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  • Jacqui's spells messing with Sandi's mind so she sees Faith naked. It ends with her dry humping a tree while Jacqui tricks her opponent into slamming face first into another tree.
  • When Mel complains that the MMAA dropped her, Tiffany denies any such thing, claiming it was probably Mel's weight that was to blame. Cerise snarks on Melissa, who asserts she's only 99lbs. Tiffany disagrees.
  • Mel trying to tap into the school's power.
    Melissa: Let's see... um... eggos... gallforce... scarface! No, that's not right... Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
    Melissa: (getting frustrated) Ohhh, just give me your power, you stupid school!
    (her hands begin to glow)
    Melissa: Ahhh... ahhh, power! More than I even imagined! (delighted) Cussing out the school totally works!
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  • Faith reacting to Mel turned into a mindless force of energy.
    Faith: No way you have this kind of power! If you did, you'd never shut up about it!
  • Faith asks Jacqui a simple question, concerning Melissa's wand, and gets everything but a simple answer, after the later misunderstands her question (or did she?). Faith's reaction is priceless!
  • Tiff falling off the fence in the middle of her triumphant speech after swiping the Wand from Faith... then finishing it. *cue cheers and applause*
  • Tiffany's "backup plan" backfires, when Veronique casually swats it back at her, causing it to blow up in her face. Literally.
  • The sight of chibi-Tiffany swinging happily through the trees, followed by chibi- Melissa, who's asleep!
  • Cerise's Mundane Solution to beating Zora, thanks to Callista tipping her off.
    Cerise: "I summon... INFINIPUPPY!!!"
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  • So the Mysterious Girl shows up again, to stage her Cat Up a Tree schtick. But, when Melissa finally gives in and rescues the thing, the girl vanishes and sticks Mel with it! Mel's reaction to all of this?
    Melissa: (desperate) "No, it's your kitty! Take your kitty, Fade-Out Girl! Take YOUR kitty! Stop Not Existing!'''
  • After Savage Skye comes to a now black-haired Cerise's room after her earlier self drains off a dying Cerise's excess power, as well as some Evil:
    HEKATE: I wonder...will you even like what you find?
    SKYE: C-Cerise is Cerise. I...I will always like her.
    CERISE: (waking up and leaps on Skye) SKYE!
    SKYE: EEP!
    (Cerise gives Skye "bites" with hearts in background.)
    SKYE: In fact, I REALLY like her!
    (Hekate face-palms)

  • Faith and the rest of the student council mysteriously decide to go camping at the same time, which Faith suspects might be a trap. But when she finds out that Tiffany's tagged along, she seemingly forgets about that and starts turning on the charm.
    Faith: *seductively* "I love it when you wear the mask."
    Tiffany: *blushing* "Sh-shut up! You're not supposed to!"
    Faith: *whispering* "Promise me you'll keep it on when we go skinny dipping later."
    Tiffany: *flustered* "Wh-what?! I... I'm here to d-do feats of derring-do!""
    Faith: *to everyone else* "Time to set up camp!"
    Tiffany: *indignant* "This isn't how nemeses are supposed to speak to each other ya know!"

  • In Chapter 15 Cerise reveals herself to be the Big Bad and is in the midst of delivering her "How I Did It" speech, when she gets interrupted by Tif -sorry- the MMAA, leading to the following exchange:
    Cerise: "Such strong willed girls could ruin my plans, so I arranged this camping trip."
    Tiffany: (in "aha!" prose) "Except you never counted on your amnesia spell not working on the Mysterious-"
    Tiffany: (same pose) ". . ."
    Cerise: (genuinely confused) "Why are you here?"

    • A short time afterward, we get the following mental exchange between Faith and 'fade-out' girl, who taunts Faith due to her current dilemma.
    Faith: (materializes school uniform) "I'm not just any "coporeal".
    fade-out girl: (smirking) "Oh, of course not. The Mighty Faith Abbot. How humiliating this must be for you. Defeated..."
    Faith: (lets comment slide)
    fade-out girl: "Outwitted..."
    Faith: (lets comment slide)
    fade-out girl: "Impotent!"
  • While debating on who Mel's father might be, Anastasia does mention one benefit of being an evil queen.
    Anastasia: Not that I can narrow it down. Being an evil queen gets you a lot of tail...
  • Tiffany, in her MMAA persona, has to break out the big guns to pacify Faith to keep Cerise off a burning stake after she and Melissa make up.
    Tiffany: Aww, c'mon...can't we just turn a blind eye just this once?
    Faith: No way! It's burning at the stake for her.
    Tiffany: *Sigh!* Tell you what? Be lenient and I'll talk to Tiffany Winters about giving you a DVD recording of her morning yoga workout. M.M.A.A.'s honor.
    Faith: *Blushing furiously* What would I—
    Tiffany: It's nude yoga.
    Faith: Grrr, cheater.