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James William "Bill" Anderson III (born November 1, 1937) is a Country Music singer. Known as "Whisperin' Bill" for his soft-spoken delivery, he has recorded ever since 1958 for Decca, MCA, and various other labels. In addition, he has written songs for artists ranging from Dolly Parton and Lefty Frizzell to Sugarland to Kenny Chesney.

Anderson is also an occasional actor and TV host, with his credits including the Game Shows The Better Sex and Fandango.

Tropes present in his work:

  • Awful Wedded Life: "Sometimes", where a man and woman who both have lousy marriages strike up a conversation at a bar.
  • Let's Duet: As with many country stars of his era, he also had longstanding duet partnerships, first with Jan Howard, then Mary Lou Turner. He even scored #1 hits with duets alongside each one ("For Loving You" with Howard in 1967, "Sometimes" with Turner in 1976).
  • Murder Ballad: "The Cold Hard Facts of Life", in which the male narrator commits murder upon catching his wife in an act of infidelity.
  • Re-release the Song: He re-recorded "Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands" in 1980 with David Allan Coe.
  • Signature Style: He is known for speaking most of his lyrics in a soft-spoken, hushed delivery instead of singing. Often times, backing vocalists will handle the chorus or hook, such as on "Still".
  • Suicide, Not Accident: "3 AM":
    There's the river, here's the bridge, it's too late now
    I've got nothing left to live for anyhow
    In the news they'll say he couldn't even swim
    And he gave his love for love at 3 AM
  • This Is a Song: "This Is a Love Song".