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"And, actually, I don't think I was ever that good an actor. I was more an image of a young man."

Ray Brooks, born Raymond Michael Brooks, (20 April 1939), is a British actor.

His acting career began on TV with his largest roles at the time being on Coronation Street and Taxi!. At the same time he would also play small roles in some films.

His rise to prominence came after starring in The Knack... and How to Get It. He followed this by starring in Cathy Come Home.

His film roles began to decline in The '70s, however he made up for this by releasing an album and narrating Mr. Benn.

In The '80s, he co-starred in Big Deal with Sharon Duce, and then with her again in Growing Pains.

Works on TV Tropes he appeared in:


  • Z Cars, 3 episodes:
    • "The Peterman" (1963) — Jimmo
    • 2 episodesshow list  (1970) — Ken Jackson
  • Coronation Street, 10 episodes (1963-64) — Norman Phillips
  • Dixon of Dock Green, episode "The Heister" (1966) — Ken Hardy
  • The Avengers, episode "Noon Doomsday" (1968) — Farrington
  • Jackanory, 30 episodes (1969-78) — Storyteller
  • Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), episode "The Man from Nowhere" (1969) — Marty
  • Doomwatch, episode "Survival Code" (1970) — Geoff Harker
  • Mr. Benn, 14 episodes (1971-2005) — Narrator
  • Play for Today, episode "A Touch of the Tiny Hacketts" (1978) — Raymond Collis
  • King Rollo, 13 episodes (1980) — Narrator
  • Rumpole of the Bailey, episode "Rumpole and the Female of the Species" (1983) — Tony Timson
  • Woof!, episode "Get Me to the Church" (1994) — Mr. Tully
  • EastEnders, 116 episodes (2005-07) — Joe Macer