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Stephen Gary "Steve" Lee is an Australian Country Music singer whose album "I Like Guns" is full of love songs to firearms.

He has a YouTube channel with some music videos, some videos of him shooting, some videos of him talking about firearm-related political issues, and some fairly informative videos about firearms and hunting.

Some tropes in his music:

  • Cover Version: "I've Been Everywhere" became "I've Shot Every Gun" and Miranda Lambert's "Time to Get a Gun" was also covered.
  • Cool Guns: There are definitely a few of these in his music videos.
  • Does Not Like Guns: His wife, according to "She Don't Like Guns" (but she loves him).
  • Gun Porn: He definitely has a bit of this.
  • Silly Love Songs: "She Don't Like Guns"
  • Protest Song: "Who Gave You the Right to Take my Guns Away from Me?" is one. "I'll Give Up My Gun" is another. Really, all of them are protest songs, since he seems to be trying to make a political statement simply by singing songs about firearms in Australia, a country with fairly strict laws about firearm ownership.
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  • Poe's Law: You would be forgiven for thinking he is an anti-gun satirist taking the piss. He's not.