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  • In one A.I. Love You story, the cast finds a stray puppy and immediately take a liking to him. Complications arise when they discover that the puppy isn't a dog, but rather the last Japanese Wolf cub in existence. (In Real Life Japanese Wolves have been extinct since the early 1900's.)
  • In Attack on Titan, Mikasa is the last person descended from the East-Sea Clan (East Asians) and has Mixed Ancestry. Her mother was the last full-blooded member of their people, and was murdered by human traffickers trying to sell mother and child off as "exotic" slaves. At least, she's the last living inside the Walls; it turns out that East Asians are doing just fine outside Paradis, as made evident by the Japanese-esque nation of Hizuru.
  • The Kuriyama clan in Beyond the Boundary were exterminated out of jealousy and fear and Mirai is the last living member of the clan.
    • Though Akihito is technically not this, the extreme rarity of half-demons are frequently commented as such.
  • Bleach: The shinigami pogrom that decimated the quincies two centuries ago has lead to a rather complicated idea of what constitutes the Last Of His Kind in this story:
    • The last known practitioner is self-styled Last Quincy Uryuu Ishida. It's eventually revealed that he doesn't really know what "Last Quincy" means.
    • The last known master (and the official Last Quincy) is Uryuu's father, Retired Badass Ryuuken Ishida. He notably refuses to explain what "Last Quincy" actually means even though he makes it clear that it's an hereditary title that's been passed to him by his deceased father Souken Ishida.
    • The Vandenreich has abandoned the old ways entirely, resulting in the last known users of the old traditions being the two Ishida quincies. The Emperor wiped out all mixed-blood quincies. The last mixed-blood quincy in existence is Uryuu Ishida, who mysteriously survived The Purge. Also, the last pure-blood quincy left outside the Vandenreich (and the last quincy left outside the Vandenreich since Uryuu joined up) is Ryuuken, thus reinforcing the mystery of why the Ishida Quincies are so different to the Vandenreich.
  • In Blood+, Lulu winds up as the last survivor of the Schiff.
    • The movie the anime was based on, Blood The Last Vampire, has Saya (here of a different species than her foes) as the last member of her kin.
  • Mime from Captain Harlock as her alternate counterpart in Mugen Kido SSX, La Mimay.
  • Goku and Vegeta are the last of the Saiyan race on Dragon Ball Z. Each of them eventually had (part human) kids of their own, though Vegeta still likes to remind people of his status of 'last full-blood Saiyan'. Of course, both he and Piccolo directly contributed to this state of affairs by killing Nappa and Raditz respectively, the other last two Saiyans. It is stated by Raditz that only 4 Saiyans survived, but There Is Another is averted if you ignore the non-canon movies and the specials mentioned below. And of course, Goku and Vegeta BOTH shared the title of the last Saiyan, Vegeta during the 7-year timeskip, and Goku (briefly) during the final parts of the Buu Saga. And also the pure blooded Saiyan race died out before Goku's revival by the Old Kai, thanks to Vegeta blowing himself up.
    • There's Turles and Tarble from one of the movies and the new special, respectively. Turles is killed by Goku, and Tarble was apparently a weak embarrassment of a little brother to Vegeta who was sent to some backwater planet because he couldn't fight. Tarble is mentioned a time or two in the Super era movies, but that's all we tend to hear of him.
    • And Broly and Paragus, Broly later kills Paragus and since Broly is too psychotic he is eventually killed by the combined attacks of Goku and his sons. The movies are quite fond of this theme. Dragon Ball Super eventually grafted those two into the canon, but Paragus didn't survive to tell the story, courtesy of Frieza.
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    • After the death of Future Gohan, Future Trunks is the last person with Saiyan blood in his timeline. He and Future Mai end up being the last two people of their timeline in Super after Future Zen'O obliterates his multiverse to kill Infinite Zamasu.
    • Dragon Ball Z featured Majin Buu killing every human on Earth except Hercule, simply because he absorbed the good Buu whom Hercule was friends with.
  • Bebi from Dragonball GT is technically the last of the Tsufuru-jin, as he was created by Dr. Myuu using the DNA of their king.
  • By the final episode of Eureka Seven, Eureka is the only known Human Coralian alive after Sakuya and Gonzy "disappeared". This fact still holds true in the sequel Eureka Seven Ao.
    • Also, in the movie version, Eureka is the 7th and last Human Image ever created before Image disappears from Earth in the ending.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist's Hohenheim, who is the only survivor of the destruction of Xerxes 400 years ago.
    • In an end-of-series example, Pride ends up as the sole surviving Homunculus, though he has no memories or knowledge of the fact that he is one.
    • Ed and Al by descent are the last two ethnic Xerxians.
  • Both Asagami Fujino and Fujoh Kirie are implied to be the last members of their supernaturally-empowered families in The Garden of Sinners. Kurokiri Satsuki is the only person on Earth who can still use the Unified Language.
  • Gon: A manga series which revolves around Gon, a diminutive and seemingly ageless baby dinosaur roaming a prehistoric Earth, having somehow survived the cataclysm that ended the reign of the dinosaurs.
  • Kurapika from Hunter × Hunter is the last survivor of the Kurta Clan who were massacred for their scarlet eyes. Not surprisingly, he's keen to exert revenge on the group responsible for it.
  • Not as impressive as some of the other examples here, but Sango from Inuyasha is the last of her village of demon-slayers (unless you count her undead little brother). Wolf-demon Koga also had almost his entire clan wiped out. Both are determined to get revenge for their people.
  • The four Pillar Men from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 are the last of their kind due to Kars wiping them all out when they didn't go along with his plan to achieve physical perfection with the Stone Mask. By the end of Battle Tendency Kars and Santana survive, Kars having become the Ultimate Lifeform but doomed to wander space for the rest of time, alive but unable to escape from his powers' preservative abilities, and Santana merely kept petrified by the Speedwagon Foundation indefinitely.
  • From Kill la Kill, Ryuuko is the last life-fiber hybrid, as Nui, Ragyou, and Senketsu are dead.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • Fate was the last member of the Testarossa family following her mother's death at the end of the first season. Given her adoption into the Harlaown family and the fact that her own adoptive children don't share her last name, the family line is effectively extinguished post-A's.
    • Vivio is the last member of the Sankt Kaiser royal family via cloning. Extinction was caused by the destruction of Ancient Belka with the few surviving members dying some years after without next of kin.
  • Kukuri of Magical Circle Guru-Guru is the last of the Migu Migu tribe. The fate of the tribe is unknown, with the only clues being that they had to leave.
  • My Hero Academia: It's heavily implied that Izuku will be the last holder of One For All - anyone who already has a quirk when they receive One For All will have their life-force rapidly burned up by the strain of One For All, and those without Quirks are dwindling in number. Additionally, One For All is now so powerful that transferring it to another Quirkless person would now probably kill them from the stress.
  • Tau is the last of the Hiva/Mu people in The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
  • Naruto: Due to many wars and a good dose of Fantastic Racism, this trope is quite prevalent:
    • In the manga and non-filler episodes, the clans descended from Kaguya Otsutsuki are considered the most powerful in the Ninja World, and yet precisely because of this reason, many of them have been hunted to extinction or have otherwise bled themselves out. There are six clans are descended from her, only two of which, the Hyuga Clan and the titular Otsutsuki Clan, are not moribund/extinct:
      • Tsunade, the granddaughter of Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, is the last living survivor of the Senju Clan, after the premature death of her younger brother Nawaki.
      • Sasuke Uchiha is a lesser case of this. He is the last of his clan unless you count his brother Itachi (who was the very person responsible for wiping out the rest of the Uchiha), Madara (who's brought back to life by a forbidden jutsu), and Tobi (aka Obito, who was believed to be dead until near the end of the manga). By the end of the original manga, Sasuke is the only Uchiha left alive until the epilogue and the Boruto series, where he has a daughter named Sarada.
      • Naruto is also a downplayed case of this; his mother's clan, the Uzumaki, were mostly wiped out when their home village, Uzushiogakure, was destroyed. Later in the series, we learn that Tsunade, Karin, and Nagato have Uzumaki blood in their veins as well, though Nagato dies (for good) near the end of the original manga, and none of them seem to actually identify as Uzumaki. In the epilogue, Naruto is revealed to have two kids, both of whom take on his clan name.
      • Kimimaro was the last of the Kaguya Clan (which was wiped out in a civil war against the rest of the Hidden Mist Village), serving Orochimaru until his death. Ironically for such a warlike clan, he fell not to battle wounds, but to a terminal illness.
      • People who carry the Otsutsuki surname used to be thought of as moribund; the main villain of The Last: Naruto the Movie introduces himself as the last of the Otsutsuki Clan. As he decides to stay away from humanity after his Heel–Face Turn, the clan will probably go extinct in the long run. We later learn that this is so, so, untrue. The Otsutsuki members descended from Kaguya do become moribund and Toneri is the last of them. But Kaguya is merely a rebellious membernote ; there are others like her who still live outside Earth in the heavens somewhere. Momoshiki and Kinshiki from Boruto: Naruto the Movie are two examples, and although they die in the film, the Boruto series introduces another member with hints of more to come, so it is safe to say that the Otsutsuki are far from extinct.
    • According to Zabuza, Haku was the last survivor of the ice-wielding Yuki clan, due to bloody persecutions throughout the Land of Water that wiped out many clans with bloodline limits. The post-manga novel Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky reveals that two of the antagonists (a sibling pair from the Land of Water) also possess Ice Style/Release, with one of them surviving to the end (though it's never explicitly stated whether they're Yuki or not).
  • One Piece:
    • Nico Robin is the last survivor of Ohara. The people (well, the scholars) of Ohara had the ability to read Poneglyphs, large stones with the world's history inscribed on them. They are also a key to learning about the "Void Century", a 100-year period that's been stricken from the history books, which is the history inscribed onto those stones. The World Government considers this knowledge extremely dangerous and orders the island to be destroyed. Only Robin escapes and ran for 20 years, eventually finding solace in the Straw Hat pirates.
    • In addition, Trafalgar Law is the only escapee of the destruction of the Kingdom of Flevance. Everyone else in the country either succumbed to white lead disease or were killed directly by the neighboring countries' militia out of fear. Law slipped through the country's borders by hiding among dead bodies, then cured himself of white lead disease with his Devil Fruit power.
    • King is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates AKA Kaido's pirate crew. He is the sole member of an unidentified race long considered extinct. And because of her desire to assemble a kingdom of people from all races (in a very selfish Gotta Catch 'Em All sense rather than genuinely caring about diversity), Big Mom tries to recruit King to her crew. He shuts down the offer immediately.
  • Pokémon:
    • Done in the 9th movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea where Lizabeth and her family were the last members of "The People of the Water".
    • Also, Iris in Pokémon Black and White, where she's the last member of her Dragon village.
  • By the end of Saikano, Shuji is the last human alive, since Chise doesn't count as human anymore.
  • Although not the last of his ethnic people, (the Ainu, the aboriginal people of Japan), Okuru from Samurai Champloo is the last of his particular tribe, as the rest were wiped out by a rampant disease.
  • In Samurai Deeper Kyo, protagonist Kyo is the last true Mibu, an extinct Proud Warrior Race of god-like virtually-immortal berserkers who completely wiped themselves out through in-fighting because they literally loved battle that much.
  • The anime-exclusive villian Valgaav of Slayers is the final Ancient Dragon; the rest of his race was brutally slaughtered by the Golden Dragons out of fear. A young, naive Golden Dragon, Filia, initially refuses to believe this, and has a complete emotional breakdown when the truth actually sinks in...
    • Filia herself doesn't fall directly under this trope, but during the climax of season 3, the Golden Dragons serving one of Ciefeed's four Guardians, Vrabrazard, are mass-murdered by Srius and Eurologos, making Filia the last Golden Dragon under Vrabrazard's service.
  • Tsukihime has a few. Arcueid is the last True Ancestor vampire, and Shiki is the sole-surviving member of the Nanaya clan, a family of elite assassins who specialized in killing demons and demon-hybrids.
  • Vexille has two: Kisaragi, for the Human!Japanese, and by the finale, if only briefly, Maria for the Cyber!Japanese. They are killed at the same time as the platform they're standing on is obliterated from below by a Jag, Maria holding Kisaragi in her arms as they're devoured.
  • In the end of Wolf's Rain, Kiba is the sole surviving wolf, as well as the last living being on earth. He dies as Paradise begins to emerge. According to an earlier episode, he was the last Arctic wolf.

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