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  • In The DCU:
    • Superman is sometimes the last Kryptonian, and is the inspiration for most of the other DCU examples and quite possibly the non-DCU examples on this list. However, for much of the pre-Crisis era, Supergirl, who first appeared in The Supergirl from Krypton, Krypto the Superdog (who, to be fair, is a dog), the bottle city of Kandor, and numerous villains from the Phantom Zone (among others) mitigated this status. John Byrne's Post-Crisis Retool attempted to make Superman Last Of His Kind again, but success of the characters means you'll still see some other Kryptonians pop up from time to time (mainly Supergirl and Krypto).
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    • During New Krypton, it's Superman, Supergirl, the Phantom Zone criminals and 100,000 of their kin on New Krypton on the opposite side of Earth's orbit (until New Krypton gets blown up. In Bizarrogirl, Kara brings up the fact she and Superman are the last Kryptonians again.
      Supergirl: My people are gone, Lana. All of them. Mom. Dad. Thara. Even poor Zal-Tel. Me and Kal are the only ones who...
    • In Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade, Superman believes he's the last of his race until a rocket belonging to a certain Kara Zor-El crashes into Lex Luthor's robot he's fighting.
      The planet Earth. Home to the greatest hero of the galaxy, Superman. His native world of Krypton destroyed when he was an infant, he believes himself to be the last survivor of his race. He is mistaken.
    • In Krypton No More, Superman has a breakdown because of his and his cousin's last of their kind status. It gets so bad that the people of Kandor persuades Kara to trick him into believing Krypton was a delusion of his so he doesn't suffer anymore because his birth world is gone.
      Superman: I'm an orphan... Perhaps the most total orphan the world has ever known... The orphan son of an entire world!
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    • Discussed in the Supergirl story arc Red Daughter of Krypton. Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner -who had never met Supergirl previously in the New 52 universe- are shocked to learn that there's another living Kryptonian besides Superman, who was supposedly the last one.
    • In Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl, Kara Zor-El -Supergirl- is the last Kryptonian because Lex Luthor murdered her cousin.
    • Power Girl was the only surviving Kryptonian of Earth 2 - after that universe's Superman and Lois Lane died in Infinite Crisis she is the only one to make it out of that universe. In the New 52 universe, she and Helena Wayne -alias Huntress, daughter of Batman and Catwoman- are "the last daughters of Earth-Two" (which is a big lie, since as they eventually discover, Earth-2 was still very much alive and kicking).
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    • In a Bronze Age storyline, Superman and Supergirl come upon Kryptonite Man, the last member of a race that inhabited Krypton long ago.
    • The Martian Manhunter is the last of the Green Martians, although the Brightest Day storyline teased There Is Another, but she turned out to be an Ax-Crazy murderess, and he flew her into the sun.
    • There were also some White Martians brainwashed into believing they were Green, and Miss Martian, one of the few (if not the only) White Martian who's actually nice. Then New 52 came along, and M'Gann was erased from existence.
    • There's also that one other evil Green Martian. When last seen, he was a disembodied psychic essence possessing a shark. He's still around, provided any writers still remember him.
      • The whole "last Martian" thing is actually a pretty recent development - back in the Silver Age, he was not the last of his kind, and the only reason he couldn't return to Mars is because Martian technology had not advanced as much as human tech.
    • Lobo is the last Czarnian, and a mockery of the trope in general (in the comics, he killed fragged all the other Czarnians on a whim; in the DCAU, he blew up the planet for his high school science project and gave himself an "A"). Not that anybody ever considers it tragic.
      • Not necessarily "on a whim": he specifically wanted to be the last Czarnian. So much so that when another living Czarnian turns up later, Vril Dox (the one person Lobo will actually listen to) knows he'll find it particularly galling to be ordered to keep her alive until she gets to someplace safe. Lobo complies and then, as soon as Dox confirms that he completed his mission, kills her.
    • Legion of Super-Heroes member Element Lad is the last survivor of the Trommite race, the others having been slaughtered either by pirates or genocidal superbeings, depending on which continuity you're working in.
    • Another Legionnaire, Blok, is the last survivor of the planet Dryad.
    • And, for a while, Kyle Rayner was the last Green Lantern.
    • And Ganthet, the one who gave him his Ring, was the last of the Guardians of the Universe. Then a group of new Guardians were brought to life. They got whittled down, one by one, until Sinestro finally killed absolutely all of them, save Ganthet and his mate Sayd. However, there are several more of their species still alive and working with the Green Lantern Corps. But they're not calling themselves the Guardians of the Universe.
      • Before that, Appa Alli Apsa, also known as the Old Timer, was the last of the Guardians, not because the others had died, but because they had left for another dimension. The Old Timer couldn't take it, and the others had to come back to stop him.
    • American Eagle in Captain Carrot And The Final Ark is the last bald eagle in the United Species of America.
    • Kilowog, another Green Lantern, is now the last of his species. There was a Hope Spot when he was able to fit all sixteen billion life energies of his home world's inhabitants into his ring when his home world was destroyed and released them on another planet, but that planet was destroyed by Sinestro while Kilowog wasn't there to save them.
    • Helena Bertinelli is the last of the Bertinellis, who were once the dominant of Gotham's Five Families. The Bertinelli name is still highly respected in Gotham's underworld, however, and Huntress uses that to her advantage. Subverted in that she is revealed in Cry for Blood not to be a Bertinelli after all, but a Cassamento.
    • Kraken is the Last Vampire. Humans wiped out his species. As seen in a story in Secrets of Sinister House, humanity destroys itself in an atomic war, leaving him very hungry. He settles down to wait until mankind evolves again but finds out that men have re-evolved from plants.
    • In Shazam! (2012), the Wizard is the last wizard and member of the Council of Eternity left, since Black Adam killed them all several thousand years ago.
    • Robin Series villain Jaeger makes money off filming himself hunting down creatures and individuals who are the last of their kind and is considered to have caused the extinction of several species that were on the brink. It's implied he sells their bodies after he's done too.
    • Legends of the Dead Earth:
      • In Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #5, Kaleb is the last survivor of Hydros as his people were wiped out by the Empire.
      • In Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #4, He-Who-Dares, the embodiment of all evil, is the last sentient being in the entire universe as it approaches heat death 33 billion years after the Big Bang (approximately 19-20 billion years in the future).
    • Wonder Woman:
      • Wonder Woman (1942) & Comic Cavalcade: Badra and her three followers are the only survivors of the destruction of their home planet Hator. They discovered they had superpowers, like flight and super-strength on earth, but rather than become heroes they used their powers to commit crimes.
      • Wonder Woman (1987): It is never brought up but H'Elgn, the revolutionaries' eccentric chief mechanic, is pretty clearly one of the odd haired, teal skinned, eight fingered Velosians and her first appearance comes two years after Velos was destroyed and absorbed as energy. No other Velosians are known to have survived.
    • In the Justice Society of America series from 1992, Kiki, a young adult orphan who had been adopted by Johnny Thunder, turned out to be the last of the Bahdnesians (from whom Johnny received the power to summon Yz the Thunderbolt), whose island had been deserted and taken over by someone else to become a vacation spot while using slave labor in secret.
    • In Arak: Son of Thunder, Arak's ally Satyricus was the last remaining Satyr.
  • From the Marvel Universe:
    • Galactus is the last of his entire universe, which was reincarnated into the one with Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and all the rest. Later subverted with the Galacta one-shot - he has a daughter, created via spontaneous generation, and she's pregnant - but this was later confirmed to be non-canonical.
    • The Elders of the Universe are somewhat younger, each of them immortal due to having become a one-person Species of Hats—they REALLY ticked off Death. Each is the last survivor of his respective species. The one exception is the Collector, who has a daughter who gained immortality too. (So did his wife, but after a few million years, she lost the will to live and relinquished her immortality. This was, in fact, what made him realize he needed a hobby to keep from going mad, which led him to, well, collecting.)
    • There's also Richard Rider of the Nova Corps, who became the last Nova in the Crisis Crossover Annihilation, up until War of Kings when the corps started to rebuild.
    • Gamora, former sidekick and lover of Adam Warlock, and a founding member of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy, is the last of the Zen-Whoberi, who were exterminated by the Church of Universal Truth when she was a child (though since time-travel is involved, it hasn't happened yet). She never brings it up though.
    • This was part of the premise of the original Guardians of the Galaxy as well — Charlie-27, Martinex, and Yondu were each the last survivors of their respective races, the rest having been wiped out by the Badoon. Major Vance Astro counts himself among them, being a Fish out of Temporal Water and the last survivor of the 20th century. Later they were joined by Nikki, the last Mercurian. Incidentally, it was eventually revealed that Yondu is not the last living native of Centauri IV.
    • The alien prankster the Impossible Man started out like this. After Galactus consumed his planet, he was the sole surviving Poppupian. Eventually, however, he started an Adam and Eve Plot of a sort by himself; out of loneliness, he used the cloning method that Poppupians use to reproduce to create the Impossible Woman to act as his companion; in turn, the two of them spawned more clones of themselves, the Impossible Kids. His species has not come close to recovering yet, of course, but it's a start.
    • Spider-Woman was originally supposed to be the only one of her kind ever, since she was originally a very mutated Wundagore Widow spider, genetically engineered to be sapient and humanoid in appearance (Latrodectus sapiens?), but her origin was later retconned to make her just a genetically altered human being.
    • It was believed for a long time that this was true for the villainous Space Phantom, a servant of Immortus whose species destroyed their home world by using Time Travel far too much. However, this was changed via a retcon, which said that there were, in fact, many surviving Phantoms, all of which worked for Immortus. (It was just hard to tell them apart, it seemed.)
    • Teen Jean Grey discovers that she's the last of her blood family in The Trial of Jean Grey after being kidnapped by the Shi'ar - who'd slaughtered her family on the off-chance that one of them would become the Dark Phoenix. She then uses this as a Badass Boast when she develops a new power under pressure and Oracle asks if she knows what she's becoming: "I know what I am. I'm Jean Grey... the last of my kind." She then proceeds to stalemate Gladiator, one of Marvel's cosmic heavy hitters.
    • It should be noted that this is only very technically true since her children, Rachel Summers (who survived the massacre), Nate Grey, and Cable are still around. However, at this point she's implied to have only met Rachel (and the two spent most of their time trying to avoid each other), and Rachel and Nate are from other universes, while Cable is technically not a Grey, given that his birth mother was Maddie Pryor (Jean's clone). So, in the most technical sense, she's the only member of the 616 Grey family left.
  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Issue 19 sees Fin Fang Foom try to psychically contact his people from the other end of space...only to be met with silence. The realization that everybody he has known or cared for is now gone is enough to make him cease his attack on New York and fly off into the night.
  • James Proudstar AKA Warpath is the last living Apache of Camp Verde.
  • In Spider-Verse, the Inheritors do this towards the creature known as The Other and towards Spider-Totems created by chance or by magic when they infect the Web of Life with the blood of The Other and The Bride (re: Kaine Parker and Cindy Moon). They tried to do this to all Spiders via The Scion (Re: Benjy Parker), but Spider-Ham stopped that easily
  • Y: The Last Man, initially. This was subverted in an early arc where a baby boy was born, meaning though Yorick is the last man, he's not the last male.
  • Shakara: Major Thorn is a wisecracking astronaut who is the last survivor of the Earth's destruction. He is killed on page 3 to make way for the real main character, who it's implied is the last of his own kind. This is later stated to be the case, although it turns that There Is Another, and he was the one who destroyed their race in the first place.
  • Played with in the French sci-fi comic Sillage. The heroine, Nävis (no, she's not that kind of Navi), is the very last one living being of the planet she's from. Despite being the one and only human being aboard Sillage, there is very explicit hints that she's far from being the last human person in the universe.
  • In Nexus, Drizripool was the last of the Merk, again, not because the rest of the Merk had died, but because they had Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence. As with the Old Timer in Green Lantern, he went mad, and another Merk, GQ, had to come back to stop him.
  • The title character from Omega the Unknown, who was created by a race of aliens to be the perfect Übermensch.
  • In Lucifer, The Silk Man is both the last survivor of his species (whatever the hell that was) and, as with Galactus above, the last survivor of an entire lost Creation.
  • The Last Metabaron, voluntarily.
  • Star Wars: Crimson Empire follows the last of Palpatine's imperial guard after the fall of the Galactic Empire, though Kir Kanos's status as the last of the Royal Guard excludes clones of Royal Guardsmen (due to implanted memories, at least one such clone thought he was the real deal), Guardsmen who were given the title and armor under Imperial leaders other than Palpatine, and quite naturally, that one Guardsman who defected to The Alliance.
  • Gilgamesh the Immortal: One of the first humans, the king of ancient Uruk, is an indestructible immortal. He survived the whole human history... and the nuclear holocaust. Earth has been a radioactive planet for millions of years, not even the cockroaches survived, but Gilgamesh is still there.
  • Secret Invasion has Kly'bn, the last of the Skrull Eternals. The rest were wiped out along with the mainstream Skrull population by the Deviant shapeshifting Skrulls. Kly'bn convinced the rest that, as the last Eternal unchanging member of their race, he was the embodiment of what it meant to be a Skrull. Sl'gur't the leader of the Deviants fell in love with him and together they became the rulers of the Skrull pantheon.
  • Thrash the Devil in Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) is the last of the Mobian-type Tasmanian Devils as all others had been genetically modified into Mobini (more animal-like)-type Devil Dogs. Because this was done by echidnas centuries ago, he decides to return the favor by banishing every last echidna into another Zone save for one: Knuckles.
  • The Punisher: The End: Frank very briefly becomes the last human after killing the remnants of the world's elite in their underground bunker where they hid after The War on Terror went nuclear, as well as his traveling companion who'd once accidentally burned some kids alive. He's already dying from the radiation anyway, but he wanders into a fire and starts burning... and doesn't notice, knowing that he'll join his family again.
  • In Hulk: The End, after a nuclear war Bruce Banner and the Hulk are the last beings... or being... on earth save for the giant mutant cockroaches. In the end, Banner suffers a fatal heart attack and Hulk escapes one last time... and just sits and waits, knowing that when he calms down for the last time, he, too, will die.
  • ThugBoy in Empowered is both the only non-super survivor of the "Capeless Uprising" of San Antonio, and the last survivor of the "Witless Minions", a gang he later formed to rip off supervillains.
  • Rosebud the basselope from Bloom County is the last remaining basselope, a crossbreed of a basset hound and an antelope. (The others died out due to high blood pressure from clogged arteries because they were fond of Pop Tarts and ate them with too much butter.) In a later storyline, she and Hodge Podge sire a litter of young, but seeing as Hodge is a jackrabbit (which is clearly defying the laws of nature again), the young are referred to as "jack-basselopes" leaving Rosebud still the only true basselope.
  • The Multiversity:
    • Nix Uotan is the last of the Monitors.
    • Thunderer is the last survivor of Earth-7.
  • The alien known as Taz in the second Atari Force series was the last of her kind, being the survivor of a civil war with another alien species on her home planet. That is, until she is found to be pregnant with offspring.
  • The Ultimates (2015): Logos, the fused form of Lord Chaos and Master Order, kills the last remaining Celestials... save one, hidden away by the Never-Queen, personification of What Could be.
  • Sovereign Seven: Every one of the Seven is the last survivor of their respective home worlds, said worlds having been destroyed by a force known as "The Rapture."
  • Arawn: Siahm and her mother were the only two amazons who survived the destruction of their tribe. Eventually her mother passed away as well, leaving her as the last amazon.
  • In IDW's run on The Transformers comics, Arcee was originally the only female Cybertronian as a result of being forceably made so against her will by Mad Scientist Jhiaxus. This was because Simon Furman, the writer at the time, disliked the idea of Cybertronians having natural genders. This was eventually retconned away during The Transformers Dark Reign when new female Transformers from the lost colony of Caminus were introduced and it was RetConed to there having always been both male and female Cybertronians, there just not having been any new ones born on Cybertron since long before the war.
  • Jimmy Hudson: Although they ignore that there are others, such as Miles Morales and The Maker,note  the X-Men comics treat Jimmy as the last survivor of the Ultimate Marvel universe. Doubled in the aftermath of Venomized, as he becomes the last Poison as well.
  • Other:
    • Star Trek: Untold Voyages: In "Silent Cries", the lifeform known as the Crier is the last surviving member of its species on Duran 12.
  • Micronauts (Image) had two members of the team being the last survivors of their kind, with Knave being the last known Vaerian who is still alive and Koriah being the only member of the Galactic Defenders who has avoided being slain by Baron Karza.
  • ROM: Space Knight: Serpentyne is the last of the Saurians, a race born from lizards being mutated by atomic testing who ended up wiped out by the Dire Wraiths. Serpentyne then dedicated his life to wiping out the Dire Wraiths until he ended up dying during a battle with Rom.

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