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  • Crescendo ~Eien Dato Omotte Ita Ano Koro~ is an eroge Visual Novel, so h-scenes are a given. However, you're not exactly supposed to be aroused by scenes like Ryo raping his adoptive sister Ayame, Yuka's gangrape, Yuka being half-naked and with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness after you-as-Ryo make him crush her hopes or Yuka being fully naked — after slitting her wrist and being stopped from going the Bath Suicide way. Worse, Ryo himself isn't a bastard off the bat, so if you make him the cause of some of these scenes... well, YOU are the asshole "causing" that specific Fan Disservice.
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  • Doki Doki Literature Club!: One CG in the game has Sayori, your Childhood Friend, wearing a reasonably cute outfit that emphasizes her legs. Part of her top is also loosened just enough that her shoulder and collarbone is exposed. It's the one where the player character finds her after she's committed suicide by hanging, which is a major Wham Shot that marks the game revealing its true colors.
  • Fate/stay night:
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  • In Grisaia no Rakuen there's a bonus sex scene with Yuuji's pretty mom in an area of the game reserved for stuff that didn't really happen. She's pretty enough, so you'd think it would be attractive, but throughout it she's hating herself because she's basically forcing herself on her son, who has no idea what she's doing. She ends the scene crying. Yeah, that's sexy alright.
  • Hiveswap Friendsim's sexual humour is intentionally uncomfortable, to the point that the point-of-view character muses on the "poor Let's Players" who have to read it aloud in public. Highlights include a character persuading the PC into an awkward Spaghetti Kiss with a hotdog made of insects, two especially filthy homeless teenagers making out with the PC at once in order to drain their life force, and an interminable fetishistic description of the PC sniffing the armpit of a Monster Clown who is actively in the process of trying to stab them.
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  • In Kara no Shoujo more than once you get to see pretty naked girls, just like you'd expect. Sounds good until the bit where they get their limbs hacked off, their heads twisted around or their eyes slashed, doesn't it?
  • Katawa Shoujo has a couple of examples. It should be noticed that it's generally less about the artwork and/or girls's physical disabilities, and much more about the emotional turmoil and very sad/troubled circumstances.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    • In the second case Sexy Mentor Mia Fey is bloodily murdered. Phoenix finds her propped up against a wall, her Absolute Cleavage on display and her long legs apart and very, very dead. We later get a nice shot of her younger sister Maya, a rather pretty young woman, crying her eyes out over the victim's body... few moments before she is accused of being the killer.
    • Maya gets several more instances of fan disservice, including channeling the spirit of a busty and attractive woman in the second game... while covered in blood after having apparently just murdered someone. It's actually the true culprit disguised as Maya doing the channeling, but it still counts
    • In the same case as above with Maya, Mia makes an unexpected appearance in all of her curvy glory. This would normally be a good thing... except she channels in through Pearl. Who is an eight-year-old child.
  • Meryl's breasts in Policenauts. If you can beat her high score on the shooting range she'll let you grope them, but they make a sound like elephants or tigers (rather than the usual boob-grope reverse-onomatopoeia you would expect) and Jonathan is alarmed by how they feel. Played for Laughs.
  • Saya no Uta:
    • The h-scenes are actually somewhat less horrifying than what you see through regular gameplay (as well as censored), but the Squick is still rather high when you realize that these scenes involve literal mindscrewing, Saya looks like she isn't legal in the least, and the fact the sex is merely supposed to be a punctuation mark on how fucked up the game is (though if one runs the h-scenes through a heavy self-denial filter on what they represent, they actually are bearable in terms of being able to stomach them by a wide margin as opposed to the regular game play). And just imagine how the h-scenes would look like from a normal character's perspective.
    • The scene of Yousuke raping Saya. Not over an hour ago, he was your friendly neighborhood family man. After having his senses altered to be just like Fuminori's, the guy goes insane, kills his family, and the next thing you know he's sadistically raping a loli. Him getting excited over Saya's struggling to break free from him induces the need for a few barrels of Brain Bleach. And it gets worse when Fuminori finds out... and he believes that Yousuke is a purple Eldritch Abomination with its penis in her. Ewwwww.
    • Not to mention, the h-scenes involving poor Yoh. Who is first raped by Saya, then by Fuminori, and then by both of them. And in at least one ending, she becomes a Sex Slave for them. Noooooooo!
  • In the School Days Visual Novel, more than one sex scene is extremely awkward and/or horrible not due to bad character design or any gross fluids, but because of the Dysfunction Junction.
  • In Snatcher, Gillian junks a beautiful female Snatcher. In the original Japanese version, her dress tears as she falls, and her corpse lies on the floor with a nipple slip on display and its head exploded in a mess of artificial blood, matted hair and broken mechanics.
  • Spirit Hunter series:
    • Death Mark features plenty of attractive women in various stages of nudity in the game... as the ghosts are either slowly killing them, or they're already dead.
    • Spirit Hunter: NG:
      • The Killer Peach case features a CG of a woman in a lacy black bra, which is disturbing for multiple reasons; there are mouths all over her body, she's barely alive, and it's the protagonist's aunt.
      • Would you like to see a CG of a naked Rosé? How about a shirtless Ban with his hair down? The Demon Tsukuyomi case has them if you destroyed Killer Peach previously, leading her to seek revenge against your companions - Rosé is found naked with a katana gored through her stomach, while Ban is literally split in two from head to waist.
  • Swan Song has quite a few h-scenes for the player. However, multiple scenes are rape.

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