - Please return it to me later 4
  • Yumi's response to Shin's offer for candy is a very annoyed "I'm okay."
  • Babi's Overreacting Cell points out that Yumi forgot her umbrella, while the rest of the cells tell him to stay quiet.
  • Shin catches on that Babi is Yumi's ex-boyfriend and is getting married, but he won't believe his imagination because it would mean Yumi is having an awful day and he would be breaking the rules. He proceeds to break his rule by refreshing the mood and asking her out for coffee.
  • Babi's affection towards Da-eun is contrasted by Yumi bluntly telling Shin to walk faster if he doesn't want to get rained on.
Ep. 463 - I want to get along (with you)
  • When Yumi and Babi see each other, Yumi imagines a "who's doing better" battle.
  • Confidence Cell says Yumi is dressed up naturally, but Fashion Cell objects to the fact that she's wearing sweats. She wonders why Yumi is always wearing sweats when she runs into Babi as a strong wind blows at her and Babi looks at her with glowing eyes.
  • Yumi puts her arm on Shin's shoulder as if to brag that she's got a new man. Shin looks surprised from the back.
  • Babi responds by lifting up his wedding jewelry bag, but Yumi tries to convince herself that there are potatoes in the bag. When her denial proves unsuccessful, a strong force sends Yumi flying out of the restaurant.
  • Shin texts Yumi about having bought some coffee. When she replies that it must be cold by now, he responds with a picture of a thermos.
  • After Hysterius relentlessly teases Yumi for being editor-zoned, Emotional Cell picks out a lollipop that was produced from the text and gives him a good whack with it.
Ep. 464 - Memory association effect
  • Thanks to his Exaggerate Cell, Shin gets surprised when he sees Yumi's umbrella by his doorway.
  • Shin gives an Aside Glance as the oranges remind him of Yumi, triggering the Memory Association Effect.
Ep. 465 - Blind date 1
  • Shin's Manners Cell shoves other cells aside and spits on Smile Cell's face despite the saying "No one spits on a smiling face".
Ep. 466 - Blind date 2
  • Soohyun's Naughty Cell runs rampant with the torch as she hears that Shin is a prickly Sharp-Dressed Man.
  • The title panel shows Soohyun's Naughty Cell running towards Shin's Manners Cell and Smile Cell.
  • The torch gets snuffed out when Soohyun realizes Shin is just a nice puppy type.
  • Shin's Rational Cell forces his Manners Cell to give Soohyun the napkin, which results in him awkwardly reaching across the table.
  • Smile Cell's mask stops smiling when he realizes he has no questions to ask.
Ep. 467 - Isn't It Too Late?
  • At 8:55 PM, Yumi says she's not sleepy. She wakes up at 2:22 AM after having fallen asleep in the same pose, missing Soonrok's message which was sent a few minutes after she fell asleep.
  • Soonrok gets surprised by Yumi's umbrella again (and every time, for that matter).
  • Love Cell zaps Lullaby Cell and complains that it's too late to text Soonrok back. Rational Cell agrees and tells her to give up, and she zaps him too.
Ep. 468 - Prime Love Cell
  • After Soonrok stops texting, Yumi's Curiosity Cell suggests asking him what he typed.
  • Yumi's Love Cell sends a bunch of nails into Soonrok's message to nail down the promise.
  • Fashion Cell suggests dressing up naturally, and Love Cell objects.
Ep. 469 - Heart Working
  • Yumi's Pride Cell tries to discourage the Heart from beating by reminding them about Soonrok's blind date, but the Heart keeps thumping the drums.
  • Soonrok's Love Cell tells his Smile Cell to smile when his Manner Cell messes up.
  • Upon seeing Yumi, Soonrok gets a spark from his heart that sends his cells fleeing, strikes Manner Cell down, and burns his script.
Ep. 470 - Date 1
  • Yumi's Love Cell drives a bulldozer. Her first order of business is to ram into Rational Cell, but she listens to the other cells when they voice their concerns.
Ep. 471 - Date 2
  • When Yumi finds out Soonrok is three years younger than her, her Confidence Cell flees in a panic while her Love Cell asks where he's going.
  • Soonrok calls Yumi "Nuna" to ease the tension. Clearly humored, she responds with a shoulder spike.
Ep. 472 - Date 3
  • Yumi and Soonrok play a little game of naming the authors of books with a finger flick as the penalty for a wrong answer. Yumi gets hers wrong, leading to a juxtaposition of Soonrok gently brushing her bangs aside and a Distant Reaction Shot of a loud snap.
Ep. 473 - Date 4
  • As Yumi falls down the stairs, she accidentally touches Soonrok's chest and gets a whiff of his clothes, revealing that he works out and that he used a lot of detergent for his laundry.
  • Soonrok catches Yumi by the belly, where the Fat is still living. Yumi pushes him away due to her Weight Woe, causing both of them to fall the rest of the way down.
Ep. 474 - I Just Can't Imagine
  • Imagination Cell comes up with a few ideas for Soonrok's reaction to Yumi's confession. The "Why are you doing this to me?" reaction gets Love Cell to toss the easel.
  • Love Cell is standing over Inner Feeling Cell's prison spot with a crowbar in her hand. Rational Cell asks her why she would poop on this perfect day, and she questions his wording.
  • When Imagination Cell has trouble imagining a scenario in which Soonrok reciprocates Yumi's feelings, Love Cell gets upset because he draws all of Naughty Cell's requests.
Ep. 475 - Heart Fever Time
  • The opening turns out to be a Daydream Surprise, courtesy of Soonrok's Imagination Cell. His Love Cell says it's so sad but looks more enraged.
  • Soonrok's hesitation to let Yumi know he's there leads to another Imagine Spot of him going back home and being invited to Yumi's wedding a year later. The supposed groom is the author's brother, as if the author is throwing him under the bus for the ensuing Die for Our Ship.
  • Yumi responds to Soonrok's Love Confession by asking him if he had dinner yet.
Ep. 476 - Welcome To My House
  • When Yumi's hand accidentally brushes Soonrok's, it corresponds to her Naughty Cell glomping his Love Cell. The other cells have to pry him off.
  • Yumi announces that she's home as if she lives with her family, causing Soonrok to panic. Inside her village, Soonrok's Love Cell has passed out from shock and Fishing Cell is trying to resuscitate him.
  • When Yumi goes to prepare dinner, she takes out her phone and starts looking for easy food to cook. All the while, her Cells are dragging Cooking Cell out.
Ep. 477 - Miss Isabelle
  • Unaware that Yumi and Soonrok started dating, Ruby talks smack about the guy fooling around on blind dates. She's about to use a swear word when Yumi uses the <Hey!> skill to force her to move on to her next line of dialogue.
    Ruby: If he's the person in charge, tell him to act like it! He shouldn't be all distracted and going out on blind dates and shi--
    Yumi: HEY!
    [Hey! A skill to make the other person shut up and move on to the next line of dialogue]

    Episodes 478 - 511 
Ep. 478 - There's Something I Haven't Told You
  • Naughty Cell leads a class starting with the subject of linking arms. After Soonrok tells Yumi to refrain from hand-holding, hugging, and cheek-kissing in the workplace, Naughty Cell's students complain that the class next door (presumably Soonrok's class) is moving faster and covering the first three bases at once. They call Naughty Cell an "old AF cell".
  • Soonrok flips back and forth between his professional and sweet personas as he discreetly shows his affection to Yumi in the workplace.
  • When Soohyun catches Soonrok calling Yumi beautiful, she comes up with an outlandish scenario about Soonrok accepting the blind date to hide his secret relationship.
Ep. 479 - There's Something I Haven't Told You 2
  • Soonrok admits that he said some really harsh things about editor-writer romances. Yumi doesn't care and calls him cute while pinching his cheeks.
  • Daeyong uses the dark skill "Mom! Don't Open The Door Without Knocking!" to barge in and catch Soonrok and Yumi acting as a couple.
Ep. 480 - There's Something I Haven't Told You 3
  • Daeyong's barging is a lot less epic from a third-person perspective, especially because Yumi and Soonrok are on opposite sides of the room. They ask if Daeyong is crazy.
  • When Daeyong goes to investigate the discrepancy of the Oreos in front of Yumi and the crumbs on Soonrok's face, Soonrok boldly licks the crumbs off and asks if Daeyong has any evidence.
Ep. 481 - There's Something I Haven't Told You 4
  • When Soonrok is forced to choose between his professional image and Yumi, he goes to Yumi without question, leaving his professional persona to come crashing down.
  • Once they reveal their secret relationship, Daeyong's curiosity cell appears and asks how they met. Before revealing anything, Yumi asks whether Soonrok will still be her editor after this. Daeyong tries to make a case against them, but Yunhee conveniently calls him. His Rational Cell knows that his words will lose weight if he answers the call, but his Love Cell refuses to ignore it.
Ep. 482 - This Is Real, Real, Real
  • Imagination Cell mass hypnotizes a crowd of cells to help Yumi get into Soonrok's imagination groove.
  • Soonrok dons a rich guy act as he rents a theater for poor writer Yumi. Yumi turns this around and makes him the poor one when she imagines the ice cream delivery as room service for a hotel.
  • The doorbell shatters Soonrok's imagination, as does Yumi's complaint about the ice cream.
  • Naughty Cell pays Imagination Cell to continue the mood after the doorbell interruption as a Call-Back to Love Cell's complaint about Imagination Cell always taking on Naughty Cell's requests.
  • Yumi's Giving Tree finally snaps back into Cheapskate Cell when Soonrok orders a huge sampler of ice cream.
Ep. 483 - This Is Real, Real, Real 2
  • The cells cheer for Sloppy Cell for leaving Yumi's makeup pouch at Soonrok's house.
  • The only thing Yumi remembers from the movie was the ram-don. Soonrok offers to make her some, causing her cells to cheer for Hunger Cell.
  • When Yumi ties her hair back, Soonrok's Naughty Cell arrives despite Soonrok saying he didn't call for it. It is revealed to be a muscular, proportionate giant.
  • Soonrok asks Yumi to spend the night at his place, causing her to do a Spit Take.
Ep. 484 - This Is Real, Real, Real 3
  • Soonrok lets Yumi wear his pajamas, but he only gives her the top. It turns out to be an honest mistake. Then he asks her if she's going to wash her hair, and she wonders if he's offering to wash her hair for her, but he's just letting her know which bottle is the shampoo. Yumi is concerned that she's the only one with naughty thoughts, completely unaware that Soonrok's Naughty Cell is enormous compared to hers.
Ep. 485 - December 24th
  • When Yumi finds out that Soonrok got her a pillow and blanket while she was asleep, it causes such a drop to her heart that the cells have to be carted away in a stretcher. She greets him as he wakes up, causing a similar explosion in his heart. Soonrok's Hungry Cell tries to get back at her, but Yumi's Hungry Cell is mostly unfazed by the following explosion.
  • Yumi's Naughty Cell hurls a torch at Soonrok's. The torch looks like a matchstick from the latter's perspective. When Soonrok's Naughty Cell promises to reign in his Shower Cell, Yumi's Naughty Cell is more pleased about the prospect of a "next time" than concerned about the explosion he's caught in.
  • When Yumi adjusts Soonrok's tie, his heart says, "What is this cruelty."
  • Soonrok's Love Cell gets the last laugh as he sends Yumi's Love Cell the code to his apartment, which sends her flying in the final explosion.
Ep. 486 - Soonrok's Top Priority
  • Anxiety Cell has been hounding Writer Cell over Yumi's book, but she runs away after finding out that Soonrok is Yumi's new top priority.
    Anxiety Cell: No!!! My Soonrok!! I can never lose you, Soonrok!
  • Soonrok's Anxiety Cell is said to be very powerful. When he places an item in his top priority slot, his Anxiety Cell hops around and says he might die if he fails.
  • Soohyun's Writer Cell pulls ideas out of a capsule machine, but most of them say "Sorry, try again!"
  • When Daeyong finds out that Soohyun plagiarized Yumi's manuscript, his cells chase after his Conscience Cell and kick him out of the thought bubble.
Ep. 487 - Yumi's Fault, Daeyong's Fault, Isabelle's Fault
  • When a delivery cell breaks the bad news to Yumi's cells, one of the cells declares that it's a dream, only for the delivery cell to slap it.
  • Jinx Cell makes a reference to "Gangnam Style" (in the English translation).
    Jinx Cell: Gangnam, who? This is Jinx Style! Ehhh, sexy lady!
    Crow: Caw caw caw caw-! Jinx Style!
  • Rational Cell and Emotional Cell play tug-of-war with the message while the other cells watch and eat cell chips from the sidelines. Inner Peace Corps tries to convince them to be the bigger person and comfort Daeyong, but everyone starts beating her up. Inner Feeling Cell sneaks out while everyone is occupied.
  • After reading a glowing review about Isabelle's story, Yumi is about to throw her phone, but Cheapskate Cell keeps Rampage Cell in check.
Ep. 488 - Sudden Curiosity
  • Yumi imagines crying into Soonrok's shoulder, only to snap out of it as she imagines him saying "Nuna, act your age..." Emotional Cell doesn't care that Yumi is older and tells him to "hug Yumi Nuna!"
  • As Soonrok is lost in thought about the plagiarism incident, Yumi pinches his cheeks and plays with his glasses to lighten the mood.
  • Yumi imagines Isabelle as Sia when "confronting" her. She imagines herself as a detective interrogating Sia. When Writer Cell asks Imagination Cell to pick a more comfortable place, Yumi ends up resting very comfortably in a bedroom as if Sia is her best friend.
Ep. 489 - Muse, My Love
  • The imagined Sia/Isabelle bluntly remarks that Yumi's boyfriend and story were both stolen.
  • After Soonrok delivers the carp breads to Yumi, she flirts, which corresponds to a little rock hitting Soonrok's sleeping Naughty Cell. As Yumi tries to get him to stay, each of her remarks corresponds to a larger amount of rocks dropping until Soonrok's Naughty Cell wakes up and recharges Soonrok's energy and drive.
Ep. 490 - People who complete A Story
  • As Yumi leads Soonrok to her apartment, she tells him not to turn on the lights. When he asks why, it cuts to a girl reading the comic on her phone and egging him to take off his tie. He starts to take it off, but Yumi turns on the lights and explains that there's a switch in the living room. Soonrok claims that his tie was too tight to save face.
  • Yumi and Soonrok talk about buying something from the convenience store, but not the strawberry flavor. The reader yells at them to get to the action, only to find out that they bought ice cream rather than "the thing that shall not be named."
  • It turns out the reader is Naughty Cell. Love Cell yells at him for filling Yumi's head with dirty thoughts.
  • Naughty Cell explains that it's his job to fill in the blanks of the Sexy Discretion Shot, which turns out to be a "Eureka!" Moment for Yumi. She learns that she has to leave some details to the imagination.
  • As one final tease, Soonrok bought something other than ice cream after all.
Ep. 491 - The Brave Cells
  • The other item that Soonrok bought turns out to be a toothbrush... which he uses to clean his Tongue for the next mission of kissing Yumi.
  • Yumi's story takes so long that Soonrok's Naughty Cell starts losing its cool.
Ep. 492 - The Writing Hand
  • In the middle of the make-out session, Writer Cell starts getting worried about the stolen manuscript, but the cells stampede over him as Yumi's right hand is headed for Soonrok's back.
  • Yumi's Naughty Cell is flustered that the hand has to make an emergency landing on Soonrok's butt, but he quickly declares it as an opportunity to be grabbed. This becomes another "Eureka!" Moment for Yumi.
  • Right Hand wants to confirm if it's okay to land, to which Naughty Cell screams "Shut up and just land!" Then Writer Cell interrupts again about the manuscript, and Naughty Cell shushes him.
Ep. 493 - This Isn't Yours, Is It?
  • Soonrok finds Babi's shirt in Yumi's closet. When she sees it, Rampage Cell chases after Housekeeping Cell.
  • Detective Cell calls Babi "ancient news" and demands a search for all his remnants.
  • When Soonrok asks if Yumi feels bad about trashing her manuscript, Rational Cell catches Leftover Feelings Cell smuggling the manuscript and shoots him with a tranquilizer.
  • Writer Cell doesn't care about the plagiarism incident anymore, but Cheapskate Cell tries to convince him by saying they've been robbed. When that fails, Cheapskate Cell asks in a rage if Writer Cell sees Yumi as a fool.
  • In a bit of dark humor, Soohyun sees her friend and her favorite food as doodles as the guilt of plagiarizing Yumi's manuscript comes back to haunt her.
  • The Surprisingly Creepy Moment of Soohyun's now large Conscience Cell hunting down her Writer Cell is so out-of-place that it loops back to being funny.
Ep. 494 - New Novel
  • Jenny first notices Woong because of his bizarre fashion sense and decides to give him a scan. When he notices her, she continues the scan from behind a bookshelf and concludes that he's out of her league.
  • When Woong talks to Jenny, she thinks up a Wall of Text of what she would she would do if he asks for her number.
Ep. 495 - New Novel 2
  • When Soonrok tells Yumi that his friend is a girl, Yumi's Love Cell holds a shaky hand over two buttons in the same format as the button-pressing meme as she tries to decide whether to act cool or to probe about their relationship.
Ep. 496 - New Novel 3
  • Jenny gushes about how cool and confident Woong must be, but the way he watches Yumi and Soonrok and hides when they get near indicates otherwise.
Ep. 497 - New Novel - Finale
  • Woong returns to his decision-making flowcharts. When he gets overwhelmingly curious about how Jenny got another copy of her book, his flowchart reads "Yesssssss".
  • Jenny uses an Incredibly Lame Pun of "If you-woong like to know". Woong's flowchart indicates that he won't admit he laughed, but he admits he chuckled. The flowchart leads to "That's still a laugh, dude!" with the option "Yes".
  • In contrast to Jenny's paragraph-long texts, Woong's response to her proposed date is a single letter "K".
Ep. 498 - Shall We Dance?
  • Soonrok notices that Yumi dances when she's happy, but when he actually looks at her, she stops and looks at him blankly as her Dance Cell gets snatched away.
Ep. 499 - Shall We Dance? 2
  • Soonrok sees that Yumi is interested in the Maltese keychains and tries to buy one to surprise her. However, Yumi sees him making the purchase. They have the same "realization" backgrounds.
  • Yumi's Reaction Doll makes a huge show of appreciation for the keychain. Yumi herself has a more understated reaction.
  • Soonrok tries to teach Yumi her own dance and imagines them in a dance class.
Ep. 500 - Shall We Dance? 3
  • Jinx Cell becomes Super Jinx and attempts to sabotage the trip to Jeju Island multiple times. Love Cell zaps him with lightning, causing one cell to worry that he'll die and another to tell Love Cell to go for it. When Super Jinx starts crying, Love Cell says sorry with a rather unapologetic expression. Later, Travel Cell brings flowers to apologize, and Super Jinx accepts the apology as a front for his next trick of making it rain.
  • When Soonrok suggests staying in the hotel room until it stops raining, Yumi's Naughty Cell grows and demands the rest of the cells to clear the afternoon schedule. Yumi's Hunger Cell also grows several times larger than Naughty Cell and is willing to fight for the schedule.
  • Soonrok's cells investigate the cause of his upset stomach. Between the kimbap, milk, and expired bread, they blame the kimbap.
Ep. 501 - Shall We Dance? 4
  • A bunch of shrimp with cell faces pose for Yumi's food picture, and one shrimp worries that it blinked. Yumi's Hungry Cell starts attacking them after their "funeral photo".
  • Soonrok's Hungry Cell tries to attack one shrimp but falls over when it slaps him.
Ep. 502 - _._.. _._ __
  • Yumi's left hand turns out to be the biometric pass to summon Soonrok's Naughty Cell, who refuses to go away despite Soonrok's protests.
  • Yumi's Naughty Cell was hiding among the Left Hand cells. It's even funnier if you reread the chapter and realize he was hiding in plain sight the whole time. When Rational Cell confronts him, he claims that he can explain before bolting away.
Ep. 503 - Yumi's Cells (1)
  • Mansik's Hungry Cell mercilessly attacks the cream buns. Like father, like daughter.
  • When Emotional Cell and Rational Cell first meet, they explain that their jobs are to burst and to stop someone, respectively. In the present day, Rational Cell is trying to stop Emotional Cell from bursting.
Ep. 504 - Yumi's Cells (2)
  • High school Yumi develops a crush on a boy, which is depicted by Love Cell tossing out the picture of her favorite K-Pop star Oscar and replacing it with the boy.
  • Yumi denies having a crush because she already has Oscar. When she looks at Oscar's poster, though, he's drawn in the same sketchy style as Babi once was.
Ep. 505 - Yumi's Cells (3)
  • The photographer tells the bridal party not to hold up a peace sign while Yunhee looks at Ruby annoyed and Control-Z rolls his eyes.
  • Rational Cell warns the Endorphins of a flood because Yumi is tearing up over the sight of her mom calling out to her in the distance. Yumi thinks the message is something along the lines of being happy, but her mom is actually telling her not to cry or it'll ruin her makeup.
  • Rational Cell warns of a wild boar on the loose, which happens to be Hungry Cell.
Ep. 506 - Sia
  • After hearing that Yumi started dating Soonrok, Woong begins to storm out of the classroom as Sia reprimands him. In the next panel, Woong is sitting at his desk while Sia makes fun of him for not going through with it.
  • While Woong sulks, Sia remarks that she's used to him acting stupid, which causes him to snap back into his normal self and point out that Sia gets worse grades than him.
  • When Woong finds out that Jenny's workbook is already filled in, he makes her pay... by making her erase it.
  • Back in reality, Woong is about to have dinner with Jenny and asks Sia if she wants to tag along.
Ep. 507 - Babi the Phantom Thief
  • Phantom Thief Babi is a lot more expressive, and those expressions are quite humorous.
  • Babi inflates his suit in a humorous manner before diving off the balcony.
Ep. 508 - Soonrok
  • When Soonrok finds Yumi's embarrassing fanfic of Oscar that got her in trouble at school, he imagines saving her from the embarrassment and running off before the teacher could scold him.
  • Soonrok imagines confronting Babi and saying that Babi's good looks don't compare to his cuteness. He starts dancing to show off his curly hair, and Yumi wonders what's going on in his head.
Ep. 509 - Sincerely, Yumi Kim
  • Yumi explains that she tries to write in places that put her in a good mood. Her expression says otherwise.
  • Math Cell is still dead to this day. Cheapskate Cell does the job instead, effortlessly pushing the mill that Writer Cell had been struggling to move.
  • Yumi claims that she doesn't have a sweet tooth before running off to the ice cream store and admitting she's always had a sweet tooth. Then she realizes that only her thoughts are at the ice cream store.
  • Yumi's feet complain that she's heavy and they can't be bothered to move her. When Soonrok texts her, she gets up right away.
Ep. 510 - Ending
  • Yumi admires that the sky is the same color as braised back ribs and kimchi stew. Emotional Cell chews out Hunger Cell for ruining the mood.
  • Shower Cell tries begging Rational Cell to wash up, but when he keeps running away, she hits him with a frisbee basin.
  • Rational Cell snipes Writer Cell just like he did to Detective Cell over five hundred chapters ago.

The series

    Season 1 
  • Woong's Cells forcefully shave Hairy Cell because they believe Woong's beard is the reason Yumi wasn't interested in him. When she texts back, Woong's beard is already half-shaven. The Cells apologize before shaving Hairy Cell the rest of the way.
  • The "glass bathroom" scene is extended in the adaptation. Yumi takes time to consider just how awkward it would be when Woong takes a shower.
  • Woong complains to the hotel staff about the glass bathroom, going so far as to listen to the recording of Yumi's phone call to prove she didn't know about it. Yumi rushes into the office and tells him that she did know about it, but some notebooks fall on the keyboard, playing the part of the recording when she says she loves glass bathrooms.
  • Yumi has a lot of books written by Yi Dong Gun (the author of the webtoon).
  • Rational Cell wants to venture into Woong's village to check out the AI. When he does, he's greeted by Naughtysaurus, who is flying around and proclaiming how sexy Yumi is. Rational Cell gets out of there as fast as he can.

    Season 2 
  • When Yumi misplaces her laptop and realizes she didn't back up her manuscript, Writer Cell jumps out of her tower, leaving an impression in the clouds.
  • Woong has One Dialogue, Two Conversations with Yumi regarding her apparent upcoming wedding. He congratulates her on getting married as he heads out in a taxi, much to her confusion. After the taxi drives forward a bit, Woong realizes Yumi's confusion and asks the driver to go backward so he can clear things up. The driver literally drives in reverse until the taxi stops in front of Yumi again.
  • When Daeyong meets Yi Da, his Cells quickly carve her name into a stone.