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The KAMics is a webcomic by Keith Alan Morgan (or KAM for short). It is a collection of stand alone cartoons and cartoon series. Also found here.

The KAMics provides examples of:

  • April Fools' Day: A few times, in 2005 KAM quit which actually started off a short storyline; in 2009, to wrap up a humorous disagreement between him & the author of Magical Misfits, did this; and in 2010 turned it into an April Fools Month turning his various characters into ponies.
  • Art Shift: Some series are done in different styles, although sometimes an art shift happens on an artistic whim.
  • Cut and Paste Comic: Used to do a lot of it, but not so much now. However the creator prefers the term Copy & Paste as it's more accurate.
  • Funny Animal: Some of the series, anyway. Mr & Mrs. Rockhound & related toons are set in a universe where dogs take the place of humans, Big Bad Rockwolf has anthropomorphic wolves & pigs.
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual: Obbie S. Myth's glasses allow him to see electrical & magical ability as well as compensate for a missing eye, Ms. Terial's goggles allow her to see in the dark & see far away.
  • No Fourth Wall: Several series do this as do some characters. Nikki was told she was fictional, but she knows better now.
  • Pixel Art Comic: Mostly the Rockhounding cartoons the artist did for his club newsletter. Originally because of the programs the artist was working with then, but later to keep a consistent look to the series.
  • Remix Comic: Remix Theatre where the author takes various panels & creates new comics.
  • Retcon: Nikki was told by the author that she was a fictional character without a name, was later named by a reader, then it was retconned that she was a sister to the ex-Valkyries Gertrude & Brunhilda & her name had always been Nikki & she didn't realize this because of amnesia.
  • Take That, Critics!: This comic gives the doomed guard the same name as another cartoonist who had done a comic trashing other comics' characters & authors.