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"Well, yeah, the only reason we know there was some guy holding fire dude's leash is because my dad's basically Dumbledore".

  • It was explained by the author that N4-T3 (Nate) of Bob and George, the Yellow Demon that was converted into a good guy, was an Expy of a guy named Nate with similar glass that was going to be in the hand-drawn comic that was originally planned.
  • Miranda, Timothy, and Reseda from But I'm a Cat Person are AU versions of original characters from the author's earlier fancomic, And Shine Heaven Now. Ann Walker is a derivative of that comic's AU version of Little Orphan Annie. Several readers have identified Stuart Cohen as resembling (a sinister AU version of) Jon Stewart.
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  • Creative Release gives us Etoile, who is a very explicit expy of Ikari Shinji (he's a pilot who protects his planet from alien attacks and has doubts about his motivations).
  • Natasha Wing from Electric Wonderland became introduced after Peter Paltridge's disgust with Chuck character Anna Wu playing a progressively smaller role compelled him to make his own Asian Action Girl.
  • Grace, of El Goonish Shive, definitely has nothing in common with Squirrel Girl... oops. On the other hand, "cat girl"-to-"squirrel girl" substitution doesn't leave many options anyway.
  • Masked vigilante Maelstrom is not completely unlike a certain mascot of a certain band.
  • Bro's rapping ventriloquist dummy Lil' Cal in Homestuck shares a large number of traits with Franklin from Arrested Development, one of Hussie's favourite shows.
    • In Act 6, we meet the Alpha kids, aka alternate universe counterparts of the original kid's guardians, who share some similarities to the dead trolls. Jane Crocker shares many similarities to Feferi and is related to her by adoption, Jake English has mirrors Eridan in many ways, Roxy seems to be based Nepeta, and Dirk is Equius. Their aspect and even their relationships tie into this.
      • This isn't completely done without a callback to the fact that the session of the Alpha kids is a doomed session, and mirrors the fact that the trolls the Alpha kids are based off, are all dead. The session of the Beta kids is the scratched one, and the fact that the patron trolls of the Beta kids (Vriska, Kanaya, Terezi and Karkat) are still alive.
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    • Given that Lord English, in both name and properties, is (at first unintentionally, but later canonically) similar to Lord British of Ultima, it seems that his servant Gamzee's miraculous inability to die in all timelines, despite such extreme injuries as taking dozens of Caliborn's bullets in the chest, makes him an expy of Chuckles.
  • Lindesfarne from Kevin & Kell fulfills a very similar role to that of Samantha from Safe Havens: a kind, witty and intelligent scientist. Both were created by Bill Holbrook.
  • The Law of Purple has several characters who are explicitly expies of Yu-Gi-Oh! characters: Lette, who is Seto Kaiba with boobs and a sense of humor, Juni, who is based on Alister, and Carli/y/eigh, who is Zigfried von Schroeder.
  • Magick Chicks has several among its cast, most notably human renditions of "the Bronies".
    • Rain and AJ are Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack respectively and have similar personality traits. The same is true of Chastity, who stands in for Rarity, Fluttershy is Skye, and Rosie is Pinkie Pie.
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    • There's also Tiffany Winters, who is a parody of Buffy Summers. While Tandy is based on Rin Tohsaka, right down to being a mega twin-tailed tsundere and a Class S Zettai Ryouiki (when she's in uniform).
  • In-universe case in MegaTokyo. Kotone, the Ill Girl Kimiko is voicing in a game, is an expy of Tohya Miho, just like all other in-universe Ill Girls. Miho's story touched the world so much that it became more real than she ever was. One of the side effects of this is that she created the Ill Girl trope as writers tried to capture the emotion of her story. The other is that it brought her back to life to relive her sickness and die again. And again and again and again...
  • The characters of Mike: Bookseller all work at a stand in for Barnes & Noble called Booksellers. Another bookstore (standing in for the now extinct Borders chain) appeared in the comic by the name of Booktraders.
  • In-universe example in Record Wisdom Bonus Yield: Yang apparently based her player character off 'Princess Panzer', a childhood PC of hers.
  • Survivor: Fan Characters, being based on the reality TV show, sometimes bases its characters on real-life Survivor contestants. Some of the most obvious examples are Season 3's Baxter having a dynamic patterned after the "Manipulative Bastard angers the jury too much to win" one like Boston Rob from All-Stars, and Season 7's Ventious having the leadership and charisma of Tom of Palau or J.T. from Tocantins (but not the Flawless Victory) and Ker from the same season being a lovable eccentric who ended up immunitying her way to the win much like Fabio's in Nicaragua.
  • Olivia, Tate, and Zoey from Weesh are rather obviously modeled on Alex, Riley, and Tristan from the author's earlier Angel Moxie. (Zoey is a teenager and Tate is a boy, but other than that...)
  • Every major character in Sire shares the basic story and abilities of their relevant Sire/Dam, though they are unique characters to themselves. So far characters descended from The Invisible Man, Jeeves and Wooster, Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and The String of Pearls have appeared.
  • Zebra Girl: Harold Duvase is one of Harry Potter. ("Du Vase" is French for "of the Vase", or "potter".)

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