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  • Abraxas: In addition to Godzilla, Thor (Titanus þunraz) is apparently this, with the rest of his kind having been wiped out by Ghidorah during its original ancient rampage after it came to Earth while Thor himself went in self-imposed exile (both to prevent Ghidorah using his power for its own ends and to preserve his life).
  • Child of the Storm:
    • In the sense of family names, Sirius is the last Black, though the bloodline survives in the female line. After the Battle of the M4, it is revealed that he isn't the last, because Regulus is still alive and going by the name Peter Wisdom. However, since Wisdom has made it pretty clear that That Man Is Dead in respect to his past life, it's a touch dubious.
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    • The eventual appearance of Clark Kent marks another - though it is stated that one of his ancestors, Kal-El I, was fostered in Asgard as Odin's brother and since he lived under a yellow sun and vanished (it is speculated that he did so to mourn his people), he might still be alive, albeit pretty ancient.
  • Gensokyo 20XX:
    • As stated in Chapter 39, Rumia is the very last of Team ⑨, as Cirno, Wriggle, Mystia, and Daiyousei have all died (likely killed during the events of Gensokyo 20XX Rise Of Earth)
    • In the same vein, an age-regressed Reimu is the last shrine maiden of Gensokyo, especially since her mother, Reiko, the preceding shrine maiden, had died in 20XXIV.
    • On the note of Mamizou, in 20XXV, Amoridere stated that whether or not she is the last Tanuki in existence can remain speculative.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Before the destruction of Krypton Jor-El sent a DNA sample to Earth (or, if you are reading the second version, Kal-El sent a sample of his DNA before his species' extinction). Yui Ikari found it and used it to modify Shinji's genetic makeup. So Shinji is the last kryptonian despite of having never been in Krypton. In the last scene of the rewrite Asuka reveals he will not be the last child of Krypton for much longer.
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  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Asuka finds out she is half-Kryptonian since she was conceived by donor sperm, and her biological father was an alien from planet Krypton who died when his rocket crash-landed on Earth. She also finds out baby Kal-El wasn sent to Earth because his homeworld exploded. As the title says, she is the lone heir of Krypton.
  • Diaries of a Madman has two examples: Navarone, the last human, and Celestia and Luna who are the last two remaining alicorns.
  • Lightning Dawn from My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic is an Enticorn, explaining his lack of magical ability inherent to alicorns.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • In the Dark World timeline, Rainbow Dash and Derpy (having been made ageless by Discord's powers) are the only remaining pegasi (all the others crossbred with griffins to spawn hippogriffs). Similarly, Twilight Sparkle who eventually becomes an alicorn and leaves the mortal world, Rarity who also becomes an alicorn, and Dinky are the only remaining unicorns (all the others crossbred with zebras to spawn vigracorns). Applejack, Pinkie Pie who eventually dies, Diamond Tiara, and Screwball are the only remaining Earth Ponies (all the others crossbred with donkeys). Derpy and Dinky are the last ponies with colorful bodies (the rest are in grayed or muted tones).
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    • Tirek was the last Centaur until Megan killed him because he killed the rest.
    • Loose Canon reveals that Somnambula (the Wicked Witch from G1) was the last human witch on Equus, and the last human period, surviving into after Discord's first reign by stealing youth from others. Both become truly extinct when Shady knocks her off a theater balcony and sends her falling to her death during a confrontation.
  • The Bridge:
    • The Hyper Gyaos is forced to kill the rest of her flock in self defense. To make matters worse, she is sterile, so there will be no new ones.
    • Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze are the only Sirens there have ever been. They are technically just mermares who have inherited a number of traits from whoever or whatever their father was, but such a cross-breeding has never been replicated since. They are also the last direct descendants of Mako Island's first and greatest queen Amatheia (their grandmother).
    • Mothra Lea is the last of both the Mothra and Battra lines, her parents dying in the 1990s, twenty years before the start of the story. Downplayed, as she's fully capable of reproducing asexually, and can produce both of her parents' species. In fact her parents were also this trope thanks to Bagan.
  • In Fallout: Equestria Spike and Fluttershy are the last two Major pre-fallout characters alive post-war.
    • Fluttershy is the last Living member of the main six after being restored two hundred years after she was transformed into a weeping willow tree.
  • In the Supernatural fic "If I Knew Then What I Know Now", the Winchesters’ new ally Scott Anderson is revealed to be the last of a group of humans created by God to defend humanity from angels, who are capable of absorbing energy from the angels and releasing it as either an offensive blast or by healing others. Most of these humans were killed by Raphael, but at least one family of them survived, with Anderson as the last known survivor, and he is virtually undetectable as only archangels had the ability to perceive his kind (Michael always left them alone out of respect for God’s work, Lucifier is in the Cage, Gabriel is on the Winchesters’ side, and Raphael suffered a minor ‘injury’ in his last encounter with these humans that drained him of his ability to see them).
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Sunstar invokes and subverts this trope. He told everyone serving under him that they were the last Stardroids, galvanizing them to do well in battle... and hiding the existence of Terra's Milky Way group, who would preserve their race.
  • Taylor Hebert in The Last Daughter is the titular last daughter of Krypton. It is confirmed that unlike in Superman, there were no other survivors from Krypton.
  • Averted in the prologue of the Mass Effect story Mesozoic Effect. The underground shelter containing a handful of surviving dinosaurs is only one of many, and when the rest are opened the eventual dinosaur population numbers well over a billion.
  • In Queen of Shadows, Yasashi is the last of a long line of demon slayers, her clan having been all killed or enslaved by the Shadowkhan. While she admits that there might still be other members alive in the Shadowkhan prison camps, she can't say for sure, and even if there are, she's the only one left practicing their ways.
  • An elderly Mako officially becomes "The Last of Honnouji" (and the last of the original cast) during As the Wind Blows, as Shiro had passed away of illness and old age and the others died a long time before he did. When she dies in the final chapter, there's no one else left.
  • The Last Great Time War shows how the Doctor becomes this in Doctor Who in the pre-Day of the Doctor-canon.
  • Yin And Yang Series: Subverted. Rokiki first appeared as the last member of the Sankaku Tribe, only to discover that survivors remain scattered throughout the universe, and he's got a few descendants right here with him...
  • In Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin Sardeth cast a spell which gave his people, the Paar'zheal, enough power to wreak large-scale havoc and as punishment, magic itself destroyed their ancestors millions of years in the past. As such, not only is he the last of his kind but since his kind never even existed in the new reality, he constitutes a paradox and, if he leaves his current home, will vanish into nothingness.
  • As we find out in At the End of Days, Houka Inumuta is the last of the Elite Four (along with being the last of Satsuki's inner circle), as Shiro, Ira, Uzu, and, later on, Nonon were killed and eaten by the life fiber monsters.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku learns that he's the Last Son of Krypton from his father, Jor-El, and K.E.L.E.X. He puts on a brave face, but it's clear that it's a painful revelation for him after wondering why his birth parents never picked him up for the last fourteen years of his life. A week later, he's scouring old newspapers and tabloids with his Super Speed in hopes of finding any evidence that another Kryptonian could have escaped the planet's destruction, but is frustrated to find nothing of substance. Word of God indicates that Izuku will eventually discover he isn't the last survivor, though.
  • Hellsister Trilogy:
    • Played straight with Power Girl. She's her universe's last living Kryptonian. There're no Superman, Krypto or survivors from Kandor or Argo around.
    • Inverted with Satan Girl, who is aware of the existence of Rokynians and Daxamites and decides to exterminate them all so nobody can challenge her.
  • Bree Daniels in Tales of the Canterlot Deportation Agency: the events of her second story portray the total destruction of her world, leaving her stranded in Equestria. For total surviving population, she's one of four — and the last Tradition mage.
  • In The Green Glade, Prince Gwydion is all that's left of the royal family that ruled Prydain before the recently killed Horned King overthrew them.
  • Due to being older than the universe (and a billion universes before it), Shinji in Alpha and Omega is the last Lilum.
  • Traveler Smurf, a character who is Empath's great-grandson from the future, turns out to be the last living Smurf, as shown in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Days Of Future Smurfed".
  • one day at a time:
    • As far as the world knows, Helena Wayne was the last Wayne heir by blood after the death of her much older biological brother Damian (who Helena, regrettably, never had the chance to meet). In truth, her two surrogate younger brothers Terry and Matty are also Waynes by blood, though are publicly known as Jason's adoptive children alongside Carrie Kelley.
    • Jason's death in the previous timeline made his sister Cassandra the last surviving member of the First Generation Wayne Family.
    • On a wider scale the Wayne Family was the last surviving family of Gotham's First Families in Jason's timeline. The Crownes died out generations ago, the Kanes officially died out after the deaths of Jacob Kane and Kate Kane and the marriage of Bette Kane, the Elliots died out after Thomas Elliot was interred and later murdered at Arkham Asylum, and the Cobblepots died out after Oswald Cobblepot was murdered by Ricky Sionis, aka Black Mask II.
    • By the time he was murdered by Black Mask II, Oswald Cobblepot was one of, if not the last of the original Batman's Rogues Gallery, as most of them had been slaughtered by Joker IV in the Arkham Massacre almost a decade prior. The other survivors, Selina Kyle and Pamela Isley, had given up their villainous ways years ago; even so, Selina had also been killed by Black Mask II for refusing to work for him.
  • Us and Them: Averted with Aeris when she discovers that the Cetra are actually part of a greater collective of spacefaring travelers who find planets to cultivate.

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